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Start: 12:04:01
End: 12:58:36
Chatters: alt, daviss, vkn

vkn: praying hands at the lincoln memorial howdy alt

alt: hello vkn, how goes it today?

vkn: Going well and thanx for the PRITCHARD response

alt: the 1860 lisitng of Pritchard/Pritchet ... yep, I think I have them all in my database.

vkn: and how are you alt

alt: I'm doing fine, thank you ma'am

vkn: I recall you mentioning them a while back I am seeking a match for Othello PRITCHARD

daviss: hi alt and vkn!

vkn: Also John Sydney PRITCHARD Howdy Daviss

daviss: got caught up on sneaky sneaky vkn lol

alt: Hello daviss,

daviss: hi alt!

vkn: lol an that is good daviss Been listening to Morehouse choir on YouTube

daviss: lil ones-e twos-e a day on Talking

alt: those names don't ring a bell with me vkn,sorry

vkn: Its ok alt as I said I was strictly fishing

daviss: How are you two making out today?

alt: vkn, here is the early Townsend connection I mentioned A.M.E. pastor born in Gallipolis, Ohio in 1841 ...

vkn: I am good daviss Just having Coffee Thanx a mil alt You are a prize

alt: yw, vkn tell that to Anita LOL LOL

vkn: lol lol lol

alt: Any comments on the MOW celebration? IMHO, they seem to be romanticizing the "time" ... if last year when in Cincinnati I can understand the 'low' interest... I would bet there weren't 50 people of color seen when I was there and none were in the exhibitor's area when I was there.

vkn: As you know "wheet" fokes are not interested in "slave" narratives

alt: exactly vkn

vkn: As you know "wheet" fokes are not interested in "slave" narratives even though their kin and ancestors are mentioned over and over

alt: and vicky can tell you when we were in Ft. Wayne a couple of years ago we probably didn't have over 100 folks stop by the AfriGeneas booth... and this was at a Black genealogy conference.

vkn: We be slow to spend money as Black peeps

daviss: If so mabe that is the problem

alt: good point daviss....

vkn: Prob is a combination of things daviss most are technical True Alt

alt: really vkn... you think not.... I'll defer to your assessment.

daviss: except for dna testing alt don't you think it has always been that way..We just have a venue to search that we did not have before. All we knew back in the day was hitting the street and go to the courthouse to search

alt: so very true daviss... venue's and resources are available today that weren't there as recent as 2-3 years ago, I'm just sorry to see the 'gold mine' as vkn describes it falling to the pressures of branding & marketing.

daviss: cept for Family Search. so far free

vkn: Well Alt and Daviss the 1870 is reported to be the least reliable due to massive movement of people

alt: and even Familysearch is into 'marketing' their services and products... the 'databases" & searches are free, but everything else has a cost ... often hidden

vkn: OFTEN hidden in plain view Yet there is little to none focusing the period of Black Reconstruction

daviss: we could be playing "Candy Crush" lol lol lol

vkn: now daviss tsk tsk tsk

daviss: lol

alt: vkn, I think 1870 is 'tough' because folks are often NOT where we think they should be for one and then the fact that they are identified by surnames we not be expecting

vkn: That is in part why I say untapped resource Alt

alt: okay vkn.. I see where you're coming from as 'untapped' oh my...

vkn: He is post surgical cancer says he does not like being around people

alt: depression ??? trauma ????

daviss: he may not want peeps feeling sorry for him

alt: daviss, thanks for the 'shout-out' on AfriGeneas... very much appreciated!!!!

vkn: " I had a dream and woke to a nightmare"

daviss: no problem alt!!!

vkn: Yes very nice daviss and a great reward for all of your background and out front work alt

alt: thank you too, vkn

vkn: I think that Dominique is a phony y'all

daviss: who is that vkn?

vkn: the person posting "I need help" daviss

alt: phony, or perhaps one of those 'drive-by' genealogists vkn

daviss: oh, ok.. well phony or no, I have done all I need to do and the rest is up to him

alt: you bet daviss !!!!

vkn: absolutely you did good daviss and I like the "driveby..." expression alt

alt: some of these younger folks don't realize that genealogy & family history is a marathon & not a sprint... they're in too big of a hurry and want everything right now

vkn: true y'all be good

daviss: ha! you too vkn lol

alt: and careful too

daviss: yeah lol

alt: well, tennis this afternnon & evening Venus, Serena & James Blake

daviss: ok alt you take care and 3 wins today

alt: lets' hope so .. bye .. I got the lights & the chairs LOL LOL

daviss: Go Cardinals!!

alt: naw!!!!

daviss: later partner

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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