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2013-10-03 • More on Slave Births Index


Start: 12:11:12
End: 13:17:14
Chatters: daviss, karoshi, Khathu, Selma, vkn

Khathu: Hello daviss

daviss: Hello khathu, how are you?

Khathu: I'm good and yourself/ brb

daviss: ok

Khathu: i'm back I guess it is just us here today How is your research coming along

daviss: I am really not doing any of mine, actually focused on other folks if i can and reading a few articles here and there How about you/ ?

Selma: It is the repair man here checking my furnace before the weather changes... Khathu..that discussion yesterday re: births been intruding in my thoughts, when I should be doing some other things.. LOL

daviss: so you have been in the book and index since yesterday Selma comparing the index with the book I mean

Selma: Yes, the on-line index, the book..and an actual birth register Yes, I took a look at a few entries..then said "selma get a life"

daviss: hahahahahaha but I thought we had no other life Selma

Selma: But it does pose an interesting experiment

daviss: does the book list the slave owners in order

Khathu: daviss - someone on FB just stated that he identified the slave owner on the 1867 Texas Voter Registration

daviss: how in the world could they do that

Khathu: i think he meant he was able to locate the slave owner

daviss: where is that located khathu? still I cant figure out how he did that or she

Khathu: it is impossible to identify the slave owner using an 1867 Voter Registration index

daviss: I know do you have the link

Khathu: Matagorda County

Selma: Like Khathu said yesterday..these are "indexes"..which should send you to the original document..

daviss: yes but Selma there is no slaveowner listed


daviss: The only non blacks are basically the one or two that are doing the registering

Khathu: The index gives the location on where the individuals are residing For Matagorda it gives a plantation

daviss: ok so Matagorda is different than all the others huh Do you have that one Khathu?

Khathu: However without further research one does not know if an ancestor was actually enslaved on that particular plantation or if the plantation was owned by the same individual during and after slavery This case is unique just like the Bowie County Slave Schedule

daviss: right like the Allen plantation, some of my family worked there in Brazos but were enslaved in Grimes and Allen had many slaves

karoshi: Good afternoon everyone!

daviss: I guess I can believe all the differences because Harrison County is different and screwed up in everything they did

Khathu: That is a great example daviss

daviss: hi karoshi How's it been with you karoshi?

karoshi: Can't complain daviss. Been running between Atlanta and Orlando, so not much time for researching. I hope everything is good on your end.

daviss: it is good, thanks

karoshi: Khathu, what info can you get from slave schedules? Besides name of owner?

daviss: khathu where on fb is that statement

Khathu: slave schedule must be used in conjunction with other records. by themselves they are pretty much useless for researching enslaved ancestors daviss are you a part of Luckie Daniels' group?

karoshi: Ok. Thank you.

daviss: ok so its on there I will go and look

Khathu: Slave schedules can help narrow one's research and pool of potential slave owners by confirming whether or not an individual actually owned enslaved individuals

karoshi: I wish I had more use for them.

Selma: Good afternoon karoshi

Khathu: and by determining the ages, gender and color of the enslaved

karoshi: Hello Selma! How have you been?

daviss: I have not seen a slave schedule yet that gives the color but then again mabe Matagorda lol

karoshi: I've seen ones that mark either mulatto or sambo. But I think those were from Barbados.

daviss: oh ok

Khathu: b = black m = mulatto you haven't seen that description daviss that is what i meant by color

daviss: not on the slave schedules i have looked at Oh I know what that means lol

Khathu: lol

daviss: its just I have not seen it on the ones I looked at.. only on the inventories but then again I have not really gone back that far in my research

Selma: The Texas slave schedules don't have "b" or "m"

daviss: thats what I am saying Selma, so it must be other states

Khathu: Daviss this is what the guy wrote "I found my 2x Great-Grandfather and his slave owner on the 1870 Census in Matagorda Co. Texas, they lived in close proximity. But I confirmed this from the 1867 Voter's Registration List and it shows who the former slave owner was. I was only able to find that information for him and not other ancestors." These two documents by themselves are not enough to state one has identified the slave owners He has identified a potential slave owner

daviss: hmmmmm

karoshi: Have a good afternoon everyone. I'm off to do some chores. Yuck! :)

Khathu: Now he must research the potential slave owner by examining his documented county activities

daviss: Unless he may have a weird same name going on but then again that still does not mean anything if everyone on the plantation kept the same name and are only plantation kin

Khathu: All he has is proximity and that his ancestor lived on the plantation neither proves ownership

daviss: true prec and how long lived in the county and in most cases they are the same amt of years

Selma: Khathu are you part of Luckie's group

daviss: I think in Harrison County they used 8 or 12 all the time lol

Khathu: Yes, I am. Seventies recommended me

Selma: daviss, I haven't seen those other descriptions "grif", "sambo" etc..on VA Slave schedules..only B or M

daviss: I have only se'sambo' in the newspaper ads for runaways

Selma: Afternoon vkn

daviss: karoshi said Barbados I think hello vkn!

vkn: Y'all be looking good

daviss: Selma I wonder if the slaves for Edwin Nelms are listed in that book of births

Selma: Hold on I will check..remember it starts in 1853

daviss: Oh he may have been in TX by then vkn thanks for the email this morn

Selma: The NELMS surname appears in Bedford, Nansemond, Isle of Wight, Bedford, one in Sussex County First names..Archibald, Charles D., Ebben, Geo T. James, Northumberland

daviss: I need to find that info but Bedford sounds familiar

Selma: Just email me later

daviss: Ebben may be the father of Edwin Col Edwin Nelms

Khathu: Hello vkn

vkn: howdy khathu

daviss: ok selma

Selma: Eben/Ebon reported from Bedford County

daviss: I think I have seen that name

Selma: 8 births from 1853 to Dec 1860

daviss: oh really Selma thanks Selma

Khathu: daviss is this your people

daviss: The Nelms married into my Cooper line

Khathu: cool

Selma: Don't think the man was from Bedford daviss..if I remember it was Northumberland.

Khathu: Daviss - he acknowledged that he needed to do more research to substantiate his claim but he probably won't

daviss: oh ok Selma I will see if I can find all the info you sent me. I am really thinking he was in TX by 53 though ok Khathu

Khathu: it was only after posting my comments

daviss: lol

Selma: LOl.. Well folks gotta run...

Khathu: I hate when people put out false (incorrect ) information

daviss: ok Selma have a good day

Khathu: have a good

Selma: Bye

Khathu: i have to run off to a meeting.

daviss: ok take care

Khathu: ttyl

daviss: k

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