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2013-08-06 • Adams Historical Marker


Start: 12:10:14
End: 13:03:28
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Khathu

Khathu: hello daviss

daviss: Hi Khathu! How's it going? Heyyyy AYWalton!

AYWalton: Greetings, all. Howdy daviss. Wassup Khathu?

daviss: I just found that reunion book AYWalton I don

Khathu: Hello AYWalton

AYWalton: Oh really? Anything interesting in there. What's going on with you these days, Khathu? Working on anything fun?

daviss: I don't see a Daniels but the Brewster name is Claude Brewster

AYWalton: ahhh ok, I have to go back and find that message again. Oh that's right it was on 23andMe.

Khathu: My Cartwright family and my slave research book

AYWalton: Sounds interesting. Where is your Cartwright family from?

Khathu: Loudoun County, VA I've been posting information about the family on the FPOC forum

AYWalton: ahhh ok. Lots of good Civil War history in that area. Any USCTs in the line? greetings alt!!!!

alt: hello folks ... how is everyone doing today?

daviss: hi there alt!

alt: AYWalton, daviss & Khathu ... howdy

Khathu: hello alt

daviss: doing good here alt thanks

alt: Khathu, just read your update on the Cartwright research, excellent!!!!!

AYWalton: congratulations on securing that historical marker, alt! what a legacy!

alt: thank you AYWalton ,, we "be's" proud LOL LOL

Khathu: thanks alt

AYWalton: I can imagine!! Will the marker be formally "unveiled" at the reunion weekend?

alt: Yes AYWalton .. the 'unveiling" ceremony is part of our reunion celebration this year.

AYWalton: that is great!! Make sure that someone (or lots of folks) are there filming that event!! Khathu when do we get to see you on the lecture circuit? Any plans for presentations?

Khathu: With genealogy probably next year

alt: oh yeah, it is getting plenty of 'press' and looks to draw a nice crowd for the ceremony, reception & concert following the ceremony I saw something very interesting today.... I think the genealogy community, African American community in particular is missing the boat in not utilizing the interest in folks looking into the DNA aspect of their family and have "no idea" of genealogical concepts. a posting on the African Ancestored DNA Forum on Facebook today brought this out very clearly

AYWalton: there are many ways in which the community is missing a lot. DNA is one of them---perhaps many see the cost as being more than they want to spend, though they will spend the same amount for an Ipod, or something for entertainment.

daviss: which post was that alt, I just left but only read that uploads were now being accepted via GedMatch

AYWalton: I also feel that many who are not active in the online community via social media are missing a lot and others who do not see other arenas in which they can learn--via technology such as webinars and more.

alt: I'm not sure some of these 'younger' folks who have the tech savy realize that with a little information they should be able to get the direct family lines back to 1870 .. for FREE online and with just a little effort.

AYWalton: And at MAAGI, it was also obvious how many folks are still "afraid of doing things online." Kind of like saying that they don't think that television will last very long, or that they will continue to ride their horse because cars are just a fad. We need to get with it!!

alt: daviss the thread by Curtis Chaney on the African American Ancestored DNA page

daviss: ok thx

AYWalton: and sadly the organizations that we belong to are also lagging behind as well. But that will have to change when our leaders understand the value.

alt: so very true AYWalton .. our group AAGGMV is doing a re-work of our website and we intend to include a link to a FaceBook pages and also add a member's Blog feature.

AYWalton: There is a need for Afr-Am oriented webinars, and meet ups and so many opportunities for learning and sharing.

alt: the News & Events section hopefully will direct folks to research areas and avenues that we just can't cover in a monthly meeting

AYWalton: There should be a network of bloggers, and we need to think about writing in the genealogical publications. And not just the society journals that tend to not attract the average reader. But the magazines accept guest writers. opportunity is out there. We are limited only by our imagination. Hopefully we will see some new ones pop up out there soon.

alt: that works for the 'ardent advocates' in our societies, but we (AAGGMV) are also interested in capturing the 'drive-by' or 'occasional' genealogist.

AYWalton: sometimes the "drive by" might slow down and become a part of the community if we can make it interesting for them. and the veterans----we have to teach the newbies.

alt: our folks don't normally go to seminars, conferences, etc. so we have to find a way to bring the aspects of those venues to them.

AYWalton: that is where webinars come in. But then sometimes that brings out another sad truth. Some folks are actually "not really that interested."

alt: I know AYWalton, I'm part of the "choir".. at least I think I am

AYWalton: Some just like going to meetings. It is a social outlet for them. Gives them something to do, but they truly are not researching or even reading anything. They just like meetings.

daviss: AYWalton judging by the amount of folks who went to MAAGI, what was the average age do you think

AYWalton: The youngest were in their 40s and the older ones were mid to late 60s.

alt: the nail has just been hit on the head with that last statement AYWalton .. a social outing

AYWalton: So the question is----how do we get the younger folks interested? We have to go to them! They are online, on FB for example. And a few younger folks have stumbled into the MAAGI group for example. One young man in his 20s who might be a distant cousin of Drusilla's.

daviss: I read where one guy felt he was a seasoned researcher went to the basic class for a refresher. He said he was amazed at what he did not know

alt: for us AAGGMV .. we're trying to get away from showing the success of the older members in their past research efforts and trying to concentrate on how to help those interested in genealogy "how to do their own thing".

AYWalton: Yes, that was a gentleman from Chicago, who is a judge, and has been researching for 12 years. I like that idea alt--find your own niche. we have to go to where the young people are and not wait for them to come to us.

daviss: so true AYWalton

alt: and quiet as it's kept African American genealogy/family history is the best way in the world to teach younger folks about African American history ... by involving their own 'personal' ancestors in the history lessons of the past.

AYWalton: or think of something totally different---outrageous---like raise money for 10 young folks to have their DNA done, and then assist them also with their genealogy if they commit to that process. And then document that.

alt: yep that works for me AYWalton

AYWalton: (ok I just made that up off the top of my head--I am not volunteering for such an initiative.) But you all know what I mean---something new and different!

daviss: :o

AYWalton: lol

alt: and you know I ain't volunteering for anything LOL

AYWalton: I hear ya!!! lol But that would be different----you know--find sponsors for such an endeavor, and even include a DNA reveal for them. We watch these genealogy shows where things like that have happened. Could be fun.

alt: oh btw AYWalton, I'm having to take a long hard look at going to FGS.. the expense for Anita and me comes to about 1K for the 4 days... gotta do some book shuffling LOL

Khathu: i need to run. have a great day

AYWalton: I know what you mean, alt. I have to balance and move money around as well. Costing me more than it should, but I am on the board of FGS and am going early because I have to attend a meeting.

alt: We may end up just going for 2 days and 1 overnight stay.

AYWalton: and I have to figure out how to get to the town. I am taking the train. But no stop in Ft. Wayne. Calling a taxi service about the last 25 miles to Ft. Wayne.

daviss: what about a shuttle bus or do they have a dollar bus that is becoming popular

AYWalton: I don't think so. Small midwestern towns, I know nothing about.

daviss: check with Shelley, I think she was one of the people that used one before

alt: Ft. Wayne isn't easy to get to.... I think I remember folks flying into Detroit and catching one of the smaller planes from there into Ft. Wayne

AYWalton: and the train drop off is about 6:30 in the morning at a platform not a real station, so a cab will have to be right there. that is why I am taking the train. I am terrified of those small planes! Hate them! So I will either take the train to Waterloo IN with no station, or to Indy and then take a shuttle. That might be the easier thing to do.

alt: Indy might be the best way to go .. they have a nice airport

AYWalton: The problem is that on the return trip from Indy to Washington---I have to go through Chicago. Oh well---one does what one has to do. I know that's true.

alt: Ft. Wayne is only about 1 - 1 1/2 hr. from Indy

AYWalton: not too bad. I will have to take an early morning cab or shuttle from Ft. Wayne to Indy to catch the train. That is a crazy little place to get to and from, for sure.

alt: how did you do it from PHX daviss?

AYWalton: oh well, I shall figure it out, I guess.

daviss: I listened to the guy that wrote the book The Butler on the radio this morning.. man he had me in tears telling this mans story. I want to get the book and also see the movie

AYWalton: I think she had real planes. From Baltimore they only have small planes. I am not sure that I want to see the movie. Sounds like a tear jerker and I am not up for crying. Sounds good, though. I did not realize that Oprah was acting again. I guess it is something to keep her busy.

daviss: she actually is a good actress

AYWalton: can't just sit around on a billion dollars and file your nails. yes, she is.

alt: yeah, Anita has already told me that I'm taking her to see it at the movie as soon as it gets here

daviss: Aug 16th alt I believe

AYWalton: well, I had better run, folks. You both have a great day!!!

alt: that's the date daviss you too

daviss: yes alt

alt: davis, I finally figured out that all of my matches are on the AC & chromosome view of 23+me LOL

daviss: good alt lol

alt: and when you hover over the stuff on theright the image changes for the chromosome view , duh!!!!

daviss: I did the phasing for grands and daughter on Gedmatch lol lol lol alt

alt: be careful.. I'll be a dangerous know-it-all in about a week or two LOL

daviss: hahahaha well you are one of my mentors and I know I can come to you

alt: not on this DNA stuff you be's DA ONE !!!!! LOL

daviss: hahaha

alt: oh, what are you hearing from Kathleen? she's cut me loose

daviss: She has actually been going back and forth to doc give her a hollar

alt: okay, maybe I should reach out to her

daviss: yes please, she is really knowledgeable also even though its her first brush with us'ns dna wise lol grandson

alt: yeah, now that I'm learning my way around the 23+me features I need to get back with her.

daviss: and also alt a new lady came to our meeting last month with the last name as her

alt: is that right?

daviss: I turned them on to each other.... Fant odd name for an African American

alt: sure is

daviss: but they will work it out hopefully all I gotta say is GO CARDINALS lol

alt: that means it's time for me to go ..... GO BUCKS & BROWNS LOL

daviss: lol ok partner

alt: laters

daviss: bye

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