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2013-09-30 • The Wanderer


Start: 12:01:47
End: 13:09:34
Chatters: AYWalton, bbenn, daviss, Selma, Seventies, The Wanderer

daviss: went for a cup of my name out loud...better yet, type my name lol

AYWalton: Wassup, daviss????

daviss: heyyy AyWalton

AYWalton: oops doing? wow---typing backwards. lol

daviss: lol I knew what you meant

AYWalton: how are you? Anything interesting going on?

daviss: doing better day by day, what about you?

AYWalton: working on my USCT blog and about to take some biscuits out of the oven?

daviss: ooooh yummy

AYWalton: (ignore the question mark. Was making a statement and not asking a question.) lol

daviss: lol

AYWalton: hello Wanderer.

The Wanderer: Hello

AYWalton: greetings, Mizz Selma!!!

daviss: hello Selma and The Wanderer

Selma: Afternoon AY, daviss and the Wanderer..

The Wanderer: I am new to this site and trying to find my way around hoping it will assist my research

Selma: First time to the Lunch Bunch Chat Welcome Wanderer

The Wanderer: thank you

AYWalton: You are most welcome, then, The Wanderer

daviss: new to the site or just to chat wanderer?

AYWalton: (geesh my typing today is terrible.)

daviss: welcome to all of it lol

The Wanderer: I am writing a book about the African survivors from the slave ship Wanderer 1858 with the Univ of GA press

Selma: What state or states and county or counties are you researching

AYWalton: By your name, do you have ties to SC or GA, the Wanderer?

The Wanderer: daviss, to all of it :)

Selma: Interesting..

AYWalton: great!!!

Selma: Why don't you give us the details Wanderer

daviss: sounds interesting!!

The Wanderer: Selma Oh geesh....where to begin!

AYWalton: I saw a wonderful image that was in the Edgefield Afr. American Genealogy society that contained portraits of survivors of the Wanderer.

The Wanderer: I have a list of many survivors and their stories and another part is finding their descendants

AYWalton: You are probably familiar with it, aren't you Wanderer? many may not even know their history.

The Wanderer: AYWalton Ah yes, the Edgefield Seven :) Know them well

AYWalton: lol

The Wanderer: is my site

AYWalton: the Heritage Seekers? Now they are the Edgefield Seven, huh?

The Wanderer: AYWalton Heritage seekers?

AYWalton: It looks good and loads fast!! that is the name they have called themselves for their book.

The Wanderer: I'm not familiar with the Heritage Seekers

AYWalton: The Edgefield Seven, hold on...

The Wanderer: AYWalton Oh, I'm sorry. I meant the seven Africans from the Wanderer that were Photographed by Charles Montgomery in 1907

Selma: Nice looking site

The Wanderer: Selma thank you

daviss: It sure is the Wanderer

The Wanderer: daviss thank you

Selma: Are you April..Wanderer?

The Wanderer: Yes Ma'am

AYWalton: oh ok, I was wondering why you called the writers the Edgefield Seven. So did some of the survivors end up in Edgefield?

The Wanderer: AYWalton no, I only say that since for so long they were the faces of the more than 400 survivors AYWalton Yes, over 200 Some scattered across the Sea Islands

AYWalton: Over 200 of the Wanderer survivors ended up in Edgefield?

The Wanderer: and others I found in New Orleans, Alabama and florida

Selma: Very interesting..gonna have to spend some time readling all your info this afternoon..there goes the dusting and cleaning

AYWalton: lol

daviss: wow, and were they aware of their history

The Wanderer: AYWalton Yes, the steamboat Augusta took about 200 up the Horse Creek region of SC and many were enslaved in the region daviss Some are....and some are not!

AYWalton: I know that many went up the Savannah River, and other creeks and waterways. But wait---you are not familiar with the Edgefield group that just wrote a book. Actually there are 8 of them. Called the Heritage Seekers.

The Wanderer: I've interviewed/filmed with many of them but sadly I'm finding like most researchers, funding is scarce but it's so important to preserve their oral history/memories AYWalton Not sure what it on the Wanderer?

AYWalton: All were from Edgefield and have written a book about to come out in December. Not to my knowledge...they wrote about their ties to Edgefield, and each one of the 8 wrote a chapter.

The Wanderer: AYWalton Ah yes, I'm googling it now :)

AYWalton: I have no idea if there are ties to the Wanderer, however---they have a newsletter--this same group, and it was in their newsletter that I saw the portrait of some of the survivors of the Wanderer.

Selma: So tell us Wanderer how can we can help you.

The Wanderer: Selma I'm not sure where to start here....would love to see if I can find some families

Selma: (AY did you get my email on book: Keeping the Blood pure)

daviss: Perhaps you should post something on both the Gen and Hist Forum and the Slave Forum

Seventies: Hi all! Just dropping in.

AYWalton: greetings, Seventies.

Seventies: ooh we have a new chatter. The Wanderer.. I love the handle!

AYWalton: not sure that I did Selma.

daviss: Hi there Seventies

Seventies: Hi AYWalton, daviss, Selma and The Wanderer.

The Wanderer: Hello seventies , TY

AYWalton: so do you already have a contract with the publisher to write the book, Wanderer?

daviss: Here is the Gen and Hist link here the Wanderer

AYWalton: I think Wanderer has wandered away from his/her computer.

Seventies: :}

The Wanderer: AYWalton laughs, no I'm looking at your link :0 I do have many names of the survivors, some of which prob don't know their history

Seventies: Seems like everyone is putting together books nowadays.

The Wanderer: I have a heart to find Romeo Thomas' line. I believe I found a possible son living in Augusta

Seventies: Hi bbenn

bbenn: Hello Everyone, I have finally gotten into the chat. I am in the FamilyHistory Center.

Seventies: How's the book promotion going.

Selma: Afternoon bbenn

AYWalton: bbenn!! Good to see you!!

The Wanderer: bbenn hello

AYWalton: Was just mentioning you to The Wanderer.

Selma: Perfect timing bbenn

daviss: hi there bbenn

AYWalton: The Wanderer, bbenn is one of the Heritage Seekers that I mentioned from the Edgefield SC group.

bbenn: Glad to see everyone!

Selma: You have a list for those who survived the Wanderer

The Wanderer: bbenn, wow that was good timing :)

bbenn: We are so excited about our book.

The Wanderer: I'm researching the survivors of the slave ship Wanderer

AYWalton: Bbenn, The Wanderer is looking for descendants of the slave ship the Wanderer. About 200 of them ended up in Edgefield, bbenn. I told him/her (ok are you male or female?) about your group.

The Wanderer: bbenn Looks like a wonderful book. I look forward to reading it. It may help shape some of mine :)

bbenn: Oh, I know who you are. One of the Heritage Seekers has ties to the Wanderer.

The Wanderer: bbenn which one?

bbenn: E. Gail Bush

AYWalton: (I thought so.)

The Wanderer: Who is her descendant?

AYWalton: you mean her ancestor?

The Wanderer: oops yes

bbenn: She wrote about her connection in the Homeplace.

AYWalton: that is where I saw it!

Selma: this great timing or what

The Wanderer: bbenn do you know the name?

Selma: Oops

daviss: oops I thought I was the only one that happened too

Seventies: Guess not! lol

daviss: Interesting topic

bbenn: What happened to the Wanderer?

daviss: wb the wanderer

The Wanderer: am I back? oops

AYWalton: yes, you are back.

bbenn: Oh, I see that you have logged back on. What is your name? Don't you have a website?

daviss: lol yes you are

The Wanderer: Ok, oops I must have logged out

Seventies: Bye.

AYWalton: Looks like your connection is shaky.

daviss: we are here The Wanderer

The Wanderer: Ben: yes, I'm April Hynes of

AYWalton: ahhh ok, great, nice to meet you.

The Wanderer: I'm publishing a book with the Univ of GA press AYWalton thank you, nice to meet you

AYWalton: are you a professor there? Or in SC?

bbenn: When is your book coming out?

The Wanderer: AYWalton I'm not a professor. Just a woman who found a face jug and the Ancestors called me to find them.... :) Crazy I know

bbenn: Angela, her story was on I think the History Detectives

daviss: not crazy :)

AYWalton: A jug from Dave the Potter?

The Wanderer: bbenn well I'm completing it now, and on shelves prob in 1 1/2 years I assume

Selma: No those of us in the chat don't think it is crazy...

The Wanderer: bbenn Oh dear, not THAT show! lol AYWalton no just an enslaved person

bbenn: I was at the pottery shop in Edgefield and almost bought a face mug. They are very expensive.

The Wanderer: We just completed a 60 plus page article on the African influences of the face jug tradition. I'm really pleased with it

bbenn: Where did I see you discussing that mug?

The Wanderer: bbenn did a blog on my connection to the AA family who carried it north

bbenn: Ok, I know that I read about you and the mug.

AYWalton: was it not on something like the Antiques Roadshow?

The Wanderer: No it was History Detectives on PBS

bbenn: The Heritage Seekers book will be out in December.

AYWalton: ahhh ok, I know I remember seeing something about it.

The Wanderer: Bbenn, I can't wait! do you think you could connect me to Gail?

bbenn: Send me your contact information.

The Wanderer: bbenn bbenn are you familiar with the face jug tradition?

bbenn: I will send a message to Gail today.

The Wanderer: bbenn thank you benn, i really appreciate that

bbenn: Yes, an amazing history.

The Wanderer: bbenn tell me, I'm curious what your oral history is....odd how until recently no one bothered to ask African Americans about this...just collectors

bbenn: Very little oral history in my family about the face jugs.

The Wanderer: connected by chance to ward off evil?

AYWalton: ward off evil? I have never heard that. interesting.

The Wanderer: AYWalton well they were used in various ways among the Edgefield African Americab community. Some were used as doorstops to ward off evil, others we found may have been used to cast a "conjure" and in other times they were used in graves....

bbenn: Who did you talk to in Edgefield?

The Wanderer: all in all they were viewed to be important and to hold a measure of power

Selma: How many have been found

The Wanderer: bbenn I spoke wtih Rev Brightharp, Wayne Obrient, Fred Morton, Miss Georgia Scott and others Selma well there are a few hundred in private collections and museums

bbenn: Oprah has one doesn't she?

The Wanderer: bbenn I've heard that too....

AYWalton: not a West African tradition. Perhaps from Central Africa?

bbenn: April, do you want to come on my blogtalkradio show?

The Wanderer: bbenn I would LOVE to, how nice

bbenn: I will connect with you later.

AYWalton: Well, folks, I have to run. Have a good afternoon, everyone.

The Wanderer: AYWalton the face jugs resemble the west African, N'kisi.....power figure....the Kaolin eyes and other features is what we believe they were fashioning using the materials that they had available....and the influx of 200 native Congolese certainly put a fire to the already existing Africanisms

daviss: wow!

bbenn: April, I have to go and will touch bases with you later today.

The Wanderer: Wow, some timing huh?

Selma: Think this has been a fruitful chat today

daviss: well Wanderer that worked out real well

The Wanderer: thank you. What a wonderful connection to make on the fly!

daviss: The ancestors must have been at work

The Wanderer: I really need them to stop talking to me since my sink is full of dishes...

daviss: lol lol

The Wanderer: :) My poor family since I've found this jug....such wonderful supporters

Selma: Great to meet you

daviss: I will be looking forward to the bbenn show

The Wanderer: A pleasure to meet you all. After the dishes I'm going to have to scour through the message boards....I have so many leads to follow but I'm a one woman research team :(

daviss: yes, please scour and post a query also

The Wanderer: I will. What a wonderful resource

daviss: Thanks for coming and and a pleasure\

The Wanderer: good afternoon :)

daviss: I learned a bit about face mugs

Selma: I just looked at the picture on her site..not what I remember seeing.

daviss: different picture the face jug

Selma: There was a different potter

daviss: ahhhh I am clueless on all of this.. I need to expand on other things besides Mariah

Selma: LOL.. Hold on

daviss: ok


daviss: ahhhh ok


daviss: I have never seen a jug but when I went to Texas and visited TSU, they had a room full of face masks. It was very interesting

Selma: He started making pots in 1820' not with the group she is writing about

daviss: thanks for links

Selma: Oh...are we chatting this evening Roadshow on tonight I think

daviss: I would imagine Selma I won't be here but trust the room will be full

Selma: What channel is it on

daviss: PBS is all I know

Selma: Yep comes on at 9 PM ..just checked.

daviss: I get it a couple hrs later

Selma: I told you to move EAST LOL

daviss: lol

Selma: Where is he oK?

daviss: no idea Selma, I sent him an email but have not heard anything yet He stated in the chat he would see us in 2 weeks and logged off

Selma: Oh Ok..hope he is on a great vacation

daviss: yes me too bye Selma and I will post Roadshow

Selma: OK

daviss: have a great day

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