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2013-09-08 • Needing a research plan


Start: 10:59:00
End: 12:27:10
Chatters: alt, keli1, khathu, vkn

vkn: regrets... Family Gathering 2day

alt: hi keli1, how have you been?

keli1: Good morning Art!

khathu: Good morning

keli1: Hello to you khathu

alt: hi khathu .... nice posting by you & Robin on the 'myth' of the brickwall.

khathu: Thanks

alt: well, not a myth, but misconception

khathu: or self imposed brickwalls

alt: there you go, anyway, nice posting!!!!!

keli1: where is that postings I love that you called it a misconception


alt: Yeah keli1, some folks look at 1 record and think that's all there is and they are 'stumped".

keli1: for sure, you know I don't use the words brick wall, I use challenges

alt: one doesn't have to be a genealogist, enthusiastic, hobbyist or even really involved, but I think one should at least learn the 'terminology' before tossing the words around.

khathu: i agree

keli1: it has been a staple for the genealogy community to say brick walls, I view it as being negative at MAAGI I showed students how to take one document and build a research plan, so it is not over yet

alt: but khathu, you and you 'young' folks keep on pressing the message about learning 'how-to' and 'what-to' & 'when-to', it is greatly needed I read some of the messages on Facebook & even AfriGeneas and just shake my head LOL LOL

khathu: yes alt, we do keep kicking up dust but it is only to strengthen individuals skills as researchers

alt: I think some of the problem is the fact of 'broken & splintered' families in the Black community.... some of the younger folks don't know beyond who Momma is ..... and that's a shame.

keli1: agree Art, one gets a death record and thinks they are done, there are so many other records created by a death record, folks lose valuable info

khathu: i think some people assume that part of the search can be done online (or all of it) that they did not need to know or engage in effective research practices

alt: yes khathu ... and research skills reach so far beyond just genealogy in our daily lives.

khathu: i have been having some real success in tracking enslaved individuals listed on inventory of estates in the post CW era

alt: I notice that khathu & you are to be commended in passing that knowledge forward. it's not so much about what you found, but rather how you went about finding it. I laugh when I see what these folks can find on youtube, twitter & facebook, but can't find grandpa in any type of record LOL LOL

khathu: lol lol

alt: well, let me hush for a moment LOL

khathu: is there a way to search your shoebox on ancestry?

alt: not sure... I really don't use 'shoebox' on ancestry

khathu: okay I have over 500 items in mine

alt: doesn't the 'newer' ancestry homepage give on the right side of the screen a history' of your searches?

keli1: I think you can search your shoebox

alt: I went to "help" typed in 'shoebox searches' and there is a whole page on the subject.

khathu: thanks

alt: yw khathu

keli1: Art can you see my posts?

alt: khathu, after I 'confirm' a piece of information from 'wherever' I use the Tribal Pages website as my repository ... I throw everyting into some kind of a photo alblum, write a story, or post a note to the individual's information .. TP is not my shoebox, but a junk pile LOL LOL

khathu: okay

alt: here in chat keli1?

khathu: I need to clean out my shoebox

alt: hehehehehe @ khathu

keli1: yes I am using my ipad, couldn't get in via my laptop for some reason

alt: I can see what you are posting here in chat keli1

keli1: okay, are you all going to Nashvlle?

alt: Might need to update your Java App on your laptop/PC keli1 I'm not going keli1 will you be going keli1? keli1, I looked at the map of Michigan, your county (Benzie) is quite a bit north of where my folks settled, not sure if they ever made a Michigan connection after leaving Medina county, Ohio.

keli1: what county did your Reno's go to? Yes I will be there

alt: Saginaw, Hope & Berry along the MI .. OH/IN border

khathu: have a great day you two

alt: and Cass county, MI

keli1: not that far

alt: okay, and those folks somehow did get around

keli1: I am getting off, working on a grant, etc. ttyl

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