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2013-01-17 • Drive by Genealogy


Start: 12:05:01
End: 13:15:24
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies

Daviss: hi ther alt!!

alt: hey partner, thanks for the link.... did you get my email which I hope explains the connection with Mr. Wilson.

Daviss: No not yet alt, I was just in my email did you send this morn

alt: it is in my sent mail file... Yes, I sent it this morning.

Daviss: ok let me do a quick peep again

alt: it is under your subject of "Tree"

Daviss: ok got it!!! lol

alt: you need another sip of coffee? LOL

Daviss: wow alt thats great lol lol are you going to email him?

alt: I'm waiting for him to respond to my last contact..... I don't think he is really "into' genealogy.... I think he is one of those 'drive-by genealogist' that we've been talking about. LOL How does he connect to your ancestry?

Daviss: Its a low connect you know like 5-8 alt do you have any fants or faunts

alt: okay.... I think he doesn't show i mine because his 'tree' doesn't connect to all of the people he has listed .. and then some are missing, like he doesn't have the Adams/Crosswhite connection which is one way that we relate to each other. are those surnames fants or faunts?

Daviss: thats why I wonder if some folks just add names to their tree that sounds like they are related lol Yes surname heyyy Selma!!! How are you doing

alt: I believe that is the situation for some of those trees ... example... he has Lewis Adams & Sibbah Mastison just 'hanging' out there .... he also has a Giles & Susan Clay from Piqua, Ohio juts 'hangin' out there.

Selma: Afternoon alt and daviss

alt: Hi Selma, how you doing today?

Selma: Doing Ok ..nurse just left, vitals are good.. LOL

Daviss: Thats wonderful Selma!!

alt: Happy and glad to hear you have 'good vitals' LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

alt: Vicky just helped me break to code on an AncestryDNA connection Selma. And this guy is a connection to her ancestry LOL LOL

Selma: you and Daviss are connected?

Daviss: lol I wish Selma

alt: the guy doesn't even show up as a connection to me

Selma: "hanging out there" like low lying fruit alt

alt: he has a 'listing' on Ancestry that connects to some of my folks, but his 'tree' doesn't reflect the connection.

Daviss: alt saw how nice I was in Indiana so I think he needs to claim me as kin lol lol

Selma: LOL

alt: yep Vicky and don't you forget it either!!!!! LOL

Daviss: lol lol I am wondering if this guy works out of the country alt?

alt: Selma, I was telling Daviss that I think this guy is one of those 'drive-by' genealogist who is into collecting names and really doesn't follow up on how they may connect/relate to each other. His email response to me indicated he worked/traveled outside of the U.S. and his address also indicates he is in the DC beltway and a Government employee

Daviss: Ahhhh I see...mabe that is the reason he is slow to respond..mabe a new email will trigger him to respond alt

alt: you're trying to get me to do the follow-up ... sneaky, sneaky LOL LOL

Daviss: lol lol off topic, I bought 5 lottery tickets (scratch) no winners so I threw them away

Khathu: hello

alt: I was interviewed last nigh, along with a cousin for a newspaper article on our Adams Family Reunion plans for this upcoming Labor Day weekend.

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

Daviss: when I went to buy more of the same kind the guy behind the counter told me "dont forget to look on the back for another game"

alt: Hello Khathu

Selma: So you went home and dug through the trash right?

Daviss: You should have seen me lol

alt: and found a winner!!!!!! ?????

Daviss: found them all and one was a 10 dollar winner

alt: great!!!!

Khathu: Congrats!

Daviss: sheesh no telling how many I have messed up on lol

alt: you were throwing money away LOL LOL

Daviss: Hi khathu!! Now I also send in those 2nd chance tickets also.. I never have before

alt: when you hit it big ... remember dear po' old alt LOL LOL

Daviss: I know po alt lol notice I left off "old"

alt: yeah

Daviss: hahahahahaha I wonder if we will be able to get the newspaper article online when it comes out alt?

alt: tell us what's up with you Khathu

Khathu: nothing much on this end

alt: probably Daviss, I'll send you the newspaper link when it comes out

Daviss: thx

alt: Khathu, give us an idea of the DAR library, their holdings and the staff.

Daviss: Dont forget the radio blog tonight re the Brown Babies from Germany

alt: right Daviss

Selma: Hope I can stay awake daviss

Daviss: I hope so too Selma, It should be a goodie

Khathu: The library has books from genealogical society from through the country

alt: Selma, has your genealogy group ever had a discussion on genealogy terminolgy and how folks are related genealogically and/or genetically?

Khathu: In addition, they have general resource books and speciality books pertaining to race, regions, military, religion, etc. The library covers three floors

Selma: General discussions alt..we pass out a chart Was the staff helpful khathu?

Daviss: sounds good khathu Are the sections in States and then counties khathu?

Seventies: Heyyy !!!

Khathu: I didn't ask them for help Selma but they appear to be helpful

alt: Hi Seventies

Selma: Afternoon seventies

Seventies: hi alt, Daviss, Khathu and Selma

Khathu: @Daviss yes they are

Daviss: hello Seventies!

Khathu: hello seventies

Seventies: Are y'all talking about FHC or DAR?

Khathu: DAR @Selma I am thinking of driving down for the Emancipation event in Hampton

alt: Khathu, I was thinking the materials I helped the local DAR chapter would be shelved somehting like Ohio, Lagonda Chapter... and then type of record by Individual, military unit, etc.

Selma: On the 26th..

Khathu: Yes

Selma: or Feb 2nd...we have a number of events planned over the next couple of weeks...

Khathu: I think Feb 2, 2013

Selma: Reading my paper this morning..saw where Dr. Engs who was supposed to be on one of the panels..passed away on Monday.

Khathu: Wow

Seventies: Sounds exciting. I hadn't heard anything about EP here. Still waiting.

Selma: He wrote the book Freedoms First Generation..about Hampton after the CW The town Hampton and the University

alt: yes, WOW, that is a bummer

Selma: Also think he was in charge of the Lemon Project at W & M right..thats what I thought

Daviss: I have not been able to get Emancipation stamps here at all

Khathu: Have a good day everyone

Daviss: Grrrrrrr nor Freedom Stamps... the woman said they never send many

alt: any comments on The Abolitionist series on PBS?

Seventies: I hadn't even watched.

Daviss: I fussed at her but then apologized cause its not her fault lol

alt: very good Daviss

Daviss: no alt, I did not watch either

alt: okay, no problem

Daviss: were you satisfied with the program and did they include AA's well

alt: no ..... and not as much as they could have

Daviss: I see

alt: course that's mho lol lol

Daviss: lol and one I respect very much

Selma: Have to run folks..have a great day

alt: oh, oh i feel da strokin' going on LOL

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: lol lol

alt: is vkn okay?.. she's been absent for a couple of days

Seventies: you like it... lol

alt: shhhh, don't tell anyone Seventies

Seventies: too late! lol

Daviss: Yes, she is ok alt

alt: thanks Daviss

Seventies: Well I would've been here earlier, but my town had the distinct 'honor' of hosting a Westboro Baptist Church protest today! lol

Daviss: sheesh!

Seventies: So you know I had to see what that was all about... lol

alt: and you had to see it for yourself huh Seventies

Daviss: all 5 of them Seventies or were there more?

Seventies: Yes and it was L-A-M-E. They don't even deserve the press they get... 5?? Lmao try two

Daviss: well nuts come in

Seventies: lol

alt: oh, oh leaving that one alone LOL

Seventies: lol lol lol

Daviss: I put my hand over my mouth and spanked my hand

Seventies: Anyway... they were protesting because they had a couple of gay marriages here a few months ago. You can delete this part of chat Daviss... lol

Daviss: At least it was not a funeral

alt: my thoughts exactly Daviss

Seventies: Nope.. not yet. Schwartzkopf will be getting buried here soon.

Daviss: soon, whats holding that up?

Seventies: Don't know. Probably laying in state somewhere.

Daviss: hasn't that been about a month

Seventies: no not quite yet, maybe a week or so.

Daviss: man, it seems longer than that

Seventies: When someone like him dies, they try to arrange a big funeral... he could be sitting in an ice box somewhere. lol

alt: well, let me go re-invest the $500.00 I won a couple of days ago. LOL See y'all later, bye

Daviss: lol take care alt

Seventies: Swwweeeettttt! have fun with it alt! okay I can't find my other folks on Find A Grave

Daviss: I guess I can head out also Seventies..... mabe they aren't at that one

Seventies: OK have a good one Daviss I checked the states they died in and the states that they are reported to be buried. Probably just not documented yet.

Daviss: probably not

Seventies: OK later Daviss! :)

Daviss: bye

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