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2013-09-24 • Genealogy Road Show & more


Start: 12:06:58
End: 12:56:20
Chatters: alt, daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: wow. Hi alt

alt: Hello ladies, Seventies & daviss

daviss: hello alt! I was doing another 1870 line by line

Seventies: Have you found anything?

alt: Okay, 1st impression of the Genealogy Roadshow?

daviss: I thought it was interesting. Nice to see so many of us

Seventies: It was ok Of course these people were handpicked.

daviss: they have a place on PBS where you can apply hello vkn

vkn: howdy all

alt: I would imagine so Seventies .. it isn't an 'impromptu" show

Seventies: LOL what are they going to tell me about my family that I haven't put the work in already... lol So I'll have to visit the site... who comes to NY anyway?

daviss: right because if they had as much trouble as i do researching they had to start ten years ago lol Nice to see kenyatta


Seventies: But for $h1t$ and giggles, post the url for the site please daviss. lol

vkn: good article

Seventies: Yes I'm seeing some redundancy lately and by redundancy I mean almost plagiarism.. lol

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, seventies and vkn

Seventies: I think I've seen 3 articles in the last few days about brick walls.

alt: yes vkn, very nice article .. I particularly like his "correlate & conclusion piece.

vkn: yes

alt: Me, I'm sick & tired of hearing about "brick walls", especially when there has been NO research done, let alone any "exhaustive research"

Seventies: LOL

vkn: true

Selma: Grumpy man is back.. LOL

Seventies: lol lol Exactly census searches are not extensive... lol

alt: Yep Selma, Grumpy is back!! LOL

vkn: correlations are few

Seventies: ok now don't y'all go messing with alt. That's my second job... lol

alt: tell'em Seventies

vkn: gotta run have it good

Selma: Ok the teacher is gone.. LOL now behave

Seventies: don't you mean misbehave? lol

alt: Selma. it is becoming very irritating to hear these terms floating around, especially by seasoned genealogists.

Seventies: Okay so is there anything new going on? daviss, I see that your Phoenix group has been posting resources. Li'l Leaf that is.

daviss: oh I am awake I was just listening to alt

Selma: So about the show last night..would somebody tell me who "wrote the letter" in the first segment?

Seventies: I think it was the lawyer who was always defending this guy in court. what was his name?

daviss: And I see that there have been postings on the BFGHS

Selma: Oh..Ok.. I musta missed that

alt: if the guy was 14 & the woman was 28 couldn't there have been charges filed against the woman?

Seventies: I only watched the first 10 minutes... lol

daviss: not back in the day alt I don't think

Seventies: alt, the father was Austin Peay, not the guy they had originally suspected. Shoot that's what I get for not really paying attention! lol

Selma: I used to live in Clarksville, TN when my husband was stationed at Ft.Campbell that is where Austin Peay University is

Seventies: I get tired of Black people talking about their 'white relations'.

alt: I thought Austin Peay was the 14 y/o dude????

Seventies: No. It was like his uncle or something like that.

Selma: By definition as a White male of any age he had privilege.. to do as he will

Seventies: Indeed ... which makes me wanna vomit!

alt: Seventies ... and I get tired of hearing about my "African Roots" and they don't even know their American roots.

daviss: wb selma

Selma: Oops clicked myself out

alt: course that's just grumpy ole me

Seventies: I have more empathy with those people, alt. Frankly, its an earnest attempt at cultural connection because very few Whites even bother acknowledging Black kin. Its ok... I see your point of view... and I'm one of those Black people who love their African roots and peoples. :)

alt: okay Seventies I love my Black/African roots also Seventies, but I'm not about to deny any part of my ancestry..... I don't have to care about "white folks" per se to research/ or even honor, those who are/were a part of me

Seventies: True. But everyone has their own unique family situation. For me, I don't honor the dishonorable. But again we have different family situations.

alt: to deny them would also be to deny my inter-racial great-grandchildren so 'to each his own" I won't beat up on you, if you won't beat up on me ... fair enough??

Seventies: yes, but just understand I have my own reasoning. And we both have our own life perspectives. I know you won't budge you old Taurus! lol lol

daviss: well I think I will go lay down Ebony and Ivory

alt: bye Ms daviss

Seventies: lol lol lol yes go have your afternoon nap..

Selma: Jeez you leaving me here alone daviss?

daviss: yes Selma lol lol

Seventies: lol smh

daviss: bye

Seventies: I am not that bad Selma! lol

alt: hang in ther Ms Gaudeloupe LOL LOL

Selma: LOL So how did you like the song?

alt: I did!!!!!!!!

Seventies: Very much what I expected... Islandy...

Selma: Is that a compliment or what seventies..

Seventies: It's a compliment... sheesh!

Selma: I could always send you some steel drums

Seventies: I grew up in NY... lol Why y'all picking on me?? LOL

Selma: There you go, NY a very diverse music scene

alt: how did y'all like Joshua Taylor, Kenyatta & the other dude on the show last night?

Selma: When I was in HS..latin music was big we went to latin dances..Tito Puenta, Celia Cruz

Seventies: Very diverse. Especially when you consider the mixed 'Black' population.

alt: Hello Khathu

Khathu: Hello everyone

Seventies: I only saw two segments. The initial segment and the girl who's father died and she was searching for her family.

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

Seventies: Hi Khathu

Selma: They were good..still trying to figure Emmitts role..guess host like on Antique Roadshow

alt: Emmitt, is that the name of the other 'dude"?

Selma: Not sure they have gotten the rythmn yet...seemed choppy but guess it was the editing and the fact they were trying to cover a lot of ground. Not really my favorite kind of format..but nobody asked me

alt: choppy, good assessment Selma.. I'll agree with that.

Khathu: After processing yesterday chat about MAAGI, it was clear to me that AYWAlton was directing her comments toward me

alt: the kinda shot past the 'genealogy' when they were showing the connections I couldn't keep up with who fit where.

Khathu: However, I stand by my position on why I did not attend.

Selma: We have to realize that the audience is not like us...and not planning to spend 20 years doing research

alt: and me too, Khathu

Khathu: I think she took it personal but it had nothing to do with her or MAAGI. I was expressing why I did not attend.

alt: I didn't see where MAAGI's tracks 'fit' into my plans for further genealogical research. I don't intend to become a professional or do broadcast.

Khathu: And the methodology track was targeted toward beginners

Selma: That was not not the focus of the Institute alt.

alt: what was the focus Selma?

Khathu: Well based on the website site there were three tracks: methodology, post emancipation records and becoming a professional genealogist

Selma: Yes..that was one of the tracks..but it was not necessarily the focus of the whole Institute

Khathu: the methodology track was targeted toward beginners based on the description on the website

Selma: It was exposing folks to things that they had not been exposed to Encouraging them to expand their research beyond their individual family's if they choose to..

Khathu: I find it interesting that because I expressed my reasons for not attending that somewhat it became a major issue MAAGI 2013 did not meet my genealogical needs at this point. That does not mean that it would not meet the needs of others. Or the 2014 institute would not either.

alt: I can appreciate their efforts and plans and wish the 'staff' nothing but success, but I hope they can appreciate the fact that their "tracks" aren't/weren't appealing to everyone.

Khathu: ditto

Seventies: Okay I have to skedaddle... have a good one!

alt: skedaddle on then Seventies LOL I think I might have enjoyed Dru's presetnation on some of the newer 'techie" stuff, but I doubt if I would ever really use most of the 'features".

Khathu: gotcha

Selma: Ok folks..gotta run Have a great day

alt: 'we' guys are 'mud' Khathu LOL LOL

Khathu: lol lol alright alt, have a great day

alt: you too

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