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2013-10-02 • VA Slave Birth Index


Start: 12:12:45
End: 13:29:15
Chatters: daviss, Khathu, Selma, vkn

daviss: Hi there vkn!

vkn: hey hey hey Daviss how you be this day young lady

daviss: fair de middlin and you? :?

vkn: bout da same lol

daviss: I hear ya vkn, slow but somewhat sure

vkn: mildewing ta keep from molding lol lol

daviss: hahahahaha no comments yet on the genealogy roadshow? I did not get to see it

vkn: none at all but I thought the Eastman review was good though non committal

daviss: yeah, thats true but most were negative under comments

vkn: Did you see that 2 SS Daviss post?

daviss: yeah vkn I saw the link to my tribal page lol

vkn: oh hmmm not understanding I thought that was to the posters page hmmmm do we need to delete???

daviss: I believe it is a one s daviss that posted the link.. not sure which one.. I believe that because of the Madagascar New Guinea question

vkn: My goodness I thought it was a connect for you have you heard directly from the person?

Khathu: Hello daviss and vkn

daviss: no I just went in to see what addy they used

vkn: Howdy Khathu. How you be?

Khathu: I'se be well and you

daviss: I did not recognize but it may be a legit poster hello khathu

vkn: 'tolable

daviss: I am just not sure where the Madagascar New Guinea came from

vkn: ok I will double check

Khathu: There was a discussion regarding DNA and Madagascar on FB a few weeks ago so maybe that is some carry over maybe?

vkn: could be

daviss: no idea

vkn: BTW khathu we sent you a DORSEY file from The History vault

daviss: hello Selma

vkn: Howdy doody Ms Selma

Khathu: vkn I saw it

vkn: okies

daviss: gonna grab a cup of coffee, brb

Selma: Howdy everyone...(jeez I am sounding like Mizz Vee

vkn: lol lol lol

Khathu: Hello Selma

Selma: I have been out all we still have a Government

Khathu: It is still shut down

vkn: not really a govt. We need to fire the whole bunch

Khathu: but yes we still have a government I agree vkn

daviss: I don't

Selma: Number of folks are jumping on Josh (is that his name) from Roadshow saying folks who came into Ellis Island..changed their names cause officials there didn't understand them

vkn: and we are called world leaders hah

daviss: I saw that Selma

vkn: oh dear and what are the rebuttals to that Selma

Selma: Reading scroll on TV..air traffic controller considered "essential"..thank goodness That there were folks at the port who spoke different languages and could understand what they were saying..

daviss: yes but the air traffic controller need help too so it all trickles down

vkn: trickle down nickels and maybe some dimes daviss

daviss: when those planes land they need someone to ok the next flight out

vkn: indeed

daviss: hopefully it wont last that long

vkn: Selma did you see the last roadshow. I missed it but thought the prior one was "choppy", Have you seen roadshow Khathu

Khathu: No I haven't

Selma: It was choppy this week too.. But I think we are looking at it with different eyes then the general population..who like the quickness of it

daviss: thats what I feel also Selma In fact look at the reviews negative from those who are in to genealogy

Selma: You know me I like "context"..and for some they give more context or history than others..some are just you are in the middle

daviss: excellent from the general

vkn: It is sorta nice to have the audience ( Deers caught in headlights) but maybe it will work overtime

Selma: I tell you genealogist are have no choice in my opinion.. LOL

vkn: lol lol lol

Selma: I mean for heavens sakes I am about the buy a book about the War of 1812..LOL

vkn: lol

Selma: Have you all seen Dru's birthday pictures? She is still celebrating.. good for her.. LOL

vkn: yes with selma. very nice

Selma: I gave her a heat compress you put in the microwave..she loved it..her knees had been giving her a fit

daviss: lol lol lo

Selma: You know the news on CNN is much better when you have the sound cut off... you know it is bad..but you don't have to hear how BAD

vkn: true dat and it is worse to me on MSNBC

Selma: Have you been following the thread on OBA..on VA Slave Birth Index daviss?

daviss: no Selma I have not

Selma: OK

daviss: no reason for me yet

Selma: I have been posting on the thread, but I find it difficult to keep track on Facebook

vkn: How goes the research Khathu

Khathu: What is the thread referring to Selma?

vkn: brb

Selma: Someone was asking about the 5 volume book set

Khathu: I know I commented on an article that Natonne wrote that turned into a heated discussion I see

Selma: I have the books so I have been replying to some of the folks who asked for look-ups

Khathu: I wonder if they know that the index is online at

Selma: Heck I didn't know it was at this the one done by the WPA Where is it?

Khathu: I am not aware of the source

daviss: Selma I need to get out of Texas first lol

Selma: I just put in a name from the book...nothing with that name comes up Let me try again OK I did again...I put in Matilda..who was the slave of James Hendricks in Russell county It came up as Matilda Hendricks..which implies she was HIS child not his slave.

daviss: hmmm

Khathu: It does not list all of the information

Selma: Meaning you have to know she was "owned" by a Hendricks during that time frame

Khathu: Yes

vkn: My thesis exactly since Hendricks "owned" the property

Selma: So not really an effective source if you don't understand...that most basic fact

Khathu: I think that is with most resources

Selma: Since I figure at least 70% of black folks in VA did NOT take name of last slave owner you would be all over the place

vkn: "property of ..." 1830

Khathu: Well hopefully individuals would have done their due diligence in researching and documenting their family from the present back to 1870 before utilizing this resource However, one strategy for using this resource is to try and reconstruct the family unit prior to 1865 (i.e. a mother and her children born between 1855-1865 Using the search engine one can input the mother's first name and the first name of the child assuming that the family remained in the same county after slavery

Selma: Ok that is a reasonable strategy..

Khathu: However, individuals would still need to obtain copies of the actual document because sometimes the informant is the overseers and not necessarily the owners

Selma: Right..I tried to let them know that Khathu. They need to try to get the Birth Register...

Khathu: Also in using this data base if the mother is listed without a surname that means she was enslaved.

Selma: In that 1853 time frame there are not separate certificates When I look at the Melinda person..her mother was also listed with the same surname

Khathu: Also if the child's surname is different from the father (informant) that mean that the paternity of the child was known and/or the mother was married and the marriage was recognized by the informant (slaveowner or overseer)

daviss: sheesh

Selma: Let me try another one I am going to try one where the child's name is not given

Khathu: Keep in mind it is just an index, so individuals should be strongly encouraged to obtain copies of the original document

vkn: key word 'original'

Selma: Ok I will have to play around with this..just put in one with child's mother's name given...slave owners name put in infor

Khathu: This resource can provide clues to last slave owner

Selma: I agree but you have to come to this knowing somethngs..and have patience...

daviss: so the index is not complete Selma?

Khathu: Well I discovered this index after traveling to LVA several times. It is complete. It is set up for father, mother and child.

Selma: I used it but wasn't looking for someone who was enslaved

daviss: so Matilda was not enslaved but recognized as their own

Khathu: If one is not familiar with it will assume that the individual listed in the father's field is the actual father and not the informant. The actual document lists the relationship of the informant to the child but the index does not

Selma: No she was enslaved..but they indexed her with the surname of the either slave owner/or the informant

Khathu: The five volume book also list relationship

daviss: I see

Selma: The book lists informants..not relationships

Khathu: Well I stand corrected

Selma: It does give mother's name if given and child

daviss: ahhhhhh ok

Selma: There are many where neither child or mother is named..only informant..and county in which the birth took place

vkn: We need a periodic enslaved research round table

Khathu: This is a record set like any other that must be included in corroboration with other documents used instead of included ttyl

daviss: again I am at a loss for counties

Selma: I will post this in the thread though Khathu...somehow I have to explain its possibilities and Limitations..gonna play with it before I do

daviss: nothing I have or see that is giving me a county that these folks are from

Selma: It will come to you daviss..

daviss: I have a will that just lists the sate how though

Selma: When was the will written?

daviss: 1853 I have turnips but no blood

Selma: It says Virginia?

daviss: actually Selma that is happening with all the wills I have rec'd regardless of the state

vkn: dig the sword in deeper daviss to draw blood

daviss: thats what I am trying to figure nothing on the DC just a state nothing in the will no family stories so whats next

Selma: Whose will is it?

daviss: This one that I am speaking of Selma is not a VA will The one Nelms I have is one you helped me with

Selma: oh.. I thought we found out what VA county he came out of

vkn: Y'all be good!!!

daviss: I have Williams from VA just cant figure out where in VA they come from actually two VA Williams

Selma: Well daviss...this can be our Winter Project..I am trying to get thru the Fall all in one piece

daviss: no problem just being a grump

Selma: Well alt is not somebody has to be a grump LOL

daviss: true lol

Selma: I gotta run..need nap

daviss: bye

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