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2013-09-07 • Reunion ~ rcs


Start: 21:25:37
End: 22:07:17
Chatters: daviss, deannie, rcs, vkn

daviss: heyyyyyyyy deannie

deannie: Hi Daviss whats poppin

daviss: nuttin honey lol

deannie: Same here...just doing a little chochet...and watching Princess and the Frog

daviss: Oh really. So you like to crochet huh.... what are you making?

deannie: yes...I'm working on 2 now....the color of AKA for an adult and one for a baby

daviss: good for you...Genealogy, Crochet, Cartoons what a woman!! Lol I like two of them ....I don't know how to crochet

deannie: Just call me super women....I sell them...I give every blanket a tells who the blanket is for, the giver name to keep to let them know who gave them the blanket

daviss: awesome deannie

deannie: Yes all of them are one of a kind,,,because if I put too many stitches or too less...that making them all one of a kind lol

daviss: heyyy vkn

vkn: howdy y'all

daviss: how's it going?

vkn: how y'all be

deannie: HI vkn

daviss: thats good vkn...

vkn: yawwwwwn

daviss: I know lol its that way here I did not get that much sleep last night so I am barely here Then most of the day I gathered up information and thought I had something for a friend. Its a good thing I did not relay the info to them because I just saw a date associated with it that makes it impossible to be the right person. SMH

rcs: good evening

vkn: howdy rcs

daviss: hello rcs Long time rcs, how are you?

vkn: good response rcs to infiltrating dar

rcs: not infiltrating....joining I am fine

daviss: good for you rcs

rcs: Yearly Family reunion tomorrow

vkn: wow that is one day only rcs

rcs: yep

daviss: wonderful! have a great time..Will it be in MO

deannie: brb

rcs: of eating and cardplaying

daviss: You can't beat that rcs

rcs: Illinois, abt 45 min from St Louis These kind of people

daviss: My Daviss peeps have a one day~er every other year


daviss: Nice picture

rcs: My father's family has one every other year We started having one in Illinois because we were only seeing people at funerals My mother is the girl nearest the middle

daviss: now that is the way it should be rcs

vkn: funerals as reunions

daviss: the one next to the big bow tie rcs

rcs: My grandparents on far left -- their descendants shall be at the reunion

vkn: ahhhh

rcs: yep my great grands were married for 60 years -- a big deal -- so they hired the photographer and everything

vkn: how nice of them

rcs: At least they left three generation pics for everybody!

daviss: I bet that cost a pretty penny back in the day (today too lol)

vkn: specially today

rcs: never investigated the cost aspect, but there were many pics that day

daviss: take care all. nice to see you rcs

vkn: well yall come tomorry back to nap time for me a long day

rcs: sounds like a good idea good night

deannie: Sorry I'm trying to get a flight for my daughter

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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