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2013-09-10 • Aaron and Phyllis Brooks SC


Start: 12:02:39
End: 12:45:45
Chatters: alt, daviss, Family, Khathu, Selma, vkn

Family: Hi daviss! Could you pass me a cup of coffee?? Its FREEZING in the office! lol

daviss: Good morning Family, lol

Family: I feel like a choco-pop! lol

daviss: coffee coming up Why is it so cold

Family: What's good with you? How are you liking Luckie's group on Facebook?

daviss: its ok

Family: daviss, these fools have the A/C going full blast on the cusp of autumn. The other day it was 46 inside AND outside the building. At least it felt like it. SMH

daviss: what is the temp outside?

Family: 68 now. oh wait. 72... lol good morning, Mr. Thomas Hi alt daviss is lurking around here somewhere. I sent her off to grab me a cup of coffee. hurry up daviss... lol

daviss: Hello alt

Family: Anything new or exciting going on with family research? daviss, alt?

alt: here Hi Family & daviss .. what's up with y'all?

daviss: well family I don't have anything new or exciting genealogy wise

Family: Well, sharing all of the resources I have been able to collect.

alt: me neither

daviss: i started again with my line by line on the 1870 census and thats about it

Family: Ah okay. well did Texas do any state run censuses?

vkn: howdy doody y'all

Family: hi vkn howdy doody to you too

daviss: hello vkn!

Family: So this is my most recent 'transcription' from a map of Adams County, MS. I'm unsure of the year.

vkn: Query of the day "Dear Afrigeneas:Grandfather's side:Could you research the census back to the 1850's for thefamily (Granderson Alston) born abt 1985 his wife Lousia Alston. Would like to get his and/her parents-Location: Sumter, S.C.Maybe they took the slave owners last name: (Alston) in the Sumter, S.C. area? If you can provide that information, I would appreciate it.Thank you for your time and efforts.LaCarole Faulkneremail ___Grandmother side:Aaron and Phyllis Brooks both born between 1885-1900 abtLocation: Sumter S.C.Parents?Slave owner's ? source: Any will,deeds, newspaper articles ectfor the above Sumter, S.C. between 1820-1930 Thank you. " too too much

Family: No we can't provide information, BUT we can tell you what resources are available to FIND them yourself.

alt: sounds like, the poster is asking AfriGeneas to do their research

Selma: Good Tuesday afternoon alt, Family and vkn..wasn't daviss just here.. LOL

Family: there she is.. lol

vkn: gotta employ a basic set of standards

alt: Hello Ms Selma

Family: There is so much stuff available on SC online, its just ridiculous

vkn: howdy selma

Family: It's us Mississippi people who have issues locating family. I keep beeping myself... sigh... lol

Selma: BRB

alt: new folks often think AfriGeneas is a "service", rather than a community of volunteers

vkn: true alt

daviss: dang, I can't see what you all are typing

Family: There are lots of people who think groups are services as well. where did Selma just go?

daviss: sheesh

vkn: ohhhhh say can you see daviss vickee lol

alt: I guess the best thing might be to just tell those folks requesting AfriGeneas do their work exactly what the deal is... "we direct you to resources, you have to do the research"

vkn: good sentence alt

Selma: I am back..

vkn: wb

alt: you like that,huh vkn?

vkn: indeed i do

daviss: the words are coming out in blocks and big white space is running down the middle &^*))_+

Family: no fussing or cussing on Afrigeneas daviss.... D:}

alt: sounds like on of those 'Zona things to me daviss

Family: :}

vkn: gee whiz daviss can you do a screen capture

Selma: My screen was looking funny too davis...kinda stretched out

vkn: i would like to send to developer

daviss: ok will send

vkn: thanx

daviss: brb

Family: okay anyone have anything on their folks? alt what was the article you were responding to regarding the cemetery in Ohio that raised money to get a monument for the USCT buried there?

vkn: Genealogy/ will be focusing the K-12 population

Family: The tech saavy people, huh?

alt: speaking of resource materials ... I would like to see someone try and do something that would be "location & time oriented" Like Slavery: Antebellum period Upper South

vkn: lesson plans are being developed with various school systems across country

Selma: We could provide a bit of they can see what there is to find...

alt: I was letting folks know there is a website that has USCT burial locations, with individual data from all 88 Ohio counties.

Family: OK that's good information.

alt: and they continually update that site.... no need to re-invent the wheel

vkn: "a wheel in a wheel" lol

Family: lol

alt: here it is .. great site, fully searchable

vkn: Thanx alt

alt: and this site has USCT from all across the country who served, but are BURIED in Ohio.

vkn: aaaaaahhhhh

alt: so it isn't just Ohio USCT's

Selma: Thats good to know alt

alt: most are from the South and/or other areas of the country

Khathu: Hello everyone

Family: hi khathu shucks!

alt: hi Khathu

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

Family: some of you all ought to know when to quit.. lol

daviss: hello Khathu

alt: it just dawned on me Khathu, are you volunteering at the FHC, or just using it to do all of your research? LOL LOL

Family: Hey I'm off. See y'all later.

alt: was Family .. Seventies?????

Khathu: I am actually volunteering there

alt: yeah man LOL

Khathu: I was going to ask you the same question alt

alt: Family/Seventies ... I would bet on it Khathu

Khathu: i was trying to figure it out based on the questions/answers Family wrote

alt: me too

daviss: smh bye folks, I am useless

alt: Selma, you have a chance to read about George Lucas and his UGRR exploits around Salem, Ohio?

Selma: Remember Who Do You Think You are is on tonight.. Sorry alt..not yet.. Been trying to catch up on all the stuff I didn't do last week..

alt: okay, you will find it interesting, he was quite a fellow no hurry

Selma: and now I have to put my groceries away.. Have a great day

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