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2013-03-10 • Nellie Giles in Iowa


Start: 12:04:29
End: 13:06:35
Chatters: AYWalton, jhonora, keli1, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Mawnin Seventies, Hope the world is turning on the axis of your choice Weather here is improving Watching for white smoke from Rome I am struggling to get into DNA basics. It is a steep curve

Seventies: good morning...

vkn: Oh there you are seventies. Did you get stuck in door lol

Seventies: yes I did... lol what's going on with you?

vkn: How are your bright young men today Seventies and what are they into?

Seventies: Doing what boys do... Son went to a military ball last night.

vkn: Trying to get DNA under belt

Seventies: I hear you...

vkn: ahhhhh and took a gurl???????

Seventies: No went with some of his JROTC friends mixed group hi keli1

vkn: Guess I be pushing the gurl bizness

keli1: Good afternoon Seventies and Vkn

vkn: Howdy Keli1

keli1: Where is everyone today?

vkn: Wassup Keli1

keli1: We have decent weather and everyone is out and about.

Seventies: trying to catch up with the spring forward hour. :)\

keli1: For sure!

Seventies: So do we. We're in the 50s

vkn: Oops I didn't forward yet

keli1: we should get up to 60

Seventies: nice.

vkn: Nice temp keli1

keli1: Central VA....after our snow storm, also, some are still without power

Seventies: Its 1213 just in case you wanted to fix your clock vkn..

vkn: Thankee Seventies

Seventies: We didn't get any power outages, thank goodness.

keli1: Where are you Seventies?

Seventies: But the storm was an entire day late. In NY

vkn: We had a series of outages pop pop pop that lasted for seconds

keli1: My son is in Valley Stream, but moving

Seventies: Ok.. what was the weather like down there?

vkn: Lots of root soaked GA pines falling on houses

keli1: Hi Jhonora!

Seventies: Thats never good vkn. So the ground must've gotten very saturated.

keli1: Same here with the issues

Seventies: Hi jhonora!

jhonora: Hello everyone!

Seventies: On spring break??

keli1: I have a brick wall-need some input...

vkn: Howdy JHonora....Yes VERY seventies and many of the trees are rotted to the core Share keli

Seventies: ok give us what you've got.

keli1: Nellie Giles died between 1915-1920, her and husband living in Iowa, she is not listed in 1920 census, he is widow, Iowa does not have record, Polk Co, does not have record, where else where else can I look, did the online thing...

jhonora: Have you checked the newspapers?

keli1: I need some more ideas her name is Nellie McCorkle, Murphy, then Giles, Husband is Henry Yes paid someone to view papers

jhonora: Would she have had a succession/estate?

vkn: Spelling error possible?

keli1: no will, no public records on I have searched by first name only for deaths, last name only, as well

vkn: Letter of Administration

keli1: contacted HIstorical society and nothing so far

jhonora: Have you checked the church records? What about the interments at the cemetery?

Seventies: Did she belong to any special organizations ie Eastern Stars

keli1: yes, checked for cem records, then black cemetery records, no public records at all on her, except the census, no letter of admin/probate

vkn: Soundex variants?

keli1: used soundex on ancestry-dead in I am not aware of any memberships, she didn't work either to what I can find, used find a grave, nothing

jhonora: Would there have been hospital records? I notice your range is 1915 to 1920, why 1915?

keli1: she was born in Greenville TN, 1868, mother Rose Henry McCorkle, daddy John Iowa has state census in between, last record was 1915 with her name hospital records thats an idea, but when she died, wouldn't that begin the death record?

vkn: City directory for her address

jhonora: What about her husband's probate? Would it mention when she died?

keli1: I have an address, also contacted the Black museum there in Iowa for help, husband was a coal miner, can't find husband yet either, he would of died in OK, went to live with his daughter Irene Sewell he was a minor at Buxton till they closed

vkn: Good point JHonora did they own property Keli1?

keli1: no they rented

vkn: Their children may hold the key

keli1: can't locate death record on him either, I tracked the daughter, he was with them in 1930 lost them in 1940, but will find them, think it was just a spelling error, so will go line by line in census

jhonora: I was going to ask if the kids every stated "how old they were" when mother died, etc.

vkn: sounds like a partial winner keli I would bank on newspaper death notice

keli1: oh that is interesting, so far only have daughter and her marriage and tracked in the census, but so far have not found her death in OK yet. Still on the hunt. Daughter is Ethel Irene, went by Irene, b. 1899 in Casey Co. KY, do have marriage date to her Husband, last name Sewell, so I am hunting him now, in hopes of obtaining clues on her something I thought would be simple has become a stressful event!

jhonora: Sometimes when a person marries, the form will ask whether mother and father are deceased

vkn: Never can tell what leads where

keli1: I requested the marriage record in hopes of finding it, the mother is not alive when she marries, only Henry Giles her father I have better luck with records prior to 1880 Hello Ms. Selma!

AYWalton: Good morning all. Oops afternoon, all.

Selma: Good Sunday Mornin jhonora, seventies vkn, AY..what happened to jhonora

keli1: Hello Angela!

AYWalton: howdy Dr. Shelley, Mizz Selma, Soulchile,

keli1: he might of bumped out, we were just chatting...howdy, howdy

Selma: Ah yes...Dr. so like the sound of that

AYWalton: I thought I saw honora!

vkn: Howdy Selma and AYW !!!!!!!

keli1: give me some money for that! LOL

AYWalton: did everyone forget to change their clocks? I was here about an hour or so ago and not a soul was in the room.

keli1: I changed mine last night, rather this morning when I went to bed

vkn: Prolly lol Seventies changed mine

keli1: Vkn, just did. lol

AYWalton: how did you so that Seventies?

vkn: She reminded me I had clear forgot

AYWalton: aha. Well at least the days will not get longer! I like that.

vkn: lol

Selma: Great job the other night AY...

vkn: Yes Angela I listened yesterday

AYWalton: oh thanks so much, Selma and vkn!

vkn: Also AYW did not get podcast on itunes.

keli1: Very informative...

AYWalton: it is listed in alpha order, and somehow not under genealogy podcasts.

vkn: I signed up for it but only 3 have downloaded AYW

AYWalton: I have truly no idea how itunes works. that one is a real mystery for me. I wish I knew how to assist and there is no one to help at Itunes.

vkn: I will ask my computer guy

AYWalton: it runs by an invisible staff--no human interaction with anyone. at least for me.

keli1: that sounds about right!

AYWalton: and since I never download anything from itunes, I have no earthly idea how to do anything with them. I think I was doing the podcast for over a year before a nephew figured out how to get it uploaded up there--I had tried and tried. as much as I might do online---something leave me completely baffled.

keli1: LOL, love the minds of the youngins'

Selma: You have to let folks "under the age of 30" do that stuff AY

AYWalton: that works for me.

keli1: for sure!

AYWalton: I can do some things, but I do have my limitations.

Selma: There is a limit to how much can now absorb re: technology..I am impressed with the fact they you even have a Podcast..

AYWalton: and since I don't have an Ipad, I don't tamper with ITunes. well Selma, sometimes I am shocked that I have one, myself. lol

Selma: LOL Our own media star... LOL

AYWalton: Well Mizz Selma, since I know my limitations I won't let that one go to my head! I KNOW I don't know what I'm doing most of the time.

Selma: Yea but you sound and look good doing it... LOL So we won't tell

vkn: Keli1 I will do a death notice check for Giles/Jiles later today

keli1: Thanks, I appreciate that, I believe the AA's in Iowa were hiding!

vkn: Mum is da word AYW

keli1: I narrowed it down to a five year window.

Selma: Were they in Buxton Iowa keli

AYWalton: :)

keli1: Yes, Henry Giles

Selma: My friends family moved there from Charlottesville VA area to work in the mines...

vkn: Lots of ex Black Military in Iowa to my knowledge

keli1: oh yes there was a migrated to Buxton from Cville.

Selma: Circa late 1800's early 1900...

keli1: I think you shared an article on that or I saw it somewhere.

Selma: Man wrote an article in old AAHGS journal on that migration..

keli1: okay...are folks ready for Nashville?

Selma: I also have a book I copied... LOL

keli1: I believe I received the info from you Selma, lol

Selma: Probably I am a pack rat..there I admit it

vkn: Y'all be good

keli1: busted--Selma is a pack rat! but a good one. I will be right back, going to get a cup of coffee

AYWalton: ok back---stepped away from the computer.

Selma: Did you all see the article I posted re: bank records in Danville about to go into the Dumpster.. Saved and now at UVA library

AYWalton: I saw that article, Selma! that was truly amazing! I want to know the history of how they were being discarded and who gave the order to through them away.

keli1: yes that was awesome!

Selma: Thought you might have more details keli...

AYWalton: I wish there was more to that part of the story.

keli1: I would love to know more, do we have any contacts in Danville?

Selma: Seems they were remodeling the building ... probably happens more times than not Figured the folks at UVA Library might know more Alva has folks from that area AY..she was excited when I posted

keli1: Who is Alva?

AYWalton: I can imagine! Alva Griffith--one of the old timers from our old AOL and BBS days.

Selma: She wrote the book on Free Blacks in Pittsylvania county.. Transcribed the register

keli1: Okay, I hope they dig and transcribe the records

Selma: You mean the bank records?

keli1: I wonder how far family search is from them, or if Cville is the closest Family History Center, they take on projects all the time, yes bank rec.

Selma: Would UVA let them do that keli? UVA has the records

keli1: I don't know, an idea...I will check with Jean Cooper also wonder if Averett has any interest in helping, 3k students there on cspan3, the 1824 and 1828 Presidential elections talk, it is really good, saw it last night

Selma: AY..Dru along with someone else whose name I have forgotten are doing a presentation on Fields Family at W & M this weekend..

AYWalton: I know that Dru has been telling the Fields story a lot of late. That is a good thing.

keli1: Jean is at UVA, I will let you know.

Selma: It would be nice if she gave me the info so I could post to our group...someone else called me last night I will call her later It is an interesting family story

AYWalton: I am intrigued by the story. And she has been to the tavern where the matriarch was from.

keli1: Did she do a video on it?

Selma: Not that I know of keli.. Folks..I gotta run, think my body clock is off

AYWalton: I hear ya!

Selma: Talk to you later

keli1: lol, I am hungry..

AYWalton: I better leave as well. I am working on my syllabus for the Jamboree. have a good day everyone.

keli1: Good luck

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