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2013-08-12 • Leavell in SC


Start: 12:02:51
End: 12:59:24
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Khathu, Selma, vkn

daviss: Heyyy alt hi there alt!

alt: Hello daviss, how are you doing today?

daviss: I am well, what about you?

alt: doing fine, did the 'usual' tour of facebook pages this morning.

daviss: lol I saw that, and read your response

alt: Hello Selma

Selma: Good afternoon alt and daviss

daviss: Hello there Selma!

Selma: OOps mornin daviss

daviss: lol no problem Selma

alt: on the DNA front daviss, be careful of what you ask for ... I've had an unusual number of request for genome sharing this past week... about 6-7 and they are all over the place Black & white.

daviss: lol now you know you don't have to accept all.. I looked last night and have no new ones on 23. I do have 5 this morning from Ancestry which are way out in the universe i am not that fond of Ancestry

alt: me neither, I don't even bother to go to their page for "new" relatives anymore... you can't do much with their search features on ancestryDNA.

daviss: I transferred my data from 23 to FTDNA in May but still have not been able to move their results to Gedmatch

alt: Selma,poor Tiger, huh? what do you get when you transfer 23andme results to FTDNA? matches on Family Finder? anything beyond that?

daviss: I keep getting an error msg and two responses from them saying that they are working on the problem but don't have a time limit

HistoryBuff: Hey all How's it going?

alt: hello HistoryBuff, how goes it?

vkn: Good howdy to all

Selma: Yep wasn't his best Afternoon History buff

alt: howdy Ms vkn

Selma: Afternoon vkn

daviss: I just want to see if the tools they use are comparable to 23 and if different how much hello HistoryBuff

vkn: afternoon alt daviss History Selma

alt: FTDNA tools on FTDNA daviss? Oops FTDNA tools compared to 23andme tools daviss?

daviss: and of course everyone that utilized Family Finder may not download the results to Gedmatch so that may be another plus to pick up cousins

Selma: VKN..did Mary Denton's will give you any information

daviss: yes alt hello vkn

HistoryBuff: Howdy Selma Daviss Vkn

vkn: Yes it did but will require more research

HistoryBuff: Did. I miss anyone?

vkn: Will is 4 pages 11x17

alt: LOL @ vkn.... answers seem to always lead to more questions, huh vkn?

vkn: Too many

HistoryBuff: Hey alt

alt: what's up HistoryBuff?

Selma: You printed it out vkn? Or copied it Afternoon Khathu

alt: Hello Khathu

Khathu: Hello alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma and vkn

vkn: Made xerox copies of entire will Selma

daviss: hello khathu

Selma: OK good...

vkn: howdy doody Khathu

alt: vkn, is the Will on FamilySearch for Alabama Estate Records?

HistoryBuff: Hey Khathu

vkn: It is Georgia Alt and did not explore on familySearch as yet

alt: Oops, GA, not Alabama

Khathu: I just located a petition pertaining to the division of the enslaved property of Frances Leavell that she received from her husband John in 1826. Frances' children were attempting to get their mother to sell the four enslaved individuals. One of them may be my gggg grandmother and her mother

Selma: Wow What state and county is this?

Khathu: Newberry District, South Carolina

Selma: You found on line?

vkn: Interesting Khathu

Khathu: I found the reference online but I wrote to the SC Archive for the the actual record. Frances' son Robert Leavell married Eliza Booze. Eliza's father Henry gave her Laura as a wedding present. Laura is my ggg grandmother.

alt: Khathu, you've been having some success here lately... how many family lines have you uncovered and are now working on?

Khathu: After his death he gave her two additional enslaved individuals Isaac and Martha I was unaware that Eliza's husband had any enslaved property of his own. So this is definitely a new discovery.

vkn: wonderful

alt: Khathu, do all or most of these family lines end up in Texas?

Khathu: atl I am working on maybe 5 lines at the moment

alt: wonderful Khathu, that is great!!!!!

Khathu: All of them with the exception of my paternal grandfather's line. They are divided between Louisiana and North carolina

HistoryBuff: Indeed

alt: okay, & the NC folks ended up in Brazil, Indana, right?

Khathu: I'm a scatter brain so it works best for me to work on multiple lines at the same time No they ended up in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

vkn: Whatever works Khathu

alt: me too Khathu. that's also my approach and this way you always have something else to look for when you hit a wall on one family

Khathu: The Brazil, Indiana folks are my ggg grandfather's sister family. They relocated from Goochland County, VA to Brazil, Indiana exactly alt

alt: you do have folks that ended up in Brazil, IN tho' Khathu?

Khathu: Yes, I do Betsy (nee Ransom) Harris and some of her children I am not sure if her husband Isham Harris died before, during and after the trip to Indiana

Selma: When did they migrate to Indiana?

alt: right, Brazil is about 10-15 miles from my Thomas family in Greencastle, IN and these people "hit' Indiana at approximately the same time.

Khathu: Betsy died in Brazil, IN in 1910. They migrated there in the mid-1880s

alt: they were from NC tho' Khathu, right?

Khathu: No Goochland County, VA

alt: Oops, I'll get it straight eventually LOL

Khathu: lol

vkn: Selma at least the Denton Will shows the other two named Mary are nieces and she has a son James A Denton

alt: there was a BIG migration/recruitment effort to that part of Indiana in the mi-to-late 1880's by the A.M.E. church folks to work in the quarry's in that area.

Khathu: I am pretty excited about this new lead on the Leavell. Writing these case studies up really shows some of the gaps I have in my research I've been wondering why they migrated to that particular area.

alt: well, you covering multiple lines Khathu, so there has to be 'holes' vkn, is one of the Mary's the wife of the guy who we were speaking of a few weeks back?

vkn: Have not sorted that out as yet Alt re FULCHER. It does show that FULCHER sold home to Allegro/a by order of the Superior Court

alt: okay vkn.. there's work to do LOL LOL

Selma: the Mary Fulcher was the niece of Denton?

vkn: WORK

Selma: Khathu..have you found them in Goochland County

HistoryBuff: Gi

Khathu: alt - find it interesting that people are refuse to use FHC and familysearch because they are part of the Mormon Church, crazy

vkn: Interestingly the name Fulcher is not mentioned. I will send will so you can help me in the sorting out

HistoryBuff: Gotta run Take care folks.

Selma: Ok..will read along side the other one

alt: yep Khathu, old habits and hurt feelings die hard

Khathu: Yes, Selma - I found them in Goochland Co. Betsy and her family were enslaved by Edwin J. Duval. He acquired her through his first wife Emily Moody in 1842. She acquired Betsy from her father Jameson Moody of Chesterfield County, VA in 1842. That is how Betsy got separate from the rest of her family.

Selma: I shoulda known you were on the ball Khathu.. LOL

alt: I had a 'bad taste' in my mouth with the LDS from my days traceling to Ogden/Provo & Salt Lake city in the 1970's... they were not treating us too kindly back then

Khathu: I can imagine

vkn: Interesting page on FB initiated by Tim Pinnick re research in university libraries. Did y'all see?

alt: yes vkn, Tim is doing a good job addressing research at University Libraries

Selma: Great stuff in University Libraries

vkn: Certainly there is

Selma: I imagine that most of these genealogical sites..have a connection to the LDS church

alt: and not only there in person, but also a lot of good stuff online

vkn: Excellent research backgrounds

Selma: Folks I have to run... Have a great day

Khathu: alright, I need to go grab something to eat.

vkn: Y'all be good Will send you will alt

alt: I found the Powell Papers at East Carolina Univ. Powell is the uncle of the Dickens fellow who had the realtionship with a 3rd great-grandmother in Edgecombe co.. NC .. Powell & Dickens were both M.D.'s and treated the enslaved populations in Edgecombe co.

vkn: Wow

alt: guess it is quittin' time, huh?

vkn: Will need your help to know how to share new data alt

alt: oh, did y'all see the thing on the Aunt Jemima commercials? very interesting

vkn: I did not see

alt: okay, I'll help if I can

vkn: Daviss has link to VIP account will send to alt and then to decide

alt: oh btw vkn.. I need some help in how-to for posting Obits to AfriGeneas.

vkn: lol ok I thought we fixed that

alt: If that feature is working I think I need to renew profile with UN/pw for posting

vkn: Talk with you later today alt

alt: okay vkn...Anita & I will be gone this PM for a few hours and won't be home until this evening

vkn: Daviss did your obits post?

daviss: yes vkn

vkn: okies Alrighty alt

alt: Daviss, send me by email the 411 on how-to please

daviss: I will alt

alt: wonderful daviss

vkn: Y'all be good

alt: thanks

daviss: bye

alt: bye y'all

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