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2013-12-01 • MRTC as in Rivers


Start: 11:24:24
End: 13:03:24
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, jhonora, keli1, khathu, Selma, vkn

vkn: Good Sunday after Thanx for Giving

jhonora: Hello vkn! How are you this morning?

vkn: Howdy Going well and you

jhonora: Doing well, I'm wondering where the crowd is

vkn: After holidays hang overs lol

jhonora: lol

vkn: Many come closer to the Noon hour these days

jhonora: The other day, I recall you mentioning that AfriGeneas would have a meeting in 2014, is that right?

vkn: and of course the games take over

jhonora: Yes, I forgot abut football

vkn: Yes the last weekend in Feb in Atlanta

jhonora: Have any particulars been set? I will try to make it.

vkn: Are you available to participate AfriGeneas: Past; Present; Future Specifics

alt: hello vkn & jhonora.. hope you both are doing well today.

jhonora: That is a great theme, it is inspiring to hear you all talk about the early days online Hello alt

vkn: Howdy Alt

alt: howdy ma'am

vkn: What is new with you Alt What is new with you jhonora

alt: not much, just 'cruising' the social media and reading the commentary on Many Rivers To Cross and the FDA & 23andme controversay

jhonora: Nothing much, just preparing for the holidays - I did get an email from a distant cousin who is using the family history in her college paper alt, perhaps you know the answer, has 23andme suspended their testing? ... for genealogy, I mean

alt: no they haven't jhonora

vkn: Alt I do so much appreciate your non aggressive analytical contributions to all of the conversations

alt: why thank you ma'am.... I am opinionated, but I do try to "listen" vkn, you and my other mentor's have taught me well LOL

vkn: okies

alt: jhonora, your letter from the Dillard/Amistad archives (?) on the Oberlin student have me really looking into the African-Americans that attended Oberlin in the oeriod immediately prior to and during the Civil War. Some of those students went on to become "heavy-weights" in African-American history.

jhonora: Yes, they were really remarkable like James Mercer Langston, the lawyer.

vkn: Indeed

alt: yep... Langston's folks were in Chillicothe, Ohio .. Ross County, Ohio at the same time of some of my ancestors and they were very active in the UGRR, abolitionist movement and education for the FPOC's in that area.

jhonora: Oberlin was really something - refusing to celebrate the 4th of July and encouraging the students to teach ex-slave communities.

alt: Charles Langston is well recognized in the Chillicothe area,

jhonora: I know Langston Hughes' mother was a Langston. Was she from Ohio?

alt: yep, she is one of the Langston descendant's from that area.

jhonora: Payne and Wilberforce have long histories as well

vkn: I have a nephew who is a Langston descend In fact his name is Langston King

alt: wish I could make your "to=do" in Feb vkn... but long distance traveling is beyond me at the moment... is that right vkn, wow!!!

vkn: Well alt we can do the "go to meeting" bit

alt: okay, that'll work for me vkn

vkn: We MUST have your Alt input

alt: I'll be more than happy to tell you what you need to do vkn LOL LOL LOL

jhonora: lol

vkn: lol lol lol lol lol Your input aussi jhonora

jhonora: Merci, madame lol

vkn: lol

alt: vkn, was Sharon Morgan with AfriGeneas in the early days... a founder (?)

vkn: Yes she was a founder in fact she got us started on AOL from Prodigy

alt: ah so, okay

vkn: and technically she intiated the Tuesday night chat

alt: okay, she is doing a great job trying to keep the 'folks' straight on her Our Black Ancestry Facebook page.

vkn: Not easy I am sure Of course it is a double job getting people and folks to follow the "leader" Cause "the leader" must follow the fokes

alt: I'm sure you know all about that as our "fearless AfriGeneas" leader LOL

vkn: In other words it is all circular lol

keli1: Good afternoon cousins!

vkn: Howdy Doody keli1 wassup

jhonora: Hello keli1

keli1: nothing much, just glad to be alive and thankful for what I have, LOL...feeling good today!

alt: Hello keli1 .. is it gonna be OSU & FSU in the BCS championship game? Hello Ms Selma

vkn: Howdy Selma and how you be?

Selma: Good afternoon folks...alt, jhonora, vkn and keli

jhonora: Hello Selma

keli1: I think so Art, I can't wait-go Noles! How about the Auburn last second...awesome! Howdy Selma!

alt: yep, that was a WOWSER!!!!!!

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

alt: hello AYWalton

Selma: Cspan3..just replayed a presentation of Dr. Thavolia Glymph on African American Women Refugees

AYWalton: hi alt

Selma: in the Civil War

vkn: Howdy AYW how you be and wassup

AYWalton: hey hey hey, it's honoray!!!!!

keli1: it was something we will probably not see again. I taped it Selma, hello to AY!

AYWalton: greetings jhonora, how are you? Long time

jhonora: Doing well, AYW

keli1: how was it Selma

Selma: AY..did you know jhonora is a graduate..

AYWalton: Hi keli1, Mizz Selma---thanks for that tip!

alt: she was one of the historians on Many Rivers To Cross, right?

Selma: It was wonderful

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selma: Yes..she was alt.. It is a must watch

AYWalton: I just caught that segment on CSpan3. It was excellent!

vkn: Back atcha ten fold AYW

AYWalton: jhonora----are you finished?????

keli1: I can't wait to watch it!

jhonora: Yes, AY, back in May

AYWalton: wow!!! Did you finish a year early, or has it already been 4 years?

Selma: and he didn't even tell us we could have Graduation Chat Party

AYWalton: indeed!!! You have been holding out on us, jhonora!!

jhonora: 4 years, I did post it on Facebook lol

keli1: I want to party, Jhonora....congrats to you!

alt: he didn't want us "old folks" messing with his "Boogie-Down" party Selma LOL

AYWalton: hmm.........that's not enough---messages scroll by fast on FB!!! Congratulations!!

Selma: Not with these HIPS.. LOL

AYWalton: So what next? Graduate school?

vkn: AYWalton and jhonora has a book to be published, soon

Selma: FB..heck..who can keep up with that

keli1: your hips are fine, they move....

AYWalton: uh huh----he HAS been holding out on us!! That is wonderful jhonora? What is the focus of the book?

jhonora: I am going to probably teach for a while and then go to grad. school

khathu: hello

AYWalton: when will it come out?

vkn: Howdy Khathu

alt: Hello khathu, how are you doing?

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

jhonora: The book is the history of the Knights of Peter Claver, I have been working on it for awhile.

khathu: hope all is well

AYWalton: ah yes, Peter Claver. are you teaching now?

keli1: Hi Khathu!

Selma: I want a copy jhonora (I will pay.. LOL).

jhonora: lol Selma

vkn: I too will pay jhonora

jhonora: I got a lot of cooperation from the folks in Richmond btw, Selma

keli1: I will pay too!

alt: I want a "freebie" LOL LOL

Selma: Some of my husbands relatives attend a catholic church in Huntington WVA..believe it is named for Peter Claver

vkn: lol @ alt

jhonora: alt lol

Selma: I am glad jhonora..

AYWalton: that is wonderful jhonora! So proud of you!

Selma: alt..I am appalled..

AYWalton: so what occupies your time these days? Working on the next book?

jhonora: In addition to the CreoleGen blog (, I also am trying to build up another (

AYWalton: oh great!! I shall check it out, as well.

keli1: that sounds good jhonora I can't wait, put me on the list for the book! I am so happy for you!

alt: I'm talking about a senior's gift for the book Selma.. I be's 'po LOL

jhonora: Well I'm still finalizing the Peter Claver book, but also putting together my findings on some research I did for this small Black order in Harlem

vkn: what is the Harlem Order jhonora

AYWalton: that sounds interesting. What is the name?

jhonora: Franciscan Handmaids of Mary, motherhouse in Harlem, but founded in 1916 by a native Louisianan

Selma: Where in Harlem?

AYWalton: just found their website. Not familiar with them. I guess they are overshadowed by the Oblate Sisters of Providence.

jhonora: 124th St, Selma

AYWalton: Greetings, daviss!

alt: Hello daviss

Selma: Mornin daviss

keli1: hello to Ms. AZ...

vkn: AYWalton the founder of the Oblate sisters is up for sainthood as you knpw

daviss: hello there AYWalton, alt and Selma1

AYWalton: yes, Mother Lange! they have been working on that for some time! I suspect folks will be booking tickets for Rome if she is canonized.

daviss: hi jhonora, keli1, and khathu

vkn: Heyyyy Daviss did you bring a note from home lol

AYWalton: especially from Maryland!

daviss: hello there vkn!

keli1: LOL @vkn regarding Daviss...

AYWalton: jhonora--the site says they grew out of a population in Savannah.

daviss: hahaha vkn, I guess I am just a bad bad girl

Selma: Isn't she originally from Haiti vkn

AYWalton: When I was in Ft. Wayne I found a fascinating book about Black Catholics in Savannah.

vkn: Yes she is to my understanding Selma

jhonora: That is correct, AYWalton, but they progressed slowly in Sav. so they followed the migration

AYWalton: Mother Lange was part of a size-able group of FPCs from St. Domingue--which is now Haiti. fascinating!

Selma: She first came into Norfolk..before going to Maryland

AYWalton: their Motherhouse is here in Baltimore County. About 15 minutes from where I live.

vkn: ah so

AYWalton: jhonora is your blog up?

jhonora: Yes

vkn: Was she pioneering in Norfolk Selma

keli1: Daviss...anything further on Miss Wells....

AYWalton: Is this the site?

daviss: quit trying to disguise her keli1 lol and the answer is noooo

AYWalton: who is Miss Wells?

daviss: wb jhonora

keli1: stop looking for Z, look for Wells for a bit

AYWalton: ahhh Mariah Wells?

Selma: A number of the folks who leave St. Domingue come to Norfolk first..and she was one, she is mentioned in a book..on Black Norfolk, written by Tommie Bogger he was the archivist at Norfolk State.

jhonora: Ay, mine is

keli1: AY, yes

daviss: hahahahahahaha AYWalton

AYWalton: was scratching my head for a moment, daviss. lol

jhonora: Did many stay in Norfolk, Selma?

vkn: Interesting blog JHonora

AYWalton: got it jhonora!

Selma: I got an email from someone in Baltimore who was interested in her, I called Bogger but he didn't have any other info.

AYWalton: it looks great, jhonora!!!!

Selma: No they did not stay long

jhonora: Thank you, ayw

Selma: I don't know how many or who might have stayed here jhonora

AYWalton: I shall be following it closely!! Plus I have images and a number of articles I have been wondering what to do with---maybe if/when you are inclined I can share them with you. Some you might have already---like the nuns from the 1890s in Arkansas who ran the Black girls school.

alt: just took a peek jhonora, yes it looks good, colors easy on the eyes.

AYWalton: keli1 you need a seat belt? :)

vkn: Keli1 are you iPadding?

AYWalton: I try not to use my Kindle in chat. It is hard and that darn auto correct will drive you nuts.

keli1: yes I am, for a little bit, LOL

vkn: okies keli1 I have difficulty with the iPad device in chat

keli1: I just downloaded a friends new book from kindle to my ipad and love it, always have books with me

Selma: Very, very nice jhonora

jhonora: Thanks, Selma

keli1: no problems here that I know of...enjoying it

vkn: Great Keli1 gonna try to grow up as you lol

AYWalton: I do too.

vkn: and you too ayw

keli1: LOL...I am trying to use it as much as I can.

vkn: Get with us alt lol

jhonora: Recently, I had to explain the name-changing after the Civil War to an interested relative. It was difficult to get them to understand

daviss: What is the name of friends book Keli1?

AYWalton: I have a regular Kindle Reader and then I have the Kindle Fire HD. I love both of them. I use one just for books and the other I use for web and films, etc.

keli1: seat beat...LOL.. @AY

alt: nope vkn, can't handle all of this "new" stuff LOL

keli1: Andi Cumbo-Floyd, I posted on FB..just released

vkn: Hate to leave you behind alt, lol

AYWalton: I am expecting a copy of her book this week.

Selma: What is the title and subject

keli1: The name of the book is “The Slaves Have Names”

Selma: Ok..I saw that

keli1: John Hartwell Cocke's plantation in Fluvanna Co, VA

jhonora: I saw it mentioned as well, sounds like a great book

AYWalton: So are you teaching at St. Augustine jhonora?

jhonora: Well, I might re-start the journalism class after the holiday break - still waiting to hear from them

keli1: I hope folks read it, she traced the families that lived on the plantation, where she lived and her father still lives there

vkn: What is the geo location keli1

jhonora: Who owns the land, keli1?

AYWalton: Interesting piece you wrote about the pew rentals, Jhonora. We never had that in the Diocese of Little Rock, to my knowledge.

alt: keli1, .....these slaves were known by surnames? during their period of enslavement

keli1: the land is still in the Cocke family, he was a general or colonial during the 1812 war and friend of Thomas J

vkn: hmmmm

jhonora: Yes, Ay, it was an annual thing

AYWalton: fascinating! glad to see you sharing so much of the history.

khathu: Have a good day

keli1: yes they have surnames, one is Creasy, after I visited the plantation, I told him I saw the grave of one of his ancestors, only three stones still stand, over 100 slaves buried there

vkn: Bye Khathu you too

keli1: not colonial, colonel

vkn: Gotcha Keli1

alt: okay keli1, I was wondering because the slaves of John Randolph of Charlotte Co., VA are listed by "surnames" on the 1846 Freedom Papers. that was the first time I had seen enslaved people with surnames other than the master while still enslaved.

AYWalton: Well I had better run, folks. Company coming over. Have a great day everyone.

keli1: one stone said Ben Creasy 1832

daviss: later AY

alt: take care AYWalton

Selma: I have to run folks..have a great day

vkn: I visited slave portion of Memory Hill cemetery in Milledgeville GA but no names just a section of the grounds

alt: you too Selma

vkn: I visited slave portion of memory hill cemetery in Milledgeville GA but no names just a section of the grounds specified as slaves burials

keli1: it was an emotional thing for me, and hard to handle, I didn't know I was standing in the middle of it, but wasn't scared, just overwhelmed and didn't know why, then she told me

alt: darn it, Khathu got away before I could ask him a question about MRTC

daviss: Is that where your ancestors are buried vkn?

vkn: Yes Daviss

daviss: what is MRTC?

alt: Many Rivers To Cross

daviss: oh

vkn: My question as well Daviss

jhonora: Cemetery preservation is really needed, I hear stories form time to time about different parts of our state where companies demolish graveyards

vkn: ohhh ok cutesy I stand informed alt

alt: this is especially true where former rural areas have been suburbanized jhonora

keli1: I agree Jhonora...I hear the whispers in cemeteries, love them

daviss: I guess I must be the only person in the world that liked the last episode alt

alt: not so daviss, I liked it too

jhonora: For the cemetery where my maternal grandmother's people are, I usually call the councilman who sends the jail trustees out to cut the grass

vkn: Who is the fellow Emory/Emery who provides so much leadership re cemetery preservation from TX?

daviss: Mike, my one s Davis cousin

vkn: ahhhh

keli1: I liked it Daviss...very familiar

daviss: ok keli1 that was also my thinking

keli1: it was not my favorite though

daviss: which one was yours

vkn: Well he has been at it for years and doing a great job as far as I can tell Daviss. He started with AfriGeneas

alt: what was the name of the Hurricane that "tore up" the Black cemetery in Princeville, NC several years back?

keli1: was that Isabell?

daviss: he drove through here about a month ago vkn but I did not get to see him. I was full of that nasty cold

alt: can't remember keli1, but I have ancestors who were buried in the cemetery..

keli1: I tend to like the era of 1850-1870

jhonora: I guess that overall, the sporadic nature of these documentaries like MRTC is not to my liking.

vkn: BTW Barnetta was in Atlanta over the Thanx for giving but too cold for her to venture out. David Paterson did stop in for a few. Is much improved

jhonora: They skim over a lot of things and then randomly (or maybe not) pick detailed examples

alt: wonderful to hear David is doing better, sorry you and Barnetta couldn't get together

keli1: one of these days I would like to see a documentary on just family folk! not associated with anyone famous in a community, there are so many stories to be told

alt: I guess that's the nature of those series jhonora.. covering such a time span it would be difficult to stay with any one story line for the whole series.

vkn: Sounds like a project to be developed keli1

daviss: I agree with that keli1 and as quiet as its kept because their are so many stories to tell I am not going to bash what is presented. I find I tend to learn something new each time

alt: me too daviss

vkn: So glad that the margaret Garner story was highlighted

keli1: correct, I am not questioning -so grateful for what has come forth, it might also be the timing as well, USA can only grasp so much at one time

jhonora: I'm going to run you all ... take care!

vkn: People are still unresolved as to Garner motivation

alt: I couldn't relate , Kwanzaa, Soul Train & the Cosby Show as being "integral" until MRTC.

keli1: we could take a block in a community and have a fabulous story time

vkn: I still have a difficulty alt

daviss: so true

keli1: Art, it was Rivers that had to be crossed

alt: true keli1, almost any block, anywhere right, not a River, but Rivers

vkn: I kinda got lost on the soul train section

daviss: yes vkn but the new generation may have difficulty with The Cotton Club

vkn: True that daviss

daviss: they have a new way of wearing their hair lol

keli1: but it was a moment that hit and was highlighted and changed a lot of peoples lives

alt: I think he was showing the mass popularity of Black Youngsters akin to Dick Clark’s American Bandstand

vkn: I finally got it alt but not without struggling

daviss: lol vkn

alt: and there was no Kwanzaa prior to the 70's, right?

keli1: well I need to run...time for some dancing soup!

vkn: right

daviss: lol keli1 take care

vkn: Good session today

keli1: Thanks you all have a good day!

alt: oh, oh, time for me to go play some football .. laters y'all

daviss: ok take care all

vkn: laters daviss, Keli1 & alt

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