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2013-07-20 • Deannie talks MAAGI


Start: 21:03:07
End: 22:00:51
Chatters: deannie, khathu, Selma, vkn

vkn: Good evening on Saturday It is now straight up 9PM No words at all from Daviss. She is somewhere in the Atlanta area. I think her events are at Stone Mountain and that she is in residence at Hartsfield Jackson withabout 20-30 miles in between depending on the route one takes I suspect her big event is tonight and she will take flight tomorrow. Regrets at not feasting eyes on her BUT it is NOT about me. Hope all GA peeps have seen the Tax digests which lists Freedmen 1871-75 and the poll they paid. Found grandfather Geo Benham, John Benham, Daniel Benhamn and a Wesley Brnham Well the BenhamNation is having their big event at the Essex hotel in Chicago at right about this time. All best wishes to nephew Mike hudson as he makes his salute to the ancestors Gotta figure out who is George W Benham. I also see Hopkins grandfather for Sadonya Howdy Mz Selma

Selma: Good evening vkn vkn..are you in the room chatting with yourself..interesting conversation re: daviss and GA records.. LOL

vkn: lol lol Well gotta talk at someone. Just saw the GA tax digest for Bartow County on Thursday

Selma: On family search?

vkn: On Ancestry Trying the new search that alt talked about

Selma: and how is that going

vkn: Cannot tell as yet

Selma: Went to symposium have the kiddies.

vkn: ohhh and how was that

Selma: Pretty was held at a church in Yorktown, VA..which was founded in 1867 (although in another location not to far)..

vkn: How far is that from you

Selma: About 20 Minutes..

vkn: a snap of a trip

Selma: Yorktown was under Union Control during the Civil War.. There was a contraband camp there..called Slab Town..

vkn: I see. Did many turn out for the event?

Selma: Yes..good turnout.. Bennie Mcrae would have

vkn: Great was the facility air cooled or were you fanning?

Selma: 3 authors historians there.. One who wrote a book on the Peninsula Campaign, another on Army of Slaves on the 4th and 6th USCT

vkn: Sounds most interesting. Were there handouts you can share?

Selma: No none..wish

vkn: thanx

Selma: after the War ..ex-slaves purchased land in the area which the contraband camp was..

vkn: I see and did they hold on to the land?

Selma: This property was also on the land that was part of the area of the American Revolution was fought..

vkn: oh my historic plus

Selma: In the 1960's...the Park Service in anticipation of the 200 Anniversary of the last battle of the Revolution which was in 1981..bascially made them sell the land to expand the historic park

vkn: I see 1981, the last battle lol

Selma: It was a big fight..but they lost..

vkn: I just bet it was a biggie

Selma: The site of the 1st church and the cemetery is across the street from the battlefiled

vkn: okies

Selma: We actually went to the commemoration in 1981..Regan and Mitterand were was a big deal..

vkn: Was there a tour today or have you been there previously?

Selma: I didn't know all the background then

deannie: Evening all...selma, vkn

Selma: I didn't know about the location of the contraband camp

vkn: Howdy Mz deannie Have you recovered from MAAGI as yet ?

Selma: Evening deannie

vkn: I just bet you learned a lot deannie

deannie: Yes...but I have not gone through my material yet...I going to make myself a calender to use the things I learned every month

vkn: Great idea

deannie: Yes I did I enjoyed myself...I love meeting everyone...and I located the picture we took in Ft Wayne,

vkn: wonderful

deannie: The dorms

khathu: Good evening everyone

Selma: Were you all in the same class deannie?

vkn: Selma will you be doing Ft Wayne

Selma: Good evening khathu When is htat vkn?

vkn: Khathu Now not to test my memory Selma lol

Selma: Only thing I am probably going to outside of my area is AAHGS in Oct

vkn: and Selma that is Nashville?

deannie: No, I shared a dorm with 4 different rooms...with a living room. One of the ladies (Nettie) she was in track 2...the rest of us was in track 3

Selma: Yes..gotta send in my registration

deannie: 4=3 (i was the 4th)

vkn: Nettie is one smart research cookie Deannie. Was Betty Craft there?

deannie: No, she did come up in...I have not seen her for a while....Yes,,,she's one of two her twin is Lettie

vkn: Any Cartwright news Khathu? Yes Nettie & Lettie

khathu: Yes, I located one of the grandsons (Alfred Cartwright) in New Orlean in 1870. His occupation was listed as M City Officer any idea what a M City Officer is?

vkn: Now how about that. Congrats !!!

deannie: Yes, they are big cheeses in our

Selma: No clue khathu

khathu: In addition, I pulled a lot of marriage, death and birth records on the family today at the FHC in Kensington, MD

Selma: Maybe jhonora knows..

khathu: Police Officer maybe?

vkn: Jari would have that answer Khathu

khathu: okay....

Selma: If it is something specific to NO

vkn: Municipal maybe ? deannie how many went from Chi ?

khathu: Municipal City Officer...that makes sense

vkn: and Deannie are you registering for next year?

deannie: About 10 or 11

Selma: Yes..that does make sense

deannie: No,I did not have cash or a check but I will be send it in after I send my daughter back to school...I will be right back

vkn: Great numbers. Did Saundra Brown attend Deannie

Selma: Khathu doesn't NO have city directories? If there are then it might list what he does..the ones in from this area do

khathu: okay, I will check for them

vkn: Also Khathu you might try the MOCAVO search site

deannie: No, I do not know she in the Chicago society

vkn: and Alt is giving glowing reports about the new search features at Ancestry Yes Deannie Saundra was Prez of the group with Cristal Simmons Yes Deannie Saundra was Prez of the group with Cristal Simmons but that has been longer than ten yearsago

deannie: That was before I joined...I will asks one of the twin's who she is

vkn: Saundra taught music anddrama in the Chi school system. She is retired now

deannie: No do not know her...but she is someone to meet

vkn: Well the hour wanes and nap time calls. Gotta beat Selma to the draw lol lol

Selma: LOL

vkn: Y'all be good. C ya 2morry

Selma: Time for me to run.. Good night deannie and khathu

khathu: good night

deannie: ok

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