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2013-01-27 • Genealogy Scheduling


Start: 11:34:32
End: 12:51:18
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Selma, Seventies, Statustray

Selma: Good Sunday morning alt

alt: Hi Selma... warm enough for ya today LOL

Selma: Warming up a little... still have snow in my yard

alt: yep, we still have lots of snow on the ground and on some of the side streets..... sun is out, but not too warm, bout 18-20 degrees

Selma: Wow your response on the DNA forum was quite detailed..

alt: too much, huh?

Selma: Oh no very, very good..didn't understand half of what you were talking about but it sounded great.. LOL

alt: hehehhehehe.. yeah, she is asking about stuff that most of the folks don't get into. including me... you ready for the 'surge' of BHM activites and programming?

Selma: 2 events this weekend I couldn't make.. Isabel Wilkerson who wrote Warmth of Other Suns at Hampton University speaking right now..I couldn't make it Drusilla is there she called me.

alt: ah so, sorry you couldn't make it... you saw her in SLC tho' didn't you?

Selma: Had two Emancipation events yesterday..not sure who went...roads were still icy I didn't go to SLC..I have seen her a couple of times on Book TV

alt: my bad, thought you were in SLC :(

Selma: Nope went to AAHGS in NC..but can't go to all these things.

alt: that's right .. and we sure can't make them all LOL

Selma: Henry Wiencek who wrote book on Jefferson going to be in Richmond next month...gonna try but I will see

alt: we had our gen group meeting yesterday, bout 20 showed up... that's a good number for us.

Selma: Sounds good...that is a good number

alt: we have a "new" Pres for the next 2 years...

Selma: Is it you?

alt: oh no, heaven forbid LOL LOL LOL

Selma: Isle of Wight County VA records are now at Family Search..not indexed yet.. It is an early VA county...I have been browsing...looking at what they have.

alt: okay,

Selma: I wouldn't be surprised if some of these free black folk from this county didn't land up in Ohio

alt: no doubt, I think I may have seen a couple or two folk with origins from that area. not mine tho'

Selma: They have the FN Register..what they have on line starts in 1852..but it is not the beginning of the register..there are 140 images...

alt: okay, will browse what they have after chat.... no football today and the basketball games aren't of interest, so a good day for surfing the 'Net.

Selma: LOL

alt: I've been reading postings on Facebook by the "Black" outlets.. these younger writers seem to think black folk didn't do anything before 1965 LOL LOL

Selma: LOL..guess they thought we were just waiting for them to be born..

alt: no concept of what was going on in the early 1900's and for sure have no idea of of the 1800's and before as relates to black history you might be right about that Selma guess that is a generational thing and I'm just being an old grump LOL LOL

Selma: I didn't think my parents had done too much either.. LOL and I swear my father thought the music I listened to would cause the collapse of civilization as we know it

alt: yep, generational... but it ticks me off when we got our heads busted for these knuckleheads and they don't even have a clue about Jim Crow. and the battles to overcome 'legal' segregation

Selma: Don't get your blood pressure up alt.. LOL

alt: I won't thank you ;) .. wonder where the folks are today... "inauguarted out" and tired LOL LOL

Selma: Maybe

alt: I saw a sports show on the National Football League and the influence of the Pittsburg Steelers .. your guy 'Frenchy" Fuqua was some kind a "Dude" LOL LOL

Selma: Didn't he go to Morgan Afternoon seventies

alt: yep, sure did..and BIG Roosevelt Brown, they were speaking about the players that came from the HBCU's and today those athletes are going to the white schools in the south

Seventies: good afternoon alt and Selma

alt: Hi Seventies, how you doing today?

Seventies: Sports talk I see :) I'm doing well alt. How are you?

Selma: Willie Lanier went to Morgan too...he was in my Square Dancing class...or was it Modern Dance

alt: moreso changing times, rather than sports Seventies

Seventies: Ah the Lanier name is everywhere... :} That's my uncle's name!

Selma: Yes..most of the new players are going to other schools

Seventies: Yes most of them are... I just don't like the way they do that...

alt: dance class, probably modern, cause you weren't a square Selma... you be's one of dem city girls LOL LOL

Seventies: lol

Selma: Oh I did take Square Dancing

Seventies: No school wants real competition.

Selma: You had to take one of them it was a requirement

alt: realy... you were doosy-dooing ???

Selma: Yes...

Seventies: I took it as part of middle school requirements. I hated it. Sorry you had to do that Selma.

Selma: Hey we had a good time... lOL

Seventies: For us it was like I'd rather be doing the latest street dances... lol

alt: Seventies .. and West Point didn't have an AA player until what the 70's?

Seventies: alt, I honestly don't know. I try not to think about work outside of work these days... lol

alt: okay, I see Seventies

Seventies: Most likely not. When they finally got black football players, more than one, they became a truly stellar team.. in their division.. lol Up until recently, I had no idea how college football actually worked. The business side that is.

alt: well. historically.. Army & Navy were always top ranked teams before the draft ended and before the Air Force Acadmey came into being.

Seventies: Yes, they were building their brand...

alt: course that's about history and not so much athletics

Seventies: and politics.

alt: yep

Seventies: I posted an interesting short documentary called "I ain't from Africa"online. Very barebones with a few questions and all participants speak in their own words on their identities.

alt: the BIG question of the day.... Did Beyonce lip-sync the national anthem LOL

Selma: That is old news alt..the question is will she lip sync for the Super Bowl...LOL

Seventies: LOL

alt: yep Selma lol lol I'll have to watch that documentary Seventies ....

Selma: Where did you post seventies

Seventies: On my Family Griot facebook fanpage Also hooked up to post on Twitter

alt: this is 'I ain't from Africa' from a Black perspective?

Seventies: yes completely. I just read that Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner of th Ohio Players has died!

alt: well, I ask because there are whites that are/were native Africans.

Seventies: Africans, American and Caribbean blacks.

alt: okay

AYWalton: Greetings all! Howdy alt, Mizz Selma, Seventies!

Selma: Good Sunday afternoon AY..long time no see

alt: how old was "sugarfoot"? I remember them getting started at the Lakeside Palladium in Dayton, Ohio .. the Ohio players, went too many a dance where they played

AYWalton: yes, I know--been busy.

Seventies: Hi AYWalton

AYWalton: Still am, in fact.

alt: Hello AYWalton, good to see ya, glad you could join us.

Seventies: alt, he couldn't have been at the oldest maybe 70

AYWalton: good to be here, alt.

Seventies: Traveling anywhere fun lately AYWalton?

alt: was he THAT old really, I was thinking late 50's, very early 60's.

AYWalton: not yet, but will be soon. Off to St. Louis soon, and then by June I will be all over the place. lol

Seventies: I was too, I think he's just a little younger than my mom.. she was born in 44

alt: well, that's the life of a genie pro AYWalton LOL

AYWalton: lol or the life of somebody just doing too much and can't get off the carousel. :)

Seventies: lol enjoy yourself!

AYWalton: it's all fun and the genealogy community has a nice group of folks.

Seventies: It looks like I will have a lot of traveling this summer as well.. :) Excited about the research that I will be getting done.

AYWalton: where are you headed?

Seventies: Mississippi and Texas, however, I also want to visit OH to talk to family members.

AYWalton: that's great!

Seventies: typical family reunion stuff and my brother is getting married.

alt: you aren't allowed in Ohio Seventies LOL

Selma: AY...did you get those articles I sent you a couple of weeks ago

Seventies: I have lots of family from my AL side there.. I'm coming and stopping at your house FIRST! lol

AYWalton: well maybe you can give her a temporary visa, alt!

Selma: visa

AYWalton: yes, Selma---I did---thank you so much!!

Selma: Espcially the apology to Thomas

AYWalton: Was going to call you and I think you were about to go in for surgery.

Selma: Yes, tried to mail while I was still coherent

Seventies: Oh shoot, the time has gotten away from me.. I am heading off to the gym at 1:00... Still not ready! lol Y'all have a good Sunday afternoon.

AYWalton: well have fun and have good workout. I have to tape the audio for a video shortly. Selma and alt, not sure if I mentioned that I am doing something for Family Tree University.

alt: keep us posted AYWalton

AYWalton: ok I shall.

Selma: Is that the video?

AYWalton: yes, the video is one---just a power point slide presentation and then I have 3 lessons to write up---for their virtual conference. getting those done this week. so I am busy for sure---that is why I have been underground, mostly.

alt: is this on AA genealogy, or genealogy in general?

AYWalton: oops did we lose Selma?

alt: wb Selma

AYWalton: I really like that article you share, alt. we Selma were you bumped?

Selma: Clicked myself out by mistake

alt: article???

AYWalton: it was a link to an article where you were mentioned. Was it about a week ago, or 10 days ago?

Selma: about the Underground Railroad

AYWalton: oh wow---there's Statustray!!!

alt: oh, okay.. thanks

Statustray: Hey alt, AYWalton, and Selma... how goes it?

AYWalton: Long time!!! good to see you!!!

alt: Hello Statustray

Selma: Afternoon Statustray

Statustray: Good to see you too AYWalton.... Yes it has been a long time indeed.

AYWalton: and I am working with Charles Brown for MAAGI the institute in St. Louis.

Statustray: I'm not here like I used to do... sorry for not being around :(

AYWalton: you have been missed. How are you doing?

Statustray: But I am slowly still shaking the tree though... heh....

AYWalton: well that's a good thing to hear.

Selma: Sometimes you just gotta take a break

AYWalton: Have you been working on it, or just working in general?

Statustray: Doing ok. Work is crazy busy.... I am trying to learn photography now with my dslr.... and I still talk on the phone with newly found family members... and still trying to tear down brick walls... hehe....

AYWalton: I wish I had a really nice one, they are costly and they are fancy gizmos.

Statustray: Yes that is so very true... I have a Nikon D7000

Selma: Bring back my Kodak Brownie..and my Polaroid.. LOL

Statustray: Wow, I do miss my polaroid insta-matic.... hehehe.... sure do ;)

Selma: Actually I still have a Polaroid

AYWalton: Ah yes---the Polaroids are the ancestors to the digital cameras. I thought waiting 60 seconds was sooooo cool!!

Statustray: yes indeed they are

Selma: LOL

Statustray: lol - true dat!!!!! 60 seconds.. so amazing and watching that photo come in.... wow...

AYWalton: At least they are still making film, but those days are probably numbered.

Selma: really was Wow

AYWalton: and when they switched to color---I just knew that it was truly something else!!

Statustray: yup i agree with you for sure

Selma: Have we just all dated ourselves.. LOL

Statustray: -back in the days- ;-)

alt: yep LOL

AYWalton: lol, yes you have a point.

Statustray: ya'll remember 8track and reel-to-reel?

AYWalton: Oh yes!

Selma: Yes..

Statustray: the good ol' days

AYWalton: My brother had a fancy TEAC reel to reel player and the sound quality I thought was the best there was.

Selma: Thank goodness seventies left..she would be shaking her head..

AYWalton: It could not get any better, I thought!

Statustray: Teac's were very nice! that's what mine was too

AYWalton: and now young folks don't even buy objects with music like CD's they just download the files and put on their Ipods, or they simply pull up Pandora! LOL!

Statustray: yup... lol

AYWalton: well, I better run, I gotta go and make my recording for the slide show. Have a good one, folks.

Selma: Bye

Statustray: C ya AYWalton! excuse the typo... heh..

Selma: Folks time for me to run too.. Good to see you Statustray

Statustray: See ya Selma Good to see you too as well

Selma: You and alt have a great day

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