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2013-11-29 • JHonora Graduates


Start: 11:59:23
End: 13:36:52
Chatters: alt, daviss, jhonora, Selma, Seventies, vkn

jhonora: Hello Seventies

Seventies: Hi jhonora

jhonora: I hope you had a good holiday

Seventies: I was just talking about you yesterday. How is school and research going? I had a great holiday and you?

jhonora: Research is going well, I am looking for a position now (graduated in May)!

Seventies: Awesome! That time went fast!

jhonora: It really did go by quickly I sent in my test sample for 23andme but I'm not sure if the recent changes will keep them from processing it

Seventies: Yeah I have found some family from Alabama who migrated to Moreover Parrish.

jhonora: Morehouse Parish, you mean

Seventies: I am going through the same with 23 and me. Yes on cell phone. Autocorrect. Lol

jhonora: Hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon jhonora and seventies..hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Seventies: Let me switch to the laptop. Hi Selma

jhonora: The bad thing is 23andme doesn't have a phone number

Selma: Good to see you jhonora..long time no see

Seventies: Of course lol

jhonora: Same here Selma ... I've been busy working on some new projects

Selma: How is school going?

Seventies: Ok on the laptop...

jhonora: I was just telling 70s that I am looking for a position now - I graduated back in May

Selma: Wow...did you really? Jeez..Congrats to you. How the heck did I miss that?

Seventies: I hope that you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Selma: Has it been 4 years?

jhonora: Yep, Selma, time really flies

Seventies: Hello daviss

jhonora: Hello daviss

Selma: Afternoon daviss...hope you had a great thanksgiving

Seventies: I hope you all are enjoying leftovers. :)

Selma: Thats the best part of Thanksgiving...the leftovers Afternoon alt..

Seventies: hi alt.

daviss: hello jhonora Selma ND sEVENTIES

jhonora: Hello alt

daviss: oops and Seventies hello alt

alt: Wow!!! I'm late, Happy post-Thanksgiving Day to All

Seventies: jhonora, I have been trying to gleam what I can online in the parish...

daviss: back at ya alt

Selma: Thanks for posting the source of the info for the SC free blacks and multtoes in SC Alt

jhonora: I don't think there's much, Seventies, those parishes up in the delta aren't too big on modernization.

alt: Hello jhonora,, BOY!!! How're you doing???

Selma: Alt..did you know jhonora is a GRADUATE...

jhonora: Doing well, alt!

Seventies: I noticed that jhonora....

daviss: Congrats jhonora!!

jhonora: Thank you

alt: thanks Selma, when I found the source for that young man's information I had to share it.... not sure he realizes how valuable/rich of resource he has tapped into.

Selma: Oh good no one else knew either..cause I was just thinking I really am in a bigger "FOG" than I thought

jhonora: alt, I thought of you last week, I was speaking with the pres. of the soc. in Gallipolis

Seventies: lol Selma.. IKR

alt: I forgot Selma.. Congrats again to jhonora.... we remember him when he was a young whipper-snapper at IBGS and now he ARE a college graduate LOL LOL

Seventies: hello vkn

vkn: Heyyy Heyyyy Heyyy

daviss: hello vkn!

Selma: Afternoon vkn

jhonora: Hey vkn

alt: really jhonora, Gallipolis, huh? hello vkn

vkn: Congrats jhonora

jhonora: Yes, alt, I am doing some historical research on a lady who claims to have been born there, but I think she might have been from across the river in Va.

Selma: If you had told us we would have had a Chat Graduation Party..with ballons too

Seventies: lol

Selma: What county in VA is across the river jhonora?

jhonora: Selma lol I'm not sure, but I would imagine one in WV

alt: Gallopolis was on the "migration trail" out of VA jhonora ... Gallia County had a rather large population of FPOC prior to the CW.

vkn: alt daviss jhonora Selma Seventies after Turkey research howdy

Seventies: yes just finished a nice ham sandwich. :)

jhonora: alt, this lady was Emma Coleman, born Sept. 1863 to a Mary Coleman. That's all I have. She later migrated to Pittsburgh and then Philad.

Seventies: I let my cousin talk me into going to green thursday last night around 8.. didn't get home until 330am... NEVER AGAIN!

alt: Mason & Cabell Counties in WV are nearest to Gallia Countyu, Ohio Selma.

Selma: Good grief seventies...

Seventies: exactly Selma..

Selma: Was it worth it seventies? Where did you find them in 1870 jhonora?

Seventies: No I bought a pair of shoes which now I will probably take back lol

alt: Let me know if I can be of help to you jhonora, I owe you one for the "Oberlin letter".

jhonora: I haven't which is frustrating, I think in 1880, she is listed in Gallia Co. as Emily Coleman

Selma: Have you found any details on her mother?

jhonora: I think her mother was remarried in 1880, listed as Mary King in Gallia County The reason for my interest is that Emma Coleman Lewis founded two churches in Philad. and Atlantic City

daviss: brb

Seventies: Do you think she may have gone by King at any point?

alt: jhonora, on familysearch there is a marriage record dated 1876 .. John Coleman marries Emily Jane Mahan .. 2 jan 1876 in Gallia Co., Ohio

vkn: Jhonora we note four African American Catholic candidates for sainthood: Mother Henriette Delille, Mother Mary Lange, Father Augustus Tolton and Pierre Toussaint. Are they on your radar JHonora?

jhonora: Well, I follow Delille most closely, since several generations were taught by her group but the others are interesting as well

daviss: ok back

jhonora: alt, she apparently married after going upriver to Pittsburgh. She did have a daughter (illeg.) with a Henry Browner in Gallia.

vkn: Thanx jhonora

Seventies: brb

jhonora: It seems that everyone I know got their 23andme results back in only 3 weeks

alt: seems as if you're "hot' on the trail jhonora, let me get out of your way and not add confusion to what you've already done LOL

daviss: It took me 6 for 23 and about 3 for Ancestry dna

jhonora: I will let you know if I get stuck, I will definitely want to cite someone on the Black history of the place - everything I've seen discusses white families.

daviss: It should have been reversed because of where their lab is

jhonora: daviss, was the longest step no. 3 or 4?

daviss: I did not have steps when I got in on it jhonora

alt: Selma, that FPOC abstract for SC from the 1850 census looks like it could be a very valuable.informative record set.

daviss: we just had the surveys and did them at out leisure out = our

Selma: Is it at Ancestry? the whole book..I am assuming it is a book

daviss: alt when did you post that

alt: it is on ancestry... the whole book.. all 266 pages LOL this morning daviss .. on FB in response to a young man's posting on his ancestor.

daviss: oh ok thanks alt

alt: he stated he is new to genealogy and I wanted to let him know what he was "on to".

daviss: oh I see

alt: as well as others.. to look beyond just a page with our ancestors name on it, but rather the source from where the information came.

daviss: I noticed that Gedmatch is trickling in for new uploads The new server will be up by the 1st week in Dec so I think they are starting the process now.

alt: I'm glad to see the FDA calling 23andme "out" about their marketing techniques. they promise a little too much with their products... genealogically & health-wise.... IMHO LOL

daviss: the medical portion alt but if you look at the site it plainly says see your doctor and don’t depend on surveys. The thing with FDA is that 23 did not respond to their request like they should and got dinged for it

Seventies: I didn't expect much from them in terms of African American's anyway.

Selma: I don't trust none of them..just my 1960 to 1970's paranoia coming out

Seventies: lol

alt: yes daviss, but how many folks actually READ what these comapnies say?

daviss: It did not have anything to do with genealogy if you read the whole thing

jhonora: I wouldn't trust the health data nor the percentages of admixture, I'm just interested in the relative finder

daviss: true alt but that is no different then us telling people to read a book about New York African American's or Ariz

Selma: evokes..or invokes

Seventies: evoke AND invokes.. lol

Selma: LOL

alt: the admixture is "right on" jhonora.. I question how folks interpret those results

Seventies: I am just now getting to my coffee... lol

daviss: Its a tool and should not take the place of tried and true genealogy

Selma: I guess so were shopping till 3:30 AM.. LOL

Seventies: And up at about 9...

daviss: thats one of the reasons I tested with more than one alt to see if they were close

Seventies: I have only conducted tests with two companies...

alt: WE know that daviss, but I question of some of theose who have used the product even know how to begin connecting the genetis to the genealogy

Selma: and I can say PROUDLY I have tested with NONE

jhonora: I would imagine the percentages are pretty accurate, it helped a friend who wanted to confirm a jewish grandfather.

Seventies: LOL

Selma: Folks..gotta run...have to get my hair cut... Have a great day

Seventies: have a good one selma

alt: My admixtures are pretty consistent across four testing companies.

daviss: as well as mine alt

alt: and the cousin's "found" varies greatly, probably because of the customer database for each company.

daviss: of course and that is why I uploaded to Gedmatch to pick up some of those cousins

jhonora: Have you all been successful with linking to the "cousins" they've identified for you?

Seventies: Actually, I have jhonora.

daviss: I have not jhonora because of my not having a good enough paper trail

Seventies: One of my matches has the surname Mazique, which I have connected to my grandfather's (the tested) paternal and maternal linage.

alt: not me jhonora,

jhonora: I think I sent you that picture of the Mazique in Natchez, right Seventies

Seventies: Yes...

jhonora: I have one main interest, a fellow researcher and I have known each other for years and believe we are descended from brother and sisters.

daviss: no two s daviss for me jhonora lol except the ones in my fam

Seventies: okay interesting. How far back??

jhonora: ?

alt: has thie fellow researcher als tested? this & also

Seventies: Well what time frame were these two sibling born?

jhonora: Yes, she tested about a month ago and it pulled up many of her known family members

Seventies: okay

jhonora: So I tested about three weeks ago The brother and sister were born 1812/1814

Seventies: ok

alt: very good... known family members at least proves the relationships work. that's a long ago paper trail jhonora.. at least to the 4th-5th great grandpatent level for a common ancestor, right?

daviss: I wish that some of the peeps that say "no way" would test so that I could say "way" lol

Seventies: How much DNA do you all share??

jhonora: The sister was bought by her white mate from his uncle's estate along with their oldest child and her brother. He freed his mate and the child and afterwards their other children.

alt: hehehehehe @/with daviss

jhonora: 70s, my results haven't come back yet

Seventies: oh okay

jhonora: For some reason, most likely economic, he sold his mate's brother to his mama a county over. That's where I believe the brother had my family.

Seventies: ok

alt: so there will be some Euro as well as African in the match with this researcher, possibly???

jhonora: As you can see, these are multi-generational slaves so they really knew (and perhaps were kin to) the folks who owned them

alt: that's where it gets tough when the connection is with the descendants of the children of siblings and not in a direct line.

jhonora: Really, alt?

alt: yep.... because you're not getting into another family line with the children of sibling descendants not=now

Seventies: sounds like slave era research...but I think that Louisiana, especially in the French speaking areas would have better records than in other parts of the country.

daviss: quick question and I may have asked this before. Y search. I submitted 33 markers on my brother. should I go up any further

jhonora: We've been able to document this family (if it is indeed one family) back to a document dated 1802, which refers to an enslaved woman born 1778

alt: example... my great-grandchildren are the niece/nephews of John Legend, but I have no connection whatsoever to John Legend and his ancestral lines. very good jhonora daviss, they say 33 markers is the minimum for Y-DNA matches, most are now recommending 67 Markers.

vkn: ouchies

daviss: ok if one brother is deceased can I use the same sample to upgrade

Seventies: jhonora are these slave records? Or various records such as deeds, wills, taxes or marriage?

alt: Oops, get a pillow vkn LOL

daviss: wb vkn

vkn: lol

daviss: if I can alt, I have to upgrade 3 of my men {sigh}

jhonora: These are slaves as found in successions and sales along with slave baptisms before the War.

Seventies: ok Orleans parish?? Or in SW LA?

alt: are these 3 men from different father's daviss?

vkn: JHonora I am following the venerable Pierre Toussaint 1765-1853 as a person of interest

daviss: yes alt

alt: Oh my, then that is 3 different upgrades.... you need to "pull some levers" LOL

jhonora: 70s, this is SE Louisiana in Assumption Parish along Bayou Lafourche and St. James Parish along the Mississippi River. Sugar cane country.

daviss: yes, one is the x, and one is my brother

Seventies: ok

jhonora: vkn, Pierre Toussaint, was an incredible man. He did well as a hairdresser and gave to charity.

vkn: Yes I am learning jhonora

daviss: I will do one at a time lol or wait for a special

jhonora: vkn, You know there are several figures in Georgia like Mathilda Beasley and Mother theodore Williams.

alt: that sounds like the way to go daviss

Seventies: So let me tell you, a few months ago, jhonora, I found someone on facebook who was thinking that they were descendants of Wilmer Shields, the same guy who was 'manager' on the various plantations where my Rounds were enslaved. It was an interesting interaction. They live in New Orleans.

daviss: so are you saying I can still use the same sample

jhonora: daviss lol it can get costly Really, Seventies, that is interesting. Who was the owner of the plantations?

daviss: oh yes jhonora

alt: Yes. if it was done by FTDNA daviss .. it is just a matter of an upgrade... they upgraded my sample from 2006 recently to the Y-DNA 111 marker test.

Seventies: Dr. Willilam Newton Mercer and his wife Ann Eliza Farrar

daviss: 111 wow alt how many gens will that put you with someone

vkn: Y'all be good. Cya 2morry

Seventies: bye vkn enjoy

jhonora: Oh yes, 70s, the Farrars who are kin to the Kenners

Seventies: The Farrar's and Ellis' owned many plantations from Natchez to New Orleans.

alt: daviss, my 111 marker test connects me to only 2 individuals, but there is a 90% chance chance we have to same common ancestor with 3 generation, that would be at the great-grandfather level...

daviss: ahhhh ok

jhonora: 70s, were you and the descendant able to make a connection?

Seventies: My 3rd great grandmother Charity and her ancestors were 'born' and enslaved in Louisiana on Presleigh plantation then moved up to Sibley, MS

alt: jhonora .. could these Farrar's come out of VA/NC from the mid to late 1700's?

Seventies: No not a direct connection, but it was an interesting interaction as Wilmer Shields sold my Rounds' their land after the Civil War.

jhonora: I believe so, alt, they are in Seventies' line

alt: I ask because the LaFroce folks from Goochland Co., VA in the mid 1700's had daughters marry into the Farrar families LaForce

Seventies: They are the slaveholding family of my Rounds' family.. that's about as far as it goes for me. My 3rd great grandmother, Charity and her parents and grandparents were owned by Capt Benj Farrar Farrar came to the area when it was still a colony of France and Spain.

alt: Are/were these Farrar's Catholic? the one's connected to the LaForce family were "supposed" to be French Huguenot.

jhonora: No, the Farrars were Protest.

alt: Oops did we lose okay, that might fit... the French Huguenot's were Protestant. wb Seventies

Seventies: OK back lol The Farrars came from England according to the literature I've read.

daviss: yes wb was their name filtered any

Seventies: alt about when do the Farrars first show up in VA?

alt: for my connection Seventies ....Peter Farrar born ca 1740 in ????? married Trepenhah LaForce on 10 Sep 1766 in Goochalnd Co., VA.

Seventies: ok

jhonora: Did the LaForce's keep that spelling alt?

Seventies: Mine came to SW MS in the late 1780's

daviss: 1780?

Seventies: Yep at that time, it was the Natchez District... So it covered parts of MS and LA.

daviss: so it was a state then? interesting

Seventies: No more like a colony...

daviss: oh ok

Seventies: Spain controlled some areas and France controlled other areas.

daviss: right

Seventies: I've seen docs in Spanish and French in Natchez. Mostly land deeds. well, land grants The census is also in spanish jhonora, let me know if I'm giving out misinformation here. :)

alt: yes jhonora, same spelling down thru the years

jhonora: You're right on track Seventies, that area always kept a sort of separate history from the side of the state east of the river * I meant "west"

Seventies: Its even interesting that during the set up after the CW, the same area was referred to as the Natchez district.

daviss: ok folks I better run. nice to see you jhonora

Seventies: bye daviss

daviss: take care

alt: seems as if many from the Goochland county (French Huguenot's) area went to the area of Mobile, Alabama & New Orleans in the mid to late 1700's.

jhonora: We have some LeFort's in Louisiana who may derive from that family. But the Huguenots seem to mess-up names lol My grandmother is a DuBose from a Huguenot family that should have been DuBois.

Seventies: Hey one more thing, I went to the Wilkinson county courthouse this summer and was able to get some information from the courthouse. Posted the info online jhonora and alt.

jhonora: Thanks, Seventies

alt: okay jhonora .. spelling odens't count and WE have a tenendcy to make these names "American" LOL

Seventies: That's what I was telling alt a while back... For some reason I kept wanting to connect his Laforce's with the people in the Parish.

jhonora: lol

Seventies: lol

jhonora: In St Bernard?

Seventies: No in LaFourche Parish

alt: well, gotta run.. good "seeing" you jhonora

jhonora: Of yeah!! Take care y'all!

Seventies: I'll close up... see you all next week. :)

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