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2013-08-16 • "Good Black Folks"


Start: 12:09:13
End: 13:04:29
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Selma, vkn

vkn: Howdy Mr alt

alt: Hi Ms VKN, how you doing today?

vkn: purty good and thee? Getting the Dragon Dictate app so i can talk rather than use fingers except to make corrections

alt: I'm doing well,,,, looking at posting by some of the 'younger' generation of genealogists & family historians .... why do they think some of their situations are so unique & rare? we've bee seeing what they are talking about for 20+ years, at least.

vkn: I guess it is just the generation gap

alt: You're too 'techie' for me LOL scared of you!!!! LOL

vkn: lol oops smiley seems to be broken As you know you can tell a youngster BUT not much

alt: I just read a DNA story by Roberta Estes published this year on the LaForce family that we wrote about on AfriGeneas in 1999... "Grandma Reno's Story".... she was "proving" the N/A ancestry of Grandma Reno's "grandmother" thru DNA testing that has been done. Hello Selma & AYWalton

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. Howdy alt, Mizz Selma. Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!

vkn: and I find posing a question as the best way to teach in a manner that everybody wins

Selma: Good friday afternoon alt, AY, and vkn

vkn: Selma and AYW!!!!!!!!! howdy y'all

AYWalton: fine, (except for allergies--and sinus) and you?

alt: And vkn, Roberta Estes "pooh-pooh" ed my story about Grandma Reno when I related it to her at an OGS Conference almost 10 years ago.

Selma: We have "cooler weather" here AY..helping with the allergies and sinus..thank goodness

AYWalton: It is cooler here as well. But it's not the heat, it's humidity and ragweek.

alt: football weather, fall is in the air here in Ohio

Selma: All this greenery is pretty to look at..but it does cause issues..

vkn: Alt it just goes to know ya that right always comes out on top even ten years later

Selma: What part was she pooh pooing alt?

vkn: Alt you be standing and researching from terra ferma

alt: I guess vkn.. I know it sure makes me feel better to know my 'genealogy & research' are solid and are now being proved thru DNA test results

AYWalton: vkn, can you repost the link from yesterday? I was not able to copy it, and could not re-enter the page.

vkn: AMEN to that alt I will send in an e mail AYW

alt: the whole story Selma of the British Raid, capture of slaves and the connection with N/A in my family.

Selma: Well make sure you remind her..did she give you credit in the article?

AYWalton: Thanks so much, vkn.

alt: not a word Selma, but it was on "why" N/A DNA may not show in your test results

AYWalton: alt you should touch base with Estes again. I'm just sayin'.... :)


AYWalton: You now, "I told ya so." :)

alt: I have AYWalton and now we're "cousins" lol

AYWalton: now that's too funny!!

vkn: Angela AYW you have mail

alt: yep lol lol

vkn: Let me know if that works AY

AYWalton: I shall let you know. Thanks.

alt: I responded to that posting in the comments section with my genealogy showing the connection to Hannah, her mother Betty & and her sister Candis, Hannah's sister & Grandma Reno's mother.

vkn: Did y'all see the link from David

Selma: No what link

alt: oh, okay Selma.

AYWalton: exactly that is what I mean, too alt, take her back.

vkn: I found a related collection, the papers of ASWPL founder Jessie Daniel Ames, at UNC. The cool thing about this collection is that UNC has digitized the documents in the collection and you can access at this site,Jessie_Daniel.html

AYWalton: UNC has a great online collection.

alt: that's a great site vkn... UNC Library... a favorite of mine on the site is "Sons of Allen" about the AME church by Horace Talbert.... all 700+ pages with photos of early AME ministers.

AYWalton: So does the Georgia Virtual Vault oh wow-----I need to see that of the AME ministers. I am looking for a photo of Spottswood Rice.

vkn: I will be checkin out the sons of Allen. Thanx alt

daviss: hello all!

AYWalton: Howdy daviss!1

alt: Hello daviss

vkn: heyyyyyyy daviss

daviss: sorry I am late, lost track of time

vkn: Get a switch daviss lol lol

Selma: Ok are excused.. LOL

AYWalton: Did AfriGeneas miss the FT Magazine Top 101 List again? wassup Mizz daviss?

alt: Sons of Allen link

vkn: Thanx

AYWalton: thanks alt!!!

alt: yw y'all LOL

daviss: too much to mention AYWalton and it ain't very pretty

AYWalton: oh Lawd hab mercy!!!

Selma: I would tell you to have a drink daviss..but it is too early in the morning where you are

AYWalton: oh go ahead and mix some orange juice with it and have a sip. :)

Selma: LOL

daviss: thanks for putting it on my mind lol b rb

AYWalton: (as we are all contributing to the delinquency of daviss.) lol

alt: been reading about this last WDYTYA show and the Quaker invovlment with slavery..... I think it isn't too well understood that while the Quaker's may have eventually become anti-slavery that didn't mean that they were pro-Black.

AYWalton: alt, I think that the point was mentioned only slightly, but I was glad that it was said. Folks may not have liked slavery, but they didn't necessarily like black folks. And we have to learn that and understand that. Alt that is why folks are so devastated when they hear of Indians owning slaves, too---we want somebody to like us. And we have to learn that we have to like ourselves first.

alt: yep AYWalton , I like the definition you & Terry now use "5 slave-holding tribes" in lieu of "5 civilized tribes"

Selma: AY..I will never forget when you gave your talk for our group back in the 1990's..folks were in shock Most thought they were coming to the Pow Wow...

AYWalton: oh yes, we say that all the time.

vkn: Nice phrase

AYWalton: I know. I have had folks so distraught. Especially when they are sitting there wearing all that turquoise. then they don't know what to do next.

vkn: lol lol lol

alt: and for me the clincher with this DNA stuff and back to Africa... what do you do when you discover your "folks" were among the chief traders with the colonial powers in supplying folks as 'slaves'.

AYWalton: I have sometimes also had to finish a sentence for them, that they never have uttered. For example---they find out that they are not Indian and they start out ---so they were just...... and I finish it for them----they were just good black folks.

vkn: culluds

AYWalton: Just good black folks----they have never used that term. Just colored, or just black, and work GOOD is never used.

alt: not Indian, but Portuguese, Turkish, Moor ... anything but Black LOL LOL

AYWalton: Just good black folks---it is kind of like a new concept. we don't even call ourselves that.

vkn: as dee woodtor says ABB

AYWalton: and for many is it just "(n-word)".

vkn: so sad

AYWalton: How many of us are walking around carrying identity baggage.

Selma: I don't understand the Portuguese fascination are we talking about "white Europeans" from Portugal..who were major slave traders aren't

AYWalton: we have Indian blankets wrapped around that image as well.

alt: exactly Selma

AYWalton: and being "just good black folks" is a new concept. Oh-----did any of you catch yesterday's outrageous attack on Harriet Tubman, by that Russell Simmons guy.

alt: and there were many. many , many GOOD Black folks!!!!!

Selma: I saw the thread...he took it down..

AYWalton: He has since apologized and removed it.

vkn: Haven't we always said "good white folk"

AYWalton: Insane yes we have---but even we have never said, good black folks!!

alt: he was a 'good' slave master.... always sounded screwy to me

AYWalton: nothing wrong with being poor, country, simple, and good black folks.

daviss: I saw the thread also. Do you think he had anything to do with that

Selma: Yes he did daviss..

vkn: and that is good AYW glad to see the usage. Language is sooooo powerful

AYWalton: seriously. good country folk---but the image is white folks. but do we ever refer to ourselves as good folks?

alt: it came down from YouTube, but it is still floating around on the 'Net.

AYWalton: even among ourselves?

Selma: I do AY

AYWalton: so often I finish the they were just------and I interject---not with just Black, I always say, "just good black folks". And I say it slowly. They have never heard the term.

Selma: Folks..have to run ... friend is moving out of state going to lunch

AYWalton: ok Selma.

vkn: lol

AYWalton: Have a good one.

alt: I think sometime we (Black folk) get hung up on the the "Giants" like Douglass, King, Tubman and also being the "first" like Robinson, and others ... we do forget about the "common folk" that made major contributions

AYWalton: precisely my point.

Selma: Bye

daviss: so true alt

AYWalton: some of our folks were simple God fearing county, good folks. and we have to say that. and then being Indian is not quite so important. well I am going to read the rest of the genea-drama online. Lots of stuff going on.

vkn: so we do not need to be lowly

AYWalton: or feel lowly.

daviss: hmmmm

vkn: as Beecher-Stowe says

AYWalton: and Paul Laurence Dunbar with Lyrics of Lowly Life. well I had better run folks. Have good afternoon.

vkn: thanx

AYWalton: sorry I won't see you in Ft. Wayne next week, alt.

daviss: ok bye AYWalton

AYWalton: take care.

alt: for sure.. the share-cropper who put his kids thru HS & College is just as important to our story as the "Giants" IMHO

daviss: mine too alt!

alt: yep daviss

daviss: I would love to go see The Butler today

vkn: also known as salt of the earth

daviss: it comes out today

alt: Anita has said I'm taking her to see it Sunday... no if's, and's or but's about it LOL LOL

vkn: lol

daviss: good for Anita lol and take a hanky

vkn: It sounds powerful

alt: we were going tomorrow, but I'm going back to the "old" country for a birthday party for a couisn,,, her 70th

daviss: ahhhh ok 70 is a good milestone these days too

alt: gonna do some genealogy stuff and have a mini-reunion getting caught up with the kids of the younger generations of this family line

vkn: Not to worry bout the youngsters alt I mean those glued at facebook

alt: vkn, I'm hoping to show some of them "who they are" or at least "who their family is" LOL LOL

vkn: they will grow/mature in time lol

daviss: ok alt...I guess i will head out myself and cruise the net...take care alt and vkn

vkn: okies

daviss: bye

vkn: will call you alt

alt: have a good one daviss.. the sunshine is just behind this latest cloud okay vkn

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