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2013-02-12 • Regimental Records NARA


Start: 21:05:26
End: 22:49:15
Chatters: deannie, klassicglass, Sadonya, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: evenin' klassicglass

klassicglass: hello how are you doing?

Seventies: Doing well. how are you?

klassicglass: doing good. working on anything good

Seventies: sort of... I was able to trace my maternal great grandfather's line back to 1870, but unsure of the relationship between him and the family he was listed with that year All of the children had different names.

klassicglass: that's good

Seventies: different surnames.

klassicglass: that's good you research back to 1870 not the different surnames

Seventies: I was able to trace the man who signed his marriage bond down to the current times. It seems as if they were either brothers or very cousins. Both had different surnames.

klassicglass: different surnames, that makes researching hard

Seventies: it does... That's where oral history comes in...

klassicglass: yes it helps a lot

Seventies: Come to find out that the woman who signed his death certificate in 1938 was his granddaughter and she's still living. She's in her early 90's

klassicglass: that's wonderful, have you made contacted her yet?

Seventies: No I have not, she's in a nursing home in Chicago... so I'm not sure how well she is. I try to talk to my grandfather a lot.. he knows a great deal about all the old days including some things from slavery times.

klassicglass: maybe the granddaughter has children and you can find one of them

Seventies: I believe she does. What are you working on?

klassicglass: still working on Alfred Prior, but Selma gave me home work to do...go back over his pension file page by page and try to read them again I might have missed something, some of the paper work states he was a slave. I do know he served in the civil war

Seventies: Oh yes.. you have to read the pension file no less than three times.

klassicglass: what is that Flood Warning?

Seventies: huh??

klassicglass: it showed up after you ask me what I was working don't see it

Seventies: no I didn't see anything...

klassicglass: I don't know what that is, but I really do see it... but, anyway it's going to be tough but I have to go over them again

Seventies: Practice makes perfect... lol

klassicglass: lol...

Seventies: How many pages on the file?

klassicglass: over 50 pages, when the package came I could read about 20-25 picking out the main stuff, but like Selma said I probably missed something. I was looking for a slave owner

Seventies: Ok that might be in the service statement part of the pension file.

klassicglass: and it probably the pages I can't read, some of the pages only had 2 lines that you can't even make out

Seventies: But I did tell you where to look to get that information.

klassicglass: I have taken so many notes if you don't mind tell me again

Seventies: If you are near Washington D.C. you should request a copy of the Regimental Files Descriptive Rolls for the unit your ancestor served in.

klassicglass: so that's not the same as the pension file

Seventies: No Excuse me the Regimental records is where the Descriptive Rolls can be found.

klassicglass: can I order that online?

Seventies: I'm not quite sure. I suggest that you get in contact with someone who may be able to look the record up for you. Independently of NARA

klassicglass: thanks I will check into that...I wonder were everyboyd is tonight in your research have you found someone who served in the civil war

Seventies: Everyone is watching the state of the union address... I have found 2 direct ancestors who fought in the CW and 3 indirect ancestors.

klassicglass: oh....I forgot about that, I'm so glad I didn't have to work tonight I could wait until 9 to sign on.

deannie: Evening all

Seventies: Hello deannie

klassicglass: hello, how are you this evening?

Seventies: and one possible collateral ancestor

deannie: Hi klassicglass and Secenties Great and yours

klassicglass: awesome find. hello Sadonya

Seventies: Thanks klassicglass. Hello Sadonya! How are you?

Sadonya: good evening everyone Seventies did you find pension files for your CW soliders?

Seventies: For 3 of them I did. the fourth is housed at the VA...

Sadonya: do you have copies?

Seventies: Yes for three I do....

Sadonya: did you find info you didnt know before? like last slave owner and sibs

Seventies: Absolutely! My first ever pension file was almost 300 pages long.

Sadonya: wow that has to be full of interesting info

Seventies: Yep and from what I came to learn later that is not the norm....

deannie: How long did you wait from them or did you get them yourself

klassicglass: that's a lot of pages, and you read thru all of them

Seventies: About 3 weeks, but it was so much information that I had to make two orders. Klassicglass, I'm still reading throgh it and I've had the information since

deannie: Cost if I can ask...I have request on but I still waiting it's been about 2 months

Seventies: Well ladies I'm going to tell you, the government is cutting back A LOT.

Sadonya: I paid $75 when ordered from home when I went to DC only about $3

Seventies: Yep $75 when you order it and now you can bring a USB flash drive and copy it yourself. Basically its free that way.

deannie: ok....I'm planning a trip to DC this year OK

Seventies: deannie, you should call and inquire as to what's going on with your docs.

Sadonya: that will be the time to get any file you need

klassicglass: I need to go myself also.

deannie: Ok I will did that tomorrow

Seventies: I want to take a short trip down in March.. I have a 64gb flash and a 32gb flash... Hopefully this weather will clear up enough for the trip.

deannie: I have 5 weeks vacation and I'm checking my funds

Seventies: I have a few weeks too,but only planning on taking 2 days. If this furlough goes through, I will use my day off.

deannie: Great....

Seventies: Like I said, the gov't is broke . . smh We don't even have a budget for 2013. My branch of gov't is cutting 30% Sadonya, I just found out that Taneya Koonce manages a Blount County,TN genealogy site. wb deannie

Sadonya: is she helping with your research? wb deannie

deannie: Having computers problems

Seventies: No. I sent her some information on my family who lived out there. Photos and such. I found out that one of my grandmother's 1st cousins, James Gary, moved out with this relative and remained out there. So I'm going to see if I can find his family there. They lived in Hall-Oldfield, TN and Alcoa, TN

Sadonya: you want me to do some looking?

Seventies: That would be awesome if you could take a glance.. :)

Sadonya: James Gray and anyone else?

Seventies: The relative is James Gary he was born in Mississippi. He is on the 1940 census with his uncle Benjamin (B.E.) Washington He married and had a daughter named Tanya (sp?) Oh speaking of, I have gotten a few good hits on Find-A-Grave lately. Someone was kind enough to post photos of some of the African American cemeteries I'd been looking for.

deannie: Great....

Seventies: I 'found' photos of headstones for my uncle chester and his wife leathann at th Booker T. Washington cemetery in Muskogee, OK thanks to volunteers. Found brothers Benj and Scott Washington's gravesites there in Alcoa. Also Sadonya, I was able to utilize the TN vital records site that you gave me and learned that Scott actually died in Knox county,TN

Sadonya: awesome

Seventies: His sister filed for a military headstone for him and I found the paperwork on Ancestry. I do have a question about that... hold on let me look at the card....

deannie: Thank good for volunteers

Seventies: Yes indeed!

Sadonya: Tenn has the greatest volunteers

Seventies: :) Yep. I put in a request for the tombstone image and it was loaded within 2 days of the request. Awesome!

deannie: The lady that did the Act of Kindness passed away and I do not know if anyone has taken up the cause yet

klassicglass: how do you find these volunteers?

Seventies: OK I got the information. Have you ever heard of Porter Funeral Home, Sadonya? They were active in the 1960's

Sadonya: no but can find out

Seventies: You can go to and make a photo request if you have information on the person you are looking for.

klassicglass: thank you

Seventies: Thanks Sadonya. I know that sometimes these places go out of business or change names/ownership. They are listed at a Marysville, TN address in 1963. Its Ish A. Porter Funeral Home.

Sadonya: lol got it

Seventies: wow! I couldn't find it...

Sadonya: I will take a trip to the library I am sure I will find them

Seventies: Now Sadonya, if a funeral home stops operating in TN do they have to turn their burial records over to the state?

Sadonya: no they usually sell to someone else funeral home owners and tight with thier records

Seventies: really? in MS they are required by law to turn them over.

Sadonya: well now MS has a good law for once

Seventies: lol

Sadonya: I talked to a funeral home in MS that was putting all their records online that was a few years ago

deannie: You mean to tell me Mississippi is required to turn over there paperworks from funeral homes

Seventies: Only if they completely go out of business deannie

Sadonya: brb

deannie: they kept on the state or county level

Seventies: state level. Vital Records.

deannie: Ok when visit Mississippi and will check with the vital office... I will write or call first to see whant they have

Seventies: I am not sure when they go to the Archives and History.

deannie: OK

Seventies: Wait now, make sure that the funeral home is out of business and not sold to someone else or restructured.

deannie: Ok Hi vkn

vkn: Evening all

Sadonya: hello vkn

vkn: Seventies Sadonya klassicglass deannie Good words Mr President!!!!!!!

klassicglass: hello,

deannie: I have to run have to get ready for the work day.....thanks for the info everyone

Seventies: its my bedtime nite all!

vkn: Just making dinner Give me a call Sadonya

klassicglass: good nite

Sadonya: everyone gone I guess we will call it a night

klassicglass: ok have a good evening have you signed out

Sadonya: no

klassicglass: I have a question? Seventies said I should check the NARA for Regimenal Record and look for Descriptive Roll I went on the site but don't what to look under

Sadonya: you may not be able to find on the site.. but check Military records

klassicglass: ok, thank you

Sadonya: they have a search but I find it hard to use

klassicglass: I know, I can't find hardly anything do you have any ideas how I can get these records, should I try and call washington

Sadonya: well the best way is to visit where are you"?

klassicglass: cleveland, OH

Sadonya: do you have a NARA in Cleveland?

klassicglass: to be honest I don't even know, I will have to check

Sadonya: if there is one go there and ask the questions you have I have been to DC and ATL they were great but things change with administrations

klassicglass: I will do that, thanks for the advice

Sadonya: so who knows what kind of help you will get on the phone I would try to search for the record s in google may be another site that has them

klassicglass: ok...I know I spoke with some at the african american civil war memorial in 2007 talked to them about 3 times, the gentleman said he would take a picture of a plaque for me. I'm glad I didn't hold the breath I would be dead by now (lol)

Sadonya: lol I visited that once it is nice

klassicglass: like everyone said I will have to pay a visit there

Sadonya: at the time I didnt know my gg grand dad was on there its best

klassicglass: I can only imagine seeing it in person

Sadonya: is the solider you looking for CW

klassicglass: yes, my g g grandfather was

Sadonya: http:// check this site

klassicglass: I have his pension file from washington, but it's so hard to read that's my homework Selma gave, she told me read over it again I probably missed something. that's why Seventies suggested I look for Descriptive roll for the unit. Thanks I will write those site down.

Sadonya: do you have a subscription to ancestry?

klassicglass: yes

Sadonya: you will see the the descriptive roll on the site I gave you

klassicglass: awesome I will check those out tonight

Sadonya: great

klassicglass: I found him on one of the sites solider-and-sailors. it gives the plaque number and etc. It has a star by his name, trying to find out what the star mean

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