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2013-08-25 • Evers "Stand Your Ground"


Start: 11:06:26
End: 12:42:37
Chatters: alt, khathu, vkn

vkn: ping me when you enter

alt: Hi vkn, how's your Sunday morning going?

vkn: heyyyyyyy how you be Thinking of uploading a gedcom to ancestry Updating my reading and it is not that simple Each program reads the GEDCOM differently

alt: oh???

vkn: That is what I am reading All new to me from what I did in past

alt: I know each genealogy program may 'construct' their database a little differently, but I thought the GEDCOM process asked for 'options' to be followed that made all GEDCOM's "equal".

vkn: So much stuff I have not kept up with except on the fly Not equal as I am understanding my reading At least for my program "Reunion"

alt: from roots magic "b. Data to export – Mark the check boxes of the information you want to export: notes, sources, LDS information, addresses, to-do tasks, multimedia links, correspondence log, note formatting (bold, etc.), and extra details (RootsMagic specific tags)."

vkn: okies I will post when I find my notes

alt: hmmn, interesting if there are differences in creating a GEDCOM file by program so what else is new? did you watch C-Span yesterday?

vkn: My understanding may be off Yes I listened to the Shelby Steele interview

alt: why have you decided to upload a file to Ancestry? if I may ask LOL

vkn: Well I like FT BUT it is too laborious

alt: I missed him, probably best I did LOL

vkn: Ancestry has a nice feature of saving and sourcing docs and downloading the desired doc

alt: GEDCOM... when I upload to Tribal Pages I just say "export all" and check off the option boxes and bingo, all 23k+ kols with the data I want to include are uploaded.

vkn: that is one reason and turning this stuff over to non mac users is another to have a common platform

alt: ah so,,, could the MAC platform be part of your problem???

vkn: I think so as well as the bits of the browser 32 as opposed to 64 bits

alt: that may be....

vkn: Too much for this shrinking brain lol How are plans coming for your reunion?

alt: I hear ya.... I'm 'hanging on' and trying to stay up to date and current, but it is very difficult... changes are coming too fast and too frequent

vkn: Egypt is over erupting may be readying for war Makes Barack seem toothless Changes are indeed minute to minute

alt: Okay, far as I know.... the young cousin in charge of the marker dedication ceremony has done a fine job in getting the city of Urbana, Ohio and the County & State folks involved with the preparations, publicity and also some financial assisance.

vkn: Soooooo nice when the younguns take charge

alt: yes it is....

vkn: How many participants are you expecting

alt: dunno about the attendance, but I would expect possibly a couple hundred for the marker dedication and then perhaps more for the music concert which will follow the marker program

vkn: How many participants are you expecting/anticipating Music concert by pianist cousin?

alt: main speakers will be Bennie McRae, Carl Westmoreland from the UGRR Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Glenda Greenwood, Pres. of Ohio Historical Society, with several Proclamations to be read by city, county & state officials and Mark the cousin in charge has asked me to be the Keynote Speaker.

vkn: Way to go Mr KeyNoter !!!!!

alt: music, no .. it will be several local groups, one being John Legend's brother and the emcee will be from a Columbus, Ohio radio station.

vkn: So proud of ya ahhhhhhh Legend

alt: I'm sure Mark will be having the ceremony taped .. if so we'll get a copy to you when they become available.

vkn: So was the march on Washington good. I did not see Thanx for record of the ceremony Alt

alt: I really enjoyed watching it .. and Mrylie Evers-Williams gave a 'dynamite" speech... she is one impressive lady!!!!!!

vkn: I heard that she was super

alt: she took the term "Stand Your Ground" and gave it an entirely differnt and reflective meaning.

vkn: hmmmm I will have to find and listen

alt: you will enjoy what she had to say

vkn: I see the memorial in D of C is continuing today Wonder where peeps be getting the money to participate

alt: in my mind ALL of the other speakers paled in comparison to her.. the other's were "vanilla" and said what would be expected.. she was very original in her thoughts.

vkn: Thanx for the EVERS alert Alt

alt: yw vkn

vkn: MAAGI FB page is interesting

alt: Pearl-Alice seems to be getting into her project... I think it is really going to be great, she doesn't do things in a small way

khathu: hello alt and vkn

alt: I haven't looked at, or joined the MAAGI page as yet vkn

vkn: True that about Pearl Alice although not sure what life stuff she is seeking on the loggers

alt: hello khathu .. good to see ya

vkn: Khathu howdy I see you went to the Dream memorial

alt: I think she wants to get into their 'life style' and events surrounding them beyond the vital statistics of records (B, M, D)

vkn: I ordered the Pearl Alice logger list by State and found two from GA they were/are brothers

alt: I saw that vkn and she responded they were her fathers best firends, right?

vkn: Newspaper reading may be best bet yes dads best friends

alt: I think so .. newspapers & her recollections

khathu: Yes, I did go down for a couple of hours. I will actually participate in the march on August 28, 2013

alt: wonderful khathu !!!!!!

khathu: I just posted some pictures from the event yesterday

vkn: grrrrrrrreattttt khathu

alt: I was telling vkn, I watched it on TV for a couple of hours on C-Span

khathu: We are having a Black Out at work on Wednesday (all of the Black employees are taking a slick day)

alt: is that right

vkn: Not sure why I was not motivated to watch Good show Khathu Hope all stick/slick together

khathu: what i realized that this the civil rights organizations (urban league, naacp, sclc, etc.) are all suffering from an identity crisis. they are trying to be all things to all oppressed people and trying to address/support every issue this minumizes their effectiveness

vkn: Prolly so

alt: nothing new there khathu, it was the same in 1963 with the NAACP/Urban League... some of the others may of had specific areas they were addressing in the civil rights area.

khathu: I think it was a little more clear on their demographics and constituents were then as opposed to now

alt: voter registration was one, jobs was another, but it was still all about equality across the board ... as I remember

khathu: not the march per say, i am referring to the mission of the the actual organizations

alt: me too

khathu: the missions were a little more clear and as a result the activities of the individual organizations were aligned. that is not the case today

alt: vkn, you probably belonged to both the NAACP & the Urban League as I did.

vkn: indeed

khathu: So why did you belong to both

alt: khathu, I think it is at a different level today... then it was about "integration"

vkn: Husband worked for Urban League

khathu: that makes sense

alt: I don't think we thought of those organizations as an 'either/or' in those days.. I grew up in the integrated North, but I never hada Black teacher, saw a Black policeman/fireman, store clerk, bank teller or any Black in any position of authority in my hometown of Piqua, Ohio

khathu: I see

alt: and this was still true in the 1960's after I had graduated from college. as they say .. I knew I was 'colored', but didn't know I was Black until I went to college, an HBCU, in 1952.

vkn: lol

khathu: I'm off to go see the Butler Have a great day everyone

alt: my first exposure to 'legal' segregration was when I flew into Montgomery, Alabama in 1956. oh, oh , he got me started LOL LOL

vkn: lol lol Well its a good not to be forgotten beginning

alt: vkn, sometimes I get confused by the young folks... they say they want to hear from their elders, but I ='m not sure they want to 'listen' to us and hear our WAR stories LOL

vkn: Intolerant and see us as Toms and Tammies

alt: very much so vkn

vkn: Little or no analytic thinking from the youth I like what you said about Evers theme "stand your ground"

alt: heck, some of us took as much, if not more heat, in a different way than the giants they revere.

vkn: True oh so true

alt: yes vkn, it was powerful.... she was saying if you don't "stand your ground today' you will lose all of the progress of yesterday.

vkn: I must find and listen Take all care alt

alt: you too vkn, laters

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