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2013-09-01 • ADAMS Dedication Ceremony


Start: 10:36:27
End: 12:44:58
Chatters: alt, deannie, Selma, vkn

vkn: god good sundayo Heyyyyyy Alt and how did it all go? How many showed up?

alt: Hello vkn, it went well, very well.. getting ready now to go to Urbana for today's events.

vkn: pics you shared are great This is exclusive to family? or y'all come

alt: during the course of the day.. the dedication ceremony, reception & the music festival I would guess over 500 hundred.... Bennie came and spent the whole day with us. today is the family picnic.. family, friends & guests are all welcome

vkn: That is so terrific All honors to you alt

alt: thanks vkn, but a younger cousin did all of the event planning.

vkn: The lady from Columbus bears a strong resemblance to you in the pic alt

alt: yep, I guess we both have some Adams genes in us LOL LOL

vkn: Does she in reality? look like thee

alt: yep, she is also a 3rd great-granddaughter of Lewis & Susan.. her great-great grandfather and my great-great grandfather were brothers. do you remember Poindexter Village in Columbus? she is very active in working to have it memorialized and recognized by the Columbus City council

vkn: ahhhhh Poindexter Indeed i member Poindexter lol okies will she be present today

alt: it is in shambles today.. all boarded up and it looks like a "war zone".

vkn: I bet it does

alt: oh yeah, today is really the BIG Adams reunion day.... looking for something in the neighborhood of 150-200 .. at least.

vkn: wow and all best wishes Is it being catered?

alt: I see Selma is back in the U.S. safe & sound

vkn: She was in chat last night. Had a great time

alt: wonderful!!!

vkn: Got her dads birth registration

alt: another wonderful!!!!

vkn: Are we on way to war Tavis Smiley attacking POTUS this morning

alt: not totally catered.... the meats & side dishes are, but we still asked to bring salads, desserts & drinks.

vkn: Tavis says "immoral" not at all like MLK bla blah blah BTW how was your presentation recd alt

alt: getting publicity while the 'iron is hot" If these talking heads are that durned smart,,, why are they only talking heads and 'celebrity' personalities? what has he REALLY done in his life that is significant!!!!

vkn: True that

alt: the audience was too kind... it was a lousy presentation IMHO LOL LOL ...

vkn: Not to be hard on alt alt

alt: no really, I gave it a D-

vkn: Me will not stand for it!!!!! so there!!!!! lol

alt: I tried to do it impromptu ... scans notes and a script.... the old guy's memory went blank and he become somewhat disjointed.

vkn: Did you get a chance to see the Dr Rose stuff i sent? Did you use all time assigned or less

alt: not in any detail... this week has been sort of hectic, hopefully I will get back into my regular routine next week

vkn: I know I be pushy lol

alt: naw, just being a sistuh LOL LOL LOL

vkn: ~~~~ backing up lol

alt: a tough sistuh

vkn: lol okies Brutha

alt: hehehehehehehe

vkn: Consider doing "table talks" today to take questions any of the fokes may have and do so with Columbus cousin Just a thought erase the thought lol I bet yu are locked out alt? Time to say goodbye. I doubt if we get more takers Be good alt and have a great ADAMS time today!!!!!

alt: bye & thanks for being there vkn!!!!

vkn: oh there you are

deannie: Hello anyone here....I will stay just in case

Selma: Good Sunday mornin deannie

deannie: Hi Selma....I think we are early....but do to this being a holiday weekend people might be out of town or business

Selma: Could be deannie...or just sleeping late..

deannie: Yes. I up watching the Perry Mason marathon and chochet

Selma: Looks like alt and vkn..were here earlier I just came in from the grocery store...was out of town for a couple of days and the cupboard was bare..

deannie: Ditto here...we are on I last egg.......

Selma: LOL Lots of Labor Day sales..but I don't have the energy to shop

deannie: I do not have any money to shop lol

Selma: Then there is that too...

deannie: My daughter just returned to collage and she moved into an apartment this year

Selma: Having put 3 kids in college..I totally understand about "no money".. LOL anything new on your genealogy front

deannie: This is her last year and that a good thing I only have one child I just purchase a 2012 Family tree software. I want to merge my Ancestry Tree with my Family tree and print it....

Selma: Good for you..I hope you are not asking me any questions..cause I don't have a clue..but I am sure alt does

deannie: OK..I want, I am going to let my gen buddy help me...but I'm not going to try it myself I do not want to lost anything..I have a lot of documents on my Ancestry Tree because it easy to put inform from Ancestry on it

Selma: Sounds like a good idea.. WEll guess..I better have a great day

deannie: My society AAGHSC is having its annual research trip to Ft Worth, IN and I will be about to work with others you too

Selma: Are you going?

deannie: Yes we leave on Fri and return on Sunday I go every year this is my small get away

Selma: Have to run phone call..Bye

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