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2013-02-17 • Research in Mississippi


Start: 11:36:31
End: 12:12:37
Chatters: alt, deannie, Seventies

Seventies: good morning alt

alt: hello Seventies.. good morning

Seventies: How is everything going out there?

alt: just struggling along here, how about you?

Seventies: Aww, I hope you feel better soon. I know sometimes the cold weather affects folks.

alt: yep, and I 'suffer' from seasonal affective disorder anyway... a bummer!!

Seventies: Yeah, a vacation home in the Caribbean would be great right about now, huh? :}

alt: I reckon :)

Seventies: How is the family & the family research?

alt: does BHM seem to be a little slow to you this year?

Seventies: Yes VERY. Almost non-existent. I don't know what that's about.

alt: wonder what is happening

Seventies: I know that there were supposed to be 2 events here sponsored by West Point, but one was cancelled due to the sequestration.

alt: okay

Seventies: alt, people don't really seem to know what's going on with this and how they will be affected. I mean the government is essentially broke.

alt: here locally there has been the usual luncheons & dinners, but no really special events this year.

Seventies: Right especially with the landmark anniversaries that happen this year.

alt: you know, I remember furloughs, hiring freezes & no promotions when I was working and that was 25-30 years ago.... so what's new?

Seventies: yeah.. there was one in 1995, but there have been 2 close calls back to back.

alt: only thing I see is the anger & caustic attitude against the Pres. by the GOP, the Tea Party & the extreme right wing.... that's what scares me this time around.

Seventies: racism white supremacy. They are willing to destroy the country financially if they can't have a white person in charge. That's sick. That's psychopathic.

alt: seems so Seventies

Seventies: I was listening to Bernice's show this weekend and it was pretty good. I may have to extend my family searches.

alt: good move... you will be surprised at what you find on your immediate famliy by broadening your research to collatera & extended famliy along with cluster, or community research.

Seventies: yes, I've found clues in the past, but never really followed up on them. Some of the families I've looked at are the Earls and Scotts in Wilkinson County, MS.

alt: with all that is becoming available online I'm finding out much more about my direct family lines thru community research in newspapers, court records, magazine articles, etc.

Seventies: I haven't used the newspapers extensively, except to look for obits. Hi deannie.

deannie: Good morning Gen are things going for all

alt: the NC probate records on FamilySearch indicate there was still a NC 'pipeline' with my folks who had migrated to Indiana following the CW. these records are dated as late as 1915.

Seventies: Court records I've used also to a limited extent... they are not as well organized as other records such as deeds, intestate records, taxes, etc

alt: hello deannie.. how are things in the Windy City, besides Windy ;)

Seventies: lol Yep, I heard that The Hawk was out and about this week...

deannie: That's are it is now...we have had good weather lately good weather for is us is 35 degrees

alt: deannie, did you go to St. Louis for the workshop? I see where Janis Forte was the keynote speaker and one of the presenters.

deannie: Do they have a lot of information on Mississippi online at Family Search....I am still learning what they have on line for counties are Claiborne and Jefferson i want to find a little early inform on my family Tyler and Bradley No,,,

Seventies: They have I believe 6 record sets...

alt: I'm not sure of what FamilySearch has on MS deannie

Seventies: deannie, if you go to the site, scroll down and click on united states then click on Mississippi, it will take you a page with just MS records.

deannie: Ok....

Seventies: Here is the link.

deannie: That will be my project for today....I'm off tomorrow...but I'm going down (monday) to see my daughter only for the day

alt: well, let me go watch Serena play in the finals at the Qatar Open.... she now is ranked #1 again. laters y'all

Seventies: ok have a good time with your daughter deannie. Well I have to get going. heading to the gym... have a good one deannie.

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