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2013-09-04 • Genogram


Start: 12:03:20
End: 12:56:38
Chatters: alt, daviss, Khathu, Seventies, vkn

alt: what up Seventies?????

Seventies: hi alt. How are you doing today fellow Taurean? :)

alt: this "bull" is doing fine... and you??

Seventies: Doing good. Listening to Lisa Lee's lunchtime webinar. Good subject: Life After

alt: okay,

Seventies: but I can still chat with you. :) hi daviss poo! :}

daviss: hello alt and Seventies :o

alt: Hello daviss , what's happening in 'Zona???

Seventies: lol the heat I'm sure.. lol

daviss: not a thing alt, too early heyyyyy!

alt: were you up early enough to get the worm? LOL

daviss: lol nope

alt: or too late?

Seventies: I know I wasn't. lol I didn't even roll over until 6:00 am... still trying to get used to NOT being on vacation.. lol Lisa Lee says "Hi"

daviss: I just barely did get a cup of java going

Seventies: I had two cups this morning... I needed it.

alt: I've been cruising the FB pages this morning.... Some of the threads, you can't respond without getting into a 'small' argument with some of those folks, jeez.... why does everyone have to be smarter, done more and my research is better than your research kind of thing?

Seventies: This co-worker of mine. . . . messing up our work. I'm d@mn near ready to resign.

alt: Hi, back to cuz Lisa ... with a hug LOL

Seventies: That is what I want to know... if they know everything then WHY are they even in the forums.... ????!!!!! Just askin

daviss: no idea amazes me

alt: I dunno Seventies,

Seventies: But then they turn around and ask how to research... lol lol lol

alt: and maybe I'm guilty of some of that type of thing, but having noticed it in others I'll be extra careful and try to not go down that road.

daviss: My last tado on a Forum was with that one guy who thought he knew everything. I tore him a new one and I haven't heard from him since lol lol

Seventies: daviss, I mean you would think that they would have a basic understanding of the nature of research of any kind. Keeping an open mind.

daviss: I keep telling you that everyone "thought" they knew.. These forums show just how much one does not know

Seventies: Or the idiot who got an attitude with me because he asked for 'Anything' on Divers family. HUH? Anything??? I responded that he should go to AfriGeneas. And he got an attitude calling me non productive. NO I'm not doing research for you especially when you don't know what you are even looking for!

daviss: thats why you have to filter in there the right way and someone will eventually get it

Seventies: And this guy is a volunteer at RAOGK... please don't do me any favors... lol

daviss: oh really Seventies lol I missed that one

Seventies: Oh yes ma'am.... EJ Brown... was close to getting fussed out. For REAL

alt: I'm into one now with a former guest on Bernice's show about the merits of genetic genealogy vs traditional genealogy in constructing and confirming a "family tree" ... whatever that is.

Seventies: Hi Khathu

Khathu: Hello alt, daviss and Seventies

Seventies: ha!

alt: Hello Khathu, good day to ya.

daviss: Hi Khathu!

alt: and the advantages/disadvantages of the various DNA testing companies

Seventies: Not that genetics isn't great, I think that I mostly use it as a compliment to 'traditional' paper genealogy. Hasn't been 'fruitful' for me.

Khathu: How do we assist individuals with their research and at the same time improve their skills as researchers? I am seeing too many individuals wanting others to do the research for them

alt: good question Khathu .... lead them to the water, then get out of the way ???????

Seventies: And know-it-alls who do not accept any other techniques to research.

Khathu: No they are not going to accept any technique or strategy because they want someone else to do the research for them.

Seventies: Indeed.

alt: Seventies, genetic genealogy has been very helpful to me in understanding the 'genealogy of my genetics', but not much help in furthering my personal family tree.

Seventies: In my case, only ONE has proven to be fruitful but only because I know relationships on that particular line.

Khathu: hello vkn

Seventies: The others are close in location where they say they are researching but don't know where they fall in the tree.

daviss: hello vkn!

Seventies: hi vkn

alt: that's been my experience too Seventies, it has helped where/when I had an idea of where/when the family connection took place. hello vkn how goes it today?

vkn: howdy doody to each of thee alt daviss khathu seventies on this hot and sultry day

Seventies: hot and sultry, not here.. :)

alt: stay in the comfort of your home today vkn.

vkn: uh oh

Khathu: wb Seventies

vkn: glue for you Seventies

Seventies: thanks.

alt: wb ... "Brick" lol lol

daviss: wb seventies Mel seems to have good luck with his matches

Khathu: I need to obtain copies of the divorce proceeding of my gg grandmother Julia Whitaker and her 2nd husband i'm hoping it would list her children

vkn: good input on DAR post khathu. I thought use of word "infitrate" was interesting and wondered if that is the same as join lol

Khathu: I think it was

Seventies: You know, I was going through working on documenting as many of my great grandfather's maternal siblings and their descendants. I find them from MS to New Orleans to Chicago, IL. I have had so far the greatest success with her brother Albert's descendants.

alt: yes daviss,,,, here comes the but ...... they all seem to be on the one branch that he has researched and are part of their big family reunion group ... you would think they already knew of each other.

Seventies: :}

Khathu: the DAR individual's ancestor Jabez Pitts Campbell was very prominent. He was born free in 1815

daviss: lol lol alt

vkn: oh really

Khathu: what is sad but interesting is that Jabez's father took out a mortgage on him and then fled. This resulted in Jabez being sold into slavery

Seventies: Hhhhmmmm

alt: yes vkn, that is an interesting post and the 'terminology' is "unique".

vkn: ahhhhhhh father was White or Black Khathu

Khathu: for a period of time. He was able to purchase his way out of slavery. Eventually he became a bishop in the A.M.E. Church establishing conferences in California

alt: I think I'll reply to her posting with an example of what the Bishop said/wrote doesn't have to be true.

Khathu: I'm thinking his father was Black - Anthony Campbell

vkn: We get some live ones alt

Seventies: wow. I feel some kind of way about that. Maybe I shouldn't but I do.

vkn: Feelings are real seventies so feel away lol


vkn: Good idea Alt

Seventies: Well, I had a family member who was framed and run off his very rich land by the good folk of Adams Co. I'm sure some records were 'generated'. If you catch my drift...

alt: thank you for the link Khathu

Khathu: alt - i do think the bishop actually wrote anything. i believe she is referring to a book it is important to always review the sources in books and try to obtain the original document. For example in my Cartwright search, I read in a book that Joseph purchased his freedom for $5.00.

alt: she has to be Khathu ... the Bishop wasn't born until 30+ years after the Rev. War so his 'recollections' would have to be secondary, at best.

Khathu: After doing some research I discovered that the information in the book was incorrect, although the author couldn't remember where she obtain the information nor did she have a source citation. Joseph did not purchase his freedom but was manumitted for meritorious service

vkn: drift is drifting and continues to happen but sometimes seventies we are slow as a people to "take care of business" and so lose

Khathu: that is a big difference

alt: in my example .. Bishop Benjamin Arnett wrote the eulogy for my 4th great-grandmother in 1876 and he was referencing her life in the late 1700's.....

Khathu: Working on these case studies is making me be very critical of the gaps I have in my research Yes, that would be helpful alt

Seventies: Gaps... *sigh*

vkn: I think we all have gaps. What I am finding is fillers among previous work that I overlooked or failed to analyze with accuracy.

alt: Khathu, one of the major problems imho.... is that folks put too much emphasis on a 'single' piece of information/documentation and don't bother to look for corroborating (sp) documents.

Seventies: yes the old look back technique...

vkn: lol

Seventies: I agree alt

daviss: How many years have you been researching vkn?

Seventies: You always have to do a look back, especially after you get new info or docs.

Khathu: the silver bullet alt

Seventies: But y'all know that... :)

alt: yep Khathu , this is the 'piece' that makes the entire story true.

Khathu:,573976 there are discrepancies in both of these bio on the bishop

vkn: Oh since about 1956 or so Daviss. That was when a 'genogram' was the hot thing

alt: vkn, look at what you & us older folks had for resources 25-30+ years ago versus what is available tody...

daviss: Wow, what about you alt?

alt: it's amazing when you have a marriage record for example from 20 years ago and today because of what may be online we find that this was a 2nd, or even a 3rd marriage.

vkn: and alt we had to play games to use public facilities such as libraries

alt: and the bride's "maiden' name was from her 1st, or even 2nd marriage yep vkn or the grooms mother was from the father's 2nd, or 3rd marriage and all of the siblings were from previous marriages gotta run daughter just came in for a visit.. bye y'all

Khathu: have a great day everyone.

daviss: bye

Seventies: Ok all I gotta hit the road too... be good.

daviss: later vkn lol

vkn: on phone

daviss: bye

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