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2013-02-15 • Jason Hicks • FPOC


Start: 12:07:54
End: 12:57:02
Chatters: alt, Daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma

Daviss: hi alt

alt: hello Daviss, how's it going today?

Daviss: it's going, what about you

alt: been busy with the forums (postings) & DNA communications with Kathleen.. she holds Ms. Vicky Daviss-Mitchell in HIGH REGARD!!!!!

Daviss: Moi :)

alt: yep moi

Daviss: well thats nice to hear... I like her, she is a nice and sincere person

alt: okay, I'll hang with her on your recommendation LOL

Daviss: lol lol

alt: were you with Bernice last night on her talk show?

Daviss: no alt, I forgot about it. i am having an issue with my brother who is in the hospital in Dallas. I may have to go, its not looking good. My stomach is now in knots

alt: oh my, you have my prayers Daviss

Daviss: gracias alt....

alt: Hello Ms Selma... how ya doing today?

Daviss: Hello Selma

Selma: Good Friday afternoon alt and daviss.. Just got back from Walmart..2 hours..think I overdid it Sorry to hear about your brother daviss.

Daviss: lol are you saying that your wallet feels a big relief Selma

alt: oh,oh an early nap is on the horizon LOL

Selma: No...the store was big and I walked too much...LOL

Daviss: thanks Sel ohhhhh I see

Selma: Shoulda got the scooter.. LOL

alt: they have them at the Walmart here... how bout there in VA? you just didn't think you needed one?

Selma: Oh yes..we have...I didn't mean to be there that long..busy trying to get 1/2 price Valentine's stuff..

alt: oh my..... the cost of saving a few bucks LOL LOL

Selma: I just wasn't thinking..

Daviss: I see someone else chimed in on the star on the marker but no real answer

Selma: Hopefully Historybuff shows up..she volunteers there at the Museum

Daviss: oh yeah thats right

Selma: I was thinking of just calling them and asking

alt: Selma, I was hoping Debbie would relate the Jason Hicks thing last night in the context of FPOC getting out of Southampton Co., VA and the surrounding areas as a result of the Nat Turner rebellion ..... same time frame & a whole bunch of FPOC left that area and came to Ohio about the same time.

Selma: I typed his name in the chat..but no one picked up on it They were under great pressure...

alt: I sure did not

Selma: and not only in Southampton

Daviss: speaking of lol

alt: right, but the surrounding areas, including in NC

Selma: Speaking of Historybuff and she appears.. Hi

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt, Daviss, and Selma.

alt: Hello HistoryBuff

Selma: Through out the South...he was the slave owners worst nightmare

Daviss: hi HistoryBuff

Selma: History buff we have a question

HistoryBuff: What's the buzz?

Daviss: did you hear your name called History lol

Selma: Ok ask the question alt.. LOL

HistoryBuff: What is the question?

alt: HistoryBuff, the symbol behind the names of the USCT's on the Memorial in Washington DC .....Stars, circles & diamonds ... what does the symbol mean??? any idea?

HistoryBuff: Yes, I saw the post and looking through my notes now.

alt: okay thanks

Daviss: be right back.. gotta find something for stomach sheesh

Selma: Debbie is "ole school" alt.. LOL, which is fine with me

Daviss: ok back

alt: Selma, I was also hoping Debbie would speak to the groupings of folks from plantations being freed ... using cluster genealogy to determine the family lines from just being plantation kin.

Selma: It was only an hour alt... LOL

Daviss: lol lol

HistoryBuff: At some the star I believe denotes a soldier who had served in more that one regiment.

Daviss: I need to listen today

alt: yeah, that ain't much time and with the questions coming in it really goes fast.

Daviss: oh they had lots of questions?

alt: well, comments from the the Chat room Daviss

Daviss: mabe she will have her on for another round?

HistoryBuff: I never amalgamated my notes. I ment tod get to it.

Selma: I have heard a number of terms other than "cluster genealogy" got "FAN"..friends and family...

alt: right Selma and I think I was calling the concept .. community genealogy

Daviss: does she recommend going beyond a precinct

Selma: As my first genealogy teacher Mrs. Rawlings, she was director of the FHC here when I started..she said when you look at the look 10 to 12 page back and front.this is the community in which you ancestor lived

alt: but the idea is in just going beyond your immediate family lines as we sift through the records

Selma: lived, worked, died..etc...

Daviss: some of those census have a multitude of precincts especially in Texas being so vast

Selma: Oh yes I know daviss..but folks unfortunately don't pay attention to what is written up top

alt: right.. and even in a family.. example 1940 .. I'm listed as nephew to head of household & my father, in the same house is listed as a boarder... unless you went deeper than what was reported you might never make that connection... the nephew is the son of the boarder and also is a nephew to the head of the household

Daviss: how could I tell you were the nephew to the boarder if I were looking alt without Cluster

alt: it is stated as such in the "relation to head of the household" Daviss

Selma: You would have to figure it out..but our job is to find out the relationships of everyone in the household

Daviss: right but that is only to the head alt

alt: right Daviss, but we need to know something about the people enumerated other than their name and relation to HOH... hence the cluster methodology of following up on the people in a place at a certain time. at least that is my concept of the cluster methodology

Daviss: now, boarder can be tricky also..........could be a relation to the wife

alt: I just looked out the window .. we're having a SNOW STORM LOL LOL

Selma: Wow..wonder if it heading our way

HistoryBuff: Really?

alt: right Daviss..... HistoryBuff, do you think a call to the memorial site, or a question on the website will get us the answer to the symbols? gotta be a pretty simple explanation

Daviss: there is a boarder living in my gr grands house in 1900. His name is Cuba Hailey but before and after I have not been able to find him anywhere

Selma: Well get yourself "clustering" daviss and find out who he is.... LOL

HistoryBuff: Yes I can do that also. I just feel so bad since I visited that information. I think I even related the information to Seventies.

Daviss: doing that Selma lol thanks to AY but nada nada comes up so far

Selma: LOL

alt: I was thinking the same thing Selma... Debbie says to STOP and find out who Cuba Haley is. LOL LOL LOL

Selma: Sometimes a "boarder" is just a "boarder"..and sometimes not.. LOL

Daviss: There are a couple Haileys but not in Prec before 1900 and very few after

alt: I can just see Daviss stopping her hunt for mariah to determine who Cuba Haley is LOL LOL

Daviss: true

Selma: LOL

Daviss: I need to run folks.. gotta find something to get rid of this feeling talk later

Selma: YOu take care Time for me to run too... Have a great day.

alt: guess I'm outta here too

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