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2013-09-19 • Conference/Institute • DNA


Start: 11:50:19
End: 13:14:59
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: hey hey hey its a thursday back atta later

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!

vkn: heyyyyyy

AYWalton: Hope all is well down in GA!

vkn: download the doc to your computer ayw

AYWalton: I got it, thank you. I have been looking at it. Howdy daviss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vkn: heyyyyy daviss hope you be better

daviss: hello AyWalton and vkn!

AYWalton: Hope you are having a good day, daviss.

daviss: How's everyone today? Actually I have only been up for about ten mins lol no coffee yet The phone rang and got me out of a deep sleep :?

AYWalton: wow----coffee time!! you must have really been in dreamland.

vkn: wake up lil daviss wake up lol

AYWalton: Been looking at the document you sent, vkn.

vkn: okies ayw

daviss: lol yes AYWalton, up late

AYWalton: lol I was wondering who you meant, daviss. :0

vkn: dvds

AYWalton: greetings, alt!

daviss: ok back

alt: Hello All ,,, AYWalton, daviss & vkn

daviss: Hi alt!

AYWalton: conferences these days are not drawing as many folks as back in the day. Folks can get things from webinars, and other places.

vkn: true

AYWalton: I like to go and visit the exhibit halls. But I don't feel much urge even to spend money.

vkn: that is why focus is now on the K-12 market

AYWalton: (which is a good thing!)

alt: AYWalton, any final numbers on the attendance at FGS?

AYWalton: about 1500 alt. And less than 20 people of color were there. and that includes the speakers.

alt: okay, thanks.. that was down a little from past years, right? both attendees & AA's

AYWalton: actually the numbers were up from previous years. The total number, I mean. I think Birmingham was about 800 or so. And this was the highest in the past 5 years.

alt: is that right, I thought they usually ran around 2,000 I must be tjhinking of NGS

AYWalton: I recall going to Tampa back in 2002 and they had about 2000.

vkn: 800 last year alt

AYWalton: I don't know about NGS. Have not been to one in years---last time they were in Richmond. It did not seem large then, either.

alt: that's not many more than the OGS and that is just a State convention... they usually run around 600-700

AYWalton: I think many state conferences are quite good. and sometimes even better for some vendors I bet.

vkn: all things are local lol

AYWalton: good point, vkn!

vkn: Are there 2 TN conferences ? Selma sent a notice

Seventies: good afternoon al

alt: hello Seventies

Seventies: all

vkn: Howdy Seventies

daviss: Hi Seventies!

Seventies: hi Selma

vkn: howdy selma

daviss: Hi Selma!

AYWalton: Greetings Mizz Selma!

alt: hello Selma

AYWalton: Hey there Seventies

Selma: Afternoon folks...glad to see we are back in business.. What happened yesterday

Seventies: Yeah I heard about that...

vkn: Are there 2 conferences in TN Selma ?

Seventies: And of course I was blamed for causing it... lol

vkn: lol Are there 2 Black conferences in TN Selma ?

Selma: Looks like it, vkn..first one a week before AAHGS in Eastern Tenn

vkn: That is soooooo sad

Selma: let me get the link

AYWalton: and the event in Eastern TN is not a genealogy conference.

vkn: oh its not

AYWalton: It is incorporating local history, civil war, and other things as well. Not a bad thing---although they do have a genealogist on the program.

vkn: still sad to me

AYWalton: I suspect the folks in Nashville have no idea who the folks in East TN even are.

vkn: that efforts are not united

AYWalton: I bet they don't even know each other. And that is the sad part of the story.

Seventies: I see that there is an event going on in South Carolina at the FHC.

alt: Eastern TN .. is this the Living history group that is into USCT & the CW?

vkn: true I will ask Sadonya

AYWalton: I will mention the Eastern TN event in my podcast, as I had never heard of them before.

Selma: At Tusculum College in Greeneville Tenn..Oct 4th and 5th

AYWalton: And there is a major event this weekend in Edgefield Co. SC.

vkn: I saw that AYW

AYWalton: Bernice and her team of writers for their new book, are all in SC for the annual Showcase! Great collaboration project! I think the event in Charleston will be a basic LDS event.

Seventies: I saw that as well... nice collab for them

AYWalton: I recognize Robin Foster in the photo. She is LDS, and does lots of things for the church.


Seventies: Definitely someone we should be hearing more about. Too bad she's not researching in my counties in MS.

AYWalton: Who Robin?

Selma: We have so much going on here..I can't keep up..the 1619 conference Hampton History Museum opening an exhibit on Contraband

AYWalton: She is actually all over the place---but I think at the same time--as much as she does--she is still not widely known.

Seventies: Oh speaking of, I cannot believe my dumb luck. I have been connected for some time with a person who has been working directly with the people who come to Natchez, MS to collect records from the county courthouse from CA.

AYWalton: Selma, if you have info on the Hampton Exhibit, please post the link! You know I love the contraband info.

Seventies: Selma is that located at HU?

Selma: Just got a notice in the mail yesterday reception for opening the exhibit is on Oct 4th No this is not a HU..down the street

Seventies: kay

alt: Columbus, OH's AA gene group is having their annual workshop this Sat. 21 Sep 2013 .... The African American Interest Group will hold its 2013 Annual Conference, "Africa's History & American Genealogy," at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, 96 S. Grant Ave, Columbus, OH 43215 on Saturday September 21, 2013, Professor Paul J. Cook of The Ohio State University, recipient of the National Endowment of the Arts Award, and charter member of the African History Collective for Study, Research and Action at OSU will Lecture. Also lecturing will be Dr. Deborah Abbott, member at the Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. Conference fee is $40.00, including lunch. Contact: C

Seventies: I see there are quite a few events that happen in the early fall/late summer. Interesting.

Selma: Before winter sets in seventies..

vkn: most interesting

Selma: We always have a bunch here before Dec

Seventies: Well the closest I will get is going to The Genealogy Event again this year. in Manhattan

Selma: Things slow down then pick up again after Feb

AYWalton: Thanks alt!! Got it and I shall mention it in the podcast!

alt: yw AYWalton

AYWalton: Yes, things slow down for the winter! I don't mind the rest after this year's calendar. I have been on the move a lot since June. Glad to finally slow down and rest.

Selma: You sure have

alt: too much going on.. here's one I bet y'all aren't aware of ... the 150th annual EP Day Celebration in Gallia County, Ohio this weekend. every year since 1863 ..

Selma: I agree with you about the 2 groups in Tenn VA not Tenn, VA.. Lol Are you going alt?

alt: nope.. I have a meeting here in Springfield... the clark county Gen Society too much to do and too little money LOL & time

AYWalton: Now that is a good one, alt for sure----since 1863? And truly--we should know about it! that is amazing!

alt: Yes AYWalton, I've been to several of those in Gallia County over the years.

AYWalton: hmm..........been holding out on us, huh alt? thanks for the link!!

alt: nope.... I thought y'all knew LOL LOL

AYWalton: lol I have been busy making notes for MAAGI for next year. we are busy in our planning mode.

daviss: good for you and MAAGI.. much success with that

AYWalton: and do take note-----we do not have presenters talking about their private family research. We teach methods and strategies, and our goal is to challenge people to enhance what they do. Our technology track was quite popular, and the professional track is already working on new projects for next year.

alt: wishing MAAGI continued success... I won't make again this next year, but wish y'all well!! good to hear you're about methodolgy & strategy and not about 'personal' research in your tracks AYWalton

daviss: great AYWalton

AYWalton: We are not a conference, and that makes a big difference. So many conference do have people talking about their uncle Henry, or Grandma Kate. I was surprised that some people made that assumption--nothing in our website was even remotely like that. Perhaps that perception came from a circle of folks talking, and not reading the track focus. Not one session was a "my-genealogy-story" session.

alt: and I think that is misunderstood by the general genealogists of color AYWalton .. you are not a conference, but a teaching "institute"

AYWalton: and clearly people choosing not to read anything from the link that said Tracks. Imagine having 12 sessions at an event---all focused on one subject area.

alt: well, Selma says our folks 'don't read' .. case in point

AYWalton: that never happens at a conference, where participants move from room to room, to sit in our topics unrelated to the previous session. Plus we are following up with a very busy FB group---and folks are now working on their own self chosen projects for next year. This was not a directive from the institute--but something that people elected to do. They are now sharing pieces of what they are working on.

Selma: I noticed AY..they are working hard

AYWalton: I am amazed. We have 15 already pre-registered for 2014.

alt: wonderful!!!!

Selma: Sometimes it just takes someone else to say this is of "value"

AYWalton: So wherever folks got some idea that we were presenting personal genealogies, and whatever--they were truly committing themselves to not seeing. So strange.

daviss: how many seats AYWalton

alt: Well, I did wonder about the 'depth' of training in some areas....

AYWalton: We will probably limit it to 50. Though 40 would be ok with me. The great thing is that it was small. That made people really bond well. And we had a federal judge in the beginner's class--who had been doing genealogy for about 12 years. He wanted to learn some things new. he stated afterwards, that he was amazed at how many steps he had never followed, and that he had learned some bad habits. Had the same people attended a traditional conference---they would have never done more than just said hello to each other. now the folks have an amazing bond with each other.

daviss: I can imagine AYWalton

AYWalton: The group that produced the radio show is now so close.

alt: now that in itself is a great 'outcome'!!!!

AYWalton: I have never attended any event where participants have put themselves to work and keeping others updated on what they are doing. Indeed it is, alt.

Seventies: That's great. Glad to hear that the first MAAGI went so well AYWalton.

AYWalton: And hopefully those who have imaginings on what took place will actually communicate with those who attended and will learn what the objectives were. It was truly a unique experience, Seventies.

daviss: I would love to attend

AYWalton: Hope that you can make it daviss!

Seventies: Well I know I have some work to do.... I think I'm going to focus in on my 2x great grandfather's family since we seem to know so little about them.

AYWalton: Next year's dates are July 8 - 10th Well I had better run, folks.

Seventies: Have a good one AYWalton

daviss: ok AYWalton later

AYWalton: Lunch and other projects await.

alt: later AYWalton

AYWalton: have a great day.

daviss: I looked at the driving part and it is way to far

alt: yeah, that would be a t least a 2-3 day drive for you daviss

daviss: so I will continue to buy lottery tickets lol

Seventies: alt, you must be fairly close to it.. maybe a days drive or less

alt: It's a good eight hours away for me.

Seventies: lol

Selma: Folks..have to has dropped by

Seventies: bye Selma

alt: later Selma

Seventies: daviss, I think I cried this morning about the lotto... lol lol lol

alt: daviss, you got your DNA breakdown from Ancestry yet?

daviss: yes I know no alt

alt: I posted mine to the AA DNA FB page

daviss: I am one of the unlucky ones grrrrrr

Seventies: So what were your results alt? Anything new?

alt: really didn't do too much for me

Seventies: Yeah, I think I'm DNA tapped out... lol

daviss: I have been looking at those who got theirs and not one person is on the map that has a scattered few

alt: naw, same breakouts with same percentages

Seventies: though daviss says I should do 23andme on myself

daviss: I sure wish you would

alt: what was interesting tho' is the breakout of west african countires where my folks MAY have come from and the %'s.

Seventies: I do have a question.... can you all see CMs on 23andme?

alt: Benin/Togo ... Camaroon, Senegal, Nigeria

Seventies: which side alt? MT or Y?

alt: I would be pissed if someone said I was 100% xyz from Camaroon LOL

Seventies: lol Why??

alt: this is auDNA Seventies, so it was from all sides maternal/paternal .. African, Euro, NA & East Asian

Seventies: okay I asked because it seems like a hodge podge. What country had the largest percentage?

alt: well African Ancestry reports folks to be 100% this or that... and these results say... no way 100% anything total was 49% African hold on a moment

Seventies: My MtDNA is 100% match to Balanta living today. My granddad's 100% Ydna match to the Nuna living today. But they all give different types of tests.

alt: 49% total West African ... 14% Benin/Togo, 13% Senegal, 9% Camaroon/Congo, 6% Nigeria ..... these are country breakouts, not tribal or clan breakouts

Seventies: okay Well congrats! :}

alt: so how can I be 100% Ibo, Tikar, Bantu .. or any of those others with that diverse of a country split? population genetics is/can be a 'rip-off' IMHO and it (pop gene) is not DNA

daviss: no just amount of one in general areas

Seventies: They are supposed to take the DNA from certain ethnic groups within the country, run the tests and then run up the common markers. At least that's how I understand it to work. But again what type of tests are they running... I have to go all. Work to do. Have a good day. Congratulations alt!

alt: and these markers are matched against "current/present day" populations, not where our folks were 4-5 hundred years ago, or better

Seventies: daviss, you are next... hope you find what you are looking for. bye all

alt: guess, I'll split too daviss, unless there is something you want to tlak about.

daviss: ok alt later

alt: bye

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