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2013-08-08 • Family History Center


Start: 12:03:20
End: 13:01:18
Chatters: alt, daviss, khathu, Selma

daviss: G'morn Khathu!

alt: whta's up daviss?? Oops, what's up?

daviss: hello there alt, how are you?

alt: doing fine, you? I'm putting up some old photos on the OBA Facebook page.

daviss: I saw the one you put up this morning that was gifted to you by your mentor Nice photo

alt: yeah, interesting photo, shows the "old school" Black men and the emphasis of the Black Church. hello Selma

daviss: The black church was always the way to go back then not only for services but in my paternal lines a school building and a meeting place for neighborhood problems

Selma: Afternoon folks

daviss: Hello Selma My grandfather taught his children and after that his son taught the younger ones at Little Flock Baptist Church oops should have also said as well as the neighborhood kids

alt: yep, the church had a much greater influence in our daily lives then, more so than now it seems. today

daviss: lol and back then they spent more than half the day at church now its good to get an hour and a half How's it going Selma?

Selma: Going Ok.. trying to get some stuff together to take to Good Will

daviss: sounds like a winner...

Selma: Really need to clean out my way I am ever fitting into some of these clothes... LOL

daviss: lol lol no comment from me as I look in the mirror

Selma: LOL I saw your posting on the Paris Exhibition..think W. E. B. DuBois is known as more than a photographer

daviss: some of those pictures that folks are posting on OBA are absolute gems I did not see the link Selma

alt: yes, they are daviss

daviss: Elliott Barnwell posted info but no link

Selma: Gotta listen to Blog Talk tonite

daviss: who is on board Selma

Selma: Your friend alt..jeez let me check

daviss: lol

Selma: Deborah Abbot..

daviss: ohhhhh

Selma: How is Tiger doing alt? Doesn't come on TV until 1 here

daviss: lol

Selma: Afternoon Khathu OOps

khathu: Hello Selma and daviss

daviss: Selma does your Gen group have one of those microfilm convertors wb khathu

Selma: No...but our Family History Center does..why?

khathu: Thanks

Selma: We don't have our own place daviss...we meet at the Library

daviss: just I wonder if folks still order rolls and use their own convertors

Selma: I still order microfilm rolls

daviss: I know they are probably expensive ok when you order the rolls so you take them down to HC and then copy the entire roll?

Selma: I can save stuff on a zip drive when I go to FHC Well I usually order things from FHC

daviss: hmmmmm

Selma: What are you trying to do daviss?

daviss: thinking mabe I could order the Freedman roll for Harrison and Grimes County wondering how I could view at leisure

Selma: Yes you could..that was the last thing I ordered FB records... I saved each page..then I read on my computer..

daviss: so all I need would be a flashdrive and get the whole roll

Selma: Yes..depends how long the Roll have to copy each page..

daviss: all I really would want are the counties I search.. that would be great to have now my question to them at the FHC would be can I use theirs for a long period of time

Selma: How long is your center many days per week?

daviss: Tyler will be going back to school in a week so that would give me time to go to center. Its only about 25 miles away

Selma: When you order you can keep for about a month I think..

daviss: I have to check that out again. It used to be daily and then a couple days a week til 9pm

Selma: Last time I went to my center..I was the only one there...I spent about 2 hours on the machine..I wasn't copying I was kinda browsing.. Ours is open 3 days a week..Tuesday 9-3, Thursday (in Evening) and Saturday 9-3..

daviss: what size flash drive do you think would hold a roll

Selma: Gonna try to email you something..see if you can open

daviss: ok oops oops again wb selma!

Selma: Check and see if you got...its a PDF

daviss: looking now Yaaaaay!! Got it Selma and opened

Selma: I did that at the FHC...its a good image..

daviss: wow, thats great

Selma: I usually download about 10 to 12 do 10 to 12 more.. They will show you how to do You only need one zip drive..I still had room on the device

daviss: ok thank you I think I will order today and then go next week...

Selma: Usually the first part of the Roll is the Descriptive Pamphlet...then the images start

daviss: ok I know when I ordered Harrison County it was mostly receipts but this way I can take my time in case I missed something

Selma: We have to order the rolls on line now...not sure if it is the same where you are

daviss: oh ok I will check

Selma: Might take more than a week for you to get... I would call them today..

daviss: ok

Selma: Its a great way to be able to take your time and really browse

daviss: ok

Selma: Well time to run...have a great day daviss

daviss: ok thanks bye

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