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2013-08-06 • WDYTYA


Start: 21:02:43
End: 22:04:54
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, evpace, HistoryBuff, ihhmag, keli1, Selma, Seventies

keli1: hello

ihhmag: Hi Keli1

alt: hi y'all

keli1: are we suppose to be here or WDYTYA hi

ihhmag: Don

alt: that's what I thought

ihhmag: Don't know but I can meet yall there.

Selma: Evening folks...yep I am watching

alt: hello Selma

Selma: Evening alt, ihhmag and keli

ihhmag: hi selma

keli1: hi Selma

Selma: No one is in WDYTYR room..we will just stay here..

alt: okay

Selma: Need to talk to you re: AAHGS Tenn...keli

keli1: my thoughts as well i was there yes ma'am

Selma: Are you all watching..was her grandfather Jewish?

alt: we'll find out

keli1: I believe grandfather was german, grandmother jewish

Selma: Ummmm

keli1: Nazi!

alt: wow, that's heavy like a Black Confederate, huh?

keli1: Yes this should be interesting

Selma: Evening AY

AYWalton: Good evening all.

alt: hello AYWalton

AYWalton: Howdy Mizz Selma, hey there alt, ihhmag, keli1

keli1: Hi Angela

ihhmag: hi aywalton

AYWalton: that's a long memoir to leave behind. greetings, evpace.

evpace: Evening all

Selma: Evening evpace

alt: hello evpace!!!

AYWalton: hmm...........kind of apologists for Hitler?

Selma: Ummm

alt: yep, sounds like it AYWalton

AYWalton: interesting.

alt: hello HistoryBuff

AYWalton: hello HistoryBuff.

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt, AYWalton, evpace, ihhmag, Keli1 and Selma. I'll look at the show at 11:00 p.m. EDT.

AYWalton: I see. We are watching it right now.

evpace: What and where are you watching;I csnt get it.

ihhmag: hi historybuff.

Selma: Its on TNT evpace

AYWalton: Clearly a handbook is just what handbooks are. Guides that espouse the philosophy of the party.

Selma: Oops TLC See thats what happens now that we have 400 channels to choose from and try to remember

AYWalton: I don't know anything about Chelsea Handler at all. Who is she?

Selma: I was just going to ask that AY.. LOL

keli1: comedian, has her own show, has a filthy mouth

AYWalton: Interesting that they have no people of color. Not even one token soul.

Selma: That was quick and to the point keli.. LOL

evpace: Got it on TLC thanks!

HistoryBuff: lol

AYWalton: Well she seems to know already that grandpa was a nazi.

alt: at least she suspected he was

keli1: yea if you had a manual/booklet, you would be a member, in my mind

AYWalton: Their theme this year seems to be focusing on only one ancestor, and not to go back multiple generations taking folks back to European royalty or something. exactly my thinking keli1

keli1: training base

AYWalton: kind of mandatory boot camp. Ooo....Jewish or colored. Can't get more to the point than that!

keli1: jewish or colored, interesting

ihhmag: I guess he would drop dead now if he knew she dated 50 cent.

AYWalton: She dated 50cent?

ihhmag: yep.

AYWalton: ( I always want to put an "s" on his name.)

evpace: White and pure....untainted and superior keli1

keli1: she got to go to the headquarters

AYWalton: lol and a bit of chocolate for decoration, perhaps.

ihhmag: and he would have her killed with all the gay friends she has.

alt: so he was like 'impressed' ????

AYWalton: I think 50 had his genealogy done as well.

ihhmag: as 50 would say, she's a smart and fun girl.

AYWalton: sounds like it may have been like being drafted, perhaps. is that what 50 would say? I have no familiarity with him other than his name that needs an "s" on the end.

alt: maybe... the confederacy "impressed' slaves to do the menial tasks

evpace: Same here AY

AYWalton: good point, alt.

ihhmag: seems he wanted to keep private and professional life separate so he didn't acknowledge her in the public.

AYWalton: I see. I still can't believe that Jimmie JJ Walker dated (or dates) Ann Coulter. Talk about strange bedfellows!!

evpace: Say what???

ihhmag: everybody for somebody.

AYWalton: yes, kind of weird, huh? wow they have his documents.

Selma: Jimmie Walker and Ann Coulter..?

AYWalton: He was drafted.

evpace: Interesting record.

AYWalton: Yes, Selma---that's old news---about 2 years old.

ihhmag: eat, have a home, live or be killed.

Selma: The mind boggles

ihhmag: that's the choices.

keli1: that is for sure ihhmag!

AYWalton: she is really pulling for his being "not interested" in the German cause.

keli1: she is going to come back to the US

alt: yep, a go along to get along kind of guy

ihhmag: turn your back or blind eye so that your family is protected and safe.

alt: yep ihhmag

ihhmag: hard decision to come to.

evpace: Self preservation too.

AYWalton: Interesting. In the long run, she will likely conclude that grandpa did what he had to do to survive, which is probably true.

alt: yep AYWalton

ihhmag: probably very happy to become a US prisoner.

AYWalton: I know that one of our chapter members who is in her 80s mentioned how German prisoners were even brought to Maryland, and they could eat in the front and American born black folks had to get sandwiches in the back of several restaurants. And these men were still prisoners---still enemy soldiers.

Selma: Ironic isn't it

alt: i guess not unusual for him to not have a problem if he didn't have to deal with 'other' Jews & Black folks according to his pledge for the Sports thingee.

ihhmag: yep but then again, blacks in italy or paris were treated well there and had no say back in the US.

alt: right

keli1: where was the prision camp?

AYWalton: Greetings Seventies!

Seventies: good evening everyone

ihhmag: hi seventies.

keli1: shipped to the USA

Seventies: Just getting back from visiting with my great aunt

alt: I've heard of the German POW's at Wright=Patterson AFFB here in Ohio and how well they were treated..... better than the Black Civil Service employees

AYWalton: No problem to head to the Riviera! yes black citizens were still given priveleges as whites.

Selma: Good to see you seventies

alt: hello Seventies

AYWalton: (which probably confirmed their racial superiority sentiments.)

evpace: WhenI was in Berlin I never felt comfortable.

Seventies: hi alt, AYWalton, evpace HistoryBuff ihhmag keli1 Selma

keli1: Hi 70s!

evpace: Evening 70s!

Seventies: I still have more people to visit and pictures to post. :) things are going well in MS. I think I'm heading up to Jackson in the AM tomorrow

Selma: Sounds like you are having a great time seventies

ihhmag: 70s you're in Mississippi now?

Seventies: I am! :)

evpace: WOW!

Seventies: I'm in Mississippi visiting family and working on some genealogy. Went to the court house yesterday. Also went to the Natchez Historical Society

AYWalton: Saw your post, Seventies.

ihhmag: 70s that was my next question. Too late for me to ask for a look-up?

AYWalton: Hmm......nothing really revealing in this episode. At all.

Seventies: Oh WDYTYA is on? ihhmag, what are you looking for? I plan on going to research African American deaths in Adams County and some in Wilkinson County MS at MDAH

AYWalton: we are all watching it together 70s.

alt: have you seen Boxley yet Seventies ?

Seventies: No he's out of town right now alt.

ihhmag: Well, 70s, a grand-father, white, named John L. Wheeler. Lived at 800 Grove in Vicksburg, MS.

alt: oh, okay

Seventies: Are you looking for his DC ihhmag?

AYWalton: Have you met him before, alt?

alt: Boxley.. yes I have AYWalton

ihhmag: Yes, that would be great. 70s, I only found him in the 1930 census and 1931 Vicksburg city directory.

Seventies: I want to see if I can get funeral information from a once closed funeral home West Funeral home in Natchez, MS

HistoryBuff: gotto run

Seventies: See ya HistoryBuff

AYWalton: Ooo a small plane!!

Selma: LOL

AYWalton: I would have had to take a bus.

Seventies: Yesterday, I acquired a court case for the family which my great great grandfather purchased his land from in 1899. Trying to determine what the lawsuit was about between these family members.

AYWalton: wow, nothing on the horizon.

alt: could be a land partition case Seventies

ihhmag: Yes, that would be great. Do you think you can do that?. 70s, I only found him in the 1930 census and 1931 Vicksburg city directory.

Seventies: yes, it was. For a place called Woodland Plantation. I thought it was Woodlands Plantation. Which there is one in Natchez and in Woodville, but not out in Sibley.

keli1: oh my goodness...

Seventies: ihhmag, where else did you find him? that's it? Do you find him in Louisiana or Arkansas after 1931?

AYWalton: amazing that she found her grandfather in a photo. I would have shown more emotion than she.

ihhmag: Seventies, maybe found him in the 1900 census birthplace West Virginia. Only in Vicksburg, MS and he was a lumber man

Seventies: Did you check 5 pages before and after the page you found your ancestor on?

ihhmag: Seventies is that a question for me?

Seventies: yes

ihhmag: 5 pages in the directory, you mean?

Seventies: did you check for any other possible relatives?

alt: not much genealogy, but a good story

evpace: This makes me sad when I know how we struggle with brick walls,etc trying to piece our stories together. Lucky for her.

AYWalton: I agree, alt. Nothing new even that she learned, but it was ok.

alt: yeah, she, or the researchers struck gold with this story evpace

AYWalton: I guess I shall sign out and watch the Zumba madams.

Seventies: ihhmag, did you already request your ancestor's DC from MDAH?

AYWalton: plus I need to work on my FGS presentations. Have a great evening everyone.

Seventies: you too AYWalton

AYWalton: Good night all.

evpace: Nite all and good chatting.

ihhmag: sorry, seventies I don't know what DC from MDAH is.:( :(

Selma: Well folks...Good night

alt: niters

ihhmag: you mean death certificate from vital haven't

Seventies: You should contact MDAH at and order the Death Certificate.

ihhmag: yep. will have to take the plunge. Thanks. have a good one.

Seventies: Ok have a good night

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