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2013-09-06 • Slaves Madagascar


Start: 12:04:07
End: 13:01:46
Chatters: alt, daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Back shortly

daviss: ok see ya when you get back

vkn: hey hey hey

daviss: hello alt and vkn!

alt: Hey y'all .. daviss & vkn, what's up? I got hung up on Facebook

daviss: It happens to the best of us alt lol Hi Selma!

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss and vkn

vkn: uh oh got the bug huh alt

alt: Hello Ms Guadaloupe, what's up?

Selma: Not too much alt...

vkn: You be on the ball Mz Selma

Selma: You mean my posting vkn... I need to be cleaning my house.. LOL

vkn: Only one Youngblood slaveholder in Milledgeville in 1860

Selma: I noticed vkn...there is another in an adjoining county...

vkn: Only one Youngblood slaveholder in Milledgeville in 1860 and you nailed him

Selma: Its hard to know what folks know or don't know..they need to be focusing on the period after the War..1865 to 1880 before focusing on slave owner

vkn: Now Cornelious married Jane Martin whose family may be suspect

daviss: Bernice has Youngbloods in her line not sure where they come from though

vkn: I am extracting enslavers in Baldwin County. They are listed by geo districts in the County

Selma: Oh..I thought that county sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember why.. LOL

vkn: BUT query listed her GF as Hansome not Hansel

Khathu: Hello everyone

daviss: Hi Khathu

alt: Hi Khathu, Happy "end of the work week" to ya LOL LOL

vkn: Howdy Khathu Plus family/China may have been displaced or deceased by the 1875 Tornado in Milledgeville

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

Khathu: Yes, it is the end of the work week and the start of the work weekend... errands, chores, genealogy, etc. I was incorrect about the Moody estate records. The last documented activity was in 1847 not 1853 and they were administrative records on the expenses and income generated on the minor heirs and their property

alt: Hmmm, but that's only 6 years Khathu, altho' a lot can happen in 6 years.

Khathu: The reports does list the enslaved property that each of the minor heirs received income from due to them being hired out

alt: like a war 1861-1865 LOL LOL

Khathu: lol there was an expense for lodging for a young negro boy named Joe. This child had to be no more than 4 years old. I found that to be very interesting

alt: wow, now that is 'detailed" how expensive can a 4 y/o be?

Khathu: Joe is most likely my ggg grandfather.

alt: really, wow!!!

Khathu: they paid $40 for the entire year of 1847

Seventies: hi

alt: what's up Seventies?

Selma: Afternoon seventies

Seventies: nothing

daviss: who were the kids hired out to khathu?

vkn: Congrats on your work Khathu. Keep on breaking it all down

Khathu: Yes, his father was also named Joe and was owned by the Moodys, although he was given to another heir. The same thing regarding his mother Matilda

daviss: Hi Seventies!

vkn: Howdy Seventies okies

Khathu: I will start researching that this weekend but Joe Sr. was hired out to the Clover Pitts Hill Mines in Chesterfield County, VA

alt: Selma, do you know where (location) in France your folks/ancestors may have lived?

Khathu: an insurance policy was taken out on him and several other enslaved men of the Moodys

alt: Are these Moody's the "banking" Moody's?

Khathu: here is a link for you daviss and other Texas researchers it is pertaining to Texas Newspaper and it is free

vkn: vkn is fine tuning and tweaking Time lines across all research for health and weather events to include all newspaper notes

Khathu: William Lewis Moody, yes

daviss: thanks Khathu I do have it already

Selma: Do you mean the white folk alt?.. NO

Khathu: out of Galveston, Texas alt

alt: either/or Selma .. I'm asking because of my LaForce connections to the grape growing area of Guyenne (sp) in France. the detail of the Moody's sound like Banking/Insurance folks Khathu

Selma: I have to study the migration patterns to that part of the islands by the French..

Khathu: Melvin Collier posted something about the importation of enslaved individuals from Madagascar into the U.S. which is very interesting since my maternal dna lineage is shown to have originated from there. They got into banking after the CW

alt: okay Khathu

Selma: My father wrote the names of 2 brothers he identified as "slaves"

vkn: Selma & All China may have been enumerated as China in 1870 but as "who knows what name" in other years. I am finding my Allegro/Allegra as "Aunt Coot" in some news clippings

Khathu: It was a common practice to take out insurance policies when hiring out slaves to work in mines especially in the Chesterfield County area

alt: Khathu, yeah I saw Melvin's post and the comment by Richard Schafer was very interesting on the importation of slaves from Madagascar.

Selma: There is the name of 1 or 2 slave ships that imported slaves from Madagascar into VA

Khathu: Yes, alt. I did not make the connection to my own family until this morning

alt: Yes Selma, Richard named them, the dates they brought slaves into VA along with the number of slaves from each vessel

Selma: is the book on VA slave imports

alt: And Selma, the dates correspond to when the LaForce's arrived from France/Britain .. makes me wonder if they might have purchased their slaves at that time, rather than from their neighboring slave owners my 1st documented African ancestors are coming into VA ca 1710-1720 when the ships were arriving from Madagascar, Hmmm

Khathu: I think I will break down and do the African Ancestry DNA within the next six months

alt: and my DNA has a 'smidgen' from that area of Africa.

daviss: I think Seventies posted a sale going on now Khathu

Seventies: that sale was a one day sale. Its over.

daviss: oh how nice of them

Seventies: But it's ABOUT time! lol daviss

alt: Khathu , nothing against AA, Inc, but I would go with 23andme/FTDNA for their autosomal tests... they are cheaper MUCH CHEAPER than AA, Inc.

Seventies: The next time I get info on a sale, I will inbox you Khathu

daviss: Well!! lol it would take me more than a day to get up that kind of money

Seventies: Everyone has their own reasoning for using whatever DNA company they use.

Khathu: I have already done 23andMe

alt: yeah AA, Inc had a 1 day sale for Patri or Matri DNA only for 250.00

Khathu: only $250.00????

Seventies: yes

Khathu: I am interested in learning more about my African ancestry that is still a lot.

Seventies: Well African Ancestry is your company

Khathu: Are they the only company that does African Ancestry?

alt: okay Khathu, if you already know your African haplogroups I would look at FTDNA for "deeper sub-clade" testing which 23andme & AA, Inc do not do.

Selma: The probably have the largest database of samples Khathu in which to compare

alt: AA, Inc does not do deep sub-clade testing

Seventies: The only reputable company IMO. 23 and me and many other companies just don't have the database and spend a lot of time guessing regarding your ancestry.

alt: and they do not do cousin matches

Khathu: alt - I have obtained by haplogroups for my maternal and paternal line from 23andMe

Seventies: Like I said, everyone has their own reasoning for taking a DNA test. Identifying what you want out of the test will determine what company you will use.

alt: and that's all you will get from 23andme & AA, Inc is the haplogroups... along with the autosomal matches, but they won't go into YOUR deep DNA

Seventies: Anyway, I was browsing online here earlier looking for some old resources that I used in the past, but lost due to my computer crash. ugh!

alt: your statement is very true Seventies .. depends on what you want.

Seventies: Nothing more frustrating especially if the site has been shut down.

alt: or it has been 're-designed' and you can't find you know is there. what you know is there

Selma: Don't everyone speak at once

daviss: later folks, time for honey and tea and key.....

alt: laters partner

daviss: have a good rest of the day

alt: you too

Selma: Bye daviss

Khathu: Have a great day everyone

alt: vkn, plan to get on the CW assignment later today vkn, vkn, vkn

Seventies: ok I have a headache. talk to you all later

Selma: Bye folks..

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