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2013-09-11 • Mary and Evan Williams


Start: 12:08:36
End: 13:27:48
Chatters: alt, cort1411, daviss, khathu, Selma, vkn

daviss: Hi there alt!

alt: hello Daviss... what's up? Hope you are feeling better.

daviss: a tad alt thanks how about you?

alt: I'm tolerable.

daviss: I hear ya alt

khathu: Hello everyone

alt: hi Kahthu, how ya doing today?

daviss: hello khathu! I imagine lots of memorials today wb khathu

khathu: I'm well This chat isn't really working on this phone

alt: I'm trying to find the copy of a presentation I attended years ago.. one of the best... it was about......what records to look for and the time periods to look for them during a person's life span.....

khathu: Nice...sounds like a great presentation

daviss: interesting alt, do you remember who gave it?

alt: time periods for birth , marriage, property, civil activity, militatry & death, Wills are all in different record sets and all created over the life span of a person

khathu: I had a dream last night about a document posted at a park pertaining to Lorenzo Williams and another man

daviss: wow khathu

alt: a lady from AZ named Deaton, she presented at a county genealogy society meeting about 15-20 years ago.

khathu: It listed them by first names only.

alt: they're taking over your dreams khathu

daviss: was she LDS or with the Tucson group

khathu: I guess. I wonder if it is a lead

alt: I don't think she was LDS daviss, she was a descendant of a pioneer family of Ohio .... Simon Kenton, big name in this area.

daviss: oh ok Hope you can locate the document alt you never know khathu

alt: me too khathu, somebody is trying to tell you something

daviss: I had a dream not to long ago that gave me the name far no luck

alt: Hello Selma..

daviss: Hello Selma

khathu: Galveston was where the document was located. Hello Selma

alt: it's 'percolating/fermenting' khathu LOL lOL

khathu: WDYTYA was boring Really boring

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss and khathu...

daviss: take a look at the blog I wrote about my dream khathu

khathu: Ok

daviss: Heyyyy there Selma!!

Selma: Hoping to be dreaming this afternoon ... had to take the little darlins to daycare this AM.. LOL Would like to know what jhonora..thought about it

daviss: about what Selma

alt: last nights episode of WDYTYA?

Selma: The episode last night...the paternal side of family originally came out of Louisiana via France..

daviss: oh

Selma: I didn't watch it all...turned off before he went to France

alt: wb khathu

daviss: that bored huh

Selma: The actor was from Texas..I thought I had read he was Canadian..

khathu: Very boring

Selma: He is kinda quirky like the character he plays on TV..

alt: I thought it was interesting to note the depth of the European record sets

khathu: Exactly

Selma: They have been creating records a lot longer alt..

khathu: Okay. I need to get back to the office. Ttyl

alt: I know Selma, but it is still amazing what is available

daviss: I did not see the show and have not seen any of the others I think the timing is off for me

Selma: Some episodes are better than others..but I find them interesting. You can tell their is "less" money being spent..maybe that will increase if the viewing numbers go has been picked up again for another season

daviss: I read that yesterday Selma

Selma: Last night one of his relatives "died" in a steamboat accident.. I have the book that someone mentioned about AA's working on the Mississippi and the steamboats

daviss: Selma about how many books do you have??

Selma: LOL..alot.. I am afraid to count Just purchased Char's book on Alexandria, VA

daviss: thats great though, I like reading

Selma: History interests me..even before I started doing research

daviss: Are the majority Va based?

Selma: Not necessarily...remember I purchased the book on Texas Freedmen's Bureau

daviss: oh yes thats right

Selma: Found it at Galludet (school for the Deaf) where AAHGS use to have their National meeting. The author was a teacher there.

daviss: You were the one that told me about the book

Selma: See is a good thing I buy stuff.. LOL

daviss: lol yes

Selma: I told my kids this was their inheritance..

daviss: and did they laugh

Selma: Not really.. LOL

daviss: lol so they also enjoy reading

Selma: I have one daughter in law that is also a book lover and son just shakes his head They do..but don't have too much time with little kids and jobs Well think I need to run and see if I have a "dream"

daviss: ok Sel have a nice day

alt: nap time

Selma: You too daviss and alt.

alt: short chat today... I've got a 'bone to pick' on the AA DNA facebook page

daviss: lol so should I go over now and see

alt: bout family 'trees' haven't written it yet LOL

daviss: oh shoot! lol

alt: formulating my thoughts LOL

daviss: are you talking trees on ancestry or about trees in general

alt: I'll get the chairs & lights ... you take care & get better

daviss: ok alt I will and you also

alt: trees in general, but specifically those on the DNA page, as well as ancestry

daviss: ok

vkn: howdy howdy cort1411 getting a late start

cort1411: i was looking for some information and I wondered if you could help me i just realized you had a chat room

vkn: what info are you seeking

cort1411: mack and elsie stevenson.... is this elsie the daughter of laney colbert and mobile stevenson?

vkn: yes we chat every day at Noon I do not know Mack & Elsie Stevenson

cort1411: okay how can I get more information

vkn: Post your email to the screen and we will follow up

cort1411: okay I also have a question about Evan Williams and Mary Gaines and Jack and Mina (Miama) Stevenson. Any information would be helpful. I have census but no parents i have a lot of census work

vkn: What census work have you done?

cort1411: I have Mary and Evan Williams on 1900 census with children in Ardmore, Ok but nothing before that

vkn: Come back at Noon tomorrow Take all care running

cort1411: I have jack and mina stevenson 1900 chickasaw nation but no parents

vkn: okies

cort1411: work tomorrow and fri

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