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2013-04-21 • How to use new familysearch ?


Start: 11:22:33
End: 12:24:27
Chatters: alt, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: ProQuest off line 23 April 2013 Death of Vicky's brother Census Quirks by Michael Leclerc * missing schedules * maynot have been enumerated * names may have been misread * Did schedule survive? * Enumerated more than once ** Visiting relatives ** Working for neighbors ** Moved at census time

Seventies: Good morning vkn

vkn: Mawnin this mawnin seventies

Seventies: Looking over your census quirks.Good stuff Enumeration twice actually helped me find someone.

vkn: Yes I am reading from a Mocavo newsletter

Seventies: Helped me tie the families together.

vkn: ahhhhh finding twice I find a grandmother at her home and at home of her employer 1900.

Seventies: yes same census. A Margaret Meade had a grandson Richard Christmas living with her in 1880. He was also enumerated with his parents Margaret and Richard Christmas same year. I wouldn't have ever found them. ok

vkn: Margaret Mead lol a famous name

Seventies: lol yeah... lol

vkn: and at Christmas yet

Seventies: lol

vkn: So many sites offering services. Almost too much information

Seventies: Yes she is the sister of Charity Rounds who was enslaved. Not sure of Charity's maiden name. But the sister took the name in the mid 1840's

vkn: oh ok so she married a Rounds?

Seventies: Yep. Flooding the genealogy world. No Margaret took the Mead name in the 1840's. No record of a surname before then.

vkn: I see

Seventies: Not sure if the women even had a surname. I presume perhaps since the family was owned so long by the same people they took that surname.

vkn: That figures

Seventies: I was fortunate enough to even find those records.

vkn: Any slaveholder papers available ?

Seventies: Yes. Through LSU and through the local historical society.

vkn: Lucky you with discerning eyes

Seventies: Or else that 1870 census would've been meaningless.

vkn: Great that you were able to make the connection

Seventies: It really was.

vkn: Not always easy

Seventies: So now I'm getting help with my Alabama research. which is wonderful.

vkn: Great

Seventies: Specifically Autauga I mentioned earlier this week.

vkn: I recall. Is this a person or source on the ground in Alabama?

Seventies: Question, what is this business about having to hire a genealogist to pull old records from the courthouse? Had you heard of this? They are in Louisville, KY. Father from Prattville, AL

vkn: No. What is the source of that

Seventies: This is what this woman was told that she had to do in Autauga Co. to access records. Sounded absolutely bogus to me.

vkn: I suppose short of hands at courthouse may cause the restricted use of remaining staff

Seventies: I guess so. I really wanted to get on board with going to Alabama and Mississippi both this summer. Hi alt

alt: morning ladies ... Seventies & vkn

Seventies: How are you alt?

vkn: Ouchies. Howdy Alt

alt: bumpy ride today, huh vkn? LOL

vkn: lol seventies I would recommend going to Anniston and the library there. Contacts are Linda and Tom.

Seventies: Anyone talk to Vicky since I contacted you by FB?

alt: not me

vkn: Thanx for giving the word Seventies

Seventies: Ok vkn. I'll add that to my list. Thanks No problem vkn.

alt: reading back on today's log .... sounds like this lady is trying to drum up some business Seventies .... for herself or someone else?

Seventies: No... she said that she would do a search for free and to call her anytime.

alt: re: local researcher for court records

vkn: and seventies for teaching about group messaging

alt: oh, okay Seventies .. guess I mis-read.

Seventies: Oh yes... that. Yes I can see how that is possible. But I'm a do it yourself type of person. You're welcome vkn

Selma: Good Sunday morning alt, seventies and alt

Seventies: Hello vkn

alt: I'm busy helping a friend with her research on her Arkansas family.... FamilySearch is a "bomb" on Arkansas records for the time periods we're looking at. Hello Selma

vkn: So alt did you respond to the person seeking an interview that I sent or is that part of the heavy lifting you do no longer. If so Mea Culpa Howdy Selma

Seventies: Oops I meant Selma

alt: I got the email after her scheduled times for a requested interview vkn.. so, I haven't responded.

Seventies: What time period are you looking at alt?

vkn: Oops backatcha seventies

alt: from 1870 to about 1940 Seventies

vkn: I see that Ancestry has open access for marriage records until midnite this day

alt: I'm adding the 'text' records for census, birth, marriage & death in the notes for each person found... also connecting to what's available on Ancestry, etc.

Seventies: Yes I've not been able to find an uncle Elijah in ARK except on one document... frustrating

vkn: Alt, Selma, Seventies what is advantage of new family search format? Are they encouraging GEDCom's

Seventies: I saw a couple of marriage records, but not quite sure which one is him.Tried to narrow the info down to Desha Co. AR Don't know yet vkn. They are trying to get as many photos as they can though.

alt: dunno vkn.... I'm having 'trouble' relearning the search technique for use on familySearch.

vkn: Thanx seventies I can see that photos seem to be a priority Well alt when you learn please teach me. The searching moves tediously on my device

alt: I'm not submitting anything to FamilySearch and/or Ancestry.. if I submit anything it will be to AfriGeneas LOL LOL

vkn: lol lol lol you are a good kid alt lol

alt: and of course adding to my Tribal Pages website LOL LOL

Seventies: :}

vkn: TribalPages seems not to be compliant with Mac OSX so I cannot GEDCOM

alt: is that right vkn, hmmm

Seventies: Anyone been on findagrave lately?

vkn: That is a new situation with TP

alt: I was on that site a couple of times yesterday Seventies

Seventies: Anything new on your end alt?

alt: just learning about Arkansas

Seventies: ok

Selma: Angela is a great resouce for Arkansas alt

alt: oh, I need to write something about this being my 25 year anniversary (April) to 'serious' genealogy thanks to my mentor, Mrs. Lucas & a fellow named Coy Robbins from bloomington, IN.

vkn: How did you meet Mrs. Lucas alt

alt: okay, thanks for the reminder Selma

Seventies: LOL I'm over there now looking at findagrave and someone filled up my cemetery...

alt: thru her teaching a genealogy class vkn .. but I knew of her thru Church.

vkn: ok I see

alt: filled up????

vkn: filled up your cemetery. Not understanding

Seventies: Well, i'd been working on the Mt Sinai Cemetery Sibley, MS, BUT someone went there and added photos and names to findagrave.

alt: why are you so quiet Ms Selma?

Selma: Son is here and the little darlins plus one.. LOL

Seventies: :}

alt: ah so, okay.. then you are excused LOL LOL

Selma: oops Plus Mom.. LOL

alt: Mom is probably sad that Tiger couldn't pull off the Masters last week, huh Selma?

Selma: Yes she was..

Seventies: Oh you have a house full!

Selma: Yes I do

alt: me too :{

Seventies: Y'all let me skedaddle...

alt: okay Seventies skedaddle...

Seventies: Enjoy your day. I'm going to catch up with some stuff.

alt: but you're too young to know how to skedaddle...LOL

vkn: Enjoy your company selma and alt

Selma: Yes..have to run Have a great day

alt: okay, guess I'll get back to Arkansas laters y'all

vkn: k

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