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2013-05-14 • "Cousins Marrying Cousins"


Start: 12:05:54
End: 13:00:57
Chatters: alt, daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: ok I'm be here. I'm here.. Hello vkn. How are you doing this afternoon?

vkn: Doing well and you seventies?

Seventies: Doing pretty well.

vkn: Link is to Back women of Brazil

Seventies: thanks. I'm actually working on part 2 of my family reunion fundraiser. Last month I am giving away a copy of two personally autographed books by Toni Morrison. This month I am giving away a necklace set and the only copy of a family photo book I had made last year.l

vkn: Local pastors have joined in Atlanta to fight and conquer crime

Seventies: Howdy Selma!

Selma: Good afternoon daviss, seventies and vkn

Seventies: daviss, have you eaten? drank your coffee??

daviss: ok back, hi Selma, Seventies and vkn

vkn: Selma howdy doody and daviss

daviss: No not yet Seventies, I just put coffee on thats what took me so long lol

Seventies: lol well come have some of my Maxwell house...

Selma: Sounds like a great fundraising event seventies

daviss: ha! that is probably that ole instant stuff

vkn: Good quest re Brickwall grandma Selma

Selma: I am not sure what folks expect us to do..with limited info. I did find the family..

vkn: Poster comes back with more info so you got her juices flowing Selma

Seventies: Thanks Selma. Trying to get the family excited about donating...

Selma: in 1930...only the mother and children including Delilah were listed..they were listed as Lodgers

Seventies: daviss.... lol not quite... lol

vkn: Oh did you now? great... yes lodgers are hard to find

Seventies: hello alt!

daviss: sometimes lodgers are related

Selma: Afternoon alt.

daviss: hello alt!

vkn: Heyyyy alt

alt: hello ladies, thought you'd escape my company, huh? LOL

Seventies: Well, we didn't want to have to send out a search party.. :} You are late, where's the pass??

daviss: lol

vkn: Need Nita Note alt lol

alt: Oops, Seventies is quick to 'throw it' back at me LOL read your fund raising project Seventies, nice work!!!

Seventies: lol

vkn: Soooo Selma did your finding solve the quest?

Seventies: thanks alt.

Selma: No...I just wanted to see what she was seeing..

vkn: oh ok

Selma: She mentions possible father.but he is not in the home..

Seventies: daviss, the answer to your question is 'neither' lol lol Hello Khathu!

Khathu: hello evertone

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

alt: hello Khathu

vkn: Howdy Khathu

daviss: You know what Seventies, you are wrong for that! lol Hi Khathu Did you look in 1940 Selma for them

Selma: No..I did try to find them in the 1930..but no luck.. I meant 1920

vkn: Khathu did you find those William sisters raised by the Cauc family in TX

alt: what state are they in Selma? perhaps there are records for the family on the FamilySearch site.

Selma: Louisiana...Shreveport, Caddo County

alt: okay, not sure about LA familySearch records, gotta take a look-see

daviss: I had not had a chance to look yet but thought of Harrison County Texas because of the 30 mile distance

Khathu: No I haven't

alt: daviss, I did tell you Shannon struck "gold" for me again.

Seventies: Ok is Red River part of Northern Louisiana?

daviss: No alt, you did not!! Thats great Red River is Sadonya's area of research also

vkn: okies khathu just updating my search list

Khathu: Thanks I have to run off to an appt.

Seventies: ok have a good appt Khathu

alt: take care this Internet searching stuff is fantastic!!! Census sends you to FamilySearch & FamilySearch sends you to Newspapers and then Google sends you everywhere... it is truly amazing what you can find with the click of the mouse.

daviss: as a side note on my latest blog I was up this morning early looking for a Hop whose father may have been named Joe :? as in HOPSON

alt: any luck daviss?

daviss: nawwwww

alt: keep at it

Selma: BRB...

alt: keep

daviss: lots of folks named Hop

vkn: Sounds terrific alt

alt: my latest .... Bennie McRae posted a photo of "sleeping car train porters"... went to google looking for "Helena Wilson + BSCP" she was the Pres. of the BSCP auxillary & the wife of a cousin.... found tons of stuff on her.

Seventies: This is kind of out in left field. Boy oh boy is anyone else here related to themselves?? LOL

vkn: Wow. I learned from posting of McRae that Porters included the name Maids. Never knew that before

Seventies: I love that page on Facebook.

alt: probably Seventies,, those relationship calculators can come up with some strange stuff if you have enough genealogy in your database.

daviss: :o

vkn: Yes with first cousins marrying seventies Yes with first cousins marrying seventies and sharing same grandparents

Seventies: ok brb

alt: wb Ms Selma

daviss: I have first cousins on my paternal side and don't think I could stand that one vkn lol lol

vkn: lol

daviss: wb Selma

Seventies: lol I have two 1st cousin once removed who shares the exact same set of grand parents as my mom.

alt: Selma, I just read an article on Golf & Tiger.... the "word" is that Tiger isn't 'winning' these tournamnets, but the other golfers are 'losing' them" to him. LOL LOL

Seventies: I'm pleading the fifth on that... wink wink sure they are... lol

vkn: Called creative dissing

Selma: Sure looked like he was winning on Sunday...

alt: yep vkn, that's what it is.. good terminology. this writer said Tiger didn't win, but Sergio & the other guy 'lost'

Selma: Yes..and they "lost" in spectacular fashion...

vkn: Seventies do you have examples of kin to self?

alt: all of us vkn, I've got a couple of family FB pages I wish I could share with y'all...

Seventies: yes, I have two cousins who would genetically be my aunts. two brothers married two sisters. Further up the tree I have a some cousins on my grand dads family who married cousins in my grandma's family.

vkn: It is prolly more common than not particular with plantation kin

Selma: My father was born on an Island..I have no doubt I am related to 3/4 of the folks..good thing he left the island and found my mother in NY

Seventies: lol Yep sounds like what happened in Mississippi and Alabama! lol Thank goodness for the great migration!

alt: that "closeness" is also very true in those small FPOC settlements in the 1800's... lots of cousins marrying cousins going on. Seventies, I owuld imagine a lot of folks left the sout, went north and ended up marrying a "cousin" they din't even know they were related to.

Seventies: Could be, but I think especially in the case of my dad's family they went north and created little communities mirroring those down south.

vkn: and widow marrying brother of deceased spouse

Seventies: I distinctly recall that a distant cousin of mine in Detroit was always told that we were cousins. The link goes back to th late 1700's!

daviss: alt have you heard anything from that Wilson fella?

alt: nope daviss, sure haven't

daviss: me either alt

vkn: Y'all be good

alt: daviss, it's almost a crime that some/most of our DNA cousins really aren't interested, or don't know any of their genealogy.

Seventies: I gotta run. Some of you I will speak to later. If all goes well, I will be visiting with you all this summer at the National Archives.. eh hhmm and at the national Underground Railroad museum eh hhmmm and in Mississippi... eh hhmmmm May as well go big or go home! lol bye y'all

Selma: Bye

alt: you behave yoself Seventies

Selma: Time for me to run too folks..have a great day..see you tonight, if I don't fall asleep..

alt: okay

daviss: later

alt: ta duh

daviss: bye all

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