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2012-11-26• RG105 • DNA • Leftovers


Start: 12:08:14
End: 13:12:59
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: hi there alt!!

alt: Howdy partner!!!! what's up?

Daviss: eh, not to much sipping on coffee what about you

alt: when you called Ancestry about their DNA testing, matches, etc. what ph # did you call?

Seventies: Hi alt and Daviss

Daviss: hello seventies

alt: Hello Seventies

Daviss: hold on a min alt let me see if I can get it

alt: I have a couple of questions for them Daviss? okay, thanks what's up Seventies?

Daviss: 1-800-262-3787

Seventies: Nothing really. Just thinking about what other records I can order

Daviss: when you get on ask for the person that handles DNA

alt: thanks Daviss, you're on the ball as ususal.

Daviss: I wish I could remember the name of the lady that i talked too

alt: I got 18 'new' matches with Ancestry over the weekend and Mr. Wilson still is not included.

Seventies: Are you all trying to contact FTDNA?

Daviss: wow alt, that is something

alt: no Seventies, AncestryDNA

Seventies: okay Best of luck to you alt and Daviss.

alt: and his grandmother is my 1st cousin once removed.. so he certainly should show up in the 2nd cousin range.

Daviss: did you move your bar all the way to the losest match alt

Seventies: I can't stay long today. moving to another section at work with more responsibilities... no pay raise though.. lol SURPRISE! lol

Daviss: how ya doing Seventies

alt: yep, and I still don't see a Gerald Wilson

Seventies: oh doing good Daviss.

alt: a new challenge Seventies, best wishes

Seventies: Thanks alt.

Daviss: yes Seventies best of luck

Seventies: Thanks Daviss

Daviss: yw

alt: will this cause you to cut back on visiting chat Seventies?

Seventies: It could.. we'll see. I already cut out weekends and Tuesday nights... lol

alt: well, if it does, I miss you already :(

Daviss: did you put in for the job

Seventies: No.. lol

Daviss: ok well, they knew who the best person for the job would be

alt: Davis, you see I repsonded to th guy on AfriGeneas? the 100 %'er LOL

Daviss: yes I saw that alt and now we shall see lol

alt: how many years do you have withe Civil Service Seventies?

Seventies: with my years in the military, I have 11 years. Halfway done... lol Wait 12 yrs.

alt: 1/3 of the way, I retired with 34 years including military time.....

Daviss: dang, I have been retired longer than that lol

Seventies: ha ha ha Daviss.

Daviss: lol lol but its good and sometimes not so good a womans work is never done lol

alt: me too Daviss I retired in April 1987, so I'm coming up on 26 years being retired.

Seventies: Ain't that the truth! Wow alt.

Daviss: I qam 13 going on 14 gam = am

Seventies: That's awesome Daviss!

alt: that's what I say Seventies and it just gets better with time LOL LOL

Seventies: So I'm going to get more DCs from MDAH and prep for this trip to Washington. I think I'm going to take two days at the National Archives. Well alt, if I play and hit lotto on Wed. I"ll be retired too.. lol

Daviss: ok now folks, we gotta get this ticket together

alt: what types of records will you be looking for at NARA Seventies?

Seventies: I really have my heart set on RG105 and M1907 record subset.

alt: okay Seventies

Daviss: sounds good

Seventies: Trying to get docs on those older generations of the family. Was inspired by the AA track at the Genealogy Event last month.

Daviss: I am working on another blog and hope I will finish it today. I feel a tad lazy

Seventies: Hey doesn't everyone feel lazy after Thanksgiving? I blame the turkey! lol

alt: sounds good Seventies, glad to hear something lit a fire up under ya LOL LOL

Seventies: I would still love, love, love to get all of the docs on African-Americans in Adams and Wilkinson Co. documented and in one space. One of my genealogy dreams.

alt: Seventies, do it ALL while you're young and can still do it.. or at least as much as you can .... it gets rougher with age.

Seventies: didn't Deepak Chopra talk about thinking young. Think young alt :)

alt: oh, I think young, but the body tells me 'it ain't the case' lol LOL

Seventies: lol lol In other news, still waiting for confirmation of my letter to Welcome Bowman.

alt: my cousin, Shiela (Farmer) Clay and I published all of the vital tecords for AA's (birth, marriage, death) in Champaign Co., Ohio from 1867-1908 and have it in all of the area libraries.

Daviss: wonderful alt!

Seventies: wow. You know what makes me want to do this because everytime I go onto websites for the county records, I NEVER see black folks information posted.

Daviss: hello Selma!

Seventies: Hi Selma Happy belated Thanksgiving. Hope you had a good one.

Selma: Good Monday afternoon atl, Daviss and sevenites

alt: 1867 was when the counties were first required to record births & deaths ..... marriages go back to 1807. Hello Ms Selma

Seventies: Ah. okay. Does the book give some contextual history regarding the record sets?

Selma: Yes, I did seventies hope you had the this point I have had enough of TURKEY.. LOL

Seventies: lol Turkey fatigue huh? lol

Selma: Seventies..I see you had lunch with Khathu

alt: contexual history????

Seventies: Yes I did. I had him and my son running all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. lol

Selma: My mother in law use to make Turkey stew and freeze... folks had turkey FOREVER

Seventies: Yes like a brief description of marriage records for the state, laws requiring documentation etc. etc.

Selma: It is NOT family tradition that I have continued.. LOL

Seventies: lol Yes, I swear the most successful cook book would be entitled What to do with all that leftover turkey after Thanksgiving.. lol

alt: not really Seventies, just names, dates, locations and any other information that might be contained with the record, like the notations for 'race' black, col., C, etc.

Seventies: oh okay.

alt: in some case there are parents names, and birth locations.... very good for those records dating in the mid 1800's... often adds another generation of family to thos records.

Seventies: Well since Selma is here.. :) Any updates on RG105 record sets? Hoping to glean more information from the M1907 subset. I also want to look into records for AL

Selma: Seventies..I saw an Assus computer on sale in one of the million ads I got for Black Friday..made me think is you

Seventies: Yes I need one badly.

Selma: think of you

Seventies: Okay quick question, has anyone seen FPOCs after emancipation in the RG105 or any other records?

Selma: Sure seventies..

Seventies: If I go into the AL records I will be looking for some of my FPOCs there as well as some of my enslaved family. I haven't been able to come up with anything on those folks as of yet. Anything outside census records. Specifically the Mixons and the Laniers.

alt: Seventies, weren't ALL blacks FPOC after being emancipated by the 13th amendment and the CW?

Seventies: Yes, I'm talking about the FPOCs before Emancipation.

alt: okay , thought you said 'after' emancipation

Selma: It is not only limited to formerly enslaved..

Seventies: I did, I'm talking about those who were freed before the CW, but looking for any additional records AFTER the CW. I would imagine that they may have had a hard time as well. But I can't prove that.

Selma: Remember the Bureau was in charge of folks are mentioned as they relate to the activities that are happening in the area in which they contacted the Bureau

alt: 90 % of my maternal lines were FPOC so almost all of my research on them is pre CW & emancipation.

Selma: Labor disputes, court cases Indentures

Seventies: Okay Selma. I'm going to see what record set they have on Dallas Co and Autauga Co, AL Maybe even Perry Co. Well my time is up. Need to move this computer so I can get to my new workspace.

Daviss: Harrison County Texas records are scarce

alt: Seventies, isn't Autauga a neighbor to Mobile? my check there fro FPOC records.... We have Wicker's who were FPOC in that area ca 1845 that came to Ohio ca 1850.

Daviss: take care seventies

Selma: There are only 34 rolls for Alabama of RG 105..

Seventies: No, Autauga is in the center of the state, Mobile is on the Gulf coast.

alt: okay, there were Wicker's in Autauga as FPOC

Seventies: Okay Thanks Selma. I will keep that in mind. Not having much success as I stated looking at the state level to get details.

Daviss: when is your Wash trip seventies

Seventies: alt, Autauga is Autagaville, Prattville and SEVERAL small towns. December 21 - 1 Jan...

alt: okay Seventies, thanks

Daviss: whoa

Seventies: I am already making plans too Daviss... :)

Daviss: I guess! lol my head is spinning

Seventies: Ok I really have to go... see y'all tomorrow.

Daviss: later

alt: bye & good luck

Selma: Bye

alt: just 'old timers' left LOL LOL Seventies is a 'ray of sunshine' with her enthusiasm

Daviss: yes and I hope she will continue to attend those conferences

alt: and I love to tease her LOL LOL

Selma: We can tell.. LOL

Daviss: lol I think we may have finally found a home for at least 6 months to have our genealogy meetings

alt: wonderful Daviss !!!!

Daviss: we lose to many when we go from place to place

alt: a stable location for meetings is a positive step.

Daviss: never knowing where to meet the prices were too steep for the few members we have

alt: moving around for meetings is one of our problems (AAGGMV), but it is really necessary since we cover a 9 county area. we tried a central location, but members not from that central county complained

Daviss: you guys at least know where you were going to be and could make that adjustment

Khathu: Hello everyone

alt: hello Khathu

Daviss: we did not know until the last min and sometimes would have to cancel hi khathu

alt: that wasn't good Daviss

Daviss: I know :( How was your lunch with Seventies Khathu?

alt: just looking at my membeships to different groups.. it's renewal time...

Khathu: It was good

Daviss: you are right alt, glad I only have two

alt: can I get a loan? LOL LOL

Daviss: thats why I am glad I only have two, funds to short I would love to join others but until then I have to pick and choose I may get rid of my Tx-La and pick up the group in Houston

Khathu: Just dropping in to say hellp hello have a great day

Daviss: we will take that hello khathu I would love to get more Tx journals

alt: is there a State genealogy society for TX?

vkn: Good howdy to all

Daviss: I dont know that answer per se alt

alt: OGS (Ohio) has 4 qtrly journals and they will all be digital starting in Jan, no more paper unless specifically requested.

Daviss: hello vkn!!

alt: hello vkn

Daviss: I think I will see if Seraph (Sharon) can answer

vkn: and hello daviss alt Selma

alt: and I think there are about 50-60 county genealogy societies under the OGS umbrella

Daviss: vkn are you tired of those turkey "sammichs" yet? lol

vkn: lol None for me daviss

Daviss: slices of cranberry sauce ?

vkn: Had a hotdog for lunch

Daviss: you sound like Tyler he was tired on Thursday

vkn: That's my boy, Tyler lol

Daviss: He had pizza rolls yesterday and a frozen dinner on friday lol thats a strange kid no pie

alt: they eat like we did when we were younger Daviss.....LOL

Daviss: lol lol I guess...I just remember hating brocoli and squash

vkn: Still do lol

alt: well, let me skedaddle outa here.... y'all take care

Daviss: bye alt take care

vkn: Selma are you there?

alt: gonna call Ancestry!!!!! and get me some answers Daviss LOL

Daviss: good alt lol

vkn: oops no Selma

Daviss: Selma must be outside talking to neighbors or in line at walmart lol lol

vkn: Daviss are you free for a training session on FTPing on Wednesday? Garland will teach

Daviss: what time vkn?

vkn: I ask for 9 but no word back on time from Garland

Daviss: let me know then I can judge from there

vkn: okies will do lk atcha later

Daviss: ok Selma can get the lights

vkn: lol

Daviss: lol bye

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