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2013-09-02 • Guadeloupe


Start: 12:05:13
End: 13:09:03
Chatters: alt, daviss, deannie, Khathu, Selma, vkn

deannie: Afternoon

Khathu: hello

deannie: Are we earlier

alt: hello deannie & Khathu, hope y'all are having a relaxed Labor Day weekend

Khathu: hello alt

alt: what's up Khathu?

deannie: Hi alt...i niece ask me why i was the only person that did not have to go to work today....I told her i paid my

alt: I hear ya deannie .. and it feels good when you have paid your dues LOL LOL

Khathu: I am just working on my tribal pages site uploading some pictures and making edits

alt: great Khathu, those TP websites are a 'work in progress' and need to be kept 'current'.

daviss: hi alt, deannie and Khathu!

deannie: Hi daviss

alt: hello daviss .. Happy Labor Day to ya!!

daviss: thanks alt and back at ya! I was cruising around FB and forgot the time

Khathu: hello daviss

alt: that can happen, very easily daviss

daviss: khathu hi yes especially when its a good read :?

alt: Daviss, I'm about to post to the African Ancestored DNA Page on the merits of FTDNA, 23andme & AncestryDNA. in my opinion LOL LOL

daviss: ok alt, have you gotten it all written up yet?

vkn: howdy all y'all

alt: nope, it's still 'formulating' in my mind daviss Hello vkn, Happy Labor Day to ya!!

deannie: Hi vkn

vkn: and back atcha alt

Khathu: hello vkn

daviss: I uploaded my 23 results to FTDNA but have not been able to download to GedMatch. I did that in May and still keep getting the working on it msg

vkn: and deannie and khathu

daviss: hello vkn! Hi Selma!

deannie: Hi Selma

vkn: howdy selma are you getting rest

alt: question daviss. does 23andme allow for uploads of data from FTDNA/AncestryDNA ... like FTDNA does for those other 2 companies?

Khathu: Hello Selma

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, deannie, khathu and vkn

alt: Hello Selma, welcome back, good to see ya & Happy Labor Day to ya!!!!

Selma: Happy Labor Day to all you Laborers and past Laborers..

daviss: no alt they do not

Selma: You were busy while I was gone alt..great work

alt: didn't think so daviss.. thank you

daviss: no problem alt

Selma: I am still resting and recovering vkn..

alt: thanks Selma.. busy I was... it was a great weekend, the 94th Annual Adams Reunion, highlighted by the OHS Underground Railroad marker dedication ceremony.

daviss: It may take awhile Selma lol

vkn: i know the feeling selma

alt: you had a good time Selma??????

Selma: ain't that the truth daviss.. LOL I had a great time alt..2 days traveling, 8 days of reconnecting with family and eating

alt: wow 8 days!!!!!! and I'll bet that still wasn't enough time to do all that you wanted to do.

daviss: and you still had time to get Nephew to show off that black shirt lol lol

Selma: I swear flying anywhere is a chore..

deannie: Sounds like a great genealogy time Selma

Selma: Not too much of that deannie...mostly eating.. LOL

deannie: That was great genealogy fun too

Selma: Yes it was deannie..lots of seafood straight from the sea to my plate I really don't drink and at one lunch at a cousins..another cousin made this Rum drink which was delicious and I was high in about 5 minutes.

daviss: sheesh thanks for that Selma.. I can see my plate now

alt: for those who haven't seen the UGRR Marker .. here is a photo of side #2 which speaks to Lewis Adams Side #1 of the OHS marker

Selma: thanks alt..couldn't read the words on the signs before

vkn: thanx alt

Selma: Hey I still can't read..type it out

alt: hmmmm drinking & eating on a tropical island, sounds like fun to me LOL

Selma: It was fun..but I didn't want to pass out at the table.. LOL

Khathu: Have a great day everyone

alt: I'll send via an email Selma pics w/words.

Selma: It is pouring down rain at the US Open Tennis Championship..

alt: yeah, Anita is "disturbed" LOL LOL

Selma: I watched Serena play yesterday How did Tiger do..I didn't watch?

alt: not too well Selma,, they finish up the golf tournament today ... last chance

Selma: daviss..when you came to the chat you were intimidated? but we are so kind.. LOL

vkn: kinda kind lol

daviss: yes Selma back in the day.. I blamed in on ole meanie alt lol lol

alt: and I was being nice daviss LOL

Selma: This is a very intrusive exercise and we can only help if we ask questions..

daviss: lol

vkn: alt be a teddy bear not a meanie lol

daviss: I know that now lol

alt: ty vkn, tell it like it tis LOL

vkn: lol

alt: that's the difficult part of the chat Selma, when new folks come in and ask for help we have to ask questions, but how they are worded can often be 'intimidating'.

Selma: I know..

daviss: and when they/I came in with nothing it was very frustrating

alt: I know you know LOL LOL

Selma: Not only in the chat.. on the forum too...most don't understand we need to have a context Which means we might need more info

alt: vkn, has hit me up side the head with the patience and understanding thing that I think I'm a little better at understanding their plight of 'frustration'.

daviss: when you bring nothing to the table you don't get anything back,

alt: for sure Selma..... but the Forums are much, much better than some of the stuff you see/get on Facebook

Selma: Yes on FB it is very hard to follow the thread

daviss: I imagine if I had not kept reading the forum i may have not come back to chat the 2nd or 3rd time

alt: I know there is a starting point, but it irks the heck out of me when their starting point & brick wall is someone in my age group LOL LOL LOL

daviss: why is that alt?

alt: seems like there is too much "quick" information and resources to not be able to get back to 1940 daviss. I guess knowing what resources are available is the key

deannie: Still here listening to my daughter....but I'm reading the chat

alt: deannie, 'be's' multi-tasking LOL LOL

deannie: yes

daviss: I guess the hurdle is not as high when you also live in the place where your research is...

alt: Selma, I know you met a lot of 'newer/younger' cousins.. how did those lines of communication go? now, that is true daviss

Selma: It went Ok alt..but most only speak french..or can say Obama..who they love

alt: is that right, wow!!!!!

daviss: It amazes me when I read where folks don't use those resources.

Selma: Not too many Americans come to Guadeloupe

alt: you were oui, oui ing all over the place, huh Selma LOL

Selma: Yes and kissing on both cheeks.. My sister was the translator

alt: love it Selma!!!!!

Selma: Some speak a little English..

alt: could you see your ancestors in the features of your island cousins?

Selma: Oh yes

alt: some of the younger ones reminded you of some of the ancestors you remember.

Selma: This is where the majority of my father's side of the family lives..or in France in other french speaking countries

alt: ah so.... when are you going to France? LOL LOL

Selma: A number of my first cousins worked in france and have now retired back to the island.. Employment on the island is a problem for many..

alt: is that right, wow ....

Selma: It is that way in many places in the Caribbean and if they want to go to University they have to go to France.. I have one first cousin whose daughter is in college in Canada..

alt: in that regard the islanders put us American cousins to shame... many of us haven't even been out of our home State, let alone the country.

Selma: Some would have preferred to stay..but had to leave

alt: what is the approx population on Guadeloupe ???

deannie: I have to run.....doing a little clean up today....have a great day everyone

Selma: You know I am not sure have to look it up When I was there in 1956..sugar cane was growing everywhere..

alt: okay, thought you might just know off hand

Selma: and was probably the main employment working in the sugar cane fields..saw men walking around with machetes used to cut the cane.. didn't see that this time.. LOL

daviss: parking lots now I bet

Selma: Folks still have their goats though.. LOL and roosters..and they don't only crow in the AM.. LOL

alt: is the island like one big city, or are there small settlements around the island?

daviss: lol lol

Selma: The big City is Point a Pitre..but there are other cities..

alt: ah, okay.... were you in the city?

Selma: think New Orleans in Louisiana..thats what Point a Pitre looks like.. but now there is a big mall (with air conditioning thank goodness) many stores in downtown have closed..they are working on revitalizaiton projects

daviss: oh my Selma, that is quite the comparison

alt: a Wal-Mart ????

Selma: not Walmart..but a chain called Carrefour, which is like a Walmart

alt: okay

Selma: It is very large..talked to my son today, said there is one in Brussels..and in other places..

daviss: later folks...

Selma: Had a great time but still recovering.. LOL I have to run too alt..

alt: okay, bye

Selma: Bye

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