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2013-10-01 • Methods to connect father


Start: 21:07:22
End: 21:54:26
Chatters: ihhmag, Selma, vkn

vkn: DESCRIPTION "Jacob and Mary Calvert Adams, free people of color, state that their children were bound to Philip Dorsey Carr as apprentices. The petitioners state that Carr "has refused to comply with the terms of said Indentures" and that "the said children never have lived with him" and he has never supported them. The Adamses contend the children are old enough "to be usefull and profitable" and are able "to repay your petitioners for their expense and trouble in keeping and maintaining them." They point out that Carr is attempting to transfer the indenture to William Dorsey, who has taken one of the children, Augustus, into his possession. The petitioners do not want their children bound to Dorsey, and they ask "that the said Indentures may be rescinded"

Selma: Good evening ihhmag and vkn

ihhmag: Good evening Selma and vkn

Selma: Interesting vkn...what is the above

ihhmag: oh well. guess vkn got disconnected.

vkn: howdy y'all

Selma: Welcome back

vkn: just stuff I am reading from history vault selma Also having a late supper

Selma: I found an interesting one too..

vkn: grrrrrrreat

Selma: Gotta find..former slave owners meeting after War..detailing what they will pay Freedmen for their wages..

ihhmag: Need help figuring out the next step to find Mississippi information. Sent off for d/c paternal grandfather. Don't have enough information to put on request but did a search for 5 years from last known year of living. Nothing turned up. Any suggestions to locate more info?

vkn: hmmmm

Selma: Approximately what year did he die

ihhmag: Don't have that info.

Selma: What year was the last record you found on him

vkn: try newspapers ihhmag

ihhmag: 1930 census. Tried newspapers through genealogybank.

vkn: oh ok

Selma: Didn't someone post something about Mississippi newspapers being digitized vkn

vkn: yes on news forum not sure work has started


vkn: what location in ms ihhmag

Selma: this is the link to the details.

ihhmag: let me go there for a moment. vkn it was Vickburg, MS.

Selma: Isn't Seventies a Mississippi researcher vkn

vkn: yes she is and I think Natchez

Selma: How old was he when you found him in 1930 ihhmag?

ihhmag: OK. Seems it goes up to 1922. Need past that year.

Selma: Ok...

vkn: Did you try "Find a grave"?

ihhmag: the 1930 census it said 64yrs old. On my father's birth certificate a year of 40 was entered.

Selma: Saw tonight that Ancestry just bought Find A Grave

vkn: oh really, dang

ihhmag: vkn...nothing in find a grave.

Selma: Were there other family members living in the area in which he resided ihhmag

vkn: Chicago Defender carries many MS obits ihhmag

ihhmag: Dont know anything of other family members. He was a boarder in 1930 and have tried to connect with members of those relatives but nothing has come through.

Selma: vkn..just sent you the Press Release re: Find a Grave

vkn: Did you find the boarding house people in 1940

ihhmag: only in 1930.

vkn: Thanx muchly Selma

Selma: Is he in the same general area in 1920?

ihhmag: My info starts in 1929 with father's birth certificate the 1930 census and 1930 (1931) Vicksburg city directory.

Selma: Umm..not much to go on..he only appears in the city directory that one time

ihhmag: Yep. That's it. My wall.

Selma: Although you haven't been able to talk to his relatives..there are some. What is their relationship to him?

vkn: Got Press release Selma Thanx

ihhmag: What relatives?

Selma: Ok sorry I misread...vkn can tell you I get punchy after 9 PM

vkn: and me punchy after 4 PM lol

Selma: Did it list an occupation for him in the directory ihhmag

vkn: I enjoyed the log re Wanderer.

ihhmag: Not in the directory but the census he was a lumber man or timber man and my maternal grandmother told my mother.

Selma: Haven't read vkn

vkn: okies

Selma: Were their any lumbering or timber companies in the area in which he was residing

ihhmag: oh yeah but wouldn't know.

vkn: consider posting query with genealogical society in vicksburgh

ihhmag: good thought.

vkn: Google the address listed in 1930 to get a view of neighbors and churches in area

Selma: Good idea vkn

ihhmag: well the problem is white man with black maid. Not much talking going on.

Selma: So he is white

ihhmag: yes.

vkn: ohhhhh new twist

ihhmag: sorry should have put that in again.

vkn: Well where is maid?

ihhmag: ??? dont understand ?

vkn: Searchez la femme Seems it would be easier to find female. Do you have a document connecting maid and white man?

ihhmag: black maid (grandmother) is died. Did not say much except he was white (bragging point for her). That's it.

Selma: Was there any contact between them after the child was born

ihhmag: listed on father's bc in 1929 but then tried to take off document. the only connection can find is the street where she lived and the street where he lived were not that far apart. Have not found them at the same address.

vkn: touchy touchy in MS. May be in Witness Protection program. prolly changed name

ihhmag: HA!

Selma: Did they ask Race of father on the BC?

vkn: Who defaced the birth cert?

ihhmag: listed on father's bc in 1929 as white but then tried to take off document when the bc was requested by father in 1985 it the document shows the W but is faint.

Selma: Ummm think I am going to have to think about all that Seventies is probably more familiar than I about Mississippi records

vkn: A real brick wall I would say

ihhmag: thanks. I'm doing the same. Got the letter back today on the search for document that didn't find anything. I may do another for years pass 1937.

Selma: Ok...well folks time for me to go to Bed

vkn: All best wishes

Selma: Have a good rest of the evening...Good night

ihhmag: Thanks for the feedback and help Selma.

vkn: Niters

ihhmag: Thanks vkn.

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