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2013-08-07 • Generations different language


Start: 12:11:31
End: 13:19:12
Chatters: alt, daviss, khathu, Selma

alt: hello khathu..... been following your postings on Facebook... good stuff!!

khathu: thanks alt i figure i should start sharing my expertise since i am a part of the group

alt: and your expertise needs to be shared.... some of the 'younger' folks on the social media pages don't have a clue as to how to begin their genealogical journey..... and they don't want to hear from an 'old guy' like me LOL

khathu: well they need to listen since you have a wealth of information

alt: I also want to share, but it seems as if we're speaking in different languages LOL

khathu: that because too many of the newbies are database researchers they assume that all they have to do is enter a name into a database

alt: I guess so, but even then they should know the terminology, concepts & methodologies of genealogy & family history.. or at least be willing to learn them much of what I see and hear is about 'instant gratification'... they don't even know how to find the grandparents, but want to know all about the ancient cultures & people from Africa and then immediately identify with them

khathu: that's the problem, they don't unfortunately this is so true funny, they want to jump back to a gg grandparent ignoring all the other generations it is like building a house one starts with the foundation first and build upon that

alt: yep. a step by step of family history generation by generation is a powerful lesson in the fortitude, endurance and pride we should have about our 'personal' families.

khathu: in the process you develop your skill set and knowledge

alt: for sure and hopefully a sense of pride and self-worth .. our families have been thru the fire and we should be proud of them and honor their efforts to get us to where we 'should be' today.

khathu: exactly.... to run off to a meeting. ttyl

Selma: Afternoon the only one here

alt: yeah, Khathu was here, but he left me LOL

Selma: Reading back...yes I read the DNA postings..its a whole new world

alt: wdytya.. seems to have a different 'approach' this year. it sure is a 'whole new world' Selma

Selma: WDYTYA..yes focusing on one story line.. This is an expensive show to produce..probably more cost effective..and for the not experienced easier to follow

alt: hello daviss

Selma: Afternoon daviss

daviss: heyyy alt and Selma!

alt: Selma, I would bet that not too many folks are aware of the POW camps for German soldiers here in the U.S. during WW II.

Selma: Probably not alt..

alt: and how those POW's were treated better than the Blacks who may have lived in the communities where the camps were located.

daviss: Alt I worked with a guy at Western Electric who said he had been in a German Camp

alt: a POW camp in Germany daviss?

daviss: no here in the US

alt: oh, okay

daviss: He came to phx with a group of guys from NY whose plant was shut down I think they were from Brooklyn if I remember correctly

alt: I don't remember it, but I've heard stories about the 'freedom' German POW's had at the camp that was located at W-P AFB in Dayton, Ohio.

daviss: I do not know if he was a kid or not in a camp but this was in the 1970s

alt: is that right,.. the 1970's

Selma: You mean you met him in the 70's?

daviss: The guys from here gave him a rough time yes Selma

Selma: Lets just say the German's and South Africans studied well the racial policies here in USA

alt: Selma, did the woman last night.. her grandfather came back to the U.S. after being in a POW camp here, or did he just stay in the U.S. following his internment?

daviss: l am not even sure if this guy was here with a card or not alt

Selma: Believe he went back to Germany then returned with the family

alt: I thought that was what happened Selma, but wasn't sure daviss, did this guy have a 'critical' job skill?

daviss: No he was an Installer like me

alt: oh, okay

daviss: we installed equipment in the central offices.. Western Electric

alt: question.. we (AAGGMV) are revising our website, what would be some of the features you would like to see on YOUR local genealogy website?

Selma: It would be nice if we just had one.. LOL

daviss: lol lol

alt: hehehehehehe @ Selma

Selma: Drusilla did a blog..think last posting was in 2012

alt: we're thinking of a members only section, a link to a Facebook Page, a member's Blog in addition to the regular things like events & meetings, about us, contact points, etc.

daviss: interesting alt. that should get quite a few hits will folks have access to the newsletters

alt: and recruit some new members daviss, especially from out-of-state that have Miami Valley connections

daviss: If not current newsletters mabe some from previous years

alt: only as a member daviss, one of the membership 'perks'

daviss: teaser newsletters alt would be nice

alt: we could put some old ones in an 'archive' section

Selma: That would be a good idea alt

daviss: right thats what I am talking about

alt: and there will be a photo section yes it is a good idea daviss a section to show off member's research, a surname booklet are a couple of other items that are in the 'air'

Selma: You better have a DNA section.. LOL

daviss: lol

alt: you bet Selma, we're on the 'cutting edge' LOL LOL

Selma: Alt..folks on the DNA thread were outdone that folks didn't respond to them

alt: or at least liks to DNA pages

Selma: I swear there is something about 23&Me that makes me uncomfortable..

daviss: how so Selma

Selma: I am not sure daviss...

alt: yeah, isn't that something Selma... there are many, many reasons for NOT responding to a stranger from out of the blue

daviss: yes alt, most in my opinion are there only for the health surveys

Selma: Heck I wouldn't be responding to folks.. LOL

alt: and in that thread most of them were 'younger folk' who have no clue about their ancestry, or any information to share with their newly found DNA cousins

Selma: Call me a "grumpy old woman"

alt: not so you can hear me Selma LOL LOL

daviss: That is/was the reason for 23&me in the first place

alt: health aspects daviss

daviss: we just jumped on the bandwagon to get the autosomal results alt

Selma: and they saw it as another market daviss..

alt: I know I did daviss and I couldn't beat the price.... FREE

Selma: But I swear a "3,000 sample" as they said in the Blog Talk show don't sound like a large sample to me for comparison

daviss: no not really Selma it was started to get AfricanAmerican's and others in the health aspect of it

Selma: No offense I don't trust anyone who wants my DNA.. LOL

daviss: I know I talked with my Dr and he was one of the ones who is helping with Alzheimers medicine and studies

alt: the RITF project was to get 10,000 self-identified folks of African Ancestry.

daviss: He said it is really hard to get minorities to get involved

Selma: Cause they are like me daviss.. LOL

daviss: especially African Americans's and Hispanics

alt: yeah, 'dey be's lik Selma' LOL LOL

daviss: yes alt that was the plan but as you know there were many who were NOT self identified jumped into the fray and that caused the funds to be used up No way to tell until they were tested lol

alt: always folks trying to beat the system and get something for FREE daviss

daviss: With the monies that was donated they decided to just charge 99 dollars

alt: on the Facebook thread.. you see where the one guy, Richard, said you couldn't do a paper trail for those in SC, Canada, MA & PA if you didin't live in those areas ,,,, jeez

daviss: which is quite a big drop from the 300 or more they were charging

alt: yes, it was/is daviss

Selma: I think it is the cost and time that is involved alt..

daviss: see alt thats what I mean about some folks that really don't have a clue

alt: yep daviss

daviss: another reason why I think Gen Groups have the edge on teaching etc

Selma: Its a different approach..

alt: Selma, but we have researched across the country from our home on free websites

Selma: I know alt..

daviss: yes alt but you also come from an environment of those once a month meetings and speakers

Selma: But you know me I am not looking for anyone past 1930... LOL

alt: and these 'techie' kids can do it on the Ipads & phones LOL LOL

Selma: Umm need to buy my Powerball ticket..425 million

daviss: oh yeah, me too.. I need at least 10 percent of that for starters lol

alt: and some of those on the thread aren't looking for anyone before 1930 LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

alt: it's tough to try to explain to youngsters about their grandparents when you ARE their grandparents age. or maybe even older.. some of these kids are grandparents themselves at age 35-40.

Selma: It was good to see Seventies last night

daviss: sheesh I know alt

alt: yes, it was Selma.. sounded as if she is having a 'good time' in MS

Selma: Yes it sounded like she was

daviss: oh thats nice to hear .. I saw some newer pics she posted on FB

alt: on her 'special' pages or for the public daviss?

daviss: on Family Griot FB page

alt: oh, okay ... thanks

daviss: and Ms V has some new images

Selma: Does Khathu have a facebook page alt?

alt: I don't think a 'special' page Selma, just a public one

Selma: Oh ok..saw your comment at the beginning of the chat

alt: if that's what you call it 'public page' LOL he posted on 'Our Black Ancestry" Selma

Selma: Oh Ok..will check later Thought you meant somewhere else Well folks have to run..

alt: I know, it gets confusing on who posted where LOL okay, y'all take care

Selma: Have a great day

alt: I got the lights daviss

daviss: ok alt thx, chairs for me later

alt: Go browns!!!!!!

daviss: lol

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