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2013-12-03 • Skills or Experience?


Start: 12:09:57
End: 13:19:36
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: hi daviss

daviss: hello seventies Hi Selma!

Seventies: Hi Selma

Selma: Morning daviss...afternoon seventies Afternoon alt

daviss: Hi alt!

Seventies: hi alt

alt: hello ladies.. daviss, Selma & Seventies.. hope you are all doing well today.

Seventies: I'm doing great! How are you all doing??

daviss: I am well, thanks!

alt: Seventies, your question on FB is rather "provocative".. I don't think there is an either/or answer.

daviss: I do need my coffee though

Seventies: Yeah alt, I'm just tired of people saying that they've been looking for xyz number of years and don't have much to show for it and ask questions based on what they should in fact know if they've been doing all of this research. that was the catalyst for my question.

Selma: Jeez, what was your question?

alt: I’ve seen researchers with years of experience that are "not very good" & I've seen beginners that are "great"

Seventies: hold on let me put it out there...

daviss: and what made them great alt?

Seventies: I have a question to all of my friends who are in my genealogy circle. What is more important: how many years you have been researching your family or community OR your skill level?

alt: a good strategy and they follow true & tested methodologies & techniques daviss

Seventies: Well not on facebook.. lol

Selma: Was I invited?.. lOL

Seventies: yes... I think you're on my Family Griot page

Selma: Ooops sorry.. jeez..I told you I can't be held responsible..its too much..

Seventies: I understand.. I've broken my own rule of 100 or less...

Selma: I thought I friended something

alt: what I dislike Seventies .. is when a person has had a limited success in researching in one area of genealogy and they all of a sudden become, or think they are knowledgeable in ALL areas of genealogical research

Seventies: I hear you alt. In life there is always something new to learn...

alt: Also I really dislike the standard statement of "it's not all on the Internet"..

Selma: Well its not alt

Seventies: Someone posted something to the DNA forum which I thought was kind of stupid. 15 years of research and you can't connect with someone who shares a similar surname AND you have the documentation... honey sit down and go read something.

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

alt: It may not ALL be there, but there is a heck of lot more there than can be found in any one in-house repository.

Seventies: well alt, its not all on the internet, but internet records should serve as a preliminary guide. IMO

alt: hello AYWalton

daviss: hello AYWalton

Seventies: Hi AYWalton

AYWalton: hi alt greetings daviss, Mizz Selma, Seventies!

Seventies: Finished with your podcast for today?

AYWalton: who me?

Seventies: yes

alt: it may not all be there, but "directions" to finding it are probably on the "net IMO

AYWalton: I do my podcast every Friday, Seventies. Never on Tuesdays.

Seventies: oh okay...

AYWalton: and it is not a daily but weekly.

daviss: as usual I am going to read and listen because I still have lots to learn

Selma: Afternoon ay

AYWalton: wassup Mizz Selma?

Seventies: I agree... daviss

alt: we all do daviss .... and from a multiplicity of sources.

Selma: that alt

daviss: I don't want to be negative at all

AYWalton: what is the issue about telling people that all things are not on the internet? I am trying to catch up with the thread.

alt: someone this morning, a seasoned researcher, asked on AfriGeneas are there pre-Civil War records that can be used to research their enslaved ancestors in of all places ...... VIRGINIA!!!!!

daviss: the question: What is more important: how many years you have been researching your family or community OR your skill level?

AYWalton: Of course with folks like FamilySearch adding things all the time, they are going to give it a try to put a lot more on the net, for sure.

Selma: Where was that question alt..I missed it

AYWalton: which forum was that alt?

Seventies: That was a question from my FB page y'all

AYWalton: Yes I saw the question and replied to it. What was your perspective on that question Seventies?

Selma: Ok I missed that one..where was it

Seventies: I would have to say skill level... that's all that matters really.

vkn: Heyyy good peeps

AYWalton: Greeetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daviss: hello vkn!

Seventies: hi vkn

alt: Recent Postings & the States Forum AYWalton Hello vkn

vkn: alt ayw daviss Selma Seventies

Selma: But skill comes from learning How to do research..not by only time spent...on learning from the general to the specific

AYWalton: I see it now, alt

alt: and I say skill is developed over years of experience using a solid "Strategy & Methodology" Seventies

AYWalton: and some dismiss various kinds of resources, like the value of society journals and quarterlies. Rich sources of data if one follows the footnotes.

Selma: Ok I see it...first thing is since he gives name of slave owner..he needs to know everything there is to know about that person

Seventies: I agree with that alt.

alt: right Selma, but I'm asking & saying to myself he should KNOW there is a whole world of pre-Civil War records for enslaved persons in Virginia.

Selma: Actually he needs to know everything thing there is to now about his family in the state in which he finds them Before he makes that leap back

AYWalton: that is where strategy comes in. And many do not necessarily have a good research plan or exactly know how to construct one. This is where knowledge of the resources on the regional level is useful.

alt: exactly AYWalton and that can be an attribute of a beginner as well as a seasoned researcher

AYWalton: And as he said, he has never done any of this kind of research before---so in that light he is still a beginner. He needs to learn what Virginia has to offer---and he could literally spend the rest of his life exploring Virginia.

alt: for sure this person has done some FANTASTIC work on his Louisiana roots

vkn: Is this a reference to the Rodney Sam post

alt: yes vkn

vkn: Thanx

alt: I would consider him an "expert" on Louisiana research, particularly around the new Orleans area

AYWalton: And Louisiana is just as complex as Virginia, and add to that the three languages that one might find data out of Louisiana, there is a wealth of data there as well.

alt: my point on it not all being on the 'Net, while true, don't knock solid Internet research with all that is available in today's world

AYWalton: It does help to find one's niche and become expert in that---even if is down only to the county level---so much opportunity to research and learn.

vkn: So much AYW

AYWalton: and of course--there are many under-used sites on the internet as well. We have to learn how to search wisely and with a variety of methods, including using search engines in a variety of ways.

alt: no doubt AYWalton, but I'm seeing folks have success at a local level and then they project those successes to being all-encompassing I've never been to many of the places I'm researching in person, but have received many, many records from CA, NC, VA, KY and other places here in Ohio from using the Internet.

Selma: Yes alt..but you understand the "basic process"...from the general to the specific It is the same for "all researchers"

alt: and with so many of these record set now having the actual image of the record I would see if I were at the courthouse, or archive, what's the difference

vkn: lol

alt: right Selma, I'm just giving my opinions, which you know I have no trouble in sharing LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

AYWalton: the limitation sometimes comes when you don't have the advantage of turning the page to find other relatives who had a file or a case of which you were unaware, and just happen to "stumble" upon it. And of course sometimes just casting your eye over and seeing a ledger that might hold useful data. For those who can't travel, of course using online resources is the next best thing.

vkn: true ayw

AYWalton: And for those who can, then nothing beats the value of being in the courthouse, or archives or repository.

Selma: This isn't about internet or not internet..this is about the process

alt: that is true AYWalton and that is a/the disadvantage of not being there in person

vkn: Lifting ledgers is a challenge as bodily strengths diminish

AYWalton: I do think however, that many are not necessarily using online resources as thoroughly as they can, either. Many state archives have digitized a number of wonderful records, and many never really explore those digitized collections in depth. Lots of really good stuff there. and yes, some of those books are huge, heavy and dusty. I always take a benadryl before going into some places, as the dust will have me wheezing quickly.

alt: in the courthouse a record found in Probate may lead you to the Recorders, or the Auditor, Treasurer or another office that you wouldn't/might not get to from the Internet

Selma: Thank you for reminding us vkn.. LOL

AYWalton: So we should really become advocates of those digitization projects.

alt: I also saw on FaceBook where someone had stated that they had "exhausted" all that Ancestry has to offer in their research..... give me a break please.

Selma: Wow..we are acting like curmudgeons

AYWalton: well, people say things especially when they don't know.

Selma: Folks, folks..let me remind you in this room we are talking to the choir

AYWalton: and if they don't really know how to search---that might just be due to their lack of training, and if they don't know, they don't know.

alt: yes AYWalton ... and they state these positions with "authority" LOL

daviss: I have a problem with people that have all those resources at hand, dislike for those that don't have the resources and negate what they find

AYWalton: So yes, we have to show some compassion.

alt: there you go daviss

vkn: and Daviss there is the issue non issue of standards

Selma: What I like is when the young man posted an image from a book, with his ancestors name..alt...found the book and gave name of and author of the book and the whole title..

alt: right Slema, this is the choir,,, should WE help Seventies and her FB friends out by pointing out some of these things in response to her question?

AYWalton: and we have to remember that some people are just dabblers. Just dabbling into genealogy--maybe for a family reunion or something. For many folks---that's all they want-to have a nice tree for a one time event.

alt: yes Selma, and that was on Ancestry ... the whole book

vkn: A link to this log might help alt

Seventies: absolutely! Remember no good responses will be deleted.. lol

alt: okay vkn, hint well taken LOL

daviss: so are dabblers lazy :?

Selma: Ok send me another friend invite seventies...LOL

vkn: lol

Seventies: lol OK Selma...

Selma: Not everyone is obsessive compulsive as us folks.. LOL

AYWalton: Not necessarily---they are simply dabbling.

alt: yes they are daviss, but can we tell the dabbler from the serious from a posting?

daviss: not necessarily?

vkn: I think not Daviss. As ayw says "a one time thing"

daviss: either they are or they aren’t

AYWalton: Like me trying my hand at a new craft. Either I get good at it, or I let is slide after I am bored with it. For others---it becomes a passion.

Seventies: Ok Ms Selma...

AYWalton: They might call me lazy. We have a passion for genealogy, and we will meet many dabblers along the way. And we will meet some who are not dabbling, but they just don't know what to do next.

vkn: or ayw just plain not interested and that is ok

AYWalton: exactly, vkn. we have to remember that everyone won't love it like we do.

alt: perhaps when responding to some on social media we should remind those who post to "read a book, or take some steps to learn about what they are asking

Seventies: If you love and appreciate history, I think that the question will become posed about your genealogy.

daviss: to me their focus is on what they want to accomplish and thats it.. not lazy

AYWalton: or at least encourage them. we have to be careful not to sound too harsh in how we say things. Saying simply

Seventies: I think that there is a major disconnect between Black History and how regular people fit into it. Don't you agree??

alt: that works for me daviss & AYWalton not just Black History Seventies, but I get your point

vkn: lol so what is hobby and what is history

AYWalton: "read a book" is similar to telling someone with a weight problem to "eat a salad". We have to remember that many approach things from different roads that they have traveled. And I am finding some are coming to genealogy from a place of pain.

daviss: you saw that with all the comments regarding Many Rivers

AYWalton: Finding info on a family that may have had some degree of dysfunction.

Seventies: yes that is a catch all phrase.. lol

AYWalton: And some of our historians are writing for each other, and not for us. Although we need their research.

Seventies: lol I think all families have had a level of dysfunction.

Selma: You still have the know the general history of the areas you are researching

alt: academics do that AYWalton .... cater to each other...

AYWalton: yes they do.

alt: and maybe I shouldn't make that generalized of a statement

Selma: Ok..have we all got that off our chests.. LOL

alt: but you know how some 'old folks' can be LOL

Seventies: lol lol

vkn: as Joseph would say "put it out there" alt

Seventies: I did not mean to rile you all up today.. blame alt! lol

alt: no, let's attack 23 & me and the FDA situation

Seventies: yea what is with that??

alt: Blowing my own horn I've said all along that 23andme had crossed the boundary with it's marketing/advertising

Seventies: Well, I didn't use it for medical information and I hate those medical surveys. I'm mad because I just ordered a kit for myself literally a week before I read the news!

vkn: Me and Barnetta are beginning DNA dabblers lol

alt: they are okay with their testing procedures according to the FDA, but have overreached in their health & genetic claims as to the results

Seventies: Right.

AYWalton: and their advertisements have not slowed up one bit.

Seventies: And that's messing up my stuff... Speaking of ads, what do you all think of the new Ancestry TV ads???

alt: and folks are all over the place with their claims as to what the DNA results are telling them based on 23andme claims

AYWalton: I would love to know what percentage of their clients are health-focused and what percent are genealogy focused clients.

Seventies: The ones for their DNA testing service.

alt: I think they are trying to 'out advertise' 23andme Seventies

Seventies: I think so too alt, especially now with the 23 and me fiasco

AYWalton: I ignore most of the ads, but one can't help but see them all over the place.

alt: there' blood in the water Seventies LOL LOL

Selma: and its green

AYWalton: and the sharks are swarming. :)

alt: you bet Selma

AYWalton: (or whatever it is that sharks do when they smell blood.) well, I had better sign off folks. Have a great day!

Seventies: How does the time fly?!

alt: a 23andme example.. what does their 'countries of ancestry' tell me about my DNA .... nothing .... it is a bell and whistle for a population statistic.

Seventies: Check this out... a nice piece of Brazilian history. (Seventies LOVES Brazilian films!) Black Brazilian history.

alt: we've noticed Seventies LOL LOL

daviss: backing back

Seventies: ha ha ha ha

Selma: Folks..I have to run, have a great day...see everyone at 9 PM Are we still meeting at 9 PM?

Seventies: :? daviss????

daviss: what

Seventies: Selma asked you a question ms chat host... lol I will not be in attendance.. sorry.

vkn: i am selma see you there

alt: me neither

Selma: Well I will be there..give folks 15 mintues...ok mizz vkn.. LOL

Seventies: I have to get going its after 1 and I have make up work to do from thursday and friday.. still... lol

alt: 9:00 PM is drawing near nitey-nite time for me LOL

Selma: Me too alt.. Thats why I was so glad Gates's show came on at 8 PM.. LOL

Seventies: lol lol lol now should I make a comment about our seniors?? I don't hit the bed until after 10.. and not because I want to .. lol

alt: early to bed early to rise ,, ever hear of that Seventies?

Seventies: yes.. I'm an earlier riser too.. 5-530... but I just can't seen to get into bed before 10

vkn: I am a midnighter

Selma: Please delete that comment vkn

alt: well you have young-un's Seventies

Seventies: I am not looking forward to that.. Its already bad enough to hear conversation about who died...

vkn: k selma

Seventies: Who is a grandmother And I'm not even anywhere near the half century mark yet..

Selma: Yes, we know seventies.. lOL

Seventies: Well you have my empathy... lol

Selma: I need your heat pad..

Seventies: OK all have a wonderful afternoon...

vkn: lol

alt: young folks.. gotta love'em LOL

daviss: I guess I will take my lazy &^*** and go internet searching

Selma: Ok folks..gotta run have a great rest of the day

vkn: Mortality IS

Selma: Bye

daviss: you all have a good rest of the day

alt: okay y'all take care.. great chat today!!!!!

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