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2013-09-16 • DAR membership?


Start: 12:04:54
End: 13:15:32
Chatters: alt, daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Hi Selma. How are you?

Selma: Good afternoon seventies...I see we are both ON TIME for a change.. LOL Doing are you?

Seventies: lol right! Trying to figure out what the weather will be like this week. lol

Selma: It is suppose the be a little cooler here this week..thank goodness

Seventies: Sweaters, Long sleeve, short sleeve, etc. lol

Selma: I pulled out my sweaters over the weekend..just have them handy just in case

Seventies: I'm wearing a sweater and boots today. Just in case.

Selma: According to the style experts...layers are in..remove as needed.. LOL

Seventies: Well, this is why I cannot stand living in the NE. I need a definite hot, warm or just cold.

Selma: I have to listen to Melvin oral interview with a relative..glad he found it Oh..I like the seasons..

Seventies: I saw that. I was glad too.

Selma: Jeez...this shooting at Naval Yard in DC

Seventies: I have some paper docs that I am just now getting around to scanning onto my computer. I can't. not today Selma. smh

Selma: I understand..somedays its just too much Speaking of scanning it is a great idea..I have reached a "critical mass"..and I had the nerve to go copy some things last week

Seventies: lol

Selma: But it was for a book I had been looking for for a number of years..

Seventies: hi alt

Selma: Good afternoon alt...YOU ARE LATE

Seventies: Ok in that case Selma, its ok :}

alt: hello ladies Selma & Seventies ... hope y'all had a great weekend

Selma: Seventies and I were here on time..

Seventies: Very... tsk tsk tsk lol here comes the other straggler... lol

Selma: Another tardy person has arrived.. Morning daviss

Seventies: Passes please.

daviss: hello alt, Selma and Seventies!

Seventies: hi daviss! lol

alt: sorry bout that.. I got caught up talking with one of my dearest & oldest friends , today is his birthday ... 81 y/o

Seventies: nice!!!

alt: Hello daviss

Selma: OK..alt, very good excuse..and you daviss?

daviss: lol a lady never tells

alt: He now lives in Indianapolis, IN and we've been friends for 75 years.

Selma: We didn't ask how old you are..we asked why you were late.. LOL

daviss: lol

alt: okay Selma....

daviss: uh oh the shooter was Black smh

Selma: Well wish your friend a Happy Birthday for us alt...81 is cause for celebration

Seventies: You know what that means. :{ Hide your wife, hide your kids, because the cops will be harassing every Black person out here.

daviss: they are looking for potentially two other people

Seventies: No I do not like how police treat Black people. This is why this is off topic for me today. Thanks daviss.

daviss: get back on topic

Seventies: Well, I have some topics to kind of discuss. I was scanning finally some docs I had recieved a while back.

daviss: ok

Seventies: Alabama records and some DCs from MS Marriage records

daviss: What kind of scanner do you have

alt: are you creating an album(s) of those scanned documents?

Seventies: well, I put them in individual folders on the computer. I thought about putting them on the FB page.

Selma: Are you going to post on your blog? Ok you answered

Seventies: What blog? lol

alt: This is an example of what I've tried to do with photos, albums by ..type of document and placed in chronological order.

Seventies: I may do a posting about Jack Westrope. Love that guy! Took so much work to find him.

Selma: and who is Jack Westrope?

Seventies: Jack Westrope is the brother of my gg grandfather Scott Washington.

daviss: Speaking of blogs, I finally got off my duff and wrote another one

Seventies: I am also in love with my uncle Scott Washington Jr. Took some work to find him too.

alt: and it was a very nice, well written story daviss

Seventies: Yes, I need to get off my duff too daviss.

daviss: thanks alt

Selma: Yes you did daviss...very nice..

daviss: thanks to you as well Selma

Seventies: I can't front, I didn't even read it... lol

alt: Seventies, it is very nice.. and easy to access, when you have all of your photos in a central location and categorized.

daviss: thanks Seventies :{ lol

Seventies: Well tell the truth, shame the devil.. lol

daviss: he could care less

Seventies: ok all, I have a new computer and having some issues... so forgive me if well you know, I can't see what you all are talking about. lol hi vkn

Selma: Good afternoon vkn

alt: speaking of photos .. has anyone viewed the 'Teenie Harris' collection of photos from the Pittsburgh Courier?... over 40 years of photographic "jewels"

daviss: hello vkn! yes alt quite awhile ago

vkn: Howdy Seventies Selma Daviss Alt

Seventies: I need some pics of Selma, AL and Dallas Co, AL sorry 'bout that .. lol

alt: my friend that I was speaking with is going to do something similar with photos from Ohio & Indiana that he has taken over the past 40-50 years.

vkn: BJ will have plenty of those Seventies

alt: hello vkn

Seventies: BJ is off the chain busy.

Selma: OK I will leave that alone.. Next topic

Seventies: So what is going on with the AA genea-

vkn: back to gem e alogy

daviss: yes, so as Seventies was saying scanning docs how was your weekend for genealogy vkn?

vkn: Helping a Black youngster [age 30] with DAR application and problem using name of step father

Seventies: yes I was scanning docs.. lol But giggling at someone who just found their family Tompkins spelled Thompkins... wow. Should I recommend the guide?

Khathu: Hello everyone

vkn: DAR wants birth and marriage cert and she is trying to qualify on alleged white father

daviss: I think I read that also Seventies

alt: hello Khathu

vkn: Howdy Khathu

Seventies: hi khathu.

daviss: hello Khathu!

Selma: Not sure that "alleged" will qualify vkn

alt: that can be difficult vkn

Khathu: DAR will accept indirect evidence

Seventies: I sure hate giving advice to people who will most likely not take it, But I can't help it. Hopefully it will save them problems in the long run.

vkn: I agree BUT she is determined

daviss: no adoption vkn just step???

Khathu: I talked to Hollis Gentry about the evidence and documentation required for membership @daviss no adoption

daviss: You can give Seventies and once you do its up to them to follow through

vkn: just step. Claiming slave owner as line from which she qualifies SMH

daviss: oh I see

alt: indirect evidence is 'accepted' if there is more than 1 piece of documentation that 'helps' to prove the connection. oral history of the slave owner/white father won't get it on it's own merits

Khathu: It is amazing to me how so many people think that the slave owner was the father of their mixed race enslaved ancestors. They fail to realize it could have been any white man since enslaved women had no rights that men especially white men were bound to respect absolutely alt.

vkn: well we are trying to help with the indirect but it looks hopeless

Seventies: Its the younger people. Most of the older people know this.

alt: good luck with that vkn

vkn: Thanx

Khathu: I had a woman come to the FHC last month determined to get into the DAR based on oral history that the slave owner was her ancestor.

Seventies: One thing I have really had to learn the hard way is NOT making assumptions about the family tree.

Khathu: She has gone so far as to reach out to the white descendants

Seventies: SMH

Khathu: She hasn't even proven that her ancestor was even owned that this particular slave holding family yet but she is determined to get into the DAR.

vkn: Did y'all get blog from Mel Collier with 102 yr old ancestor interview?

alt: yes vkn, I read his blog

Selma: If she hadn't even done the basics Khathu..then it is fruitless

Khathu: I agree and that is what I suggested to her. Then I walk away

vkn: Also I sent articles related to slave girls and age of consent did y'all get

Khathu: The oral history should be used as a guide and not as gospel.

Seventies: Right.

daviss: yes vkn

Khathu: Yes, I did. Thanks vkn

vkn: any thoughts?

Khathu: I talked to keli1 yesterday about MAAGI

alt: and the slave owner for DAR is a heck of lot further back in time than a last slave owner from around the CW time period yes ,,, thanks for the links vkn

vkn: okies

Khathu: The research has already be done by the white descendants of the potential last slave owner

alt: how many generations between the mid to late 1700's & the 1860's?

Khathu: So her rationale is that if she can connect her ancestor to the slave owner then she in

Seventies: You know, I see that a lot of people are jumping ahead to try to locate the last slave holding family when they still haven't even documented their families from 1870 forward!

daviss: yep Seventies

Khathu: What people fail to realize if you don't know how to document relationship between individuals and between generations, they will never be able to do slave era research

vkn: Will also send .pdf of Union service men buried at Andersonville with by State. 8 from Alabama!!!!!

Seventies: The information that I have come across on one line of my family is PURELY because the information is fairly public.

alt: for sure,, when these youngsters talk about grands & even great-grands they/some aren't even back to the early 1900's

Khathu: I guess I ruffled some feather with my comments on Thursdays

Seventies: lol lol lol *dead*

alt: not here Khathu

vkn: Thursday???

Seventies: Some times folks just need to take a 'chill pill'. Really.

vkn: What chew talking bout Khathu lol

Selma: Folks..I have to run

Seventies: I am definitely going to have to plead the fif here.. lol

Khathu: Yes, on Thursday about race specific sessions vs. sessions focused on methodology, research, documents

alt: later Selma

Selma: Have to run

Khathu: you weren't even present Ms. fif

Seventies: No I wasn't, but what I heard sure was well.. again I invoke the fif!

Khathu: lol

Seventies: Look y'all we have a situation where there are a lot of real new people to genealogy looking for their families online. They need HELP and not lookups. Some of the things I'm just looking at today, just. . . SMH

Khathu: gotta run ttyl

Seventies: oh now you gotta run.. lol

Khathu: lol

alt: get on his case Seventies

vkn: What means help seventies

Seventies: People think everyting is online... good gracious!

vkn: okies

Seventies: HELP in the way I'm using it means learn how to research and not just use people to do your research.

vkn: I see

Seventies: Know what you are supposed to be looking for. Know how to look at the records and for crying out loud if you have an ancestor born AFTER their parent, clearly they are NOT the parent!

alt: offend them Seventies & tell'em to use their look-up & search skills from Facebook, etc. to search libraries & vital records repositories, etc.

vkn: lol

Seventies: LOL

vkn: Well tell me how and facebook connect?

Seventies: The person I was responding to on FB is ready to go to MDAH to find their families slave holding family, but didn't know that there was a spelling variation in Tompkins... Seriously. No sit down and read. Y'all got me making typos here I'm so fed up.. lol Then they get an attitude with you when you DO tell them regardless of how nicely, how they could go about researching.

alt: they both have "search" features for one example vkn.

Seventies: If i've ever done that to you all, please forgive me. lol

vkn: When I go to ancestry now it prompts me to connect via facebook so what is up with that

Seventies: daviss.. you 'woke? lol This is why I have backed up off some of this advice giving.

vkn: Confuses me

Seventies: They are trying to do like every other site, get your information.

alt: marketing... by both trying to get a piece of the pie ..spelled M-O-N-E-Y

Seventies: Right alt.

daviss: I always tell you to not give up on them

vkn: gotcha alt

daviss: Some truly have no idea

Seventies: I already have two people who don't think I know what I'm talking about... they are called teenagers. lol

vkn: lol lol lol

daviss: Now that is a different story Seventies

vkn: that is in house seventies lol

alt: been there and done that Seventies .. I'm now bout to enter it again for the 3rd time with great grandkids approaching the teenage years LOL LOL

Seventies: My patience is only but so long. alt you know what I'm talking about... lol

alt: yep, and even with seasoned researchers ... your research experiences may not be the same as my experiences.

vkn: Daviss hope you are feeling better

Seventies: But there are some basics...

daviss: trying vkn

alt: no doubt Seventies

vkn: absolutely alt or the modality

Seventies: that's what I'm talking about. I still have lines that I need to trace down to the 1930's and 1940's Forget about slave research! lol

alt: right.. and your research could be in 'rural' areas where mine is all in "urban' areas....

Seventies: Almost all of my research before 1930 is in rural areas.

vkn: I would say start with self and work back is in stone but all else is free flowing

Seventies: Or start with what you KNOW.

alt: so very true vkn & Seventies and as Selma reminds us ... you need to know some history & geography outside of your family structure.

Seventies: Indeed.

alt: well, time for me to skedaddle.. laters ya'll

Seventies: Ok I gotta go... enough slacking off for the day.. lol

daviss: ok I guess you are next vkn

vkn: lol yes

daviss: ok lol have a great day

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