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2013-11-15 • Round Robin


Start: 12:07:05
End: 12:56:37
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: hi alt

alt: hello Seventies

Seventies: How was Eric's birthday?

alt: okay, he stopped by for a few minutes yesterday... I gave him a dollar for a happy meal at McD's LOL LOL

Seventies: LOL LOL LOL that won't even buy fries! hi AYWalton

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

alt: Oops, I thought hey had a 1$ meal

AYWalton: hi Seventies, alt

Seventies: alt, maybe like in 1950! LOL LOL LOL

alt: hello AYWalton , how goes it with you ?

AYWalton: fine and you alt?

alt: doing well thanks AYWalton

AYWalton: just taking a break. Have to edit my podcast shortly.

Seventies: I listened to your podcast today AYWalton for Research at the National Archives and Beyond. Great job as usual. :)

AYWalton: why thank you so much Seventies! And thanks for tuning in as well.

alt: I enjoyed the show last night.... interesting 'insights' from your blogger guests

Seventies: No problem. Its been a while since I've listened to the show. Usually I've got something going on Thursdays.

AYWalton: I was nervous as everyone had live mics and I was not sure if everything would connect well or not. But turned out ok. Whew! :)

Seventies: :)

AYWalton: but it was fun.

alt: yes, I thought the 'integration' of your guest & their commentary went well

Seventies: My job today was to research new emerging technologies to use to put my genealogical info out there.

AYWalton: thanks alt. One thing about hosting, you have to be conscious of time, and of staying on track as well. That is real multi-tasking. Gotta give it to Bernice who does it every week.

Seventies: I came up with about 5 new trends for 2014.

AYWalton: what are the trends, Seventies?

Seventies: Yes.. its a difficult job for sure!

alt: and they are Seventies?

Seventies: Slideshare, Tumblr, Mobli and lol can't even read my own handwriting! lol

alt: and what do they do that is 'new'?

AYWalton: hmm...........none of the usual suspects huh?

Seventies: Anyway, the trend is toward image and video based media outlets. Tumblr isn't really 'new'.

AYWalton: so you mean Image sharing? Like instagram? I guess you have a point about images. I try to make sure that every time I write a story for my blog that I infuse (that a word?) it with images--and every post I always lead off with some kind of image.

Seventies: Well Tumblr is a blog/image format.. instagram has shot itself in the foot by telling people that they own your photos.

AYWalton: I think we are in a visual world.

alt: okay, are you saying 'new' applications for 'old' techniques?

AYWalton: I did not know that about Instagram. Glad I never put anything up there.

Seventies: Yes alt. I don't use instagram either AYWalton

AYWalton: So glad that I did not sign up. That was one bullet dodged. :)

alt: hehehehe .. gone from the Brownie camera to Polaroid, to Instagram

Seventies: Yes anything with sound, video or images will be hot...

AYWalton: I think you are right.

Seventies: really...

AYWalton: And look where the next horizon is-----the new stars are emerging on Youtube--another visual platform.

Seventies: So even if you just link a video or photo and redirect to a blog or just use Tumblr, you'll be in business.

AYWalton: And some will most likely break into mainstream entertainment.

alt: technology is wonderful

AYWalton: Good points.

Seventies: Youtube has great videos. There will not be any slowdown there.

AYWalton: Sadly not enoug of us in the genealogy community are using technology. Well not enough in the Afr. American community. But those who do will be leaders.

Seventies: Now there is other service, VEVO that links up on Youtube and is mostly for music artists.

AYWalton: Most people are not aware that there are ongoing dramas and even comedy series on YouTube. It is not just for your personal day to day mush. Some real producing is taking place there. And they are making money. ok was not aware of Vevo.

Seventies: Oh yes, Webisodes.. some are really really good. Issa Rae of Awkward Black Girl is one that comes to mind.

alt: my problem is that these advancements are often done with no understanding of the basic concepts of what is being done...

AYWalton: But I have been watching some that are well done! Yes!! I love Awkward black Girl.

Seventies: She's made the jump to TV and movie production... she's big time now. Just from putting her stuff on YouTube.

AYWalton: Even "Ask a Slave" is interesting. I did not want to like it, but I have to admit that she does a good job with it. YES!! And pay attention to the naturalistas! These sisters are going places. Like Chescaleigh.

alt: Hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon alt, Ay and seventies

AYWalton: greetings, Mizz Selma!

Seventies: Everyone is on YouTube with that... its very very popular. I have a few that I follow.

AYWalton: So do I.

Seventies: hi Ms. Selma Jean :}

AYWalton: I follow the Vaughn Sisters and a few others. And they are quite talented.

Selma: Selma Jean.. lOL

AYWalton: Selma j e a n ?

Selma: Great show last night Angela

AYWalton: now that's cute!

Seventies: Just to cut to the chase we are talking about Tech and genealogy and emerging trends for 2014

AYWalton: oh thanks Selma.

Seventies: I follow MotorcityMoxie.

AYWalton: I have missed that one, Seventies. will have to check it out.

alt: what is the age group (demographics) for these innovator's ... under 35?

AYWalton: I think so---or early 30s. But the viewers span all ages. And some are more popular than well known entertainers.

alt: so they know the technology, but may be 'lacking' in the content/depth of the subject matter???? history/genealogy etc.

AYWalton: Chescaleigh just turned 30 and she is more popular than Tracee Ellis Ross (just turned 40) (Diana Ross' daughter) and Tracee Ellis Ross has connected with Chescaleigh, but not getting her audience.

Selma: What is Awkard Black Girl?

AYWalton: The only one doing anything history related is Azie Mira Dungey with Ask a Slave. It is an interesting YouTube series. there are several online dramas, comedies and other 8-10minutes ongoing programs. And they have huge followings. This is where the internet becomes a leveler of playing fields.

Seventies: Exactly.. AYWalton

AYWalton: Many are taking ideas in their head and turning them into their own platforms to share their creativity.

Selma: Oh ok short tv shows (to put into something I understand.. LOL)

alt: I would like to see something geared to an over 60 y/o demographic.

Seventies: They are also known as Webisodes Selma

AYWalton: But unknown, unconnected people are doing their thing and getting attention. hmm.............something to think about.

Selma: Why thank you seventies...a new word for me

AYWalton: What kind of issues would you want to see addressed, alt? There might be a market for that.

Seventies: Ok my guilty pleasure is the Betty White show about the seniors pranking people.. hilarious! alt you would love it! It's called "Off Their Rockers"

AYWalton: And some folks are doing nothing but documenting their own life, in terms of how they are coping with being young parents, or trying to lose weight, or cooking and so much more. Seventies, do you watch Naptural85? She does her hair thing on her hair channel but she is also blogging her daily life as well.

Seventies: No never heard of that one... there are SO many... whew and there are even more product reviews.

AYWalton: I kind of ignore those---but hey---these young women are making money.

Seventies: These companies are getting FREE advertising for their products.

AYWalton: You know----100 years ago the people making money in the Black community--were the madames of hair. Today the young sisters are making money on YouTube as the new gurus of natural hair. yes, and those with 100,000 subscribers are YouTube partners and making money too.

Seventies: yes and the ads... wow!

alt: I would like to see something that addresses the 'resurgence' of multi-generational families under one roof... In my day you got out of your parents home and didn't go back.

AYWalton: It does not take much to be YouTube partner, but trust me, it can pay if you are prolific with videos and/or blogs.

Seventies: There's probably a show for that alt.

AYWalton: I do just a tiny and get a tiny check from Google from time to time. But you know----I like alt's idea.

Seventies: alt, we are fast becoming like Europe in that aspect....

AYWalton: I just did a quick YouTube search, and see that there is a young guy with a series called Seniors React to.......(fill in the blank)

alt: I see a different dynamic between adult Black males and their younger counterparts than when I was growing up.... doesn't seem to be any guidance and/or mentorships

AYWalton: example---Seniors React to Gangman Style. Seniors React to Twerking.

Seventies: Oh is that the three white elderly women?

AYWalton: I think that's it, Seventies.

Seventies: They are making money hand over fist... seriously. I don't watch it, but their videos have been featured on TV on the Comedy Channel and E!

AYWalton: This guy has 3 elderly folks who give their opinions about what they see on TV. maybe not the same, then. The producer is somebody called Fine Bros. I think Azie Mira Dungey might be on Saturday Night live eventually. She and another young woman have been addressing the lack of Black women on SNL and her Ask A Slave series has got a lot of attention.

Seventies: Ok can I squeeze in a little subject change... yesterday I received a new match on 23 and me of 1.40% over 6 segments on my grandfather's paternal line. Making this person his 2nd -3rd cousin..

AYWalton: ahhh I have never had a match over 2 segments. you have a much closer cousin.

Selma: Afternoon vkn

AYWalton: That is a real connection and someone you can probably research and document.

vkn: Good afternoon to all us beautiful peeps

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn.

Seventies: I'm so thrilled about the match... I did a dance in the living room! lol

AYWalton: hope all is well down in GA! lol

vkn: alt ayw selma seventies

Selma: Do you know who this person is seventies?

alt: any idea of who this person might be Seventies, or how they may connect to your grandfather? hello vkn

Seventies: Not yet. It may be one of his grandfather's nephews or great nephew.

vkn: Going good ayw. will be conferencing with Bill and Ari this afternoon. More later Congrats on your match seventies

Seventies: I may be stretching out on a limb here, but in the pension file of his grandfather, two children were mentioned in the testimony. But can't find them anywhere in MS

AYWalton: Ok vkn, looking forward to hearing more.

alt: How many siblings did your grandfather have Seventies ?

AYWalton: what part of MS?

Seventies: was 10 of them

AYWalton: Were they near a state line and possibly across the border?

alt: okay

Seventies: SW MS AYWalton... and they may have been in LA...

AYWalton: And of course child mortality was also high.

vkn: Seventies many people lived in MS but gave birth in AL

alt: did they all make adulthood and have families Seventies, or do you know?

Seventies: I recently discovered that Nicka Smith (Sewell) had a connection with me, but didn't know how since she only lists folks in Concordia Parish, LA. But somone else contacted me and I discovered that there are Sewells in Natchez, MS There may be a connection there. At the time of the widow's pension application, it seemed like the son and daughter were still alive... These were children that he supposedly had with his first wife susie/sunday

vkn: Seventies many people lived in MS but gave birth in AL I am sure that the reverse is also true in bordering State lines

Seventies: The daughter was reported as being married. And I really, Really need to review those statements again

Selma: Were they born during slavery seventies?

Seventies: There was quite a few migrations between that area of MS and LA. This continues today.

alt: I think Nicka's ancestral ties to that area have the surname ATLAS Seventies

Seventies: I don't believe so Selma

AYWalton: Well I have to run folks. Gotta edit my podcast. Have great afternoon, folks.

Seventies: ok see ya AYWalton

vkn: bye ayw

Seventies: If I can determine the genealogical connection, I'll be thrilled.

alt: I'm sure you will be thrilled... fingers crossed for ya

vkn: double crossing of fingers seventies

Seventies: I'm just waiting on the acceptance of the genome sharing request.

alt: I must be doing something wrong.. I'm not getting much out of genome sharing.

Seventies: Well now you know a lot of people are out there without having done much background genealogical work. And alt you have such a unique genetic background.

alt: I think that is the problem Seventies, folks don't know much about their family history and those that do seem to know only about 1 or 2 of the ancestral lines

Seventies: yes, and I've got like 10 going on... lol Speaking of, has anyone written an article about getting over the 1940 census hurdle?

Selma: Folks..I have to run..have a great day Bye

Seventies: :( I have a meeting...finally.... for work. lol

alt: 1940 hurdle??

Seventies: well I mean anything after 1940....

alt: city directories, newspapers, church records, etc.

Seventies: yep... military records, etc. I guess its a dumb question, but definitely could be revisited now that the census has been released.

vkn: Have a great weekend

alt: yep, military .... state vitals

Seventies: I'll get the lights and chairs alt... lol lol lol

alt: okay, have a good weekend young lady

Seventies: you too!

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