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2012-11-14 • Taking a research break


Start: 11:51:10
End: 13:10:39
Chatters: alt, Daviss, karoshi8, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: hi karoshi8

karoshi8: Hi Seventies! How's it going?

Seventies: Pretty good

karoshi8: Anything new?

Seventies: No not right now karoshi8... just waiting on some docs... DCs specifically.

karoshi8: Oh, did you have to order them?

Seventies: Yes ordered and waiting on a response from the Dept of Archives in MS I called ahead to get some pricing and I'm glad I did. Hopefully it will expedite the process.

karoshi8: Ordering them from vital records gets expensive!

Seventies: Well its $27 for one hour of research, a $3 mail fee and .25 per copy..

karoshi8: Wow.

Seventies: When I first ordered a DC from MS it was $15 and in less than 3 mos the fee went WAAAYYYY up

karoshi8: That's a lot to me! :)

Seventies: karoshi8, me too BUT I tried to cram like 10 records in the order. I want to make them work for that one hour.. hard.. lol

karoshi8: I was trying to get some from Ohio but they are 21.00 plus a 10 dollar processing fee each.

Seventies: For uncertified copies?? wow!

karoshi8: Lol! Well, that's not bad, I thought it was 27 each one I'm starting to burn out a bit. I need to take a step back.

Seventies: Yes I have been stepped back for a while now karoshi8... not that I don't have anything to research, but I work full time and have two teens.. My son plays football and we are in championship season... so lots to do.

karoshi8: That is a lot. How do you mange it all? I work from home and I don't have any kids. I think I'm doing this about 10 hours a day in between work.

Seventies: Well sometimes on sleepless nights I get online and just start going at it. I take away a few moments at work... etc. Getting it in where I can. Good morning, Daviss.

karoshi8: Hello Daviss!

Seventies: Go ahead and make your coffee... :}

Daviss: hello karoshi8 and seventies!! How's everything

Seventies: Pretty fair.

karoshi8: Going well.

Seventies: How is everything with the AZ diva? :}

Daviss: oh you tease Seventies lol

Seventies: lol

Daviss: Everything here is ok. waking up cold now so I guess its time to turn on the heater

Seventies: 70 doesn't count as cold... lol

Daviss: does too..

karoshi8: Lol! I've had my heater on for a couple days and I'm in Florida! 70 is cold!

Daviss: lol karoshi8

Seventies: OK so I will trade your 70 for 39... right

karoshi8: It's 72 right now and I'm drinking hot chocolate. No thanks! I moved from Ohio to get away from that cold.

Daviss: reading back karoshi8 did I see you need to step back from your research

Seventies: lol

karoshi8: Yes, I'm getting burnt out.

Seventies: afternoon vkn

karoshi8: Hello vkn!

Seventies: I take a break every six months... in the fall.

Daviss: hi there vkn!

vkn: Howdy all y'all karoshi8 been missing ya

Seventies: The best time for me to do research is in the late Spring and Summer.

karoshi8: Trying to transfer everything from ancestry to tribal pages. I've done 4000 and that is just one side of the tree. Still not done!~ Oh that's vkn! That is very sweet of you! Thanks*

vkn: lol

Daviss: you sound like alt with all those peeps lol

Seventies: Good luck with that karoshi8. That's probably what's tiring you out!

Daviss: I still don't think I have 400 yet

karoshi8: Well alt and I already have about 51 people in common.

Seventies: That's great

Daviss: yes it sure is

vkn: That is a lot of files to be moving. Hope all is saved to zipper karoshi8

Seventies: I don't have any people in common with anyone here in the chat on paper anyways.

karoshi8: Lol vkn! I'm moving them by hand! I type everyone.

Daviss: Where in Fl are you karoshi8

karoshi8: In Orlando.

vkn: I have been working a bit on the Lena BRAND case

Seventies: Ok who is Lena Brand?

Daviss: ah my nephew lives in Orlando....

karoshi8: Found out why everyone seems to be marrying into the same families. Apparently, they were very prejudiced against people with darker skin.

Seventies: never mind. Referenced it on the main site. Perry Co. AL huh?

vkn: User not that willing to share info and trying to come forward from 1870 As daviss would say SHEESH lol

Seventies: lol

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: Could she find her before 1867??

Daviss: Nephew opened up a law practice in Orlando.. passed the bar on the first proud of him

vkn: We found her [Layna] in 1866

karoshi8: That's awesome Daviss.

Seventies: Awesome Daviss

karoshi8: I love Orlando! Though, it is starting to change a bit.

Daviss: He is the son of brother that passed away

Seventies: What about 1850?? Could she have been an FPOC?

vkn: but that schedule is most suspect

Daviss: vkn if not willing to share how are you to know what is correct or feels correct?

vkn: No but question for me is when did she die and was she married to a Holyfield Well Daviss you have prolly heard of the twins by gosh and by golly lol

Seventies: That reminds me, I need to contact ADAH.. I am still looking for those FPOC records for Perry Co. for the siblings of Harriet, William and Theodrick Smith and half sisters Malinda and Sarah Smith

Daviss: :?

Seventies: This pre-slavery research is tooouuuughhhh! sorry pre-emancipation.. lol

karoshi8: :)

Seventies: vkn what is this contacting the counties to get DCs etc in Alabama?? Come on two finger Daviss, you can type fast! lol

Daviss: lol

vkn: and Daviss toughies keep the old noggin massaged

Daviss: you asked a Bamer question..You know I only know atunga

Seventies: lol you just typed that to aggravate me Daviss.. lol

Daviss: :o

Seventies: Dallas and Autauga counties are both very rural... Which is why I haven't really gone into request info. I need to do more research on HOW to get the records and WHAT records to get.. lol

vkn: LOL all of Alabama is very rural Seventies lol lol lol

Selma: Afternoon Daviss, karoshi, seventies and vkn

Daviss: whew so I need Patillo in that aggravating place

Seventies: lol true Hi Selma

karoshi8: Hello Selma!

Daviss: Hi Selma!!

Seventies: Daviss, you shoudl also look into Dallas Co. or Wilcox Co.

Daviss: will do seventies thanks

vkn: Patillo wrote the Colored news for the Anniston Star Daviss and married into my Aaron BELL famili

Seventies: Anniston, what county is that? Its just south of Dallas and Autauga, right?

vkn: Howdy Selma

Daviss: was there a Patillo slave owner vkn?

Seventies: Patillo sounds like it may have come from the Gulf part of Alabama/FL/LA/MS

vkn: East Central Seventies in Calhoun was Benton County

Seventies: oh so up.. okay

vkn: yuppers

Seventies: Pre-U.S. What do you think vkn? In my early research on the Galmore's I found a Gallimore in the 18th century Natchez District. FWM

Daviss: Minnie Lee Patillo was from Ataunga Alabama

vkn: Not understanding pre US

Seventies: 18th century Spanish and French Gulf Coast Pre-U.S.

vkn: AL was founded in 1808 if I am remembering correctly

Seventies: okay let me rephrase, 1700's

Daviss: hello there partner....

vkn: yes

Seventies: hey alt.. how's it going?

Selma: Afternoon alt..

karoshi8: Hello alt!

vkn: alt one note from home please

alt: hello all

Seventies: Hope you had a good lunch and are ready to chat :}

alt: on the phone with Deborah Abbott

Selma: Tell her I said HI

vkn: If no note alt then assume a 45 degree angle lol Selma has the paddle lol Selma

Selma: What do what? Am I in charge.. LOL

vkn: lol

Seventies: You mean gavel?? lol oh lord lol

Selma: No paddle is right..OK everyone bend over.. LOL

Seventies: No beatings, spankings or whippings allowed in here... lol

Daviss: I am innocent Selma

Seventies: Something for you all just to show you how cool Prezi is..

Selma: You know my sister in law said..talking about the current Queen Elizabeth..what the point of being Queen if you can't say OFF with His/her Head

vkn: lol lol lol @ Selma

Seventies: LOL

Daviss: lol @ Selma

alt: I had a lady friend from Maniocas (sp) Va in college named Patillo.

Seventies: Please don't click on the link until you are ready to leave chat! lol lol lol

Daviss: How is Ms Abbott alt?

Seventies: Also in random history news, Motown the Musical is now playing on Broadway.

alt: hope you ladies are doing well today ... Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn and karoshi8 ... is you a lady or a gentlemen? LOL

Seventies: lol alt

Selma: Prez is holding a Press Conference today at 1 PM

karoshi8: I'm a lady!

alt: okay, g'day to you lady karoshi8

karoshi8: Lol! Thank you

vkn: My Patillo is James and Nina James Mother was Corene Bell before wed Patillo

alt: I's a gentleman karoshi8, or at least I think I am LOL LOL

karoshi8: As George Costanza said, it you believe it, then it isn' a lie.

Seventies: What's the topic Selma?

Selma: Whatever the reporter's ask him Seventies...I am sure Fiscal Cliff and Petraus..will be front and center

alt: Pres is to speak @ 1:30 I think Selma

karoshi8: This Patraus thing is weird and fishy!

Seventies: Also they are after William "Kip" Ward for overspending while he was head of AFRICOM.

alt: coverage may start @ 1:00 PM

Selma: This morning they said..but maybe he is on CP time.. LOL they said 1 PM

alt: okay

Seventies: They always start 15 mins after the announced time. at least from what I've noticed.

Selma: Heck he is the will start whenever he gets there.. LOL

Seventies: IJS

Selma: Ok what is IJS?

alt: Selma , Debbis said hello and was giving me the 411 on the IBGS Summit....

Selma: She was great alt..

Seventies: I'm Just Saying = IJS

Selma: time give me a definition before you use these shortcuts Seventies

vkn: lol

alt: thanks Seventies, that's what I thought it meant, gotta speak English up in here Seventies

Selma: Or send us a list for us to study..before we get to the chat..

Seventies: lol

alt: remember you've got a couple of antiques up in here LOL

Seventies: Not even going to touch that one.. lol

Daviss: :o

vkn: watch it alt

Seventies: Daviss, I suppose alt was talking about you.. lol roflmao

alt: well, my 1st born is 56 y/o today ... whew!!!!!!!!

Daviss: I thought you weren't gonna touch that lol

Selma: Happy Birthday to him..and congrats to you

Seventies: Fifty-six!! :o :o :o

Daviss: Congrats to your 1st born alt and to you

alt: thanks Selma viss & all Daviss

Seventies: alt I had no idea that you were 56 let alone one of your children... wow!

Selma: Watch it seventies..before we come after you with our canes and walkers

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: Well now wait a minute... lol

alt: Selma, Seventies is just strokin' me LOL LOL

vkn: Canes keep one balanced on the feet if not in the head

Seventies: lol

Selma: Oh Ok...eyes are bad..musta misread.. LOL

Seventies: lol

Daviss: brb gotta grap a couple Gingerbread Oreos

Selma: So anything genealogical going on..

alt: nothing new or 'eye popping' here Selma

Daviss: ok back

Seventies: Of course! Been poking a little bit into the family of Margaret Mead and Joe Christmas

Daviss: not in my arena either Selma

Seventies: Joseph Christmas.

alt: FTDNA is having a holiday special on their testing .. some good prices

Selma: Margaret Mead the Anthropologist

Seventies: Found one of their daughters in North Carolina teaching sylena born 1889 - died 1976

Selma: Oh Ok.. never mind..

Seventies: Daughter was Sylena Thurston.

vkn: Mead has poked the family of all

karoshi8: alt, have you read the book about the Carter, Scott and Mumford families?

Seventies: No Margaret Mead maternal niece of Charity Rounds... lol

vkn: uh oh

alt: no I haven't, at least don't think so... who is the author karoshi8?

Seventies: lol vkn

karoshi8: It's a family history book. Mainly by Austin C. Washington.

Seventies: Daviss, do you still have that link to the Directory of Doctors? if so please post on Facebook. Luv Ya! :}

vkn: I mead be leavin lol

karoshi8: They had a north and south Ohio branch of family reunions. So I figured you might know some of them.

Seventies: lol

alt: I know the Mumford & Scott surnames from this area of Ohio karoshi8 ... the Miami Valley.

Daviss: I will check Seventies....I do know I first saw the book at the library though

Seventies: ok I could've sworn a while back you had put a link online.

karoshi8: Ok. There is a book that they have. Gives a bit of the history. My grandmother is a part of that family. Her grandmother was Mary Carter.

Daviss: I could have Seventies, I will check in my list of links

Seventies: Well I lost all of my links... :(

Daviss: let me look here

alt: you know where I might find a copy karoshi8? perhaps in a local library?

Daviss: you may have lost your links stashed on your computer but you will always have your link to Theodore seventies

Seventies: Absolutely! :}

karoshi8: Maybe. They have a face book page. I had to order the book. If you want the email address to order I have it.

alt: okay... please send to karoshi8 karoshi8

Selma: Ok folks..have to run Have a great day

alt: all 3 suranmes are "old" Ohio names karoshi8

Daviss: ok I did not post a link here seventies

Seventies: okay... no problem.

karoshi8: Yes, they are from North Carolina.

Daviss: But I will still check for sure

karoshi8: Finally getting to talk to people who want to tell me the truth about things in Ohio.

Daviss: that sounds like a winner karoshi8

karoshi8: I just don't know what there is to hide. Seems silly to me.

alt: okay karoshi8, I'll tell you truth about Ohio as best as I can oh, you mean about specific families????

karoshi8: Yes! You've helped me quite a lot alt! And I am thankful for it. Especially putting me in touch with the Winburns! I could kiss you for that!

alt: ohio has pretty good record set online, so you can get to 'truth' in a round about way... especailly with court and vital records

Daviss: I better run also. On the verge of ....................................

Seventies: OK your favorite AfriGeneas member, Seventies, has to go. I'm here working all alone as the father - in- law of my team mate has passed. Lots of work to do... thanks for making me laugh Daviss! You too alt.

karoshi8: Have a good afternoon!

Seventies: talk to y'all tomorrow!

Daviss: take care

alt: darn, they get outa here in hurry LOL LOL

karoshi8: Yes they did. It's more of the things that the records hint and but cannot confirm.

alt: have you been in touch with Everett & Millie (Winburn) Webb?

karoshi8: Yes, I got to talk to them.

alt: wonderful!!!!!

karoshi8: And Mrs. Flossie Winburn! Because you had her married name listed!

alt: I hope they (she) were helpful and I know Flossie was glad to hear from a relative. She and her husband, John Gentry, were neighbors when I was 1st married and we knew them fairly well (socially) very nice couple... and then they moved to Sacramento with John's job.

karoshi8: Oh, I wondered why they moved. A lot of people moved out there.

alt: I used to see them when I would go TDY to McClellan AFB in Sacramento.

karoshi8: Now, I gotta go too. Client is here. Hope we can talk more later. Thank you again!

alt: okay, bye for now

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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