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2013-10-08 • Reunion & Research


Start: 12:01:15
End: 12:50:20
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, dcooke, Selma, vkn

daviss: Hi there dcooke!

dcooke: Hi there!

daviss: How's it going?

dcooke: Things are great. How are you doing?

daviss: so so in my old age :?

dcooke: :}

daviss: Any new finds for you?

dcooke: Actually, yes! I went to a family reunion for my mother's GGG-Grandfather's descendants this summer. I found the family on

daviss: Wow, thats great!!

dcooke: I had already done all the research and spoken to them on the phone, so the reunion was a little non-monumental for me, but my mom really enjoyed herself.

daviss: Where was the reunion held?

dcooke: In Jefferson, TX.

daviss: Jefferson is close to the gulf isn't it?

dcooke: It was the family's 100th reunion, so they were trying to bring in descendants from all of his children. He had a TON of children. Jefferson is in East TX. Close to Wiley College.

daviss: ok thats right..slapping my hand what was the surname

dcooke: McIntosh

daviss: My family is from Marshall

dcooke: That's right!

daviss: heyyy alt!

alt: Hello daviss & dcooke. how are you both doing today?

dcooke: We're great! How are you?

daviss: hello there vkn!

vkn: Good day alt daviss dcooke

alt: hello vkn

dcooke: The highlight of trip for me was meeting a researcher named George. He has done a lot of research about Black families from East TX.

vkn: Great "Lucky" blog Daviss

daviss: would love to connect with ya'll dcooke

alt: hello Selma

daviss: thanks vkn hello Selma

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, dcooke, and vkn

vkn: Great response to "Daviss Lucky blog", Alt

alt: yes daviss, Great "Lucky" Blog.... as ususal

dcooke: His trees on Ancestry have links to both sides of my family. It was pretty exciting to talk to him. My mom also found people who knew about her paternal side and some distant relatives who are still in the area.

daviss: thanks alt

Selma: was great little comment inspired a great blog

alt: that sounds as if your Mom had a great experience at the Reunion dcooke. Congrats!!!!!!

dcooke: Do you all have any book recommendations for a book club to read about genealogy? It could be a novel based on history, a non-fiction book based on a certain family, etc.

vkn: Selma you turned the faucet on for a great "lucky blog" from daviss. Thanx a ton lol

daviss: I am trying to think dcooke. I have been to Jefferson as a kid lol Selma thanks much

vkn: dcooke thanx for sharing your research with us

alt: dcooke, there are many "current' book recommendations posted on the Our Black Ancestry Facebook page... as well as the AfriGeneas Books Forum.

dcooke: Jefferson reminded me of Natchez, MS. Lots of old history there. Seated next to the water. Lots of antique shops and old historic buildings. Apparently there was a lot of money there before the Civil War.

Selma: Jeez I forgot all about the Genealogy Roadshow last night Maybe Mell Colliers book

dcooke: Thanks alt!

vkn: The roadshow comes on here at 10PM eastern

dcooke: I don't know if I've "liked" that page.

alt: prior to the Civil War Natchez was the wealthiest per capita city (area) in the nation.

dcooke: I know. I've been there and done many of the tours.

alt: I see dcooke, I was responding to your "Apparently there was a lot of money there before the Civil War" statement.

dcooke: Apparently a lot of that money came from the Northeast. One thing I read suggested that Natchez was like the Hamptons, it was a city where all rich people had a home.

vkn: dcooke post your email to the screen [it will be deleted] and I will mail you a book list]

daviss: Don't forget The Warmth Of Other Suns

dcooke: We've already read The Warmth. That's what got them wanting one about ancestry. Two of us already dabble in family history, and the others want to try it out.

vkn: Also "Invisible Lines", dcooke

daviss: Cane River

dcooke: I loved Cane River! I forgot about that book.

alt: on the Hist & Gen Forum today I've connected with a "cousin" of my wife who is researching her Male/Dalton family lines from the VA/WV area from the early 1800's.

daviss: Nice, alt!!!

alt: yes, kind of exciting daviss

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

daviss: hello AYWalton!

AYWalton: hello there daviss! hi alt, dcooke Mizz Selma, Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!

alt: dcooke, for genealogy books (current) the books by Melvin collier & Michael Henderson are getting a lot of attention. Hello AYWalton

vkn: AYW !!!! is presentation ready

Selma: The Warmth of Other of my favorite books

AYWalton: just have to fix the front page!

Selma: Afternoon AY

vkn: waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy to go AYW

AYWalton: lol In 2 weeks the PBS series will begin called Many Rivers to Cross.

daviss: 8-9 Eastern

dcooke: I just joined the FB group. Thanks for the suggestion!

AYWalton: there will be a small number of genealogy bloggers that will be watching and blogging after each episode as well. Telling our version of the story based on our own genealogical research. which group did you join dcooke?

alt: Yeah, cousin Skip still hasn't responded to my message about his father and me having a common maternal ancestor according to FTDNA LOL LOL LOL

AYWalton: Selma we got to see Lisa Lee several times.

dcooke: Our Black Ancestry

daviss: lol alt

Selma: I forgot all about it AY

dcooke: I was thinking about recommending the book club to read one of the books about Sallie Hemmings. That's what initially ignited my interest in ancestry and dna.

daviss: The first episode will be The Black Atlantic 1500 - 1800

AYWalton: It should be interesting to watch. I think a few folks missed the Roadshow last night. It was ok--but some of the segments are so short.

alt: I guess that 300 years will cover Columbus' "discovery" of the America's and the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade ca 1492-1807 .. or there about

daviss: That will be a good book also...Annette Gordon Reed is one author

vkn: Thnx daviss

daviss: dcooke A Gordon Reed is from Conroe texas

vkn: also thanx for the addy dcooke

dcooke: I was looking at Gordon Reed's book earlier today.

daviss: That episode according to what I am reading alt will include the Priscilla story

vkn: Selma has taught us well that it "all started in VA" and alt has taught us that "OH is in the middle at Tribal Pages " and we are learning from Daviss and Mariah that "it ends in TX"

dcooke: I'll probably just give them a few suggestions and let them decide. I read the novel Sallie Hemmings by Barbara Chase-Riboud when I was in college, and that was the start of my interest in family history. I was going through this strange phase of becoming comfortable in my own skin, and learning about my family seemed to help me grow.

daviss: hahahaha vkn

alt: Antiques Roadshow.. it would be nice if they could somehow acknowledge the researchers who have done the work for their stories... Kenyatta & Joshua certainly aren't doing it (research).

AYWalton: Actually they do acknowledge them. But the names fly by so quickly.

vkn: air time is soooooo costly alt as you know

alt: so quickly I haven't noticed them AYWalton .. guess that is my fault.

AYWalton: I know that Gena Philbert Ortega is one of them, and in fact she had phoned me when they were doing research back in July--about the story of Gov. Austin Peay. She told me that they had found the letter, but they wondered if the story was feasible. We had a discussion about it. I watched the names go by---and they fly by---but last night I saw her name as it swished by. Other names were in the list near her name. Josh and Kenyatta are only the on-air hosts.

alt: maybe a suggestion I could send them is a "flash" of the researcher's names leading in to each segment... wouldn't take more than 5-10 seconds.

AYWalton: You would have to stop the film to read anything flying by.

vkn: Grrrreat idea alt

alt: 60 minutes does something like that with their stories.

AYWalton: I have noticed though that sometimes the genealogists are simply stumped, which is why they say---"no connection has been found that you are related," or "no other information could be found". Frankly I think that there can be more found, but maybe we don't see what was edited out.

alt: but I reckon AR's stuff is already in the "can"

Selma: What was Lisa Lee doing on the segment

vkn: Also the show publishers/producers might include names in preview/postview alt

AYWalton: The interview people on the steps before they get started.

alt: exactly vkn

AYWalton: She mentions that her ancestors were loyalists and went to Canada.

Selma: Great

AYWalton: Then in Kenyatt's segment, she is standing right behind Kenyatta observing. and in a third segment she is also there, in the crowd. And she was a finalist for the show. She lost it to Kenyatta. She and Nicka were finalists. They might have been hosts.

alt: oh well, sounds like I'm back in my 'grumpy, nit-picking mode" LOL it was strange that last night show didn't have any Black folk ... that I can remember

dcooke: Great chatting with you all. I have a noon meeting.

Selma: The Hemmings of Monticello is also a good book dcooke

AYWalton: take care dcooke

vkn: Thanx ayw for helping me sync eyes, understanding and multi screens lol

dcooke: Good Day! Thanks!

AYWalton: what did I do, vkn?

vkn: lol helping me juggling all the balls in the air

AYWalton: and when did I do this, vkn? :)

daviss: :?

Selma: Have to go foolks.. Have a great day

daviss: uh oh

vkn: continuously ayw lol

AYWalton: lol well I try. I need to go, myself. Going to fix some lunch. have a good one!

daviss: ok

vkn: u do an excellent job ayw

daviss: too late vkn lol

vkn: so much to absorb

daviss: what little bit I get is too much to absorb

alt: truly vkn.. too much information and too little time!!!

vkn: Glad someone (ayw) can help stitch it all together

daviss: It takes me 3 and 4 days to put together something that takes others a couple hrs to do SMDH

vkn: Remember "reading the minutes" of the last meeting lol lol

daviss: ha

alt: yeah.. and then I say " I was at the last meeting and I don't remember that happening" LOL LOL

vkn: No time now to say "I object" lol

alt: right

vkn: Poor Roberts rules are laid aside lol

alt: whose Robert????

vkn: lol lol lol lol alt forgot lol "Roberts Rules of Order"

alt: Oops. who is Robert?

vkn: Alt we were raised on those. Did you forget

alt: naw, just joking LOL

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