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2013-09-23 • Genealogy RoadShow

*** RoadShow**

Start: 20:47:06
End: 22:04:38
Chatters: AYWalton, d , daviss, dw, evpace, joharimary, keli1, khathu, Nadasue, Selma, Sonia, vkn

Sonia: Hi Angela! How are you?

AYWalton: hello there!!! good to see you here! I thought I would get a good seat and get in the room early! How are you doing? greetings, evpace!

vkn: Greetings to all

AYWalton: good evening all. greetings, Nadasue, and evpace!! welcome to the chat for Genealogy Roadshow!

Nadasue: Helloooooooooo there!

evpace: Evening TEACHER and all!

AYWalton: So good to see you, Nadasue!

Nadasue: Thanks. Good to be here.

AYWalton: good to see you as well! welcome back, Sonia!

Selma: Good evening folks..

AYWalton: Hello there, Mizz Selma!!

Nadasue: Evening, Selma. Thanks for sending the email! :)

Selma: You are welcome

AYWalton: I think they are in Nashville tonight.

Sonia: Got kicked out. Doing well Angela. And you? Hello everyone!

Nadasue: Yes Hi Sonia

Selma: Ok who is Emmit Miller?

Nadasue: FYI... I'm multi-tasking... :)

AYWalton: aren't we all? Not sure, Selma!

Nadasue: LOL...:p

AYWalton: who is that lady?

evpace: Do we know Kenyatta

AYWalton: yes, I know her.

Selma: Oh please

Nadasue: lol

AYWalton: Of course there are white folks in the family! that is not a surprise.

Selma: Thats how they start

AYWalton: welcome dw! interesting that there is an audience. kind of different approach.

Selma: Evening dw

dw: hello all

Nadasue: One of my white ancestors was a previous governor of North Carolina (William Hawkins)

AYWalton: Oh-----I know who was doing this background research!!

Sonia: This sounds more like John Edwards, psychic

AYWalton: One of the researchers contacted me with this question. those must be the relatives standing close by.

Sonia: with the folks standing around watching :p

AYWalton: the young man in the blue shirt behind her must be a relative. Yes,----Austin Peay is supposed to be the father of this lady's ancestor. One of the researchers for this show's episode wanted to know if he might have had a child with the maid. Uh yeah!!! He looke like he may have been a little bit mixed. and the maid was older than the young teenage boy.

evpace: Nadasue one of my ancestors was a founder of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg,Va.

Nadasue: Coool!

AYWalton: and here we go. yes, she told me about the letter.

Nadasue: I have friends with that last name, but they pronounce it, Pee-ay.

AYWalton: does the letter verify the parentage?

Selma: Who wrote the letter?

AYWalton: not sure who wrote the letter. Josh Taylor just retweeted my question on who wrote the letter. Interesting about Fate---really Fayette. Or Lafayette yep!

evpace: In some families the children referred to elder help as aunt and uncle.

AYWalton: Yes, that happened a lot.

vkn: true evpace

AYWalton: Good that he was a USCT. the case is not a complicated one.

Selma: Hey what do you want

AYWalton: That's it? Hmm.....ok. I guess finding a descendant was a good thing.

Nadasue: I wonder what that building is that they're in

evpace: I'm glad he is delighted 'cause he was "hit by the brush"!

AYWalton: The TN sate archives? She looks familiar. who is that tall guy in the blue? a co-host?

Selma: Emmitt

AYWalton: welcome back Sonia!

evpace: Fox name is Quaker.

vkn: wb Sonia

Nadasue: Oh, I guess that makes sense. Was just wondering since I'll be in Nashville for the conference.

AYWalton: And he was a slave hunter as well. and a big time southerner.

vkn: wb wb sonia hold tight

evpace: I did not know that AY.

Sonia: Thx. Bounced out. Too bad they don't run DNA (I know Angela, snips and snaps :-)

AYWalton: lol hmm.........

Sonia: Hi Keli

keli1: Hi all, how is it, I am just getting in

AYWalton: it's ok.

Selma: I thought he said he wasn't..

Sonia: It's like a cooking show where everyone goes "ooh, aah."

AYWalton: quick snippets to tell people that yes they are or are not related to somebody famous.

dw: is high probability conclusive?

AYWalton: not sure what the Emmett guy is there for.

Nadasue: I have sooooo many ancestors who make me eligible for DAR -- too many to count. For some reason, I just haven't gotten to the point where I have a desire to join. I'm warmer to the idea now than I once was, but just still don't have a desire for it.

keli1: hmmmm....I am a Daughter!

evpace: Glad you are here keli1

AYWalton: I understand, Nadasue.

keli1: thanks evpace

AYWalton: So this is also a DNA reveal sort of.

evpace: Who did the DNA?

Sonia: Didn't say what test

AYWalton: no idea. me put it on Twitter. Josh is online.

Nadasue: keli1 Maybe we can talk about that at some point.

Sonia: Who's Josh?

keli1: I like Josh

Selma: Kinda folksy isn't it?

AYWalton: a bit.

keli1: Now I do like a bit of the history on the ancestors, that is like Pawn Stars format and Antique Roadshow, now you know she is related, cause they are highlighting him

AYWalton: something about cheering for Jesse James is kind of leery.

keli1: LOL!

vkn: lol

AYWalton: she was also a violent man and not kind towards people of color.

Selma: Smart woman

Nadasue: Wow, maybe I'll go there while in Nashville.

AYWalton: Interesting.

keli1: Nadasue are you attending the Oct conference?

AYWalton: wb Sonia.

Nadasue: Yes, I'll be there. :)

Sonia: Just a great big bouncing ball :-)

keli1: I will too, I hope to see you again..

AYWalton: genteel southern living...........

keli1: Okay, folks was it two people of color or more?

Nadasue: Oh, great, keli1! It will be nice to meet you!

AYWalton: several folks. and that's it? these snippets are too short. I guess they taped longer segments.

Sonia: Hopefully the family gets to have more in depth findings.

Nadasue: I agree!

AYWalton: but are crowing lots of folks into one episode. Nadasue we will have to get together and take a group photo.

keli1: yes we will...

Nadasue: Yes, that will be great. This will be my very first genealogy conference!

Sonia: The researchers will have to grow on me. I really like the History Detectives and I like that they only cover 3-4 segments in a show.

AYWalton: oh wonderful!

Nadasue: It's been years coming.

AYWalton: good lord, these folks were violent!

Selma: They sure were

AYWalton: that Hatfield and McCoy thing was not a peaceful thing.

Nadasue: No, not at all

AYWalton: welcome d.

Nadasue: Do you know Kenyatta, AYWalton ?

AYWalton: Yes, I know Kenyatta.

Nadasue: Cool

AYWalton: welcome d to the AfriGeneas chat.

vkn: howdy d and welcome

AYWalton: good use of the ipad.

keli1: me too

d : Hi

Nadasue: :)

Selma: Hi d

keli1: she is president of APG, attorney, etc

AYWalton: very talented and well educated person.

Nadasue: I can tell.

vkn: kenyatta is a long time one of us

Nadasue: Ah... Okay.

AYWalton: Oh..........a real connection there!

Sonia: :o

AYWalton: they must have had a real tight schedule for filming. I am not sure the role of the guy in the blue jacket.

Sonia: Big Smiler

keli1: do you remember how long it was when they starting doing the research, then filming, etc

AYWalton: I suppose. they were filming in the summer.

vkn: howdy johari

keli1: she looks Asian

AYWalton: Kenyatta was in St. Louis and then left to go for one of the filming for the Roadshow.

Nadasue: They passed me on 64 one day in their big .... thing Like an oversized Winnebego

evpace: What happened to Skip Gate's series?

AYWalton: hello Joharimary welcome!

Selma: His show starts in OCT

AYWalton: evpace that will start next month.

evpace: Thx

AYWalton: I wonder what it was like having the audience on hand.

joharimary: Hi All. Just joining in.

Sonia: Hi

AYWalton: Will there be a google hangout, I wonder.

Selma: Evening joharimary

keli1: Hello Joharimary

Nadasue: Hello joharimary

vkn: good to C you Johari

Nadasue: Wow

evpace: Evening Joharimary.

keli1: are the findings announced on the show or do they know ahead of time?

AYWalton: this guest is getting a lot of information on her history.

Selma: Wonder where they got the picture

AYWalton: they have found descendants. I bet they will have some new relatives for her. yes!!

vkn: prolly so

AYWalton: I had a feeling.

vkn: lol

Nadasue: Nice :)

keli1: that is nice!

AYWalton: greetings daviss, and welcome back Sonia.

vkn: very nice

Selma: need some duck tape

daviss: Hi everyone!

Nadasue: Hi daviss

Sonia: I need a new router :-)

vkn: hi daviss

Sonia: That you Vicky?

Selma: So they must get the stories ahead of they put out notices in the area before they get ther Hi daviss

AYWalton: I think so.

vkn: oh dear

evpace: Niters all.

Nadasue: Well, that was interesting... fast though!

vkn: niters evpace

Nadasue: Great to be here, again. Good night all

AYWalton: so it was fast moving, and interesting, but some segments were way to short I think. the audience made it interesting.

daviss: Was it worth it?

vkn: fast moving hour

Selma: It was edited

keli1: I am going to watch the first 20 minutes , I kind of liked it

daviss: ahhhhh good to here keli1

joharimary: I've gotta watch it again.

vkn: howdy khathu

keli1: wonder how many they have done

AYWalton: some were just too fast paced.

daviss: I have to wait for another hour before it comes on here

khathu: hello everyone

keli1: I taped it, and just missed the first 25 minutes

daviss: hi khathu

keli1: Hi Khathu!

Selma: Keep telling you to move EAst daviss

joharimary: This is the first time I've seen it. Does it come on every week?

daviss: lol I hear ya Selma

keli1: yes she does Selma...

daviss: This was the premier

Selma: It just started tonight

vkn: and will it be weekly

daviss: so does the show get a "thumbs" up?

dw: It was interesting but I wanted to know more about the family who questioned their south carolina connection. It seems like there will be another episode next week. Is this a weekly series? Nite all. See you at the conference for those who are going.

daviss: nite dw

keli1: I give it a thumbs up...its a snippet, but something to watch vs. watching reality stuff

Selma: Maybe they will have more details on their website..

vkn: true keli

keli1: last segment of the Abolitionist comes on now.

daviss: thanks keli1

joharimary: Nite all. C u next week.

Selma: I am giving it a 1/2 a thumb

daviss: nite joharimary

Selma: Gotta be grumpy like alt

keli1: now you know I can't spell! Abolitionist

daviss: ok Selma thats better than no thumb lol

Selma: Night all..

daviss: nite

vkn: thanx ayw

keli1: good night all...

daviss: nite nite all

keli1: Daviss be good!

vkn: niters

daviss: ha! lol

keli1: daviss was the info good?

daviss: yes thank you keli1

keli1: good I have not reviewed it, but will listen to the audio. So be prepared I might have questions.

daviss: audio should be good that was quick lol

AYWalton: I was bumped out.

keli1: yes I tuned in but folks were in the house

AYWalton: I guess folks have left, huh?

daviss: yes

keli1: yep left us

AYWalton: oh well........maybe they were bumped too.

keli1: is this chat saved?

daviss: no, they said night lol

AYWalton: well it was interesting. Let me know what you think Daviss. I hope so. have a good one, folks.

keli1: bye to you both!

daviss: ok I will AYWalton I still have another hour before i get to see it

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