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2013-08-05 • Making Corrections


Start: 12:06:54
End: 12:54:02
Chatters: alt, daviss, Khathu, Selma

daviss: heyyy alt!

alt: hello daviss

daviss: how's it going?

alt: talking with irita on the phone

daviss: oh ok great, then I will be right back...Tell her hello and God bless for me

alt: no, don't go i can multi-task

daviss: lol I just need to grab a cup of coffee We sure miss here here in chat

Khathu: Hello alt and daviss

alt: hello Khathu hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss, and Khathu

daviss: Hi khathu and Selma

Khathu: Hello Selma

alt: talking with irita on the phone, she says hello to all.

daviss: Is Irita doing ok

Selma: Say Hi to her for me too

alt: she's getting ready for her stevens family reunion ,, the 107th

Selma: Wow..

Khathu: I see that there are a lot of newbies on the forums these days

Selma: Appears to be Khathu

daviss: Alt is her son out of school those yrs do fly by

alt: yeah wow!!

daviss: yes khathu and hopefully some came from those FB pages

Selma: Khathu..I see we both provided info for the Vessels researcher..will be interested in seeing what she does with it

alt: yeah, he's out of school in columbus, ohio

daviss: great alt I could not remember how much older he was than my gr daughter

Khathu: Exactly...I do a little more research and Joseph appears to be the father of her ancestor. He also had a brother named Lewis and both of their second wives were Harveys

alt: you guys are doing a great job of helping those folks on AfriGeneas!!!!

Selma: We try alt...LOL don't we all

Khathu: I decided not to provide her with the additional info. I figured (or hope) she would follow-up with the info I provided

Selma: We will see

alt: yeah Khathu, couldn't find anything and then y'all come up with all of that information ... and explanations to help straighten out her confusion

Khathu: Two David Vessels Clearly the one born in the 1880s can not be the father of someone born in the 1870s okay I think individuals think that this type of research can be done by just entering names into various databases or done without any type of analysis

alt: a pencil, some paper & a timeline would help in keeping the generations & namesakes squared away ..... old grumpy says LOL

daviss: thats the very reason why I believe that the influx of questions come around reunion time and that family tree makers don't realize what it takes

alt: good point daviss, reunion coming up and I want ALL of the family information to present

daviss: If the bug hits them after that then they will find out

Khathu: hopefully

alt: daviss, I didn't call yesterday because I think I've got the 23andme 'tools' figured out on the chromosome view, global resolution, etc. thingy

Khathu: i noticed that many completely ignore the question what records have you looked at so far

Selma: The Tuscaloosa knowledge of Alabama is limited..but she should look at Thomas Oliver (colored) is also in same area..

daviss: ok alt

Khathu: if they would just answer that question it would help us better assist them

alt: true Khathu & they only reference 1 record and think they have it all

Selma: She says that Lewis/Louis Oliver is on 1866 census..I swear I didn't find Think I found a white one

Khathu: The Thomas Oliver researcher I couldn't help because I am unclear on what she is looking for

alt: a pet peeve of mine is when they say the records are 'wrong' simply because they are different from what they know, or have been told.

Selma: She has been a researcher for 3 1880 Louis/Lewis is a preacher, she knows the church and wrote, but has not gotten a reply

Khathu: Selma - unfortunately that is very common I think her research has been mostly online

alt: I saw an interesting one on Ancestry yesterday ... a correction as to race.. someone corrected the race to 'white' on a family in the index, but the actual image of the census record spells out BLK for the family.

Khathu: interesting

alt: and the family is on a page full of white entries.. so they were obviously not white, or maybe even white looking, or they would have possibly been labeled mulatto, but this page says in bold wrting BLK

Selma: Does Ancestry have a should write and ask them why they changed it Did you look to see if you could find the family before and after to see how they were listed

daviss: hmmmm interesting alt

alt: no I didn't/haven't Selma

Selma: Well lets look..what the name? Gives us something to do.. LOL

alt: I don't even remember at the moment Selma, sorry

Selma: Jeez alt.. LOL

alt: I know LOL

Khathu: lol

alt: I think I was looking at Reno's in California.. Tres Pino, San Benito Co., CA and when the family became "white"

Selma: Well your homework assignment tonight is find the record

alt: Robert Henry Reno was Blk in Yolo Co. CA in 1870 and by 1900 his son, Robert Arthur Reno was white.

Selma: I thought the point of Ancestry was to transcribe what is written in the actual record

alt: and Robert Henry Reno in Oakland, CA in 1910-1920 is identified as white in the index, but blk on the images.

daviss: ok back, sorry

alt: oops 1900-1910, not 1910-1920

Khathu: Oakland, CA my hometown

Selma: Was it originally indexed as black..then know in parenthesis

alt: a few year back Ancestry 'opened' their "indexed" census entries up for corrections Selma

daviss: that is true Selma re Ancestry but some folks who transcribed were not from these here United states lol

Selma: Whether you are from here or not...BLK does not look like WHITE

alt: right Khathu, I had asked you about the street he was living on in the early 1900's

Selma: What the heck do you mean to "Corrections"..incorrectly indexed words..or what you want it to be

daviss: Lisa Lee has a great session on Ancestry mistakes

alt: right Selma.. originally Black and white is in parens in the index

daviss: was that from the enumerator alt

Selma: Then that is a correction that the person wanted it to be..NOT what was on the document

alt: no daviss.. the original index says black, the image still says black, but there is a correction in parens thesays [white] right Selma, but Ancestry evidently made the 'correction' to the indexed record

Selma: That is not a "correction"

daviss: I guess what I am trying to understand is the writing in parens on the original

alt: okay, what do you call it .. I can handle another word for it

Selma: It is not on the original document daviss..

daviss: ok thanks Selma

Selma: the original index said black....someone had to have written in and wanted them to put white..they put it in parens

alt: when you look at a census record on Ancestry you have a link that says "view record" and a link that says "view image" the correction (?) is on what you see when you click on "view record" It hada 'orignally' black & below that in parens is [white]

Khathu: Have a great day everyone

alt: later

daviss: hmmm

alt: guess Ms vkn is in,or on her way to Milledgeville today

daviss: I hope she has much success....Is this the day alt,

alt: i thought so daviss, but maybe just sometime this week

Selma: I hope she has a great time.. Folks..have to call..have a great day

daviss: me too ok Sel

alt: laters y'all

daviss: bye

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