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2013-09-24 • Needing a Tech class


Start: 21:03:55
End: 21:55:38
Chatters: deannie, HistoryBuff, ihhmag, Selma, vkn

Selma: Good tuesday evening ihhmag

ihhmag: Hello Selma Didnt think this chat was still happening.

Selma: Folks were kinda in and out over the last week I fell asleep How have you been? Did you get to watch Genealogy Road Show last night

ihhmag: Been busy myself. Trying to find as much info on kin to put together print sheets for the holiday. No did not know that was on. Will it be repeated?

Selma: It was on PBS..check your comes on again next week a new episode..

ihhmag: Is it a helpful show?

Selma: Plus Gates' new show comes on in October.

ihhmag: Yeah heard about his. Need to mark my calendar better to keep informed.

Selma: It was Ok..kinda is like the Antique Road Show

ihhmag: Working on anything new?

Selma: Kinda sorta..but really just trying to organize all the stuff I already is at critical levels..

ihhmag: whatcha mean...critical levels?

Selma: Too many piles of paper..can't find anything.. everytime I start sorting..I find something interesting and get distracted

ihhmag: folders....folders....FOLDERS.

Selma: Oh I got them too.. LOL

vkn: Hey hey hey

Selma: Good evening Miss VKN

vkn: ihhmag Selma

ihhmag: Hi vkn

vkn: I spoke with Sadonya and she is busy as three Bees with grandbaby

Selma: I bet she is...

vkn: Good blog from Angela re Huntsville Freed people Selma that btaylor lives in Richmond. Maybe she could join your Gen group I keep failing in my attempt to help

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn, Selma and ihhmag. How's everyone?

vkn: Doing ok in Atlanta

Selma: Good evening History Buff.

ihhmag: Oklahoma's handling it.

vkn: Organizing paperwork all day

Selma: Yes..I just read that vkn..

vkn: Hopefully will have it all in the cloud Wunnerful Selma

HistoryBuff: Sounds good. I need to do something like that.

Selma: Who is btaylor? There is an AAHGS group in Richmond

vkn: Oh? Send me that info please

Selma: Sure..will have to send tomorrow if thats OK

vkn: The MORTON and HARRIS query Selma

Selma: What forum vkn

vkn: Surnames [ I think or Slave]

Selma: Ok I will check tomorrow

vkn: okies

Selma: Are you working on something new ihhmag?

HistoryBuff: Hey Deannie.

Selma: Good evening deannie

deannie: Hello everyone

vkn: Deannie we have been missing you and how are you progressing with the research?

deannie: Historybuff, ihhmag, selma, vkn

ihhmag: Working on the same stuff Selma. Trying to find step sisters and the grand father in Mississippi, the first person who came to America. That's all.

vkn: History what is new on your plate

HistoryBuff: I am playing catch up. Working on genealogy packets for 3 relatives.

vkn: Sounds like a full plate ihhmag

deannie: I have been missing because I lost my sister Lynnette on Sept 18, we lived together. Her service was Sat...she was one of my genealogy info person...we

HistoryBuff: Putting them together for their collection.

ihhmag: vkn..yep

Selma: So sorry to hear that condolences

HistoryBuff: Oh Deannie I am sorry to hear of your sister's passing.

vkn: Oh deannie. So sorry to hear. Condolence and sympathies

deannie: I did not attend the AAGHSC annual trip this weekend.....

ihhmag: Deannie how are you holding up?

deannie: Thank you so much, I was with her when she passed and we were taking about family

vkn: Nice memories

deannie: i'm ok I have family and friends to talk to when needed....also, my great genealogy family.........

Selma: Well we are here for you deannie

HistoryBuff: I'm sorry. My message slot froze

vkn: Being able to talk is a gem of relief

ihhmag: Peace to you and your family. Was she ill?

HistoryBuff: My condolences, Deannie

deannie: Thank you...this is the first time I have to do a funeral on my own....I had family with me,,,but everyone left everything to up to daughter and niece were very helpful....

vkn: :::sigh:::

HistoryBuff: Good to hear that you had some support.

vkn: So are you planning to do MAAGI Deannie?

deannie: Yes i am, I have started my saving...I will send in my early deposit in about 2 weeks....

vkn: Wonderful!!!!! So much to looking forward

deannie: While looking for pictues of my sister...I located a picture of a great aunt that I did not know I had...

vkn: wow

deannie: Yes I'm planning my 2014 trip so I will have money to go on all of them...My Missouri study group will be to Kansas City,MO next year

vkn: History I am reading many articles re Andersonville prison

HistoryBuff: Great reading, Vkn. What are you finding?

vkn: A listing of all buried there. I toured there once. UNFORGETTABLE Surprisingly Selma there were about ten from Alabama and a big number from VA

HistoryBuff: That's a list I need to review. I met a descendant of one of the Rosewood Massacre victims last Thursday.

vkn: I read that in the chat log History

HistoryBuff: oh okay. The lady did tell me that she likes to research and cemeteries were among the venues she studies.

deannie: Did anyone see the program on WTTW on Genealogy Roadshow

vkn: Well deannie History ihhmag Selma Niters and good health

deannie: OK good night

HistoryBuff: Yes I did Deannie. I was amazed and impressed.

deannie: The lady is going to be the guest speaker for the AAGHSC in Oct. I enjoyed the show also

HistoryBuff: I've read about Kenyatta Berry.

deannie: I am going to learn how to do my computer like that lol

HistoryBuff: lol

Selma: Time for me to run folks.. Have a great evening..

ihhmag: Deannie and all, stay well and take care.

HistoryBuff: Okay Selma, Time for me to sign off also. Take care all.

deannie: I would to learn how to do so many thing on my computer...the Chicago society has started a Tech class

HistoryBuff: I'm proud of you, Deannie. Good hunting. Laters. :)

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