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2013-08-30 • FaceBook Changes ?


Start: 12:02:48
End: 13:15:49
Chatters: alt, daviss, Khathu, Seventies, vkn

daviss: hello seventies

Seventies: hi daviss

daviss: hi

Seventies: What's good

daviss: you tell me cause I am clueless

Seventies: lol Morgan State is coming BUT without the band... :{ Who does that????

daviss: I don't blame you for that face Evidently Morgan State lol

Seventies: They are having 'fireworks' at half time..

daviss: Are you still going to the game?

Seventies: yes HECK yes.. there will be black people there.. lol lol lol

daviss: it would be funny if it was Megan State instead of Morgan lol lol

Seventies: lol Not really... lol

daviss: and they would all be Muuuuuuu lato people named Earls and Gary LOL LOL

Seventies: Not nice daviss... lol lol

daviss: lol lol lol now that would be funny

Seventies: You're just a funny lady, huh? lol

daviss: I suppose you want to spank my one typing finger right about now huh

Seventies: yep! lol So I tell you what, I copied all of the Plantations and properties from Adams Co. and didn't even post all.

daviss: well now I guess you will have to get your web page up and going

Seventies: Yes eventually. . . One step at a time :}

vkn: Greetings!

Seventies: hi vkn

daviss: have you taken one step yet? or are you still cruising sites

Seventies: yes... :)

daviss: hello vkn!

vkn: howdy daviss howdy seventies

Seventies: Still kind of cruising sites. But pretty sure about going with wix.

daviss: not taking about articles, I am meaning a home oh ok

vkn: howdy alt

alt: hello all

daviss: hello alt! Wix, is that a yearly thing Seventies or out right buy?

Seventies: A yearly subscription. But they do offer free sites. I will go with the paid subscription.

daviss: sounds good

Seventies: hi alt

alt: Hello daviss, seventies & vkn

vkn: and backatcha alt

daviss: well Seventies you have some good stuff to put up. heyy alt

Seventies: Hi Khathu

Khathu: Hello everyone

vkn: howdy khathu

daviss: hello khathu!

vkn: More changes at FB?

alt: hello Khathu

daviss: Will you keep the same name you use now or have you thought that far? oh really vkn, I have not been in today yet

vkn: Recd email daviss speaking of changes

daviss: huh

vkn: All beyond my comprehension

daviss: anyone else here get email

vkn: I am targeted for bad mail lol

daviss: I see

alt: I'm doing an AYWalton.... putting finishing touches for my keynote address tomorrow at the OHS UGRR Marker ceremony... I f'll follow Bennie McRae so I want to have my 'stuff' together LOL LOL I did on the FB changes, or to be aware of the upcoming changes

daviss: No doubt you will have it more than together alt

alt: lets' hope so daviss

daviss: no email for me yet. guess I am a ripple

vkn: What's being updated and why? "Both documents have new language to help you better understand: How advertising works on Facebook What to expect when it comes to using your name, profile picture, content and personal info with ads or commercial content How to control or remove apps you've used What data you're sharing with mobile devices Like always, we won't share the private information that you put on Facebook with advertisers without your permission."

daviss: I see

alt: seventies, wonder why WP didn't include Morgan States' band in the money guarantee for the game???? what kind of half time show do they have at the academy for their games?

Seventies: Oops.. brb y'all

vkn: No idea what that means Daviss. Could be scammy

daviss: mabe they figured Brick would try to be the Drum Major and they wanted to avoid the twirling of the baton lol

alt: that'll work for me daviss LOL LOL

daviss: lol lol

alt: twirling the baton, or sumpin' else LOL LOL

vkn: 18 month old shot and killed - Atlanta BB gun

daviss: I wish Ariz would have one of those tournament games here someone in family vkn?

vkn: I have a kin who will be in AZ National Tennis match in Oct Daviss Sherrie Barnes Not sure Daviss

daviss: oh how nice vkn. Would that happen to be in Tucson?

alt: is the a Jr. or Sr. Tournament vkn?

vkn: She is over 21 and I think Tuscon Father has his chest out when he speaks of her

alt: he should.... Trying to find the photo of Anita from 2003 when she was in Tucson for the Sr. National doubles championship.

daviss: brb


alt: Anita is in the back row 2nd from the left

vkn: check out Milledgeville host and like her page oops will check out Anita

alt: is that the timeline photo vkn?

vkn: I see Anita

Khathu: i'm back

vkn: She has a Blogazine and has focus on western life & style

alt: okay vkn, thanks .. she is your neice ????

vkn: yes and is a Pritchard Alt

daviss: ok back

alt: ah so, okay... very pretty young lady!!! Khathu, I had to 'back off' of the FB thread on slave owner in Virginia

Khathu: lol .....

vkn: what is essence of thread alt and khathu

Khathu: I'm done as well. I don't know how many ways one can explain that methodology and strategies are required/necessary in doing slave era research

alt: too specific and then when you look at the page it was really a commercial for a research company

Khathu: and genealogy research in general

vkn: did you see the thread daviss

alt: 4 steps to finding the virginia slave owner vkn

vkn: ahhhh ok

daviss: yes vkn I have been reading it

Khathu: but is it mainly talking about using the online VA birth registry database.

alt: and when you 'read' it ,, the steps zero in on a record set that only applies for dates 1853-???? right Khathu

vkn: link me up daviss

alt: and the author was a "guest" contributor to this research company's commercial page.

vkn: I see

Khathu: I added that slave era research is more than online databases and the researcher need to seek out the original document and analyze it for accurarcy and that when the discussion when south

alt: our 'commentary' was not too appreciated by the author of the article vkn

vkn: oops lol

alt: appreciated=appreciative

Khathu: alt your's was fine. it was my comments that the author had issues with.

alt: that's cause you're a "square peg' trying to fit into a 'round hole' Khathu LOL LOL

Khathu: lol lol

vkn: lol

Khathu: and i am trying to get people to examine, analyze and correlate records which are not applicable to those using the VA birth registry

alt: yep... you're talking 'strategy' as G.W. Bush would say I wonder why do folks leave the impression that one record .. or record type, is the magic bullet to ALL of one's research

Khathu: i am starting to realize that there is a new breed of researchers that are only interested in doing online research because it is easy

alt: yep, I just saw one where this person says & then asks ... "I looked at the 1900 census record for my grt=grandma... it said she had 3 children and only 1 is alive .... what happened to the other 2? as if the 1900 census record is going to tell her all she wants to know about grt-grandma ...

daviss: see alt, thats what I was saying yesterday, some folks have no idea what to do

alt: yep daviss

daviss: and we need to give a gentle nudge without being sarcastic

Khathu: with the census it needs to be used as a guide especially since we don't know who the informant was

alt: and when you try to help them by asking a question then you come off as a "know-it-all' and are downplaying what they are attempting to do.

Khathu: i would agree with daviss, unfortunately most people want you to provide them with the answer

alt: it is a "kill the messenger' type of mentality ... and I'm tired of being killed LOL LOL

Khathu: so when you start asking questions and providing them with strategies you are ignored or seen as a know it all like alt said

alt: most of these guys are 'drive-by' genealogists and I 'be's' tired of being shot at LOL LOL

Khathu: lol lol

daviss: I think I said this before when I first started researching and came here to chat. I was intimidated by the answers given to me but I kept coming back until I was comfortable. I wasn't a drive by but really wanted to learn

alt: you took a licking and kept on ticking, huh daviss?

daviss: I learned over the years now who are users and who are sincere

alt: yep, there are givers & there are takers

vkn: amen amen

daviss: I remember when I was working and would email to my co workers in caps I was called into the office and was accused of being a hater

vkn: oops

daviss: I had no idea that Caps meant shouting and no one ever told me that was what it meant

alt: What's wrong with caps lol lol

daviss: all it took would have been a Hey Vicky so now I think I have developed a kind of sympathy for some because of that experience in all avenues of my life

vkn: hey vicky lol lol lol

alt: You're just a caring type person daviss

daviss: Like here on the forum, all it takes is wishing those good luck in their research when it comes to that point when they become users and takers

alt: yep.. good luck & good

daviss: now thats my story and I am sticking to it :?

alt: hang in there partner!!!!!

daviss: oh I am cool now partner lol

vkn: waaaaayyyyyy to go daviss

Khathu: very classy

daviss: you can't punish all by the actions of a few

vkn: smooooth operator

alt: 'cept you don't know nothing bout football daviss LOL LOL LOL

daviss: heyyyyyyyyy!

vkn: y'all be good

alt: guess I'd better scoot on outa here too ... GO BROWNS!!!

daviss: ok alt Go Cardinals and go Donte Moak lol

Khathu: ttyl

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