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Start: 12:09:18
End: 13:34:53
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, daviss, freeaainnc, Khathu, ryan, Spivey, vkn

daviss: hello sPivey and alt

Spivey: Hi daviss!

alt: hello all

Spivey: Hi alt!

daviss: whew, finally goy in. computer is so slow this morning got

Spivey: Mine is all screwed up. Does crazy things and no virus can be detected.

daviss: this one is my daughters and I use it. needs a major overhaul

Spivey: I got this one Mother's Day, so should not have these problems.

daviss: 3 months, no way

Spivey: It started at Facebook and I wonder if there is a hidden virus there.

daviss: dunno

Spivey: My printer icon went on one day and 3 print jobs lined up in queue. All from Facebook applications. I've had problems every since. Scared the you-know-what out of me because I didn't have the printer turned on at the time.

daviss: that is rather odd Spivey Khathu suggested Burned Courthouses and the effects on Genealogy for todays topic.

Spivey: Okay. Sounds good.

daviss: we can just have an open conversation now if you two wish and wait for others to come in

Spivey: I looked up burned courthouses when VKN mentioned it the other day. That's when I came across the reference to WPA Inventories.

daviss: WPA inventories

Spivey: Well, sometimes I don't know which way to turn. Should I do one family at a time? Should I finish updating my web site? Should I finish entering photos in my personal family history file? I drive myself nuts.

daviss: I hear ya spivey.

Spivey: 8)

daviss: one family at a time sounds nice hehehehe

Spivey: Yeah, but that hasn't worked too well because I run into dead ends.

daviss: hen again so does updating your page which one is the easiest and will take less time

alt: i suggest doing them all at the same time Spivey

Spivey: I do, then find out that I have information in my personal file that should be included there. ROTFL. alt I wish I could.

daviss: alt she is worried about driving herself nuts

Spivey: I wish I had a bank of computers so that I could have each application open at the same time. Windows is good, but not enough.

alt: why can't you? Your genealogy software can handle it

Spivey: Did you notice that Ancestry won't let you have more than one page open there at a time. If I open a second Ancestry window, it will let me do a tiny bit before logging me off the first one.

alt: I manage ny database and I have over 21,000 folks tha I'm constantaly doing updates on. never happened to me Spivey... I have 5 Ancestry pages open at this moment along with the chat.

Spivey: Really? Hmmmm . . . . . I'm going to try it again then.

daviss: alt, did you look at that war promo film I posted

alt: sure did vicly and it is great!!!!! I forwarded the link to Bennie, I see where it has had less than 25 hits at present.

Spivey: War promo film?

daviss: Wouldn't it be nice if someone recognized their parent alt

freeaainnc: hi!

Spivey: Hi freeaainnc!

alt: it sure would vicky, Oops daviss Hello freeaainnc

daviss: yes spivey, the link is on the Gen Hist Forum

freeaainnc: alt, I have a question for you about family tree programs

alt: okay freeaainnc, hope I can help

Spivey: So you're gonna make me work for it huh daviss!

freeaainnc: woman I know is looking for a program that will display reports showing up to 8 generations (or at least 5) with photos. Any ideas? She said FTM 2010 doesn't work for her

daviss: hmm this is not picking up all the words I am typing for some reason yep Spivey I worked and found it

alt: Roots Magic.. is this the Laurie on FB?

freeaainnc: vicky, there is a delay after you type and hit enter, you have to wait about 10-30 seconds to start typing again yeah alt, how did you know??? Laurie Keane and thanks! I'll let her know

Spivey: PAF does that for me.

daviss: she should have lots of answers by now free lol

alt: I saw her post on FB and responded.. earlier version of FTM does what she is attempting to do.

freeaainnc: ok another reason NOT to upgrade? LOL I still have v.16


freeaainnc: i didn't realize you were connected to her alt, she emailed me privately

alt: check out the tree at that link freeaainnc

freeaainnc: hi 3rd

Spivey: Hi 3rdthawkins!

alt: Hello 3rd

3rdthawkins: hello lunchers

freeaainnc: I've seen your tree often Alt! lol

daviss: she has over 4000 pics alt

alt: it was created with v16 of FTM freeaainnc

freeaainnc: oh! ok

daviss: the laurie lady

alt: she may need to do more of a narrative with that many photos.

freeaainnc: are you connected to her too Daviss?

vkn: Good afternoon

alt: vkn

3rdthawkins: hello vkn

freeaainnc: hi V

daviss: yep as well as others free hello 3rd and vkn

Spivey: Hi vkn!

freeaainnc: but I see we only have 1 mutual friend and I know I'm connected to Art and I thought you

daviss: cant tell ys how its happening free

vkn: The month draws to an end. Summer has flown

alt: I got to her from a posting by someone else freeaainnc, she is not a 'friend' of mine.. at least I don't think so LOL

vkn: Informative post alt

daviss: summer flew but the heat is still lingering vkn

freeaainnc: oh ok

alt: on the newspapers vkn?

vkn: yes alt I wonder how the commercial sites are handling that

alt: it is from the government vkn thru the Library of Congress

vkn: Yes I see that Thinking about footnote and that ilk

alt: okay, I see.. like everything else, everyone is trying to get a 'piece of the pir'. pir=pie

vkn: I used the LOC site following your post and hit a gem for my Whaley research

daviss: VKN is your Whaley in SC

alt: wonderful vkn

vkn: GA AL MS LA Daviss

daviss: ok

alt: whiel the info is not ALL on the internet, the internet is directing us more and more to where the info is located.

daviss: what does LOC stand for

vkn: But primarily Caddo Parish

alt: Library of Congress

daviss: Caddo hmmm that is only 30 miles from my Harrison County is it Shreveport vkn

alt: there is gonna some information on Mariah hitting the 'Net soon daviss LOL LOL

daviss: yeah right alt!

3rdthawkins: My Hughes shifted between Waskom and Caddo Parish

alt: and I'm gonna say "I told ya so" LOL

daviss: dont you go putting up any false info alt lol lol

3rdthawkins: though living in Waskom, TX, my grgr gf died in Caddo (Longwood) alt playing with people's emotions now

alt: just giving her hope 3rdthawkins

vkn: alt will photos stay in place if names are eeleted to start over with TP

daviss: I just hope alt I am on this side of the dirt when it happens alt :?

alt: yes vkn.. and updated GEDCOM to Tribal Pages does not have any affect on the photos already up there.

vkn: ot this side ob da ribber daviss

freeaainnc: I need to get going, short lunch today. bye!

daviss: ob de ribber is right vkn lol

vkn: whew thanx a whole heap

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

alt: hello AYWalton

AYWalton: Hello 3rd, alt, daviss, Spivey.

3rdthawkins: hello freeaainnc and AYWalton

daviss: hello AYWalton

Spivey: Good afternoon AYWalton!

3rdthawkins: oops, should have said bye free...hehe

AYWalton: hope everyone is doing well.

3rdthawkins: have to turn up my volume

alt: s one of the features I really like of TP vkn... you can work 'different' portions of the Page without it having an affect on other features.

vkn: doing ok ayw all things considered okies alt

daviss: sheesh, keys sticking again

AYWalton: I like the image of your tree, alt.

vkn: ayw aging is a full time job lol

AYWalton: lol @ vkn!

alt: thank you AYWalton

AYWalton: did you put it the Facebook thread. Folks need to see it. I don't put photos on my FTM.

daviss: without hazardous duty pay either AYWalton lol

AYWalton: lol

alt: that's the family with the upcoming reunion this weekend... My Adams Family.

AYWalton: aging is not for sissies.

daviss: I know

vkn: true that why not pictures ayw

AYWalton: they take up room on the program, and I understand they eat up space. I can share the photos separately, but not in FTM program. Plus since I don't have images of everyone, I don't like seeing empty spaces---some pictures on some ancestors and nothing on another.

3rdthawkins: daviss, just for clarification, is Jonesville and Waskom, TX the same place???? I'm look at old border cemetery, the address says Jonesville, but on my grgr gm's obit, it says it is in Waskom

daviss: no they are not, two different cities

alt: I'm just the opposite AYWalton, if I have a photo, especially of a deceased family member, it's going on my site LOL LOL

daviss: Old Border Cemetery is not in Jonesville

AYWalton: I understand on a website. I meant on the FTM program specifically. Only referring to FTM.

alt: that's where the come from for the website... a genealogy program

3rdthawkins: oh no? I was under that impression when I looked at a website

daviss: Wascom and Jonesville are close to each other as well as Leigh

3rdthawkins: I keep getting Concord Road, Jonesville, Harrison Co. TX

AYWalton: who was Ernestine Lucas? I have a line of Lucas folks in MO.

3rdthawkins: hello Khathu

AYWalton: greetings Khathu.

Khathu: hello everyone

daviss: Concord Rd hmmm

Spivey: Hi Khathu!

alt: Ernestine Lucas was my genealogy mentor... Her husband was the Lucas.

daviss: I have been to Jonesville several times.. not remembering Concord Rd

AYWalton: ahh ok.

alt: Mrs. Lucas was one of the founders of AAHGS.. I belive a charter member.

AYWalton: How's it going khathu?

Khathu: it is going

daviss: hello khathu

alt: graduted from vkn's school (Fisk) in 1834 as a classmate of John Hope Franklin. Oops 1934

3rdthawkins: maybe someone I can contact in Harrison County that will help me out

daviss: vkn

alt: hello Khathu

3rdthawkins: I get this a lot, when looking for an address or city

daviss: oh vkn

AYWalton: how is your mom doing, khathu?

vkn: yassum

daviss: look at IM

vkn: okies

Khathu: she is coming along nicely...although the drs with not release to go back to work for about a year

AYWalton: oh wow. But glad she is coming along fairly well.

Khathu: thanks

daviss: thats wonderful khathu

Khathu: vkn - i will forward you the booklist later today

vkn: not disconnected daviss also daviss cannot do what vicky can lol hanx khathu

alt: Khathu , is your family i SF or Oakland?

Khathu: Oakland

daviss: I keep getting that msg vkn again

vkn: hmmmmm

alt: okay thanx....

Spivey: Hi ryan!

alt: I have family throughout the Bay area, but not in Oakland.

AYWalton: howdy ryan.

alt: hello ryan

ryan: 3rd, alt, AY, davis, Khathu, Spivey and VKN . Whats up to all and long time..

Khathu: hello ryan

alt: good 'seeing' ya ryan

ryan: Oh, missed ya alt.. Hey

3rdthawkins: hello ryan

Khathu: have a great day everyone. i have a meeting to run off to

ryan: was just back reading the logs..

Spivey: Well, what will happen to the discussion on burnt courthouse records now?

3rdthawkins: daviss, have you tried looking at the websites listing Harrison County Cemeteries and those buried in them???

alt: anyone read the post on the article about the positive aspects of slavery'?

daviss: yes I have 3rd

3rdthawkins: ok

Spivey: No alt.

3rdthawkins: yes alt, I was trying to bring that up yesterday, wanted to know what eeryone though the one in Fairfax County VA (Sully/Sullen Plantation)

alt: I posted my response 3rdthawkins .. can't keep my big mouth shut LOL LOL

Spivey: Wht did the poster say alt?

vkn: where would one find that alt

3rdthawkins: going to go to read it

Spivey: And 3rdthawkins?

alt: slavery forum I think

vkn: I spose nothing is 100 percent alt

3rdthawkins: you would have to read the article

Spivey: Thanks 3rdthawkins. You must have read my mind. LOL.

alt: right vkn, my point in arguing was that the neo-cons seem to be having a field day in rewriting the history of the Civil War and Slavery.

3rdthawkins: good post alt,

vkn: I am sure you are right alt. I will take a looksee at the article

daviss: Spivey we can pick that topic up at another date. I imagine that khathu may have some goodies for us on that

alt: I may not always be right vkn, but I'm never wrong LOL

daviss: I only know that all burned courthouses arent a lost cause

ryan: ok, so I open the article to a blue eyed baby... gimmie a min to read

Spivey: Well so far we are batting zero when it comes to discussing what Khathu has insights on. How about the rest of us?

vkn: lol lol lol I be stealing that line alt

Spivey: I can't find the article, just the cover of the paper is all I get.

daviss: Ok then Shoot! Topic is Burned Couthouses

3rdthawkins: What Charles Barkeley say (the title of his book) I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It lol

Spivey: Doesn't matter anyway I suppose since it's a dedicated topic.

daviss: I posted a blog that had my Harrison county Courthouse burning

alt: guess it's listening time for me then.. I know nothing about researching burned courthouses.

3rdthawkins: go to page 6 Spivey

Spivey: Not now 3rdthawkins. Can't discuss this topic now.

daviss: as far as records that they were able to retrieve, they were doused with so much water

vkn: Daviss some things are difficult to discuss on the fly

3rdthawkins: keep it as a note Spivey :)

Spivey: :)

3rdthawkins: So, how would you go about researching a burnt courthouse?

vkn: 1. Post to GenHist or other forum

Spivey: You can't 3rdthawkins. It's been burnt. ROTFL.

3rdthawkins: lol

vkn: 2. see what gets posted 3. announce as chat topic

daviss: ahhh I see

Spivey: Anyway, some states were able to re-create the lost records because citizens brought in copies of their documents to replace some of those lost, 3rdthawkins.

vkn: 4. discuss in chat

alt: wouldn't the 'time period' make a difference? a burned courthouse as a result of the Civil War, woud be much different than a burned courthouse in the 20th century.

vkn: would be my suggestion daviss and all

ryan: read the article, did not see any "surprising" and "positive aspects" of slavery... sorry..

alt: Oops sorry, bout jumping the gun on courthouse discussion.

3rdthawkins: So posting first would be a good idea, ok, gotcha vkn

Spivey: Yes, alt. There was mass destruction of records in places like Virginia during the Civil War when Union soldiers burned most of towns and villges.

3rdthawkins: Exactly Ryan

vkn: not a prob alt protocols are being revised as we chat

alt: Ryan, I thought it was a feel good story written by a young impressionable girl that got some publicity.

ryan: the guy was trying to say how wonderfull the slaves were treated at scully and how ungratefull they were ok, written by a child...

alt: yep, how dare you runa away from here as well as we're treating y'all LOL

3rdthawkins: that's what bugged me about it ryan......but yes, a HS or college kid

ryan: yea, the mentality...

Spivey: Just one final comment to make alt. Use a search engine of your choice and search for 'WPA Inventories'. That is a good source of records.

alt: as I stated i my response.. it is difficult for me to be objective on the subject of slavery ... the exception or the rule thank you Spivey

Spivey: You're welcome alt. alt isn't this just part of the process by whomever to display slavery in a kinder light so that the horrible nature of it is downplayed?

vkn: yes slavery is a line in the sand

3rdthawkins: we can't be so overly passionate like some people and just think every slave owner was just rule and crude to their slaves, they were slaves and were treated as such, some harsher because it was more racial oriented/motivated, and some not so harsh because they were still looked at as humans,

Spivey: You can't own a human being 3rdthawkins.

3rdthawkins: that's not my point Spivey

alt: whatever it is Spivey.... iI belive it is to get us back to those days. a Conspiracy !!!!!! LOL lOL

Spivey: To get us back to those days in what context alt?

vkn: What is your source document 3rd

ryan: yes.. Beck showed us that this weekend Alt, they want to go back, badly Jim Crow Spivey

Spivey: Oh, well, I'm not sure of their motivations but more and more I see slavery as an institution being redefined by genealogists and others.

alt: in any context where you as a Black are gonna be degraded whatever, whereever and whenever you are Spivey.

Spivey: True alt even unto this day and even by some of our own.

ryan: Slavery exist today.. My fried once coined it "Institutional Slavery"

alt: amen ryan

Spivey: Meaning what ryan?

ryan: does not come in the form of sheets and fires

Spivey: Oh, the mindset. I think I have heard that coined as 'Institutional Slavery'.

daviss: David Duke has 3 pc suits now

ryan: Institutional Slavery - Economic, cultural, educational oppression (best described)

daviss: is he still around

ryan: social

3rdthawkins: Religous, ryan

Spivey: I don't remember if he won the office he ran for daviss.

ryan: yes AND - its Legal

alt: he just ran for office in LA again daviss .... David Duke.

ryan: thats why we must vote

daviss: for sure Ryan

ryan: well yall... gonna run... been real.. (busy at work, not sure when I'll make lunch bunch, mayb tomorrow since I'll be working from home) but at a minimum, catch yall at sat chat.. later

alt: too many "objective" black folk in my mind... Malcolm gave us the example when he mentioned the slave who commented when da massa didin't feel well... is WE sick massa?.... taking on tda mass personna

Spivey: Sounds more like that slave had a good idea of what was expected of him and wanted to cover the basis even if it involved the master being sick alt!

vkn: i specs such may have happened alt

Spivey: To me, that sounds like a very wise slave.

alt: oh no Spivey,, you ain't drawing me into an 'intellectual' thing on that survival... by any means necessary

Spivey: Yep. But, alt, the slave was the intellectual one.

alt: later's y'all take care.

3rdthawkins: ok gotta go

vkn: Y'all take care until another day

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