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2013-08-26 • Ordination in Mississippi


Start: 12:05:08
End: 13:09:05
Chatters: alt, daviss, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Good afternoon lovelies!

daviss: hello there Seventies!

Seventies: Hi daviss!

daviss: How's it going?

Seventies: well, it didn't take long for me to get annoyed at work.

daviss: LOL I was just going to ask if you had gotten grounded yet at work

Seventies: But we're not going to discuss that. I have about 5 more ordinations from the book we discussed yesterday.

daviss: kinda bossy huh

Seventies: I worked on doing the transcriptions for that. Trying not to dwell on the negatives...

daviss: did you put the five up yet

Seventies: No not yet. I'm glad that I was able to get those things.

daviss: that was really great to see. Good job on picking it out..Valuable

Seventies: Thanks, I was just trying to get every document in the book. I have a big old court case I am planning on going over. Its doubtful that I will find any genealogical information on my family, but I am just curious on how these people lost their property.

alt: Hey sistuh's, what's up?

Seventies: I also found out that Ben's Corner, our family property, was named for my great grandfather's brother Benjamin Washington. Hi alt. How's it going?

daviss: did you ask about using your camera/phone. I think I remember Khathu saying they charged him a dollar a copy if he used his SMH

Seventies: I ALWAYS use my camera at the courthouse. FREE is better than even one cent.

daviss: I agree but I was surprised that they still charged him a dollar a copy

alt: doing fine daviss, how bout you?

Seventies: alt, I have some documents that may be of interest to you. some AME ordinations I came across from Wilkinson and Adams County, MS from the late 1800's

daviss: very well so far this morning thanks

alt: I ain't 'bout to ask Seventies .. how she's doing ... I read back in the chat log LOL

Seventies: lol Did you read my follow up? lol

alt: bout property???

Seventies: No, about not dwelling on the negative.

alt: oh yes, & good, happy to hear you're dwelling on the positive,, course you didn't say exactly that, but ......

Seventies: yep. :} So I was saying that I found some ordinations in the Colored Marriage record book from 1867 - 1869 from Wilkinson C ounty, MS There were some from Louisiana, Adams Co. and Wilkinson Co. MS. One of the records was for an ordination of an Elder into the AME church. Another for a deacon in the Baptist church.

alt: great!!! those records you're transcribing and putting online will be invaluable to others in the future Seventies

Seventies: It appears from the records that I looked at the Elders had greater responsibilities than the ministers or deacons.

alt: a cosuin, Sheila Farmer Clay did something similar for a few counties in this area on 'people of color' back in the 1980's and they are a "boon" to genealogists just now coming on board today.

Seventies: okay. I only have a few as I could only get one book this time.

alt: cousin ... so keep up the good work Seventies !!!!!!!!

Seventies: thanks alt!

daviss: How many pages to the book seventies

Seventies: roughly about 600-650 daviss

daviss: wow!

Seventies: All pages for that timeframe are filled. 1867-1869

alt: she did Black B.M. & D records for Champaign Co., Ohio 1864-1907 and I still reference my copies of those records today as I'm connecting families.

Seventies: So I'm working now on tracking down the men who signed the bonds for some of my known relatives. I had so much success with Jack Westrope, I thought I'd try my hand at some of my other family members

alt: wonderful!!!!! he was an Elder, Minister????

Seventies: No Jack Westrop was the brother of my direct ancestor Scott Washington.

alt: ah so, okay

Seventies: Stephen Earls in this instance of the ordination that I posted I presumed was the uncle of my gg grandaunts Kate and Jane. His marriage license appears on the very next page after his ordination certificate. I will have to go back and verify this.

alt: these are A.M.E. ordinations??

Seventies: Not Stephen Earls. he was First General Baptist out of Louisiana. Their African Council, but I do have one for the AME church. This gentleman, whose name escapes me right now, was ordained as an elder in the AME

alt: Religious research is another whole animal, just like slavery research...

Seventies: Right, but what is unique about these records is that I have never seen ordination certificates in a marriage license booklet. It was a great way to preserve these records.

alt: daviss, my Browns came back down to earth after Saturday's whupping was put on them :( boo hoo LOL

Seventies: smh I am boring you all? lol lol lol

alt: not at all. I like your 'enthusiasm'

daviss: and to solidy that the person/persons doing the marriage were legal

Seventies: right. Of course the documents are signed by the members of the approving council... another link to the communty and in the case of the AME certificate, by the bishop

daviss: and my Cards went down to kindergarden level alt smh

Seventies: Well guess who is playing at West Point on Friday?? Morgan State University. I CANNOT wait to see the band!

daviss: stepping high!

alt: I wonder Seventies .. do any of the HBCU's in the area ..Alcorn, Grambling, etc. have these type of records in their archives?

Seventies: I've already got my orange and blue lined up for my nail polish! lol Sorry I have to support Morgan State 110%! What types of records alt? You mean team game schedules?

alt: Morgan State is playing West Point??

Seventies: yessir!

alt: No Seventies, those type of records you're accumulating.

Seventies: I don't know what kinds of holdings that their archives have.

alt: WOW.. go on Morgan State... that is a step up in the scheduling ...the military academy I'm saying it would be wonderful if they had those types of records Seventies ... hint, hint LOL

Seventies: Remember back in the day, those boys would have never played an HBCU for fear of a good old fashioned whipping on the field. oh.... lol lol lol

alt: You could start the L.T. Lanier Collection :)

Seventies: I know, huh? :}

alt: yep

Seventies: that was always one of my dreams was to get a large collection of books and donate them to an institution. I really fouled that up by giving my collection to the local Baptist Church. Won't make that mistake again.

alt: coming up this Saturday .... Adams marker dedication .....

daviss: what did they do with them Seventies?

Seventies: Nothing.

daviss: What did you expect then to do?

Seventies: You know how much I love books and papers and historical documents.

daviss: Great Alt!!!

Seventies: daviss at least open the collection to the African-American community. But I realize that I could've done this myself. Lesson learned.

daviss: so if I go to the church I will not be able to view them?

alt: yep. Seventies

Seventies: If you can find them.... :( So again, on to the positive. Alt will this be recorded for later viewing? The event?

daviss: so I am assuming that you went to see lol

Seventies: yes... and you know me, I have spies everywhere.

alt: right Seventies. I suggested to St. Paul A.M.E. church found in 1824 by some of my ancestors that they have their books, logs & ledgers photographed & perhaps digitized and the 'folks in power' looked at me as if I was crazy

daviss: I wonder if they are utilized on Church reunion days etc

Seventies: alt.... we just don't take advantage of technology.... I'll leave it right there.

alt: I think it will be taped Seventies .. if so I'll see that my 'friends' get a copy

Seventies: I'm just exhausted with giving out good ideas and suggestions.

alt: that does include you Seventies LOL LO re: friends

Seventies: That would be awesome alt. :} I think that I have enough photos on my Facebook page to create a book.... what do you all think? daviss, y'all includes you too... lol

alt: yep... have you thought of organizing them into "albums" of different categories?

Seventies: I already have them categorized. Pretty well I think.

alt: my partner knows it includes her Seventies, just wanted to let you were included to ... as a 'youngun' LOL LOL

daviss: very well could be Seventies..Anthony bought me Freedom which has 500 pages of pics

vkn: Daviss Alt Seventies !!!!!

alt: tardy slip me vkn... where is it? LOL

vkn: lol lol

Seventies: vkn is over there getting her meals custom made by her son... lol

daviss: In fact that would be a great book for you to submit to a library Seventies

vkn: I wish seventies lol

alt: there you go daviss, see Seventies, the L.T. Lanier Collection is already off to a good start.

daviss: In fact two libraries since lots of those pics include Chicago peeps

Seventies: Not many Chicago folks, many many Detroit folks lol

daviss: ok then 3 libraries :?

Seventies: oh daviss is feeling sassy today, eh.... lol

alt: Chicago, Detroit .. same difference Seventies ... Up South folks LOL

daviss: I would kill to see something like that in Marshall texas

vkn: Heyyy yall add pics of family events to the Reunion forum. That should be fun and invite/encourage others to do so as well

daviss: will mabe not kill lol

Seventies: lol

alt: 'Sippi folks who done gone Up South

vkn: or out south lol

Seventies: that reminds me, I need to look up this photo studio in Merdian, MS

vkn: My tardy is trying to hire a new cleaning lady Alt and y'all

alt: vkn, meant to tell you .. sho can see some vkn in Muriel LOL LOL

vkn: thankee alt lol she /Muriel is trying to remember when she said yes lol

daviss: lol

alt: tell her .. too late. the 'do' is 'done'

vkn: lol lol lol

Seventies: Alright I need to get back to work because there is PLENTY of it. lol You all have a good day!

alt: still haven't made it to see the "Butler" any of y'all seen it?

vkn: Friend in Santa Barbara went and had an emotional break during the event. Still recovering

alt: is that right, wow!!!

vkn: emotional She is 90

alt: maybe I'd better stay home

daviss: yes vkn I am understanding its a very powerful film

vkn: I do not plan to see

alt: hey y'all .. gotta scoot, laters

daviss: neighbor next door boo hoo'd just telling me

vkn: Yes healing is a lifetime process Daviss process

daviss: I will go sometime this week hopefully

vkn: Tell me about it back to your project

daviss: and go today or tomorrow to vote for city council

vkn: okies I may call a bit later when I start your death cert search take all care

daviss: ok vkn take care

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