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2013-09-22•Conference/Institute •Black Codes


Start: 11:01:03
End: 13:02:42
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, keli1, Khathu, Selma, trisha, vkn

vkn: Good Sunday morning to all We missed this person with the Smith posting last night. I would ask hat we encourage her/him to "LunchBunch" with us. Here is the link I was also concerned that btaylor seeking the Morton Descendants seemed to be unable to find her way to get the info she needed from the forum archives so I made an "evernote" for her. Will now try to post that link That will give each of us here the ability to see the behind the scenes work we 'struggled' to pull together for her. Poster phoned me at home on Thursday evening X 2 I would suggest next to her that she 1. Organize her work in an application, such as tribalpages. 2. That she join us in a chat session to learn what and how to search and find. 3. That she consider joining the Hampton Roads group for "on the ground" help. What say you Selma?

Khathu: good morning vkn

vkn: Good Morning Khathu Please scroll back to catch the drift

Khathu: I just did

vkn: Khathu I noticed you were getting kicked last time you were here. Were you using a mobile device?

Khathu: I was using my cell phone in the DC Convention Center that was the first time that had happened to me

vkn: Thanx for scrolling back. Hmmmm I want to send the kicks to the chat developer to see how to fix

Khathu: I'm thinking it may be due to the fact that apple upgraded the operating software for the iPhone

vkn: Could be. I upgraded to ios7 and many things are radically different However I am truly enjoying the changes to Evernote

Khathu: Yes, I am trying to figure things out

vkn: lol So are you with the iphone5s or android/

Khathu: I'm with the iPhone5 Hello alt

alt: good morning Khathu & vkn

vkn: I am 4S not sure I want to get the newest one. Morning Alt I was also concerned that btaylor seeking the Morton Descendants seemed to be unable to find her way to get the info she needed from the forum archives so I made an "evernote" for her. Will now try to post that link That last repost is for you Alt

alt: You are a kind soul vkn, thanks for all you do in helping folks

vkn: lol well the journey is a one way street lol lol lol I follow your lead alt

alt: it amazes me that folks 'overlook" all of the clues that are contained in their postings as to names, dates & locations in placing their ancestors in a 'time & place' for research materials to help them overcome their 'brickwalls'.

vkn: and khathu has recently reminded us to teach true that. Actually posters sometimes create the walls. This btaylor ignored or lost the extensive posting by Dawn Ownings in 2006

keli1: Good morning!

Khathu: alt - for many they do understand the methodology for doing this research good morning keli1

alt: good morning keli1

vkn: Good Morning keli1. Glad to C ya

keli1: Missed you guys last week but glad to be here today.

vkn: wunnerful wunnerful

keli1: What is everyone up to?

Khathu: alt - what i was trying to share on Friday was that my Lorenzo Williams might have been a FPOC

vkn: Keli1 I wanted to refer a poster to the Hampton Roads group to become a member

alt: I 'caught' that thought Khathu and it is possible.....

Khathu: I made that assumption that too many of us make - that all of our ancestors were not freed until the CW so I never thought of trying to locate him in the 1860 Census

keli1: That link is not opening VKN

alt: he works 'steamboats' on the river, right?

Khathu: Yes alt

keli1: Which Hampton group is it?

Khathu: and he was born in Kansas Territory in 1844

vkn: let me try again keli1

Khathu: A decade before it became an actual Territory of the United States

keli1: Interesting you mention Kansas, on cspan3 they are talking on the massacre at Lawrence

alt: I've found where there were 'enslaved' men who were contracted/leased out to work for boat companies Khathu

keli1: Sack of Lawrence 1863

Khathu: Okay I am looking at all leads

vkn: oops I am not registered for CSpan 3

keli1: also called American History TV and you can always watch their shows online

vkn: okay

alt: I have an ancestor, ordained as an Elder with the Methodist Episcopal Church - South who worked the river boats on the Ohio River.

keli1: I love the shows, I typically have that channel on Saturday and Sunday's for various topics of interest.

alt: hello trisha

keli1: Art where at?

trisha: Morning!!!

Khathu: Good morning trisha

vkn: Heyyyy Trisha and how are things in Tuscaloosa with the research

alt: He was in Kentucky keli1 .. around the Kenton county area which is just across the river from Cincinnati.

keli1: Has anyone seen any history on the Boatman during slave times? Hi Trisha.

vkn: and what mobile device are you using trish

trisha: I have been a major slacker.....but ready to delve back into things ::smile::

vkn: I have not keli1 New info to me

Khathu: I am reading Black Life on the Mississippi: Slaves, Free Blacks and the Western Steamboat World by Thomas C. Buchanan

trisha: What's new and exciting with everyone?

keli1: Boatmen also called Ferryman, it is peaking my interest-with a possible connection to the UGRR, as a mode of transportation. So looking in to it.

alt: And there was a gentleman who settled in Urbana, Ohio following the CW named Jonas Slaughter who worked as a barber on the boats coming up the Miss River to the Ohio River and into Pittsburgh

vkn: Well Trisha we be standing by to support ya Heyyyy alt you got a SLATER No more holding out lol

Khathu: keli1 then you definitely want to purchase the book

keli1: Khathu, oh that is interesting. These ferryman were taking folks across the rivers, I am especially interested in the WV to MD or PA. I will check out the book.


alt: you think Slaughter may be a variation of Slater vkn?

vkn: It most def is alt

alt: ah so, okay....

keli1: What triggered it: 1860 census, I counted 589 escaped slaves and want to know how they got out, we located two accounts

vkn: Keli1 does that link work?

keli1: no it does not, what is the name and I can pull from there

vkn: ouchies darn device kicks

alt: another famous person of River Boat fame is the Posey Cumberland on the run from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh.

keli1: the discussion says the Black free boatman were conductors and slaves escaped under these little boats

vkn: wb Trisha and hold tight

trisha: Thanks guys

vkn: Ahhhh thanx Keli1

trisha: trying my mom's line.... Wells and Foster

keli1: checking on Posey Cumberland

vkn: and where are Wells and Foster for what State County Time ? Trish

alt: inland waterways, the Mississippi & Ohio River were BIG in working free, as well as, enslaved Blacks prior to the CW. keli1, Oops Cumberland Posey

vkn: How successful was that boatman escape method alt

keli1: oh he was a Negro baseball player as well. Yes the boats were not steam, these were the plank type with ropes to cross the rivers just crossing from one side to another

alt: not sure about any "stats" vkn, but there had to be some success stories there.

vkn: or whatever is the name of the inland waterways

keli1: for example, Harper's Ferry areas to MD, crossing the Potomac and Shenadoah Rivers

vkn: It is new info to me alt so gotta try and learn

keli1: new to me as well which peaked my interest, over 4k free folks I want to know what they were doing during slavery when it was next door to them.

vkn: okies

trisha: Fascinating vkn

keli1: we only have two actually accounts being described using the boat, then we see 589...I just have to question is there more to this...

trisha: i think in Mississippi but must do some checking

vkn: Is that during the civil war Keli1

Khathu: have a great day everyone

keli1: before and during...began in 1861

vkn: ahhhh

keli1: by 1860 not 1861 This will be a challenging task to pull this together and I would like to use it as an example at MAAGI, maybe a case study type in my track

vkn: will do

alt: most of the UGRR 'traffic' came across the Ohio River for freedom.... remember the Ohio River runs from Pittsburgh to near St. Louis .. so it ocvers PA, WV, OH, KY, IN & IL

vkn: okies

keli1: Yes Art, I am doing a check on all rivers around those states beginning with VA/ know Harper's Ferry was a hot bed, during the war it changed hands 8 times

alt: keli, for a great UGRR site .. use the advanced search for names. places, etc.

keli1: In Track one, the goal is teaching new strategies and methods, this works best for experienced researchers For some reason I am not able to open a link in the chat, but I see ohio history and siebert, so I will be able to locate it?

alt: the Siebert Collection will put a lot of UGRR "myths' to bed LOL

keli1: welcome back Trisha good...are you coming to MAAGI in 2014?

trisha: Lol thanks I'm doing a lot of traveling am on my iPad. ....

keli1: I will check out Siebert's Collection

alt: oh no, I won't be in St. Looie

keli1: you can bring your ipad...LOL

trisha: keeping having dropped connections

keli1: I am beginning to like St. Louis and enjoy being at an Institute vs. a genealogy conference. So will plan to make that an annual thing.

alt: keli1, when you go to the Siebert Collection type Harpers Ferry in the 'exact phrase' box and 'lo & behold!!!!!

keli1: With so many webinars, etc, online conferences, etc, I need to be challenged and be able to challenge the attendees to get out of the box.

trisha: wow connections wow sounds so exciting and really interesting

keli1: I want to make sure folks thinking about furthering their genealogy research that they consider MAAGI for African American research. I am on the site for Siebert...awesome He has a lot of John Brown info

vkn: Yes Keli1 I too envision MAAGI as an expander of potential

alt: A Branch from Lodi to Medina Underground Railroad A Branch from Lodi to Medina

keli1: Folks have to get over and learn the difference between a conference which is presentations and get to Institute where they train. Hopefully the marketing will display any myths.

vkn: and that fokes can develop unlimited passions and capabilities

alt: from typing in Oberlin .. the Lodi to Medina branch

keli1: That one I am familiar with Art but didn't think to check for other locations, Ohio is such a connection.

vkn: Institute is a new concept or reality

keli1: My free folks in Medina had 25 acres, I guess the move to Michigan and obtaining 160 was intriguing, or wonder if something went on in Medina Institutes for African American Research is new, all tracks focus on AA, so there is a difference. Art I want to get info on MAAGI to Ohio any thoughts on a good way to do that. Chicago got it and others, but need Ohio to come on board. Folks are watching and we can only toot what the attendees say. My track had only experienced people, each had over 20+ yrs of research...they left with a new attitude on ... research and tools, and analysis of records.

alt: MAAGI might need to reach out to the AA genealogy societies in Ohio.... I can think of at least four (4)... Cleveland, Columbus, our groups AAGGMV & the MCG in Chesterhill.

vkn: Yes Dee Parmer Woodtor wanted Institutes to be a new avenue. Gotta find her notes

keli1: I have to keep my track kind of small, it is all interactive, hands on.

alt: all have websites keli1

keli1: They are on the list, but so many myths are out, just need to keep the myths down and questions answered. I would love to read her notes vkn...please share.

vkn: myths can help with the learning If I can find her notes in my stuff

alt: and a BIG group with unlimited potential is the IAAGG in Indianapolis keli1

keli1: yes it can, so if you all have questions, please let me know, it is not a genealogy conference. This is more on the Samford line, as an Institute of learning. it's cheap to attend, LOL but learning is awesome.

alt: MAAGI may need to do some marketing outside of Chicago, St. Louis & the East Coast.

keli1: They are on the list Art, woohoo! AAHGS noted MAAGI in their recent newsletter, which was good. The folks that attended pre-registered for next year, that should tell people something.

vkn: So Keli1 there must be some unlearning and then learning

alt: okay keli1 ..... each of those Ohio gen societies have a website & a contact point and each has a Newsletter for publicity & marketing

keli1: for sure, one of the comments from an attendee in my track- "I learned some different habits in doing research that only had me gathering paper" the guy said he had not learned good research habits, so it was nice to hear that, he left with some new habits and already reaped the benefits, he had 25 yrs behind his belt all will get a letter! I love to challenge people a new way, the fun for example was taking a simple death certificate and creating a research plan from it.

alt: that's a good example .. the DC ..... what data is actually on the DC ,, what is primary, secondary and what else does it tell us other than the fact of a death?

keli1: I believe the marketing is key, so agree with you Art, 100%!

vkn: and fokes need to be able to differentiate research from building a family tree

alt: LOL @/with vkn .. yeah, they first need to kown what a "tree' is IMHO.

keli1: I implemented the "So What" paradigm...with that Art....they worked their butts off to get it and had a plan of action to follow. I challenged them to bring me any document to build a plan. building a tree is cutesie ...LOL, you are right share the info if people ask, at least for the Methods and Strategies Track you two have info on what is happening in it.

alt: course MAAGI attendees are probably beyond that point

keli1: some were and some were not, depends on how they did their research...newbies will learn this way, us oldies have to build on new ideas and habits.

alt: keli1, I would think a major problem would be in just getting the 'terminology' thing squared away.

keli1: folks have to know what to do with what they got....LOL. no more paper collections to family tree

Selma: Good Sunday afternoon folks

keli1: that is why I like the So What, we all can respond to that!!!

alt: hello Selma

keli1: Hi Ms. Selma

vkn: Bring your note from home Selma and howdy

keli1: how are you doing?

Selma: Went to Costco for a quick trip..that was a mistake.. LOL

vkn: lol

keli1: no such thing as a "quick trip", lol

Selma: True, tru

keli1: I hope you got some goodies. We had a Costco's opening up here, so we will have Sam's and Costco's...

alt: keli1, do you actually live in Charlottesville?

keli1: not anymore, I work in Cville, I live in Palmyra, down the road from Monticello (about 9 miles) 20 minutes to Cville, 45 to Richmond

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

keli1: Hello AY....

AYWalton: Howdy alt, keli1, Mizz Selma.

vkn: mawnin ms ayw!!!!!!!

AYWalton: Greetings vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!

alt: oh.okay.. I met a 'white dude" who is a descendant of the lady who was married (?) to the Isaacs and he was telling me about the street she/they lived on.

keli1: I brought a house in 2009.

alt: Hello AYWalton

keli1: where? @art What's up with AY today?

Selma: Afternoon AY

AYWalton: Oh just looking around at email and FB updates.

alt: In Columbus at the Workshop this past weekend.... I had met him before at an OGS conference.. he is tracing his African ancestry thru the West family of Fayette county, Ohio who are descended from the Isaac's lady.

Selma: keli..the article in the VGS Journal re: delinquent taxes was done by Leslie Anderson from Alexandria Library..editor of the VA Slave Birth Index

keli1: if you keep in contact with him you can share my contact if he needs something from the area Yes, it was right on the point about records-nice write up. I love that little magazine, LOL

alt: was the contact statement for me keli1?

keli1: yes it was Art

alt: okay, thanks keli1

keli1: there are a lot of contacts here on AA in Cville and Albemarle County.

Selma: Me too.. Are we going to chat together tomorrow night..Genealogy Roadshow?

AYWalton: Oh that's right!!! I think we should. This show looks interesting and I know we will have lots to say.

keli1: Judy Russell did an excellent webinar on the importance of knowing the law,etc. I hope folks take heed, same as the Black Laws, I used to post them, lol, time to get back on that

AYWalton: Should/could we created a special room for it?

keli1: Roadshow is tomorrow

AYWalton: Yes, 9 pm est.

Selma: Knowing the LAW is a must for any researcher

vkn: Room is a good idea

keli1: so simple but folks don't view that as key, that is why they get stuck sometimes

AYWalton: I think that often is a challenge, especially when laws are written in legalese. Some basic laws for regular folks---like a primer would be great for genealogists.

alt: and I would add.. knowing the LAW at particular points in time!!!!

AYWalton: And of course there are laws that affected black folks that other researchers would never know. well stated, alt.

keli1: for Slave research...Black Law should be on the desk

AYWalton: but it is one of those references that is under used. We need something that folks will actually pick up.

keli1: I have the hard copie, I wonder if it is in pdf format? hmmm if not, I should scan it in

Selma: I copied the whole book at W & M back in 1992..

keli1: copied it? in scanned format?

AYWalton: It is online in PDF format:

vkn: Selma and you posted it

Selma: This was by page, it was 5 cent a page

keli1: I have three volumes of hte Judical cases for American Negroes, it was written in 1939, I would love to re-publish them, you can only get at libraries, etc, if they have it

vkn: at least in part

Selma: Best thing I ever did

AYWalton: 2011 edition

alt: There was a great site that had the Black codes by State & Time Period and it included the Laws of the Northern States.

keli1: that link would not open for me, can you email it or inbox me on FB

AYWalton: but I think that folks would benefit from how to use it an apply it to one's own family research, or to one's own research projects. sure keli1

Selma: The thing is you need to know more than just those identified as Black need to know property and inheritance..we are the property and the inheritance

vkn: fine lines

keli1: a must Law of the Land...for Genealogy Research.

AYWalton: quite true. I think that many folks do not wish to go that far into the research process.

Selma: To tell the truth folks need to know the general particulars of the state they research...

keli1: they have fear

alt: a little know fact.... while Slavery was still legal in PA (until 1822) folks were escaping from slavery in PA by running to Ohio on the UGRR's early as 1804.

AYWalton: When many encounter the actual dehumanization of their ancestors, they are done. and for those of us from land-locked states---no coast, no early policies to study---learning the local history and local laws are so important.

keli1: I do believe some feel happy to just discover there were slaves in the family, but not always wanting to go further and tell/share the story.

AYWalton: we have to fully understand the psychological barriers that many folks have to looking at slavery.

keli1: PTSD....

AYWalton: Some can only go so far, unless they get it "sanitized" like they do on genealogy tv shows. the real horrors are never shown.

vkn: There was a person from Chicago who presented on "the psychology of slavery" at a meeting some years back

keli1: I believe it is coming out a little more

AYWalton: and of course the flip side is---with the plethora of slave movies---(how many whippings can you watch?) there is a major hesitancy to go any further.

keli1: there is a term for it, the PTSD of slavery coming down the generations, etc. I can't remember it...

alt: well, I'm ready for some Football... laters y'all take care

keli1: Dessa Rose...

vkn: It was excellent

AYWalton: Dessa Rose?

keli1: I might of spelled her name wrong

Selma: Talking on Skype..have to talk to you later

AYWalton: well folks are jumping ship. Times for something to eat for me.

vkn: Will call you later angela

keli1: she was a slave, there was a play about her, all the horrible horrible things tht happend

AYWalton: Have a great day, folks. I can tell I won't ever watch it. I don't do slave movies.

keli1: bye all, I am going too.. but I will share bio on her,

AYWalton: And wont watch 12 years a Slave, either. And didn't watch Django. take care.

keli1: bye

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