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2013-09-23 • Monday LunchBunch


Start: 12:08:09
End: 13:10:56
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

AYWalton: Greetings alt! Hope you are doing well!

alt: Hello AYWalton, scratching lottery tickets... no winners yet :{ and I hope all is well with you

AYWalton: are you planning to watch the Roadshow tonight? I hope we have a room to watch. I also plan to be part of a Twitter chat at the same time.

alt: I'm planning on it, just hope I can remember @ 9:00 PM

AYWalton: It should be quite interesting. Are you working on anything new alt? hello khathu.

Khathu: Hello AYWalton and alt Hello Selma

AYWalton: Hey there Mizz Selma! how are things down in VA?

Selma: Good Monday afternoon folks Yep I am gonna be watching tonight.. LOL

alt: Hello Khathu & Selma

AYWalton: same here. Not sure what city they are in---is this Nashville?

Selma: Not sure..

alt: No, nothing new AYWalton, just trying to get a better handle on some of this DNA conversation that is on the 'Net.

AYWalton: I think Kenyatta was on her way to a filming right after she left from MAAGI.

Selma: Also..Juanita Moss who wrote book on Black Soldiers in White Units Civil War is being interviewed live tonight at website

alt: any new leads on Lorenzo Khathu?

AYWalton: Yes, lots of chatter about dna things. Juanita Moss was in Baltimore last year and gave an interesting presentation.

Selma: Better you than me alt..I can't keep up

AYWalton: Lot of that DNA chatter is not truly genealogically useful.

Selma: Thats what I think AY..

alt: so very true AYWalton .. I'm trying to separate the 'wheat from the chaffe" so to speak.

Khathu: alt - I need to figure out what type of records existed in the Kansas Territory before it became an official territory in 1854

AYWalton: much of it still comes down to following the records, and not the centimorgan. are you involved in any Kansas Genealogy Facebook groups? You might find more assistance among the Kansas researchers.

alt: probably very few,if any official records Khathu

Khathu: So I will be writing to the Historical Society

AYWalton: their website might answer the questions for you, hopefully.

alt: He was said to be born in 1844, in KS, right Khathu?

Khathu: Yes

AYWalton: 1844?

alt: what was KS before it became a territory? was it part of the KS-Neb territory?

AYWalton: wasn't Kansas organized as a territory in the 1850s? I might be off on those years, though.

Khathu: It was officially organized in 1854 but the area was a part of the Louisiana Purchase

AYWalton: oh yes, it was indeed part of the Purchase. like Arkansas.

alt: IN later census records does he give a birth location for his parents?

Khathu: People started settling in the area before 1854 though

alt: yeah, well the LA purchase goes back to 1803

AYWalton: true. I guess that was truly part of the "frontier" at that time. Lots of tribes were there, though they were being shuffled down into I.T. by the 1850s so westward expansion was quickly changing the landscape.

Selma: At the Kansas Historical Foundation there is a link to the journal - Kansas History A Journal of the Central Plains

AYWalton: And within 7 years of incorporation---the war had begun, and folks were fleeing into Kansas from AR, and Ind. Ty.

Khathu: The birth place of his father has been consistently listed as Kansas For his mother - in 1880 it is Kansas, 1900 Georgia and 1910 Pennsylvania

alt: Soooo, his father would have been in that 'area' ca the 1820's? were either of his parents non-Black?

AYWalton: Just for discussion purposes---one interesting tidbit about Kansas folks---they are the only folks in the nation who sometimes refer to Arkansas as Ar-kansas, in pronunciation. The Arkansas River goes through the state and locals will call it the Ar-Kansas River.

alt: is that right?

Khathu: based on the description of him from eye witness account and in his CW pension application - I would say that he was mixed race

AYWalton: And Arkansas City is often pronounced Ar-Kansas City Kansas.

Selma: There is an article Before Bleeding Kansas, Christian Missionaries, Slavery and the Shawnee Indians 1844-1854

Khathu: He is listed as being "real bright" on his CW application

AYWalton: sounds interesting, Selma!

Khathu: And two of his great grand children described him as "looking like a white man."

alt: when I hear of Shawnee as natives of Missouri and those states in the 'west" I almost have to shake my head....

Khathu: However, until I can prove otherwise, I am looking for an African American man

AYWalton: is this a new line, project Khathu?

Selma: That is one of the articles you can read in full text

Khathu: No it is an old line


Khathu: that I am chipping away at one tiny chip at a time

AYWalton: I know in the research and methods presented at MAAGI, Shelley went into some good strategies for overcoming challenges. Got it Selma, thanks so much! Looks like a great read!

Khathu: Robyn provided some great strategies in her Advanced African American Research Class as well.

AYWalton: Lots of good information being shared on many fronts.

alt: Yes Selma thanks, I need to read about KS in the 1844-1854 period as relates to the Shawnee.

Selma: I aim to please.. LOL

alt: and you do LOL

AYWalton: (And for the record---there were no personal how-I-found-my ancestor stories or anecdotal presentations presented at MAAGI. I understand that some folks thought that there were, though not ONE lecture title even hinted at such.) Selma do you use Evernote? I am trying to relearn it. It is a good way to preserve links and sites. This is one that I might need to save---good article.

alt: hello vkn.

AYWalton: Or send it to my Kindle.

Selma: OK when you re-learn let me know..

vkn: Hey hey hey say hey

AYWalton: Greetings VKN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I have to watch a video about it yet again! lol

alt: I was one of those who thought 'personal' stories might have 'crept into' MAAGI AYWalton .. How were they avoided?

Selma: The Holy Battleground sounds like a good one too AY and alt..right above the first one

AYWalton: MAAGI was not a conference first of all.

alt: I know it was not a conference AYWalton

AYWalton: Secondly, in a track on Technology and demonstrating functions---we have folks use their laptops and explore different methods. In the professional track we addressed how to sell genealogical skills, teaching venues, stepping outside of the box, and genealogical proof standard.

Selma: All caps today vkn I don't get come?

AYWalton: And the topics were never one-family specific examples of anything.

Khathu: There must be a lot of misunderstanding about MAAGI

AYWalton: I too find such sessions to be boring immediately. Our goal was to teach methods or show how to find things on various platforms.

Khathu: I see a re-ccuring theme here

AYWalton: Always refer to the website.

alt: me too AYWalton , unless it is the 'stated' subject matter under discussion

AYWalton: AND--------ask questions of those who were part of the institute.

vkn: SELMA !!!! SELMA!!! LOL and saying it twice lol

Khathu: Well I think people can make their opinion based on the website


Khathu: After reviewing the description I made a decision not to attend.

alt: what did the attendees think they were getting into AYWalton ... a conference, or an institute ... and did most of them really understand the difference?

AYWalton: and by all means watch the videos that were made of those in attendance.

Khathu: Not that I did not think I would learn anything.. I felt it wasn't meeting my current genealogical needs.

alt: and in your opinion what was the level of experience for most attendees?…. experience level, not years of experience

AYWalton: no problem. As long as one does not feel that the structure is understood and not misstated to be what it was not.

Khathu: Well the different between a conference and institute is that one is more hands on.

AYWalton: Not one personal anecdotal session was planned in any of the tracks. We specifically made a point to not have that kind of session. The experience level was varied. There were very few "novices" who attended.

Selma: The NGS and AAHGS schedules are more typical of a conference...

AYWalton: One attendee has FPCs from IL and who wrote her master's thesis on FPCs that stemmed from her personal research. We had at least two people who work as archivists professionally.

Selma: Institutes..lets you focus, the mapping track at Samford was great..but I was whipped by the end of the much info

AYWalton: The one from Mississippi state archives will probably teach a class this coming year. Several people with legal backgrounds---one a sitting judge. (who later admitted he had learned some bad habits in approaching research strategies.) several had some unique approaches to how they approach their projects, and others were novices (in my opinion) in a technological sense.

alt: I've done a lot of FPC research, but it is location specific, which I'm sure the '"master's persons" was too. so I wouldn't qualify myself as an expert on FPC research.

AYWalton: We will most definitely keep the technology portion--as more hands on time will be needed for them. Plus we will have a computer lab in 2014. And one group got the hands on experience and even produced their own radio broadcast!

alt: that is wonderful.. a computer lab...

AYWalton: For me, two things happened. the interaction between members was amazing, and secondly--the after life, so to speak! Members in the professional track actually demanded a challenge for next year

alt: that's one of the reactions that makes 'teaching' "mentoring' so wonderful

AYWalton: They made commitments to venture into new territory and to present it next year--to show how they have decided to explore new arenas for their own passion or genealogical niche

Selma: They must have been inspired

AYWalton: true alt One of the members has become a leader in the effort to not just tell the history of a Civil war regiment in her area, but she is now working with local community leaders to spearhead a special effort at Jackson Barracks. This was from Drusilla's Thinking Outside the Box. folks came alive---and what they are writing and posting is amazing.

alt: great!!!!!

AYWalton: One of the things that Shelley did in the opening session---she gave everyone in her session a chance to tell their research story---10 minutes---get it out of your system--and then get to work.

alt: can one 'read' the MAAGI facebook page without actually joining the group?

AYWalton: So nobody was boring others with their Uncle Henry or Grandma Betsy stories. I think so, alt. I can check with Drusilla she manages the group.

alt: okay, thanks AYWalton

AYWalton: There are over 200 members in the group at present. It is not just for MAAGI alumni.

Seventies: Hello all

AYWalton: greetings Seventies

alt: I would like to 'read' what's happening, but since I didn't attend there probably isn't anything I could add to the discussion

Seventies: Hi AYWalton

alt: oh, okay hello Seventies

Seventies: hi alt, Khathu, Selma and vkn

AYWalton: the group is not solely focused on MAAGI 2013. It is a vibrant group with lots of genealogical discussion going on.

Khathu: Hello Seventies

Selma: Afternoon seventies

alt: okay AYWalton , I see ... thanks

Selma: Folks..I am going to have to run

AYWalton: alt, people share articles, recent blog posts, upcoming events, calls for papers, etc. later Selma! have a good one.

vkn: run run run

Selma: VKN are we going to meet we have a room

alt: take care ... Ms Guadaloupe LOL

vkn: will have room

AYWalton: great, vkn! I shall post it on FB, and Twitter. there will also be a Twitter chat going on, as well as Genealogy+ Hangout. I probably won't make that, but will be in the AfriGeneas room, for sure.

Selma: Alt..I have a You Tube video for you

alt: Selma LOL LOL gotcha!!!!!

Selma: The singer is Manuela Pioche singing about Guadeloupe..she is a relative

AYWalton: Oh Selma, I have become a fan of Patrick St. Eloi!

Seventies: nice Selma.

AYWalton: From Guaeloupe!

alt: Guad Loop

AYWalton: I want to go, now.

Seventies: Checking to see if you all look alike :}

AYWalton: ok we need to plan an AfriGeneas cruise/trip/retreat to somewhere in the islands. Give us the Guadeloup hook up Selma!

Selma: LOL... We will need translators..

AYWalton: ok we can start in the British VI, or Bahamas. I mean look at AHA Seminars!!

Selma: Before i go what room are we meeting in?

AYWalton: They are going all over the world with their cruises---plus doing some out of Key West.

Selma: Ok..send me an email when you all decide

AYWalton: enjoying your cousin's music Selma! will let you know, Selma.

Selma: OK..great

AYWalton: how are things in NY going, Seventies?

Seventies: cold.. lol

AYWalton: it is chilly here in MD as well. Autumn, has fallen for sure.

Seventies: Waiting to attend a few events in the next few months.

AYWalton: No changes in leaves yet, but that is coming, I know.


Seventies: The Genealogy Event is coming up in November.

AYWalton: I don't like fall, because winter follows. oh that's right!

Seventies: So we'll see what kinds of tracks they have this upcoming year.

AYWalton: Thanks for that link, vkn. I think I had heard about that book.

vkn: okies

AYWalton: it looks interesting. And the cost is not bad. did you attend last year?

Seventies: Not at all. Yes, I did attend last year. The African American beginners track was packed. I was giving out advice, websites and record sets. lol

vkn: Going to set up room. RoadShow

Seventies: Genealogy Roadshow comes on tonight?

vkn: Y'all be good

Seventies: bye vkn

AYWalton: Sounds like a lot of fun, for sure.

Seventies: I love going to NYC get to shop. lol

AYWalton: would love to make a day trip to attend, as I know many of the speakers. I also serve on the FGS board with a couple of them. well folks hope to see you in the chat tonight.

Khathu: ttyl

AYWalton: have a great day.

Seventies: Ok have a good one.

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