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2013-08-31•Slave age in estate records


Start: 21:16:29
End: 22:07:00
Chatters: daviss, Khathu, Selma, vkn

daviss: Hi vkn!

vkn: hey heyHey daviss

daviss: slow but sure or is it sure I'am slow lol

vkn: How is the Mac User doing? slowing to slow lol

daviss: I have not talked to her in a couple. lol she has Tyler for the week end in her dorm

vkn: Glad to see Selma is home Good for Tyler

daviss: I should take advantage lol but have not yet The throat is all scratchy

vkn: oh dear

daviss: yes I bet Selma had a blast

vkn: Hope all went well with Alt today

daviss: I am sure it did vkn. Thats quite an honor

vkn: are we at war

daviss: no idea vkn. We have to wait until congress comes back in session I don't like the idea one bit but I don't want that to spill over here either And I def do not like the idea of us going it all alone

vkn: nor I But any move Obama makes will be wrong

daviss: yes thats for sure

vkn: S E L M A!!!!!!!

Selma: Bonjour mes amies... LOL Comment savez now you say..savez bien

vkn: Girl we are glad to see you tres bien lol lol lol

daviss: Hello there Selma!!!

Selma: I am wiped out..been dragging around all day..trying to regroup

vkn: How was the food Selma

Selma: Lets just sister and I probably gained 10 pounds each

daviss: You may not get your sea legs for another week no matter how much fun you had LOl

Selma: You have to was 8 days of visiting family eating

vkn: Gaining 10 pounds gee whiz

Selma: Thats a guess..but think at least over 5 It has been close to 20 years since we had been we had to visit everyone and everyone wanted to see us..

vkn: Starvation diet time

daviss: brb

vkn: I can tell you enjoyed yourself

Selma: and it was hot, hot, HOT..

vkn: sweat sweat sweat

Selma: my sister and I planned to spend at least one day at the beach..if we had done that we would have landed up in the hospital

vkn: Did you go to any research place oops why the hospital?

Selma: For severe sunburn..I don't think the sun screen would have lasted all day

vkn: ahhhhh gotcha

Selma: My father is from one of the smaller islands off the main island of we went to City Hall, where the Mayor's office is and other official offices.. we got our father's birth registration..

vkn: Did you do much shopping great to have the birth registration of father

Selma: We had to tread carefully I really wanted to grab the whole register and take pictures of the whole daggone thing..but that was a no no We also went to the church to get his baptismal records..

vkn: ahhhh is church in good repair?

Selma: while there..I told my sister to ask the priest what was the earliest book of baptisms they was from 1853..

daviss: wow!

vkn: and did you find baptismal record?

Selma: He bought out the book it was from 1853 to 1856..I almost choked I told her to ask if he would allow us to look at it and take pictures..and he said yes..

Khathu: Good evening ladies

vkn: Howdy Khathu

Selma: So we took pictures of all the folks with surnames that we recognized.. not sure who is who..but gonna try to figure out

vkn: What a prize you have Selma

Selma: We had to leave to go to lunch..and I wasn't able to go back Evening khathu

vkn: Interesting posts/queries on slave research Khathu

Selma: The population on the smaller island is about 1500 to 1800 people..I am related to at least 700 of them.. LOL

vkn: So Selma record books were intact LOL all 1800

Khathu: I am trying to figure out a strategies to use in determining age ranges of enslaved individuals listed in inventory list

daviss: hello khathu

Selma: At least that one appeared to be...but there have been a number of major not sure..and didn't have time to ask..I was trying to go slow..and not act like the Ugly American

vkn: Oh yes I saw that Khathu

Khathu: one strategy would be to compare that inventory with other inventories from the same county and time period.

Selma: Agreed khathu..and the time frame is important.

Khathu: or I can assume that the prime age for male slaves would be 20-30 years

Selma: A friend found one of her gg grandmothers (not sure which how many greats), but she was old and listed with no value..old and friend wept

daviss: I used to have a link that had a chart to determine the ages but I believe it was on my old computer

Khathu: and that all the males valued between $300-375 were in that 20-30 age range

vkn: That is a tough one Khathu. Does David Street have a solution in his workbook

Khathu: this is not including skilled slaves

Selma: Woman of child bearing ages

Khathu: I'm not sure vkn. I will look at his book women tended to have their first child between age 18-22 and then gave birth every 2 years

vkn: Did you stay within budget Selma and did you get lottsa goodies for lil darlings

Selma: I bought them T-shirts... LOL

Khathu: Selma - you are right old individuals tended to $0 or very low value

vkn: LOL glad to see the AfriGeneas Tee

daviss: Since the SC slave records are on line why don't you use that for comparison There are hundreds listed Khathu

Khathu: it would be best to examine them from the same locale and time period. the values of enslaved property varies from location to location.

daviss: Those are all from the Low Country what state are yoy interested in

vkn: There is prolly a dissertation somewhere dealing with ages and values

daviss: I wish I had that link because it dealt with all that vkn

Khathu: I am going to let you all in on a little secret. I already know the age range of most of the individuals. I am in the process of writing up a case study and wanted to walk people through a strategy for determining the age range if they did not discover private or personal papers

vkn: ahhhhh

daviss: ok

Khathu: daviss, it is Chesterfield County, VA

daviss: ok

Selma: I was wondering about that khathu.. LOL I think there are going to be more than one strategy..based on locaton, time frame etc..

Khathu: My gggg grandparent Joseph and Matilda are listed on that inventory I would probably suggest a general rule of thumb though The Moody's heirs took out life insurance policies on six of the male slaves. Each policy lists the age of the insured individual.

vkn: Good point of departure Khathu

Khathu: My gggg grandfather Joe was listed as 35 in 1846, this coincides with his age reported in the 1870 Census So the 20-30 age range for prime male slaves would be a good estimate for all of the enslaved males valued over $350

Selma: Much of what we do demands that folks think thru what they are looking at and viewing their folks within the larger community in which they are living

vkn: 1870 as bench mark and work backwards

Khathu: vkn - I believe that 1870 is the gate keeper but one must document the activities of their ancestor between 1865-1880.

vkn: okies

Khathu: critical information can be obtained during this time period. My ggg grand uncle purchased land from a James H. Moody in 1878. James turned out to be a member of the slave holding family.

Selma: Some folks would say you are asking a lot of them khathu

daviss: Is this all going to be ready for your next presentation khathu?

Khathu: Yes, they are Selma but if they want to be successful then they will put in the work

Selma: We know that..but I wonder about some folks

Khathu: daviss - not clear on what you are referring to Selma - most people tend to ignore me lol

Selma: They ignore me too.. LOL

vkn: and me aussi lol

daviss: I thought you were presenting somewhere Khathu in the very near future and wondering if the case study was part of that presentation

Selma: I am still working on a response to the posting..on the why didn't the folks "just run"..on the migration to Missouri

Khathu: but then they wonder how I have been so successful in my search. daviss - several of the case studies are already in my presentation. i will definitely add some new ones

daviss: I just got my check in the mail for Jury duty. I earned a dollar an hour

Khathu: don't spend it all in one place

Selma: Oh jeez..that wouldn't even pay for parking

vkn: Book TV has Joe Madison interviewing Craig Stevenson author of Ebony and Ivy for the next hour

daviss: I know Selma. I spent more than that at lunch lol

vkn: Craig Steven Wilder Best wishes Khathu

Khathu: thanks vkn... the case studies i am working on are for a book on slave era research

daviss: oic

vkn: Y'all be good. Get some rest Selma

Khathu: good night

daviss: later vkn

Selma: Yes..think it is time for me to go..need a good nights sleep..will talk to you tomorrow. Good night

daviss: take care Selma

Khathu: good night Selma

daviss: take care also Khathu..happy for you and all your work you have done and are doing

Khathu: thanks daviss

daviss: nite

Khathu: good night

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