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2013-07-11 • Middle Georgia


Start: 12:12:01
End: 13:41:43
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

daviss: Texas, North Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, and Indiana. All are states that the Census has for my ancestors. My task is to figure out how I can gain access to their lives without knowing what county and or city or town they live in.....{{sigh}}

Selma: You in the room all alone..."sighing"

daviss: Hello there! yes until now lol lol

Selma: Afternoon vkn

daviss: hello vkn!

vkn: Hey Selma and Daviss sigh a while and give your face a rest lol lol

daviss: lol

Selma: LOL

vkn: Thanx for resending the Art speaks email daviss and great post Selma

daviss: no problem vkn...Wishing him the best

vkn: The original was so grey I had to manipulate a bit and great post Selma re Baskerville

Selma: Art will have to give us an update... thanks vkn... Poster needs to follow up on Khathu suggestion re: Family search..there is a marriage listed and have to tell did not find my info online..I have the Slave Birth Index books

daviss: I met a man at the carwash that son used to have named Baskerville. He was rather homeless but very intelligent. He would say his family was important back esst east I think he was on drugs and alcohol

vkn: Will post re Angola relics later today

daviss: hmmmm can't click on link

vkn: oops

Selma: Thanks vkn... For a change I am able to click and it works.. LOL

vkn: waaaaaayyy to go Selma What about the lady needing help to tell her story?

Selma: Sometimes it is tricky how to answer some posters when you are not sure what resources they have access to or whether everything they do is online

vkn: Indeed that is true and then there was the poster who wanted her 2007 post removed

daviss: ???

vkn: You recd in mail daviss re Stinson

Selma: Did you delete..can you even do that?

daviss: oh

vkn: Yes we can delete selma but it takes some effort since it must be done manually She thought it might be a negative to her job search nice that ayw brought some of her class to chat

daviss: oh yes!

Selma: About the person writing her family story..didn't she use Roots Magic like alt

vkn: I think TribalPages Selma

Selma: Oh..does he use Tribal Pages?

daviss: It sounded to me that she forgotten her password

vkn: yes and so does daviss

Selma: Heck I haven't written my own way I can tell anyone else what to do.. LOL

vkn: I forget mine frequently but they send pronto lol @ Selma

Selma: I wish it would just rain..I swear this changing weather is making my head hurt

vkn: Very chilly here today

daviss: There is an overcast here... There were two drops of rain right after the dust storm yesterday

vkn: We are water logged and trees are uprooting resulting in at least 3 deaths so very sad tree falls on auto and driver dies

Selma: So sad

vkn: these GA pines are beautiful but can be deadly

daviss: 8)

Seventies: Howdy y'all! lol

Selma: Afternoon seventies

vkn: Heyyyy ms Seventies

daviss: 8)

Seventies: Late again... lol

vkn: Play on words "MS Seventies" lol

Seventies: LOL

daviss: so spill out all your genealogy tidbits Seventies

Seventies: Trying to get ready for this vacation/genealogy trip vkn, I tell you with all the photos I've found I'm inspired to make that trip to Alabama

daviss: 1 1/2

vkn: Well you gonna go ready or not lol

Seventies: okay so.... what do you want me to spill about daviss???

daviss: anything at all

vkn: Sounds like a winner seventies

alt: hello all.. storm came thru last night & I was having connection problems ... my tardy excuse LOL

daviss: Heyyy partner alt!

Seventies: Um word is getting around about my FB page photo uploads.... lol getting around in the family that is. everyone loves it and that's what's important.

daviss: good to hear

vkn: Alt, Thought you were Wittenberging

alt: I'll be speaking there this evening..... it's only 20 mins from my house

daviss: aha!!

vkn: Great seventies

Seventies: I would love to just hit the road and just go all over... At the same time I'll be afraid that I won't want to go back to work.. lol

vkn: Oops guess I did not absorb the details Alt. Did not get past "noted genealogist" lol

alt: I won't be here tomorrow... going to Zanesville, Ohio for Anita's sisters.

Seventies: Oh also trying to set up a meet and greet type deal for when I'm in MS. Posted on the Forks of the Road forum on FB

Selma: Work is over rated.. LOL

Seventies: lol

alt: I see you've given me a "BIG" plug" on the Forums vkn... check is in the mail LOL

Selma: I won't be here tomorrow either

Seventies: Me either... first furlough day. Lots to do.

vkn: lol but will it cash lol lol

Seventies: lol exactly.

alt: i doubt it vkn.... but the sentiment is there LOL

vkn: Gotcha

daviss: Seventies will you start tomorrow?

Seventies: yes.

daviss: ok

alt: Seventies, good luck with all of your plans for this summer.... take advantage of all of the opportunities you can while you have the time & energy.

vkn: Sympathies to Anita alt

Selma: Energy..

alt: thank you vkn..

Seventies: Yes I've got a pack of 5 hour energy for the road.. lol if that's the energy you're referring to.. lol Sorry about the death in the family alt. Condolences to you and Ms. Anita.

vkn: Seventies will you carry a dictate/recorder that you can clip on ?

alt: thank you Seventies & all... Anita is doing well.

Seventies: vkn, there's an app for that! LOL

daviss: My condolences and prayers as well alt

alt: ty daviss

Seventies: Did I mention that I LOVE technology and smart phones? lol

daviss: nope

Seventies: well I do! lol

alt: not today Seventies LOL

daviss: lol lol

Seventies: I got this great app for voice recording and it sounds great!

vkn: Soooo seventies what is your transcribe plan or will smart butt phone do that?

daviss: :o

alt: great description vkn ..... smart butt phone

vkn: lol

daviss: lol

Seventies: Will upload to laptop, edit and eventually post on my future website. ha ha ha at smart butt phone lol No transcription plans just yet. I'm sitting here looking at my inbox and I have so much e-mail to read.. ugh.

alt: technology & genealogy ... that will be the "gist" of my presentation this evening..... it's all good, but you still have to do the grunt work and follow the basic principles of good genealogical methodologies

vkn: and that is a good thing. Hope it is from family

Seventies: Yes, I have to say that regardless of the technologies available the methods would be mostly the same...

alt: research skills, reading, writing & organizing your efforts are aided by technology, but can't be replaced by technology

vkn: smart analysis is the key

alt: right on vkn

Seventies: Do y'all have a cute little acronym for researching? IE RWO (read write and organize)

alt: I read some of the commentary on the DNA Forums & sites & shake my head about the lack of genealogical applications and/or methodologies

Seventies: Are you on that African Traced DNA page? lol

alt: addicted to it Seventies LOL

Seventies: I don't even bother posting or reading there much anymore. lol They give me a headache.

vkn: ROW seventies

Seventies: okay Research, Organize and Write?

vkn: yes

Seventies: what about the analysis piece??

alt: I do read & post.. following vkn's and the AfriGeneas motto of "Each one Teach one" some of those folks need help in a big way and don't know that it is available okay Seventies AROW

Seventies: I think the slogan is great! Copyright it!

Selma: I think of research as Time, Place and Space

vkn: understand share = analysis seventies good one selma

alt: those are two biggies vkn .... understand & SHARE

Seventies: You seniors are ALRIGHT! lol

vkn: watch it lol

Selma: Time frame folks lived in, Place they lived in during those time frames

alt: we didn't just fall off the turnip truck as the saying goes Seventies LOL

Seventies: I know it! :}

alt: and we're more than 'potted plants" LOL

vkn: needing cane to stand no room for smacking lol

Selma: Who is calling us potted plants?

alt: speak to the need vkn LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: Yes you all are very helpful and I love you for it! And you have more patience than I do... lol

alt: just making sure Seventies doesn't think of us in that way Selma

vkn: Just keep on living Seventies. Patience is an enhancement lol

alt: Seventies isn't one of them, but some young folk can't deal with the 'wisdom & experience' of their elders.

Seventies: You know as with everything it's all about the delivery... what?? Lol

Selma: LOL

vkn: butt what lol

alt: I learned to talk like that when I stopped being "colored" and became Black LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: lol lol lol well, my family didn't get that memo! lol

vkn: glad to see the B in caps alt

alt: oh yeah vkn

Selma: Oh jeez this chat is going totally off topic

alt: fo' sho' Selma

Seventies: It is.....sooo. My photo collection..

vkn: I worry that we let the lower case slide

Seventies: I have a couple of photos that I think are of the Parker family of Dallas Co. I think that there was someone on the boards looking for that family.

alt: AYW gave Precious Photos a great 'plu' in a video clip they posted on Facebook

vkn: I saw that

Seventies: I also want to see if my Ellen Mixon was formerly a Dunklin. that may make me related to Amos the man who used to come in here from Long Island. She did alt. I enjoyed it. Vid was too short though.

Selma: What ever happened to Amos?

vkn: He went into Real Estate Selma

Seventies: I think he moved back down south, Georgia? Last time he was on here.

vkn: First Amos re cooped from wheel chair

Selma: I remember that vkn

vkn: Had been in chair for a time He is from Anniston my home town

Seventies: lol the only thing that will be on here is that we all showed up if y'all keep talking like this LOL

Selma: LOL

alt: speaking of Anniston, you ever hear from the other guy who was married into the Embry lines vkn? he worked at the military base there

vkn: He is active with the Calhoun County genealogy society which is called AlaBenton

alt: okay vkn,, thanks

vkn: Benton was first name of County then Calhoun

Seventies: I'm jumping topics here, but since its in the forefront of my mind, vkn Toombs county is that considered part of the Gullah nation, area???

alt: question... would y'a rather see a presentation done with Power Point, or have an inter-active discussion using websites on a computer link?

Seventies: Toombs Co. GA

vkn: Seventies I see that Autauga had 7000 Black peeps in 1870

Seventies: An interactive alt. Example Prezi Yes vkn they had a few born in Africa Africans there as well.

alt: Okay Seventies , don't know Prezi, but think I have the concept LOL

vkn: I think it is too inward seventies

Seventies: ok vkn.

vkn: I call it Middle GA

Seventies: Middle or SE?

vkn: Middle South East

alt: what was the total; population of that county in 1870 Seventies, to me that is a large number of Blacks for a rural community.

Seventies: I consider ATL the middle point of GA... I'm not sure, that was one of those facts that I looked up LONG before I started officially doing genealogy. There was a site that had all of that information listed years ago.

alt: that always amazed me when I went to Warner-Robins vkn .. folks spoke of north Ga, middle GA & south GA .. to me it was all GA LOL

vkn: ATL I call Metro GA Middle starts with Macon/Bibb County

Seventies: Autauga co. AL IMO is mostly rural 80% what are your thoughts vkn?

alt: OH, the Census browser from LVA has all of that stuff Seventies

Selma: Folks..have to run.. Bye

vkn: agree

Seventies: bye Selma

alt: wb daviss

daviss: oh hum

vkn: Albany is Southwest GA

Seventies: Maybe its just my sensitivities, but that's what I 'see' when we've gone there to visit family. I am willing to bet they have a lot of good old stories too.

daviss: thanks alt

Seventies: Another project I would love to work!

vkn: YouTube it Seventies

alt: vkn and to me it is All-BA-NY rather than AL-been-NY LOL LOL

Seventies: lol alt...

vkn: lol

Seventies: Where did you go daviss? And where is your excuse slip? lol

vkn: All Been EE

daviss: I am here seventies silently reading

Seventies: ah huh.... I saw you step out... lol

daviss: I was violently thrown out

alt: Seventies, when I started genealogy and went to my southern ancestors it amazed me at the pages & pages of Black folk in the census records whereas in the norht you would normally see a couple of families per page.

daviss: but like a champ i came back in

vkn: champ champ champ

alt: you got back up, huh daviss? after being knocked down

daviss: :}

vkn: non violence up in here

Seventies: alt I can imagine. These are places like Terry Sewell's district in AL that should be completely effectively run by AA's... IMO I remember when I was a little girl visiting my family in the 1980's and not seeing ONE white person the entire time we were there.

alt: wow!!!

vkn: completely and effectively = oxymoron seventies rofl

Seventies: Oops sorry. there should be an and in there... lol yes this was in MS and even more so in Alabama alt

alt: I've always lived where AA's were between 5-10 and no more than 15 % of a given population

Seventies: Sorry.

vkn: 50% in Albany alt

alt: is that right vkn??

vkn: yuppers and 30% in Anniston

alt: well, I got's to run .. see y'all perhaps Sunday.

daviss: closing arguments

vkn: Good show tonight alt be good

daviss: see ya'all later you be good also Seventies cya

Seventies: what the what?? Ok I'll shut it down... lol

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