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2013-07-24 • GIST Cemetery


Start: 12:06:58
End: 13:01:17
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies, vkn

alt: hello daviss & Seventies

Seventies: hello alt and daviss

daviss: hi there alt and Seventies!!

alt: where have you been & what are you doing Seventies?

Seventies: alt, I tagged you in a photo from Morgantown, WV.

daviss: Whats going on you two?

alt: Hi vkn

Seventies: Nothing. Just finished breakfast.

vkn: Seventies!!!!!!!!

daviss: hello there vkn!

Seventies: hi vkn!

vkn: Alt

alt: Morgantown WV, what's that about Seventies

vkn: Daviss

Seventies: A pic of one Glenn Stephens. Considering the photo set subject matter and locations, I just thought it was out of place.

daviss: Is that one of your new lines Seventies?

Seventies: No

vkn: Hope all is well with all

Seventies: These Hamptons and Ludlows/Ledlows I'm looking at right now.

alt: Glen Stephens????

Seventies: oops Hi vkn!

daviss: all is well with me so far vkn

Seventies: Yep, Glenn Stephens. Thought about you right away alt.

daviss: Are you still being bombarded with the rain?

alt: I'll have to take a look Seventies

daviss: Seventies anything new on your Ludlows?

Seventies: ok alt Nothing new. I think they may have been plantation kin

daviss: ahhhh ok

Seventies: More to research. I did however identify Wade and Myra Hampton as two of the people living on the Beverly Plantation in 1865 That was pretty cool. I need a bit more evidence though.

daviss: were they together as a family

Seventies: in 1880, the Hamptons were together with the Ludlows in Helms, MS. Beverly was known as Helms back then as the 'manager' was N.N. Helm. On the census, but the black folks call it Beverly. this was something I really did stumble upon. Wasn't intending to really find it.

daviss: stumbling is good lol on the census pages that is lol lol

Seventies: Indeed it is!

daviss: vkn, when is your trip?

vkn: 5th August

Seventies: I am even more confident now that the Cannady and Billy on the Beverly plantation cenus are my ancestors.

daviss: ok

vkn: 5th August thru 9th August

Seventies: Where are you going vkn?

vkn: Milledgeville GA

Seventies: Oh yeah, that's right. Hancock County.

vkn: Baldwin County, Seventies

Seventies: That's right, they used to be one county. eons and eons ago :)

alt: listening to a mixed race radio talk show....

Seventies: OK... what angle are they talking about? Genetics?

alt: DNA admixture

Seventies: ok

daviss: who is the host alt?

Seventies: You know I just realized that I'm sitting in what used to be the summer home of J.P. Morgan's wife. lol lol lol

alt: some 'chick'

Seventies: alt!!! LOL

daviss: :o

vkn: It was a good WDYTYA discussion

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss, seventies and vkn

alt: Hello Selma

Seventies: I was up late last night until 3 am and I happened to catch WDYTYA with Kelly Clarkson

Selma: Good to see you seventies..enjoying your road trip

daviss: thats good vkn... As usual because of the time it comes on here I can not be involved

Seventies: hi Selma. Everything has been delayed. :{

daviss: Hello Selma!!!

vkn: Subject escaped Andersonville prison and became a Senator in Ohio

alt: yeah vkn, I've researched at all of the Ohio locations shown in that episode .... Columbus & Marietta, etc.

Seventies: But making good time with my time off.:}

alt: Anita's family is from the Marietta, OH area since the 1840's

vkn: We had about 14 people

Selma: I thought about you last night alt..when her research was focused in Ohio

Seventies: I was thinking to myself, that this guy Isaiah Rose, may have joined the Army for the benefits. or the money. Did anyone else get that impression at the outstart of the show?

Selma: I didn't but it might be possible..

alt: yes Seventies ... I think the enlistment bonus was a factor for many people

Selma: The first time he signs up it was for 3 months..folks thought the War would be fast and quick

alt: yes Selma, the unit he was with from Marietta had some Blacks in it who were thought to be "white".

Seventies: But it dragged on for 4 years. I was thinking about that as well alt.

alt: Bernice Bennett is listening to the same talk show I'm listening to i the CW enlistments.. those initial volunteers were for 90-180 days.

Seventies: Hello HistoryBuff

alt: Hello HistoryBuff

Selma: Afternoon Historybuff

daviss: Afternoon historyBuff!

vkn: Howdy HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Seventies Selma Alt everyone

daviss: I am glad you all had a room full last night!

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn

Selma: had a few new folks daviss

vkn: yes mam

daviss: great Selma!!

HistoryBuff: Hey Daviss

daviss: hey back HistoryBuff!

vkn: How is your trip going seventies

alt: I stayed away from the chat because I wanted to concentrate on the Ohio locations where she researched and see if I recognized any of the "experts"

Selma: Did you?

daviss: awww alt lol

alt: yep, the folks at the Washington county Library & Historical Society

Seventies: Trying to make the best of this delay I'm going through vkn.

vkn: delay?

alt: those scenes brought back a lot of 'good memories' from my traveling days LOL LOL

daviss: thats good alt

Seventies: Yes, delay. Some unexpected things came up.

vkn: delay? are you stuck somewhere seventies

HistoryBuff: I was wondering if you recognized anything Alt.

Selma: Its called "life" seventies.. LOL

Seventies: yep Selma. indeed.

alt: I did HistoryBuff

Selma: Sometimes best made plans..just fall apart..

vkn: It happens

Seventies: No not fallen apart, just delayed. :}

alt: I wonder how long it took her to get the CW pension file of her ancestor. the show gave the impression that she just walked in to a place and there it was for her.

Selma: Need I remind you is a 1 hour show with commercials.. LOL

HistoryBuff: Does Washington county OH have cemetery called Gist where some USCT are buried Alt?

Seventies: Yes, too quick. And the fact that they just skipped back to this man, not one connection on how he was related to the subject.

alt: I know Selma, but the papers they showed her getting would take some time.. the show could at least mention "several days later", not just show her hopping from place to place in each segment as if it was just a matter of hours, or a few days. I don't think so HistoryBuff, not a Gist cemetery.. there may be Gist, or descendants buried in Washington County cemeteries. remember Selma, I'm the 'grumpy guy"

Seventies: Ok I thought that we put grumpy alt away last week. lol

HistoryBuff: Ok I'll look it up.

alt: not quite Seventies

Seventies: uh oh....

alt: Gist would more than likely be buried in Brown, Clermont, Clinton counties on the other side of the State HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: I may be confusing the county with PA

daviss: son bought me Freedom, A Photographic History of The African American Experience..It has some very nice pictures

alt: vkn, have you contacted the folks in Milledgeville that you're coming and would like to see if they can have some of the records you're looking for already available for you?

Selma: Alt..Ancestry wants you to think it is easy, just jump on their website. If folks know it might take 10 or 20 years they might not try..

alt: so very true Selma

daviss: The book durn near weights 3 lbs lol

alt: wow daviss!!!!

daviss: over 500 pages

Seventies: so daviss, you're working out now??:}

daviss: funny funny Seventies lol.. How can a knee grow work out when they are still ful huh

Seventies: :o

vkn: Yes Alt Will meet with two members of historical Society on Monday afternoon. Already familiar with records location in probate. a I will read from papers morgue on Tuesday

alt: okay vkn... that sounds like a winner

vkn: Had previously photographed cemeteries

alt: I see vkn, you've got all of the bases covered

Seventies: Ok all, I gotta get going. You all have a great day. See you in August.

vkn: be in basement of courthouse to study 1839 records in depth

Selma: Have a great time seventies Be good...naw just have a good time

vkn: Will feed back findings and questions to raise

HistoryBuff: Enjoy 70s

alt: have fun Seventies, at least be careful LOL

daviss: take care seventies

vkn: have fun seventies

alt: vkn, the Buchanan's in Detroit.. they are listed on Ancestry in City Directories and census records, but I guess Doll already has those records, right?

vkn: Not sure alt I will be quoting you alt to Doll

alt: okay vkn, I don't want to mention stuff she already has Charles A. Buchanan from Tennessee, right? .... bout 1892

Selma: Think seventies forgot to sign out..

alt: she's out to lunch LOL LOL LOL

vkn: Daviss that DNA Tukfu ? asked me to like his page

daviss: May have been in a hurry to hit the road lol nice vkn

vkn: Running yall

daviss: I better head out also

Selma: Me too... Have a great day folks

daviss: later all

HistoryBuff: I'm out too.

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